The 7th Child

Chapter 2


The day that Koushirou and Taichi met was full of surprises, but when he thought back on it Koushirou would mostly remember his first impression of the leader of the chosen children. Whether the light of the digivice or the heat of the summer pounding on the pavement had gotten to him, the red headed genius all of a sudden found his apartment sans his mother and occupied by the still smiling Taichi and his creature friends. Even years later Koushirou would wonder how Taichi had managed to convince him that entrance into the Izumi household was a smart thing to offer.

Currently they were sitting around Koushirou's small bedroom and Taichi was explaining excitedly about something called the Digital World. The brunette wove a tale that started at the camp that Koushirou himself had wanted to attend. According to Taichi the day after camp began it had started to snow. It wasn't unusual for that area of Japan to have inconsistent weather patterns, but a snow storm in July was near impossible. Still, Koushirou listened to Taichi's voice as it wavered amongst emotions. There was surprise when he told of arriving in the strange Digital World and excitement as he told of meeting Koromon and Motimon who turned out to be Agumon the orange dinosaur in the hoodie and Tentomon, the bug in the raincoat. There was anger at the constant fighting for simple survival and pride in his companions' skills. Then, near the end of Taichi's journey, his voice dipped beneath fear and sorrow, mixing thoroughly and producing such confusion the boy's brown eyes that Koushirou almost crossed the small room and took Taichi into his arms.

Before he had come here, Taichi and Agumon had apparently just unlocked the ultimate level digivolution defeating an Elvis impersonator digimon called Etomon whose destruction opened a gateway that sucked Tai, Agumon, and Tentomon back into the real world. Now, they were trying to find their way back to look for their friends who had not made the journey.

Koushirou desperately wanted to forget this day had ever happened. His ever logical mind told him to kick the loon in front of him out of his apartment so the genius could move on with his life. Nothing Taichi said made any sense. First of all camp had started merely two days ago not five years as Taichi was describing. Not only was there a serious time descrepancy, but Taichi himself looked no older than Koushirou. Plus there was the fact that if something as odd as snow had appeared in the middle of July certainly some news programs would have mentioned it by now, but there were no grave voices on the television contemplating the effects of global warming or no blogs producing hysterical messages about the end of the world in all caps. Something within him made Koushirou stop though. The feeling within his soul made him think that the words Taichi was saying were the absolute truth. There was no explanation for the creatures either other than the fantastical tale the brunette boy was telling. Taichi's emotions were not faked and the bond between he and his companions was strong. Agumon and Tentomon stuck close to the boy, but Koushirou himself felt an affinity for the bug.

What did this mean then? Was the digivice supposed to change something? Was Koushirou supposed to make a difference in Taichi's journey? That couldn't have been true. The only thing the ebony eyed boy had to offer was his brain and from the stories Koushirou did not think that would be much help over battle skills. Taichi didn't seem so worried though as he talked louder and louder about how he had to find his team. The brunette was asking him to go back to the digital world with him when the time came, though even Taichi did not know when or how that would happen.

"This digimon, Tentomon, I found him the same time I found Agumon. Everybody thought maybe I had two digimon partners, but the second digivice I found never reacted the same as my own. Tentomon can't digivolve as easily as the other digimon in the group so I thought maybe there was another kid out there somewhere." Taichi smiled broadly. "We thought maybe the first kid might have fallen to the evil digimon before he and Tentomon ever connected, but it looks like we were all wrong. This is great Koushirou! You have a digital partner now. Please say that you'll join us."

Taichi's revelation brought about curious feelings within Koushirou. On one side he was excited because something lured him into trusting the beetle like digimon, Agumon, and the preteen he saw before him, but the logical side of him still refused to believe such events could occur or that another world, a digital world could exist without anyone in the "real" world being aware of it. There was only one thing to do in this situation then. Koushirou hadn't passed all those honors classes by sitting around and letting discoveries come to him. The only way to see if this Digital World existed was to look for it himself. Looking directly into the sharp brown eyes of his future companion Koushirou took a deep breath and mentally prepared himself for the journey to come.

"Yes Taichi, I shall accompany you to the Digital World."

Koushirou just hoped he wouldn't regret this decision.

AN—Yes, I know it has been a while, but I bring you a new chapter. I haven't abandoned this, but it will be considerably shorter than previously planned. With my other story going on and life butting in I just don't have time to commit myself to a longer fic, so look for the last few chapters coming up soon, but not too soon. I have a 5 page paper to write for Am Lit 2 pretty soon and that along with my job will be taking up the majority of my time.