I finally finished my exams at college and I'll be writing my stories again. Actually, I already had a new story but my computer was full of virus and I had to erase all my data… ¬ ¬ '… that means… I lost all my new stories! Dammit! Ok ok… no big deal… I remember a little of the story I was supposed to update so… here it is!

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It was a quiet night on New York. In the lair, the turtles were on a sparring session… Donatello-Michelangelo and Leonardo-Raphael.

"Michelangelo, more pressure on that kick!" Master Splinter ordered his youngest son.

On the other side of the dojo… Raph sent his fist just to be catch by Leo's hand. The blue banded turtle grab Raph's wrist and sent him to the floor while Don made a quick move with the bo making Mikey lose his balance.

"That is all for tonight, my sons. Today's winners: Leonardo and Donatello. Michelangelo, you have to concentrate on the fight and Raphael… you have to be faster than your adversary. Perhaps Leonardo could help you with that. We will resume your training in the morning" the old rat said and left the dojo.

Raph growled in anger. He hated being compared with the "perfect fearless leader" Leonardo.

"Oh man… my leg still hurts! Did you really have to use that thing?" Mikey complained.

"C'mon Mikey! I didn't hit you so hard!" Don said to his angry baby brother.

"Well… at least I didn't look like Raph being shell kicked by Leo… ha ha ha!" Mikey laughed.

"Ha ha… really funny knucklehead!" Raph said angrily and standing up.

"Here… let me help you…" Leo lend his hand to help his brother.

"I ain't need yer help… Fearless!" the red banded turtle said and moved away his brother's hand.

He stood up and left the dojo. Everyone stared at him in surprise while he was leaving.

"Woow… now what's wrong with him?" Don asked.

"Nah… who cares! He just can't take a joke. Well… I'm getting hungry, who's up for a pizza round?" Mikey said cheerfully.

"Count me on it! What 'bout you Leo?"

"Ah… later guys… I think I'm gonna talk to him" Leo said and made his way to Raph's room.

" 'k then… good luck…" Don said.

When Leonardo arrived to his brother's room, he found him hitting the wall repeatedly. His brother's fists were completely covered with blood. Raph was going to send another punch but Leonardo stopped him.

"What da…! Leo?"

"Stop it Raph! You're just hurting yourself!"

"Who told ya to come to MY room!"

"I needed to know if you were fine"

"Does it look that I'm fine!"

"Well… obviously not but…"

"Then… just let me alone Leo… I ain't need yer stupid compassion!"

"This is all 'bout what Splinter told you, isn't it?"

Raph placed his gaze on the floor… in silence. He didn't want to admit it,, but Leo was right… again.

"Raph… Master Splinter was only giving you some advices. You know you're faster than me."

"I don't get it Leo… why he always has to do that?"

"Do… what?"

"Comparing me with ya! It's just… annoying!"

"He wasn't comparing you with me… he…"

"Listen Leo… I've had enough for today… just go to yer bed, I'll be fine."

"Ok, whatever you say, Raph. But… I'm gonna take care of your hands before I leave." Leo said and made his way to the bathroom.

When he got the first aid kit, he went to his brother's room again. Once Raph's hands were cleaned, Leo started to bandage them with the ability of a doctor.

"I didn't know you were so good at this"

"Well... I learned it from Donnie… ok, we're done. Now… don't do that again… if you're have a problem or if you're angry, just let me know 'k?"

"I told I'll be fine… Fearless… go to yer room and leave me alone!" Raph said angrily and left his room.

"Why are you still angry at me?

"Don't cha start lecturing me… I'm going out!" Raphael entered to the elevator and went directly to the garage. He took his helmet and rode away on his bike.

Back to the kitchen…

"Hey dude! What's up?" Mikey said cheerfully

"He's still angry…" Leo said sadly

"Bro… it's not your fault… don't blame yourself… anyway, where is he?"

"He went out… on his bike"

"HE DID WHAT!" Don screamed and went to the garage. Leonardo followed him.

"Hey Donnie… what's up! He only took his bike and went out like always"

"But… the thing is… I WAS WORKING ON HIS BIKE THIS MORNING, he told me the brakes weren't working very well… and now… OH SHELL! WE HAVE TO FIND HIM BEFORE… before…"

"Say no more Donnie… you take the copter… search on the east, tell Mikey to take the Sewer Slider and search on the north… I'll be on the south rooftops."

"You sure you don't wanna come with us?"

"We need to cover more ground… don't forget your cell-shells!"

Leo left the garage and started the search. After almost 2 hours of ridding, the red banded turtle decided to return home. He turned left and went into a narrow alley.

His brothers were still searching.

"Any sign, Mikey"

"Nope… what 'bout you Donnie?"

"Nothing here… Leo?"

"No… keep searching!"

Then, the blue banded turtle heard a familiar sound of Raph's bike wheels.

"Guys, I think I found him! Three blocks on the south!"

"Got it! Wait for me, Leo. I'm gonna pick you up!" Mikey said.

Leonardo couldn't wait… his brother was in danger… soon or not, Raphael was going to hurt him.

"Mikey, you must hurry!"

"I'm almost there… ok… on the count of three, you're gonna jump…"

The Sewer Slider was almost on place… Leonardo saw it and prepared himself.

"One… two… THREE! Leo… JUMP!"

Mikey opened to the top of the car and Leonardo jumped into it.

"Nice entry, dude!"

"Ok… turn left on that corner!"

Raphael noticed someone was following him. He turned his face…

"Oh crud! He just had to follow me… great, just great!" Raph though and increased the sped.

"What the shell is he doing! Mikey… we have to get closer!"

The orange banded turtle tried to get closer to the bike, but Raphael increased the sped even more.

"Dude… I can't! He's going too fast! Oh man… he's gonna kill himself!"

"I'm gonna try to talk to him… just get a little closer Mikey!"

Mikey got closer enough to make Leo possible to warn Raphael.




"WHAT'S UP WITH THE… OH… CRUD…! I… I FORGOT IT!" Raph now realized he was in terrible danger.


The red banded turtle lifted his hand and tried to grab Leo's… but… Raph didn't notice he was going into a dead end.

"AH…GUYS…?" Mikey said completely terrified. After that, he hit the brakes.

Leonardo noticed it and jumped into Raph's bike making the red banded turtle to fall down. Now… Leo was riding the bike!


Donatello was going to meet them but he only heard a loud crash.

"Raph! Oh no...!" He dialed Mike's cell-shell number.

At the street… Raph was trying to help his brother. Leonardo was really bad injured and he had an ugly wound on his head.

"Leo... Leo please… SAY SOMETHING!"

Leonardo didn't move… he was unconscious and losing a lot of blood. He was still breathing but it started being hard to do it.

"It's my fault… It's all my dammit fault!"

Mikey was sobbing like hell, his eyes were full of tears and almost closed when he got the call.

"Mikey… what happened? I heard a crash… but I can't see a thing up here… is Raph… you know… ok?"

"R-Raph… h-he's ok Donnie… but…" Mikey sobbed.

"Mikey please, calm down! Now tell me… Is he… bad hurt?"

"N-no… but…" the orange banded turtle choked in tears.


"LEO... h-he tried… t-to save him… h-he tried…"

"Mikey… I really don't understand you… let's go the lair… then I'll know what's going on"




Then… the line went dead. Donatello couldn't believe what was happening. He made his way to the alley trying to find a safe place for the copter. Once it was hidden… he run as fast as his feet could take him and met his brothers at the alley.