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"you know, leerin, if we let mifi have the microphone any longer, she'll never let it go," layfon said casually to his friend, in amusement. everyone but except leerin looked at him in shock.

"i understand that layfon, but i don't particularly want to sing right now."

"if i sing first, then will you sing with me?"

"...fine. but i get to choose the song." everyone looked back and forth between the two of them, wondering if they were hearing them right.

luckily, at that moment, mifi finished her song. layfon casually walked up and took the microphone from her. he whispered something in her ear, which made her eyes go wide, and then she grinned and bounced off stage.

"hey, leerin, what song do you want me to sing?" everyone blinked and stood still in surprise, staring in disbelief at him.

"my favorite one, the one you used to sing to me back at the orphanage in grendan."

"that one? but i've sung that to you so many times..."

"that one."

"... alright. that means these music sheets are useless, since that song was written by me..." layfon muttered the last bit, before moving the sheets out of the way. "let's just hope i haven't lost my touch..."

he took a deep breath, and then...

everybody's eyes widened at the voice coming out of the mouth of the person before them – it was beautiful, strong, and yet... there was a hint of sadness in it.

the song ended with everyone still staring up at him in a daze. suddenly, the sound of clapping – layfon looked up and saw leerin looking up at him with a happy smile, clapping her hands in appreciation. the people around her then joined in, and before he knew it, layfon saw everyone clapping for him. "encore! encore!" someone shouted, and everyone else joined in.

leerin appeared beside layfon, and procured a second microphone (from kami-sama knows where) and looked over at layfon.

"ai no zuellni?"

"yeah, let's do that one," leerin said, smiling at layfon.

the both took a deep breath, and once again...

people listened in rapture. even though mifi had already sung this song... when layfon and leerin sang it, it sounded completely different... striking, beautiful, yet gentle and mysterious...

the song ended long before the people listening wanted it to. but, unfortunately (for the audience at least), the duo didn't feel like singing anymore, and got off stage. mifi jumped at the chance to take the microphone again, and quickly thanked layfon and leerin for contributing. then, she started singing again... only not very many people were listening now.

they were too busy trying to figure out where the pair had gone...

did they disappear into thin air...?


"well, that was fun," layfon said.

"yes, but why did we leave right after that?"

"ummm... i wanted to spend some time with you alone, since i hadn't gotten to do so since you got here... was that wrong of me?"

"no... i wanted some time with you too."

the two of them were sitting side-by-side, staring out across a large blue lake. they could see the moon, both in the sky, and reflected in the water... it was quite the romantic scene, too...

well, neither of them really bothered to look too long at it. they were busy staring into each other's eyes... closer, closer...

when their lips overlapped, you could say that the scene officially looked like something you would only see in a fairy tale. the confession they both gave each other wasn't too bad either, albeit, a little mushy. aah, but who cares? as far as both of them were concerned...

...it was perfect.