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Chapter Nine: The End… And a Little Bonus Show

Suzaku looked at Cici curiously as she mixed a few things in a large black cauldron. "So… You didn't have to do that last time so why do you have to mix a potion this time?" He asked curiously. She glanced at him for a moment before resuming her task. He blinked a few times, resisting the urge to knock over the pot like a child and demand to know what was going on. "Um, what's going on? Can't you tell me?" He asked again as she opened a bottle and poured a chunky green goo into the bowl.

Just answer his questions, Cici. He's being really annoying and I don't want to listen to him whining.

"But I get joy out of getting to ignore him and not answer his questions so why should I answer his questions?" She asked smoothly before pulling out a large, long wooden spoon and beginning to mix the things more thoroughly. "I mean, come on, why don't you just ignore him too?"

Because I don't get paid if I don't participate! And I need that money; I want to put it in a savings account so I can retire early on and enjoy my life relaxing on a beach.

"Are you kidding me? After breaking the fourth wall and unleashing that horrific song-and-dance number upon us all, you'll be lucky if you get paid at all! That wall isn't going to be cheap to fix, after all," Cici laughed lightly before pulling out another jar. She screwed it open and sprinkled a fine pink dust into the concoction. She replaced it and looked up at the roof. "And since her insurance won't cover that, and the rest of us played our roles flawlessly, you're the one getting the paycheck cut."

Are you serious? I did a good job too! I mean, sure, I destroyed the fourth wall but at least no one died because of it!

"Actually, one of the village men was killed. He was off-key and Mao didn't want to waste any time so he stabbed him and left him in the woods. He was eaten by wolves while still half-alive," Cici said calmly. Suzaku made a face at this little revelation and swallowed hard. All of that just because he was a little off-key from the rest of the group? That seemed terribly drastic and tragic, when you realized that poor man had probably left behind a loving wife and a child or two.

I really hate you right now, you know that?

"You'll feel a lot better about that after I send you a postcard from the Florida coast," Cici smirked wider as she mixed in what appeared to be a frozen lizard into the mix. A large mushroom-shaped cloud of tangerine colored smoke exploded from the cloud.

Fuck you, Cici! I'm going to get the hell out of this booth, come down there and kick your ass! Just one- ARGH! FUCKING HEADSETS AND CABLES! I HOPE YOU ALL-

"Apparently she managed to get out of the narrator's booth. Oh well, she can't kick my ass either way; she loves me way too much to hurt me in the slightest bit. So, Suzaku," Cici mused as she turned to face the wolf man, "are you ready to be human again?"

Lelouch sighed and sunk lower into his seat in the parlor. "They've been up there for almost an hour; what is taking them so long?" He asked with a sigh. Yuki was sitting on the floor with a little rag doll, making it dance by holding it up by its arms and dragging its legs along. The little girl looked up at him and blinked curiously.

"Maybe Cici had to take a poo first," She suggested before resuming her doll dance. Lelouch blinked and chuckled, shaking his head. Yuki was very bizarre; one moment she was speaking with the kind of wisdom you expected of an old widow you happened to meet on the street and the next she was acting and speaking like your average five year old little girl.

A loud crashing noise was suddenly heard and a large clump of orange smoke crawled in through the floor boards of the ceiling. Lelouch closed his eyes tightly and curled a little closer in to himself, worried that Cici may have made a mistake and spilled some toxic potion into the whole house. He could see bright light flickering behind his closed lids. When he finally opened his eyes the smoke had cleared and he looked down to see Yuki as a normal human girl.

Her hair was the same silvery tint that her fur had been only it fell over her shoulders and reached the middle of her back. She had lightly tanned skin that was somewhere between cocoa and apricot but was somehow complimented by her light hair tone and dark eyes. She blinked a few times, looking at her hands in sheer shock, before lifting her head and looking up at Lelouch. "I'm… a normal human girl?" She asked in awe. Lelouch smiled and nodded.

"And you're just as beautiful as you were before," He said happily. Her eyes lit up as an older woman with light brown skin and long white hair darted in. She had luminous gold orbs and was wearing a dark purple cotton dress with an apron tied around her hips. She scooped Yuki up happily.

"Mommy, we're human!" Yuki said happily, hugging her mother back. Lelouch could see the resemblance in their features and smiled a bit to himself. This was his first time seeing Yuki's mother, a woman who worked here as a co-chef with Rivalz called Viletta.

