Okay I love secret life and I have been dying to write up some fics for Ramy. And it looks like we are getting a some real Ramy moments to work off so her is one I had contured up from the back of my head.


"Ricky, Can we at least talk about this" Amy was set up on talking about Ben and Adrain's wedding she thought that it was a bad idea. I on the other hand could care less. She pregnant with Ben's. So at least that fool isn't trying to steal my baby mama.

"No. I could care less. Why should we even care it's their wedding, Their business not are's" and on the plus side Ben would be completely unavalible. Once they say I do I don't have to worry about a wimpy little spoiled rich kid trying to steel Amy from me.

"But Ricky can you think about from besides your point of view. Not only are they putting themselves out for distruction. But also that baby. A child doesn't deserve to be in between that kind of relationship. take it from somebody who knows."

I sigh in fustration, raking a hand through my hand. "What do you know about it?"

" Mom and Dad got married because they were pregnant with me. Do you know what it is like to think that maybe my parents would be happier had I not been born." I swallow hard, I lean against the back of my coach reaching around grabing Amy by her hips nd gently yanking her close. I can't help but think what the hell happened that got me in this posistion now. What had changed about me. Had I been the old Ricky I would have already have her half naked. Had I been the old Ricky i wouldn't of cared.

Raking a hand through her hair, she relaxed her head against my chest. Turning around I picked her up and sat her up against the top of the couch I picked her chin and flinched when I saw tears. If there was one thing in this world that could break me is Amy's tears. I used to think it was funny that I was so whiped by Amy even when we weren't together.

"Amy without you a family wouldn't have been born. Without you we wouldn't have John, I couldn't have found a better mother for my son. Without you I would be singlhandedly propelling myself into a fucked up lifestyle." I paused when I heard Amy giggle she always laughed when I cursed. I can't stop my smile that was making it's way on my lips. "With out you I wouldn't know what it's like to care about another human being." Slowly propelling her toward where our son laid fast asleep, I leaned down an whispered in her ear "You gave me a heart Amy."

Slowly lefting her head up from where her eyes laid on our son she smiled at me. An slowly lifted to give me a kiss on the lips. We crept into my room laid on my bed that had new covers considereding the fact that Amy made me change them. For obvious reasons, the fact that I had bedded other women on those sheets. My bed was starting a new future clean of the past forgotten and forgiven. Much like my self. It was changed. Free of the past looking forward to the future.

"And Ricky" I looked at Amy I saw she was falling a asleep "You always had heart . You just had to find it."

And I smiled, holding my girlfriend, the mother of my child, and lover. I felt free of stress and worries. I was changed, closing the book of my past and turned a page of the future.

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