Summary: Bella has been keeping a secret. She is really Isabella Marie Potter. Harry Potter's sister. Edward leaves Bella goes back to her family. Edward goes to Hogwarts.

The Potter Twins

Chapter One

Hi my name is Isabella Marie Potter, The girl who lived. My brother is Harry James Potter, also known as the boy who lived. Our parents were murdered by a dark wizard. His name was Voldemort. Our mother gave up her life for us. When Voldemort tried to kill us he vanished. All we had was the constant nightmares and the scares. My scare is on my back by my left wrist, while Harry's is on his forehead.

We then lived with the Dursley's, our Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and their son Dudley. They treated us more like slaves than family. Every time something happen we would always get in trouble for it. It wasn't even our fault. We lived with them until we were eleven years old. We then got our letters from Hogwarts.

In our first year we met Ron and Hermione. We fought a three headed dog, played a deadly game of chess, and our defense against the dark arts teacher. He ended up keeping the dark lord's head on the back of his own. We learned that our mothers love was the reason we lived from the dark lord's spell.

Me and Harry both made the Quidditch team. Which is very lucky for first years. I was chaser and Harry was a seeker. Chasers try to score with the Quaffle, Beaters control the Bludgers, the Keeper protects the goal, and the Seeker chases the Golden Snitch that must be caught to end the match.

In second year we went into the Chamber of Secrets. Where we fought a younger version of Voldemort. He kept his soul in a diary. We also, fought a basilisk. Harry fought the basilisk, while I helped Ginny. Not only that we fought a deadly bludger. We learned we could speak parseltongue or snake talk. And lastly we fought giant spiders.

Third year we were chased by mask murder Sirius Black. Sirius Black was our parent's friend. Everyone thought he betrayed our parents. It was really Peter Pettigrew, who was thought to be dead. Harry, Hermione, and I ended up going back in time to save Sirius. Also, we had to fight a werewolf. Sirius Black ended up being Harry's godfather, while Remus Lupin was my godfather. Remus was our defense against the dark arts teacher.

Forth year we were entered in the Triwizard Tournament. A tournament of three deadly tasks. First we had to get an egg from a dragon. Then we had to get past mermaids. Lastly find the triwizard cup in a maze. The contestants are from three different schools. It was me, Harry, Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour, and Viktor Krum. When me, Harry, and Cedric grabbed the cup we were transported to a grave yard. Cedric ended up getting murdered by the dark lord. The dark load used mine and Harry's blood to bring him back. Voldemort returned.

Albus Dumbledore thought it was too dangerous for both me and Harry to be living in London. So, he sent me to live with one of his friends Charlie Swan in Forks, Washington. That's where I met the Cullens and fell in love with Edward Cullen. Edward and his family were vampires. That spring I was chased by a nomad vampire and was attacked.

On my birthday Alice, Edward's sister, threw me a party. I cut my finger and Edward's other brother Jasper attacked me. He decided it was too dangerous a life for me so he left with him and his family. So I decided to go back to London and be with my brother and friends.

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