Forever's Going to Start Tonight

Summary: "I can't do this..." "Of course you can. I'll be right there with you." It should have been one of the happiest moments of her life. But for Mickie, not knowing the father of her child is terrifying. Rather it be a night of passion, a mistake, or a horror from her past, she knows her life will never be the same.

Characters: Mickie James, John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Shane McMahon

Pairings: JoMo/Mickie/?

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Song: "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Bonnie Tyler

Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with the WWE. Nor do I own any of the song lyrics used.

Author's note: Challenge fic for devin that I decided to take up. Hope you enjoy! Just no flames please.

Chapter 1

A quiet groan escaped from her throat as her eyes slowly fluttered open, but she immediately closed them again when the intense lights on the ceiling above nearly blinded her. She turned her head to the side to escape from them more, feeling the soft, fluffy pillow beneath her as she wondered where she was. The last thing she remembered was lying on the floor of her hotel room, weakly reaching for her cell phone sitting on the bed and beginning to dial his number before she remembered nothing at all.


At the quiet, almost hesitant sound of her name, Mickie James opened her eyes again and saw that he was sitting in a chair next to her bed, hands folded with his arms resting on his knees as he looked back at her. There were dark rings under his eyes, evidence of lack of sleep. But even with those, he still looked perfect to her. "Where... am I?" she asked quietly, her voice thick from not using it for some time, as she started to push herself up into a sitting position. "What am I doing here?"

"You should stay down," the man advised, reaching forward and placing his hand on her shoulder to stop her. A small half-smile graced his handsome features when Mickie leaned back against the pillow. "You're in the hospital. Don't you remember what happened?"

Mickie moved her gaze from his concerned one, looking down at the white hospital wristband hanging loosely on her right hand. "How long have I been out?" she wondered quietly.

"Only a couple days," the man told her. "But with everything that's happened..."

"Yeah," Mickie muttered with a sigh, wringing her hands tightly together. "I remember..."

Mickie James sighed as she left the locker room, situating her gym bag strap so it was resting comfortably on her shoulder. Her footsteps bounced off the walls of the empty hallway as she made her way to the parking lot and her waiting boyfriend. Being exhausted after the show, she was just looking forward to spending a quiet night in their hotel room.

Then, Mickie paused by the door when her phone vibrated from her pocket, seeing she had a text message. Hey, babe, where r u?

A small smile appeared on Mickie's face when she saw it was from her boyfriend, and she quickly sent an answer back. Was talking to Maria in the locker room. About to leave the arena. See u by the car in a min.

She put the phone back in her pocket before starting to push open the door, but she was stopped by a hand wrapping around her wrist from behind. Mickie glanced over her shoulder, inwardly rolling her eyes when she saw Shane McMahon. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Where are you running off to so fast, sweetheart?" Shane said with an almost twisted smirk on his face, pulling her back from the door. "What happened to, you know... our time?" He then gave her a quick wink.

Mickie pulled her arm from his grasp. "Look, I thought I told you I was done with that," she replied. "It's just wrong. You're married, and I've been dating John for a while now... It'll be a year next week. I admit, it was sorta fun before I got with him, but I can't do that anymore."

But Shane gave her the smile that had once melted her heart as he reached forward and took her hand. "Come on, Mickie, we used to have so much fun," he tried to persuade her. "Those nights spent together..."

She remembered those nights well, but Mickie shook her head, determined to keep her resolve. "No, Shane, I can't," she told him. "I love John, and-!"

"Does he love you?" Shane asked in nearly a whisper, his eyes gleaming.

"Yes, of course he does," Mickie answered, the answer an automatic one. "Now, if you'll excuse me." She started to try to turn and pull her hand away, but Shane wouldn't release his hold on her hand. She watched as he leaned close to her, his lips lingering next to her ear.

"You know you want to just one more time, Mickie..."

"Hey, Mick."

An overwhelming sense of relief swarmed over her when she heard the familiar, welcoming voice. Shane backed away from her, letting go of her hand, and a smile appeared on her face as she watched Chris Irvine, better known as Chris Jericho, walk toward them with his own bag.

"I thought you would have been gone by now," Chris continued, flashing her a smile when he stopped next to her.

Mickie brushed some hair behind her ear. "Yeah, just ran into Shane," she muttered. "I'm on my way out, though."

Chris glanced at Shane, noticing the almost frustrated look he was giving him before turning his attention back to Mickie. "I'm heading out myself," he said. "Want me to walk with you?"

"Sure, sounds good." Mickie sighed as she looked up at Shane. "Um, see you around."

Shane nodded, an unreadable expression on his face. "See you, Mickie."

