Chapter 25

Shen Yin College

Beep…beep…beep…bee. Zhan Shi De turns off his alarm in his new room at Shen Yin College. Not the college of my choice…but I have no other plans…Police Academy was my dream. What am I going to do now? Zhan Shi De gets up and gets ready. He pause when he spies the small box that Yi had given him before he had left. Picking it up, Zhan Shi De decides to open it before his first official day at Shen Yin College. Opening it, he sees a note from Yi.

Zhan Shi De, I just wanted to give you something to remind you of me and the good times we had. Hope you like it. Your former roomie, Yi

Zhan Shi De faintly smiles at the letter and looks at what is in the box. Taking out the small single earring, he remembers when Yi dragged him to the mall where he had to get an ear pierced because of a bet. Zhan Shi De takes out his old earring, and puts in the one Yi gave him. Straightening his school uniform, he walks out of his room and closes the door.

Zhan Shi De walks with another student who is showing him around the school. Why is she showing me around? I probably know this place better then she does. '"This way Please"' Zhan Shi De follows his classmate slightly annoyed. Entering a classroom, his classmate says, '"No one else can answer this question to my extent."' Zhan Shi De looks at the problem and smiles the slightest smile possible.

I must say something, I have seen it both ways Shen Lin College and Shen Ling College or delete College and insert university…so I didn't really know what to put. Just to let you guys know that I did know, I just had to stick with one of them lol!

Lines that are inside double quotes '" "'are directly taken from an English subbing of Pi Li MIT.

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