"Thank you, Lelouch," Viletta said with a smile, balancing her little girl on her hip and kissing her forehead, flashing the raven haired male a small smile. He smiled back and nodded, watching as other people he'd come to know turned in to normal humans.

"If you'll excuse me, I need to go find Suzaku," He said before bowing politely and heading to the staircase. He headed up and headed toward the library, deciding to wait in there for Suzaku. The other would show up in their eventually, after all. He perked up when he opened the doors and saw an unfamiliar figure seated on the window seat, looking out the window.

The other had lightly curled hair in a deep shade that reminded Lelouch of chocolate boiling in a pot. He was wearing the same outfit that Suzaku had the night before at the party and he had lightly tanned skin. Lelouch blinked as the other turned and his eyes locked with delighted emerald orbs. "Hey," He said softly with a smile and Lelouch felt a sudden flush rise up to his cheeks.

"It really is you, isn't it, Suzaku?" He asked softly as he walked over. He reached out and let his hands gently cup the other male's face, enjoying the feel of the other's smooth, warm skin. He watched the other grin at him, smiling back when he saw the rows of perfect, square white teeth. No fangs, no fur and no claws. The other leaned up and kissed him lightly, their lips brushing in a soft and sensual fashion. Lelouch purred and leaned in more, letting his hands slip from cupping the other's face to lightly threading in his hair. Suzaku's arms slid around Lelouch's waist, carefully hoisting him into his lap. "Hmm. You've been eagerly awaiting this, haven't you?" He whispered after they pulled away.

"I can wait a little longer if you'd prefer a change of scenery," He said softly, hands rubbing light circles into the other's hip. Lelouch chuckled lightly and shook his head.

"As long as we shut the curtains and lock the doors; I don't want Milly or Cici coming in here," Lelouch said while slipping off the other's lap. Suzaku chuckled and got up, untying the first set of curtains and pulling them together, causing the library to darken a little bit. Lelouch set to repeating said action with another one while Suzaku did the same. After the room was completely set Lelouch smirked and sat atop a desk, one leg crossed over the other, while Suzaku approached from the door he'd just locked. Lelouch let his legs fall from being crossed and kissed the other male eagerly, mewling cutely when he felt the other push him down against the table.

Suzaku resisted the urge to smirk at the thought of how he was going to get what he'd been waiting for. Lelouch was sexy, smart and clearly just as needy as his counterpart which made him the perfect match. "You do realize that every night I'm going to ravage you, right?" He purred softly after he pulled back from the kiss. Lelouch gave him a small smirk and, using one leg as leverage to pull him closer to his groin, grinding against him lightly. "You're quite the frisky little thing, aren't you?"

"What can I say? I've been wanting to have at you for a while; I'm just not fond of the idea of doing it with a Saint Bernard," Lelouch said with a small smirk. Suzaku chuckled lightly before locking lips again, this time a little more forcefully, and slipped his tongue in. He explored every last crevice of the other's mouth, listening to the adorable little noises of desire the other was letting loose. Suzaku's fingers slipped under Lelouch's button-up top, stroking the smooth pale skin and grinning at how the other trembling excitedly under the pads of his touch. He lightly rolled a perk little nipple between his fingers, pulling back from the kiss to hear the other let out a sharp little cry. "That feels good." Lelouch keened cutely, eyes screwing shut tightly.

"That's good," He purred while leaning down and kissing his neck lightly. One hand continued his ministrations on the nipple and neck while his other hand slipped open the top. He tilted his head downward and kissed along the newfound path of pale flesh. "And this? How does this feel?" He hummed against the other's warmed skin.

"Ah," Was all Lelouch could force out through his throat. Suzaku smirked and kissed down, tongue lapping over his naval. He dipped lower and slipped his tongue under the waist of his slacks. He slipped the hand from around the other male's erected nipples to the buttons of his trousers, undoing it and pushing down the fly. He then hopped back and captured the other's lips again, trying to ignore the painful throbbing between his own legs. He wanted to draw this out and get Lelouch begging like a needy spoiled brat.

He slipped one hand down, pushing the slacks down and then pausing when he felt the strange undergarments under his touch. He pulled back a bit and snickered at the little black brief panties. The other's cheeks flamed and he glared, purple orbs turning a bit lighter with embarrassment. "Well aren't these just the cutest little panties you've ever seen? They're definitely the cutest little panties I've ever seen," He mused happily.

"If you keep being mean to me I'll shove you off without sex," He warned with a little pout. Suzaku smirked at him deviously.

