Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes, Tim Kring and the NBC do. And I'm glad of that, I for starters would never have killed Elle. And started the complete mess that the last four/five episodes of Villains created of the series, destroying any hope it could be salvaged.

I wrote this after retiring from Heroes RPGs as Elle and it's my way of writing what I hoped for the character when the series was ultimately cancelled.

Possible AU with tinges of canon, one-shot written in the form of a letter from Elle to her son. Probably timed somewhere in S4.

Elle's Epitaph

Dear Noah,


Every little girl has them and I had mine. Various names and people who are meaningless blurs but my favourites were Adam and Peter. You see I could hurt them as much as I wanted and not care. It was even fun, no matter how much my Daddy and Glasses tried to tell me otherwise.

They were my toys and sometimes they were bad.

Gabriel came before Peter. I didn't have many people I didn't love hurting and Gabriel made that special list. I was his angel, saving him from an untimely death. If I had gotten what that painter could do and see how much Gabriel Gray and Sylar were going to hurt me, I might have been the best and kindest angel ever. I might have let him die.

To say I hate Glasses for what he made me do to Gabriel- he thinks we're even stevens because of Cheerleader. I wasn't the first to hurt his precious and annoying Claire and I won't be the last.

He thought I'd come back from being crispy and dead wanting Sylar dead or make him Gabriel again so he could finish him off. Sorry- this sociopath had learnt her lesson and when I can remember someone hurting me, I don't love them. I hate Sylar and I love Gabriel too much to make him come out again. Sylar always wins. I'm not a girl who will sacrifice herself for her man twice.

Not when I have you.

And you need me alive... I might be a selfish bitch for never giving Sylar the third chance to change but he's the serial killer who killed me once. If he can kill his own mother and the girl he took on her first date, what's the incentive for him to spare his kid?

Even if you didn't exist- I still would never let Sylar touch me again. I would play with my beautiful blue sparks and turn them on Sylar until he passed out. And then Gabriel's angel would remove that head from his shoulders. Oh, Sylar and I are not finished. Not until I undo hurting Gabriel.

Gabriel Gray is dead and one day so will the serial killing monster that wears his face. I created it and I will end him. And then I'll never have to care for Gabriel or Sylar again.

You don't need a father who will hurt you and then blame you, Noah. I might never be the woman from unicorns and rainbows but you will have the world I missed out on for sixteen years. I won't let your father hurt you like my Daddy hurt me.