A Little Less Than Obvious

Chapter 1:

In Which Yamato Awakes


Yamato's eyes snapped open. For a moment he was confused as to what had disturbed him. Eyes still glazed with sleep, but already frowning the young teen heard it.

'Thump, thump'

With a frown Yamato rose slightly from his sleeping bag leaning back on his elbows and gazed into the darkness. This was Taichi's room complete with posters of famous soccer players and long concealed messes. He and the rest of the digidestined had stayed the night after an evening get together while Taichi and Hikari's parents were out of town. All the boys were bunking in Taichi's room while the girls bunked in the living room.

'Thump, thump'

As his eyes adjusted, Yamato noticed that Taichi's bed was empty which was strange in itself because once the goggle-brained leader of the first chosen children went to sleep he stayed asleep and nothing short of Malomyotismon invading Tokyo could awaken him. Taichi's absence could mean only one of two things. One, Taichi was having an off night and had woken up by accident or, two, his best friend had simply never gone to sleep. Knowing the soccer obsessed boy as he did, Yamato was willing to bet on the second option.

'Thump, thump'

So his friend was up in the apartment. One problem was solved, but another wasn't. Where was that sound coming from? Obviously Taichi was making it, but why? Sighing as visions of Taichi fighting off burglars in the night surged through his sleep deprived brain, Yamato resolved to get up and go see for himself. As he walked out of the room, however, the warrior of friendship never noticed the absence of another person.

"Thump, Thump'

The sound was coming from the bathroom and Yamato pleaded that Taichi hadn't simply eaten something wrong and was now being obnoxiously loud and gross. Walking closer Yamato began to make out another sound.

Was that a moan?

Fearing that he was about to walk in on his friend relieving himself of a wet dream Yamato stopped. He was only inches away from the bathroom door now and he had a tough decision to make. Open the door to see if Taichi was really in trouble as the banging was becoming far more frantic or go directly back to his sleeping bag and forget the possibility of his friend relieving a boner in the dark of the night where any of his friends could wake up and hear?

"Oooh Taichi"

Yamato froze. What? Where was the burglar? Where was the bad indigestion? Where was his friend being obnoxiously loud as he jerked himself off in the dead of night? All thoughts were quickly liquifying and making there way out through Yamato's ears. This was inconceivable.

"Koushiro, Kou! You're so tight!"

Yamato could hear panting now and the small groans the two behind the door were making. Now that his eyes had adjusted to the dark he could make out picture frames wobbling slightly in the hallway with each new 'thump'.

And the 'thumps' were getting faster.

Oh God. Taichi was in that bathroom right now fucking Koushiro. The goggle-headed leader of the digidestined, the chosen children, the holder of the crest of Courage was fucking the holder of the Crest of Knowledge against the bathroom wall.

"Tai. OH! Tai, We're being too . . .ah . . . loud. Someone will hear."

Yamato vaguely heard Taichi chuckle. His own vision was starting to swim.

"Mmm Kou, you know you like it."

Whatever remark Koushiro was going to make was forgotten as the young computer genius let out a purely guttural moan that was swiftly silenced by what Yamato could only assume was Taichi's mouth.

Dear God.

Yamato quickly turned around, not willing to hear any more, and stumbled back towards the safety of Taichi's room where he collapsed into his sleeping bag. He vowed to never think of this moment again. He vowed to forget this moment ever happened and that he had not almost walked in on his two apparently gay friends having hot sex in a bathroom and he vowed most of all to forget the heat that was burning his cheeks and how tight his pajama pants had suddenly become.

He vowed it.

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