Chris watched their exchange carefully before he walked forward and pushed open the door, holding it open until Mickie stepped out of the arena and into the night before following after her. "Everything okay, Mick?" he asked, falling into step beside her.

Mickie smiled at him. "Yeah, everything's fine," she answered. "Just didn't expect to run into Shane tonight. He hasn't been at a show in a while..."

"You're lying," Chris muttered after a moment.

"No, I'm not," Mickie protested, looking away as they kept walking. Then, she bit down on her bottom lip. "That obvious?"

"Only because I've known you since you came into the WWE," Chris replied with a slight laugh. "You squint a bit when you're lying..."

Mickie sighed. Chris had been her best friend since she had joined the company, and she loved him for it, but there were still some things she felt she should keep to herself. Her past affair with the younger McMahon was one of those things since it was one she wasn't particularly proud of as she looked back on it. She was afraid of what he would think of her. "Don't worry about me, Chris," she muttered. "It's nothing I can't handle."

Chris looked down at her with clear concern. "Is it something to do with Shane?" he wondered. "Did he say something to you?"

She wanted to tell him that Shane was making her feel uneasy, but since it was a mistake she had made, it was something she wanted to take care of on her own. So instead, Mickie just smiled. "Believe me, Chris. It's nothing."

"I want to, Mick," Chris muttered with a sigh. "I want to."

Then, Mickie looked up when she heard a car horn honk a couple times, and a broad grin appeared on her face when her boyfriend John Hennigan, otherwise known as John Morrison, walked toward her. "Hey, there you are, babe," he said, his own smile mirroring hers as he wound his arm around her waist and pulled her close.

Mickie smiled as she stood on her toes to give him a quick kiss. "Sorry I took so long," she replied. "Uh, Chris and I were just talking."

"I see that." John smiled at Chris, who returned it as they quickly shook hands. "So, Mickie. Mike and I were talking, and we were thinking of heading out to the bar tonight. What do you think?"

Recognizing the name of John's best friend, Mike "the Miz" Mizanin, Mickie quietly sighed. "I don't know, John," she told him. She got along well with Mike, but she was just really tired. "I don't know if I'm up to it tonight."

"Come on, Mickie, you need to get out for a little bit," John muttered, brushing some hair out of her face. "It'll be fun. Promise."

Chris watched Mickie carefully as she looked down for a moment, biting her lip. "Sure, John. Fine," she finally said, forcing a smile on her face as she looked back up at her boyfriend. "You're right. I do need to get out for a little bit."

"That's my girl." John leaned down and kissed her with a bit more intensity before turning his attention to his friend. "Hey, Man. Wanna come with us?" he asked.

Glancing at Mickie for a second, Chris smiled back. "Sure, why not?" he answered. "I was thinking of going out for a bit anyway."

"Great! See you there." John turned and began to walk toward their rental car with Mickie wrapped in his arm. She put her bags in the backseat with his before climbing into the passenger seat next to him. She put on her seatbelt as John started the car, looking at Chris still standing where they had left him. A small smile appeared on her face, which he returned, as John pulled out of the parking lot.

John paid for his and Mickie's drinks, picking up the bottles and turning away from the counter. A small smirk appeared on his face when Melina Perez, who used to manage team MNM with him and Joey Mercury, walked past. She turned and winked at him before continuing on her way, and he watched her until she was lost in the bustling crowd before going back to the table where his best friend and girlfriend were sitting.

"Thanks," Mickie said when John handed her the drink as he sat down in the seat next to her and wrapped an around around her shoulders.

Mike smiled at him, holding up his own bottle. "Cheers, Man," he muttered.

"Cheers." John clinked his bottle against his friend's, both men taking a drink. Mickie took a small sip of her own, sighing as she closed her eyes for a minute. The bitter taste was something she still wasn't quite fond of.

Then, she looked up when two people stopped next to their table, smiling when she saw Chris and another good friend of his, Adam "Edge" Copeland. They both already had their own drinks in their hands. "Hey, guys," Mickie greeted.

"Hey," Chris replied, returning her smile. "We're just going to go get a table."

"Nah, Man, you can join us," Mike said, getting to his feet. "We'll just pull up a couple more chairs." He scooted his own closer to John before he grabbed two more from the nearest table and brought them to theirs. "There you go."

"Thanks," Adam muttered as he and Chris sat down.

"Yeah, thanks," Chris added, taking a sip of his drink.

"No problem," John replied. "The more the merrier, right?"

"True," Chris agreed with a short laugh. He noticed that even though she was trying to act enthused about being there, Mickie looked exhausted as she leaned against her boyfriend.

