Red Tide


New rules to an old game: Your Pokémon don't faint, they die. You must attempt to catch the first Pokémon you see on a new Route, and only that Pokémon. Ready for a challenge? Press Start. Rated T for poké-death, adult humor, and language.


Snap on the Game Boy Advance, turn up the music, skip through the intro.

It was a routine I'd become all too familiar with in the past six years; my right thumb had a knee-jerk response to click the A button as many times as needed until the Pokémon logo appeared and a silhouette of Kyogre set against navy appeared behind it. I pressed A again and three choices appeared.

Continue. A list of stats from my finished game was after that; name, PokéDex count, etc. I flipped passed it.

New game.


I highlighted new game and my thumb once again auto-pressed A. I quickly flipped through Birch's "Intro to Pokémon" to get to the beginning of my character sheet for the game.

Male or female? Female.

Name? Lucy.

Let the games begin, I thought as my screen blanked out again.

A/N: Heh... yeah, so I'm sure that my previous readers (probably either fans of Never After, or Fell Too Far) are probably cursing me out for starting up a new fic but... yeah, I have no excuse other than the fact my Muses for those have run off somewhere. Sorry!

Now, to my new Pokémon readers: thank you for taking an interest in my fic! I got the idea from the internet-famous Nuzlocke Comic Challenge. (for details, visit Nuzlocke dot com). But, I am not the worlds greatest drawer and so I reformed the Challenge into this. For further details, read Chapter One... (or review and/or PM me if you need more explanation than that). Otherwise, enjoy. I look forward to the reviews I may or may not get.