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The Potter Twins

Chapter 26

Third Person

When Bella awoke she had no idea where she was. The last thing she remembered was trying to get to Sirius because he had been captured by Voldemort. Bella looked around and noticed that it did seem kind of familiar. Bella slowly got up and started walking around hoping to find something that either told her were she was or something that she remembered.

Bella couldn't place where she was but she knew that she had to find Harry and the rest of the gang before something bad happened to them. Bella knew that something odd was going on and she needed to find out what it was. Bella continued to walk around.

It looked as if she was in some kind of room. It reminded her of the cupboard underneath the stairs that she had always slept in at the Dursleys'. It was not the kind of feeling that Bella liked. She felt like she was trapped with no way out. Bella heard the opening of a door and someone walking down the stairs. She began to look for a place where she could hide and the only place that could possibly hide her was a bed that was sitting in a corner. Bella knew that it wouldn't help her much so she decided to stand her ground.

As the steps got closer and closer to the bottom of the staircase she began to get more nervous and eventually started to fidget. Just as the person reached the bottom of the stairs the door opened again and the steps began to retreat back up the stairs. Bella let out a sigh a relief for the moment. She took this time of relief to look for a way out of the room she was currently in.

There were a few windows but they were fenced in like when the Dursleys had locked Harry in the upstairs room before their second year at Hogwarts. Bella made her way over to the windows to check them out. The windows seemed to be pretty solid leaving Bella with little chance of getting out of the creepy room she was in.

The room gave her a really bad feeling. It made her feel like she was eleven years old again and back at the Dursleys feeling helpless and not in control. She hadn't feeling like she had no control over what was happening around her. Bella could hear yelling coming from up stairs but she couldn't make out any of the words.

Bella slowly and quietly made her way up the stairs. She had to be sure that none of the floor boards creaked other wise they may find out what she was doing. As Bella made her way further up the stairs she could begin to make the words out. Soon enough Bella made her way to the stop of the staircase.

"You said if I helped bring her to you, I could have her," Bella made out a high screechy voice say.

"Yes I did say that," Bella heard a man respond "But I need her to fulfill the rest of my plan if I let you kill her she becomes useless and I am back where I started."

"THAT WAS NOT THE DEAL!" the women snapped back at the man.

"DO NOT go up against me," the man growled, "You may be the predator in the human world, but here in the wizarding word things are different. I AM NOT just some human you can take control of and easily beat. I AM A WIZARD! That means THAT WHAT I SAY GOES! Now leave before I decide to completely disregard our little deal."

Bella heard the sounds of someone walking away, the footsteps fading into the background as the person got father and father away from her. Bella let out a breath of relief before remembering that there was a second person in the room and that person was making his way toward the door.

Bella as quietly and as quickly as she made her way back down the stairs. Bella held her breath upon reaching the bottoms of the stairs and hearing the door in which she just came from open. Bella started to back up until she backed herself up against the wall. Bella wanted to get as far away from the person coming down the stairs as much as the room would allow. She began to panic as the footsteps got closer and closer. Soon enough the man had made his way down the stairs. The face she saw as he came into view caused a rush a fear to go through her body.

"Hello Isabella," the man stated upon coming into the room.


Angela had been shocked by the sudden disappearance of Bella. Bella had disappeared for about a month. The odd part that confused Angela was the fact that no one seemed worried or to even remember that she even existed. Angela remembers the conversation she had with Mike, who fantasized and worked with Bella.


Bella has been gone a week and Angela was starting to freak out. Even though Bella was always hung up on Edward she was still Angela's best friend. Bella would tell Angela anything even if it meant that it would hurt her in the process because that was the find of person she was. Bella was truthful and caring and was always there when her friends needed her the most and now she was just gone.

Angela looked down the hallway and noticed Mike standing by his lock looking depressed yet awkward. Angela made her way over to him because if anyone knew where Bella was it would be him. Mike was pretty much obsessed with her despite the fact that he had a girlfriend and Bella was always turning him down. Mike Newton just never got the hint that Bella was not interested.

"Hey Mike," Angela called out.

"Hey Angela," Mike responded back to her."What did you need?"

"Have you seen Bella lately?" Angela questioned her friend. Angela was shocked by the look of confusion that crossed over Mike's face.

"Who the hell is Bella?" Mike questioned his friend thinking that she had officially gone crazy.

"Bella Swan," Angela stated back in shock. "You know the girl you've been fantasizing about for the past year and works at your parents shop."

"I don't know what you're talking about Angela," Mike told his friend. The look that crossed over her face confused Mike.

"Mike stop messing around," Angela snapped at her friend. Angela could not believe what Mike was trying to pull.

"I honestly don't know what you're talking about," Mike told Angela. "Maybe you should go talk to a counselor or something if you're worried about this Bella girl, but I got to get to class. Sorry Ang." Mike said walking away from Angela leaving her in a confused state of mind.

End Flashback

What shocked Angela even more was about two to three months Bella came back but she had no memory of ever being in Forks. She didn't remember meeting any of them or even meeting the Cullens. What Angela found strange was this Bella seemed less reserved than the Bella she had met the previous year. Angela had no idea what was going on but she would make it her mission to find out what was happening around her.


Victoria was pissed. She had been sought out to help in finding and bringing Bella to this guy with a promise of being able to get ride of her. Now this imbecile has gone back on his word and she was back to square one. She was tired of this man treating her like she's nothing. She could kill him without even blinking. She was not just an ordinary vampire. She was not like the vampires that this guy knew; she was not weak and didn't burn in the sun or whatever this world of vampires did.

Victoria figured she would have to find her own way of getting to Bella even if it meant going against this oh so powerful wizard. He was nothing to her than an obstacle in her larger plan as well as a silly little pawn she could easily get ride of. Now she was going to set up her own plan, but it means going back Forks, Washington and getting some much needed and unwanted help. She was going to have to rely on the humans or so she used to think until one of them turned out to be a witch. She was going to visit the family she left 20 years ago when she was turned into a vampire. She was finally going home.

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