No claim to the characters in this story. I may take a few creative liberties regarding family background and stuff like that. I was inspired to write this by the show Pi Li MIT and I will try to stay true the characters personalities…especially Zhan Shi De or 007, as he is better known.

Please be patient with me as this is my first fanfic. I know it is a bit dry in the beginning, but I can tell you it gets easier to read around chapters 4, 5, and 6 because there is more dialogue and less description. So please don't give up on this fanfic!

Before Shen Yin and Pi Li MIT

Chapter 1

It Begins

The turning of a key resonates through the dark, large, and elegant house where Dr. James, a famous international detective, lives. The door opens and someone shuffles inside. The door closes and a quiet click sounds, signifying the relocking of the front door. Another click sounds and immediately a light brightens the rather large entryway revealing a kid in a middle school uniform carrying a standard school bag. Taking his shoes off and leaving them neatly under a shelf designed to hold shoes, he walks in the house turning on lights as he goes. He passes through several rooms, goes up three flights of stairs, makes a left, then a left, goes through another room, walks down a hall, and arrives before a door at the end of the hall. He opens it, enters into his room, and places his books on a neatly organized desk, which has a computer on it and a landline phone. Noticing the blinking light, he pushes a button and Dr. James' voice is heard, Son, I'm not coming home tonight. Too much depends on this case. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. The machine beeps and another voice is heard. Zhan Shi De, we have yet to receive a phone call regarding…Zhan Shi De deletes the telemarketer's message and sets his bag down next to the desk.

Zhan Shi De walks into the spacious kitchen, opens the fridge, and takes out leftovers from the night before. He carries it to the dining table and sits down. Opening a book, he reads as he eats. Finishing he returns the dishes to the kitchen and comes back out. He glances at his watch and picks up his book and sits back down at the table. An hour or so later he has finished the book, Zhan Shi De gets up and goes back up the stairs and turns off the lights.

Zhan Shi De walks into the school library after school and returns the book. The school's librarian smiles and asks, "You've finished it already?"

Zhan Shi De nods and asks, "Do you have the other one I requested?"

The Librarian laughs and holds out a book entitled, Twisted Minds Think Alike. "I guess it shouldn't surprise me that you read these kinds of books Zhan Shi DE, your father being Dr. James and all, but I can never get over it!"

Zhan Shi De takes the book and leaves the library. In the school, he is one of the few students to linger after classes have ended and one of the fewer to enter the library voluntarily. On his way to his locker, a teacher calls out his name and he stops and turns around.

"Have you given any thought about becoming my Teacher's Assistant for my advanced chemistry class that's coming up?"

Zhan Shi De nods, "I still need to talk to my father though."

Nodding, the teacher replies, "No problem, it's not like there are students lining up to be my T.A."

Half-smiling Zhan Shi De nods, "Thanks." He turns around and walks towards his locker. Reaching it, he unlocks the built-in padlock on his locker and opens it.

A few lockers down; a student struggles with their lock. Zhan Shi De hears the student mumble, "stupid combination locker"

Looking at the student, Zhan Shi De walks over and asks, "May I?" The student shrugs and steps away. Zhan Shi De leans down so his ear is close to the locker and turns the dial. Finally, he stands up and opens the locker. Taking out a small notebook from his pants pocked and a pen from the breast pocket of his shirt, he scribbles something on it, tears it out, hands it to the student, turns around, and walks back to his locker. The student looks at the paper that simply has 09-34-06 written on it. In awe, the student calls out a thanks. Back at his locker, Zhan Shi De merely raises a hand as if to say no problem. As he thinks about what he needs to take home, he can hear the student slam their locker shut and take off running down the hall. Readjusting his school bag, Zhan Shi De takes out several books and lifts them to put them in his locker, Feeling a sharp sudden pain in his head he pauses, and then goes to put the books in his locker. Suddenly the room starts to spin and another sharp pain hits. Dropping the books to the floor, his face twists in pain and he instinctively grabs his head for relief. Losing his balance, he falls down to his knees and bends over clutching his head. Another sudden and sharper pain courses through his head. Calling out in pain this time, he topples over and writhes in acute pain. Moaning, he tries to get up, but is driven back to the floor. Suddenly his head lolls to one side, his limbs become limp, his face loses its rigidness, and he becomes motionless.