Mickie then looked up when she heard applause, smiling slightly when someone set the karaoke microphone down and the man running it asked for more volunteers. "Hey, John, want to sing with me?" she asked, setting her drink down as she looked up at him hopefully. She was determined to have a little fun that night even though it wasn't her original plan, and for her, karaoke would be a way to do that.

But John noticeably hesitated. "I don't know, Mickie," he answered with a sigh. "It's not really my thing..."

"Oh." Mickie's shoulders slumped a little as she rested her chin on her hand. "Okay, that's fine."

"I'll do it with you if you want, Mick," Chris offered quietly, seeing how disappointed she looked.

Mickie's face lit up. "Really?"

Chris smiled and nodded. "Sure, we did it before with Phil, remember?" he said.

"How could I forget that?" Mickie muttered with a laugh, remembering the night she, Chris, and Phil Brooks, otherwise known as CM Punk, sang karaoke together. Since Chris was the lead singer of his band Fozzy and she was an inspiring singer herself, she and her best friend would often sing together on the road anyway. "Okay, let's go!"

"Have fun and sound beautiful," John told her, kissing her quickly before she got to her feet.

Mickie placed her hand on his shoulder for a second with a broad grin on her face before she started to walk through the crowd of tables toward the karaoke stage with Chris behind her. When they reached it, the man running the songs smiled.

"Hey, we have a duet!" he announced, to which the crowd applauded. "Go ahead and grab that mic, young lady, while I get another one for your singing partner."

A broad smile appeared on Mickie's face as she picked up the microphone, watching as Chris returned it as he was handed a second one. "Okay, so here's how it goes," the man explained. "The blue lyrics will be for the lady, and the red lyrics will be for the guy. White lyrics are to be sung together. Got it?" When Mickie and Chris both nodded, the man smiled. "Good. It's a well known song, so you should be fine. Take it away in three... two... one."

As soon as the music started, Mickie laughed quietly to herself when she recognized it right away. She glanced at Chris, who just shrugged before he was given his first lyrics.

"Turn around..."

"Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never comin' round," Mickie continued when the blue words came on the screen.

"Turn around..."

As she kept singing, knowing the words well, Mickie glanced out at the audience at John, seeing he was smiling proudly as he watched her. She felt her own smile appear on her face as she turned her attention back to the screen to focus more on the song.

"Turn around, bright eyes," Chris sang, glancing at Mickie.

"Every now and then I fall apart," Mickie returned, noticing white lyrics appearing on the screen for the chorus. Excitement started in her as she and her best friend began together.

"And I need you now tonight, and I need you more than ever..."

Then, Mickie noticed movement out of the corner of her eye, and her gaze wavered and dread coursed through her when she watched Shane McMahon sit down at a table near the front. She wasn't sure what he was doing there, but she felt her focus starting to slip as his eyes rested on her intently.

But she was brought out of her surprise when she felt a hand wrap around hers, and she looked back at Chris, who must have noticed she was distracted. Filled with fresh determination, she nodded as the white words continued on the screen.

"I really need you tonight," Mickie sang along with Chris, the song now at its highest peak. "Forever's going to start tonight..."

Then, blue lyrics came back on the screen as it began to wind back down, and she continued solo. "Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart..."

"There's nothing I can do, total eclipse of the heart," Chris finished with her as he tightened his hand around hers as the song ended. The crowd in the bar cheered as Mickie smiled and gave her best friend a quick hug before setting their microphones down to let other people have a chance to come up. Then, she walked off the stage with Chris, not looking at Shane as they made their way back to their table.

Mickie smiled broadly when she saw John, Mike, and Adam on their feet and clapping when they reached their seats. "Great job, babe," John said, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend and bringing her close. "You sounded like an angel tonight."

"Thanks, hun." Mickie pulled him down into a kiss before sending a smile her best friend's way. "And thank you for singing with me."

"Sure thing, Mick," Chris replied with a smile of his own as he and Adam sat down. "It was fun."

"Never heard that song performed better, Man," Adam muttered with an amused smile, laughing a little when Chris shook his head at him.

Mickie smiled as she wrapped her arms around John and rested her head on his chest, closing her eyes as she yawned. Though she did have a blast singing karaoke with Chris, she was still exhausted. Noticing her tiredness, John pushed some of her hair behind her ear.

"Ready to leave?" he asked. "I know you weren't too thrilled about coming out to begin with..."

"Yeah, I'm ready," Mickie answered quietly, smiling up at him.

"All right, then." John turned and nodded at his other three friends. "See you guys later."

There was a chorus of "byes" in response, and John took Mickie's hand as they began to walk toward the door. Mickie glanced behind her and waved as they went since she really hadn't said goodbye, the small smile on Chris's face the last thing she saw before he disappeared into the crowd.

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