"Well then what do you want me to do, Your Highness?" He asked musically. The other smirked at him, slipping a hand up and tangling it in the soft curls.

"Do I need to spell it out for you, Suzaku-Kun? I want you to pleasure me," He purred back before kissing him. Suzaku kissed back and slipped a hand up, resting it against Lelouch's cheek until they pulled away. Lelouch glanced at them and then calmly took three fingers into his mouth, curling his tongue between and around them, watching Suzaku through hooded eyes and making little moaning noises just for his own kicks. He delighted in how those jade orbs widened a fraction at his actions.

After he felt they were coated well enough, Suzaku slipped the fingers out and used his other hand to move Lelouch's little panties down to his knees. Lelouch let out a little impatient whine, spreading his legs a little bit to make access easier. Suzaku slipped in one finger and Lelouch squirmed a little bit, shifting out of discomfort. "Does it hurt?" He asked worriedly.

"It just feels a little funny," He mumbled, shifting again a bit. Suzaku waggled his finger a little, getting it in as far as he could. He felt a little ridge of nerves brush his finger and Lelouch gasped loudly and arched, letting out a sweet little cry. "But that feels good!" He pants softly with a little mewl. Suzaku blinked and slowly began to push and pull his finger in and out, making sure to hit that same spot. He watched curiously as Lelouch squealed and squirmed in please, looking at him with a flushed expression and pleasure-coated eyes. He added a second finger, scissoring him, and leaned down to kiss his throat while he cried out and groaned. After he could tell Lelouch had adjusted completely, with all three fingers inside, he undid his own pants and freed his arousal with a small hiss and groan. "Is that Suzaku Junior coming out to play?" Lelouch asked teasingly with a little sneer in place. It was less mocking and condescending due to the flush and pant the other was sporting, but Suzaku flashed him a haughty smirk in return.

"I'm glad you said Junior; if you'd said Little Suzaku I think my pride would have taken a substantial blow," He chuckled lightly before lining himself up. He glanced at the other, who nodded his agreement, before pushing in to the tight, velvety heat that was Lelouch.

"Ah!" Lelouch yelped lightly, being stretch more. Suzaku was quite a bit larger than his fingers but he was also longer and struck that little spot inside him even better. He mewled cutely and pressed his face into Suzaku's shoulder, not wanting to be louder than necessary. After a moment of just enjoying the walls clenching and twitching around him, Suzaku began to slowly move in and out of the smaller body. "Nngh… Suzaku…" Lelouch panted softly in his ear, body trembling in delight as he began to move with Suzaku to add to the friction and pleasure. Lelouch whimpered, feeling a strange warmth pooling in his gut. "Suzaku, I think… I think…" He whimpered softly.

"I know; me too," He whispered in a low groan, picking up his speed and pounding into Lelouch hard enough to make the table creak and sway with the movements. He groaned as Lelouch began to tighten, knowing that they were both reaching their end. With one final thrust, the pair locked lips and released, groans and cries of pleasure muted by their locked lips. They pulled back after they began to relax, blinked through bleary eyes and grinning at one another.

They both froze when they heard a thump outside the library door. "Shirley, be careful! We don't want them to hear us!" They heard the all too familiar voice of Milly Ashford declare in a soft hiss. Suzaku's eye began to twitch as he slowly pulled back and away from Lelouch, noting the other winced a little bit. Maybe he shouldn't have been so rough toward the end?

"Milly Ashford, if you are hiding out there with Nina and Shirley, I'm going to unleash an unholy punishment on the lot of you!" Suzaku snapped angrily while fixing his fly and heading toward the door. Lelouch was frantically putting himself back together as well, not fond of the idea of the three women seeing him in the full aftermath of sex.

"CICI, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" Another female voice shrieked from the bottom of the staircase while Nina released a horrified scream and tore off for the nearest escape route. Milly flinched a bit and glared at the stairs.

"Damnit; Kallen got out of the narrator's booth and she wants blood! Get out of here if you value your life!" The blonde yelped before running away as well, dragging her orange haired accomplish with her. Lelouch remained seated on the table, full dressed again, and chuckled lightly. There really was going to be no such thing a peace and quiet in this place, was there?

Elsewhere, a young woman could be seen sitting at a black laptop humming and dancing to a bunch of old Disney tunes. In one hand she held a large wad of cash, which she was counting, and a glass of water in the other. "This was way more successful than I'd thought it would be. I may be able to fix the fourth wall without taking Kallen's money… But I'm going to do it anyway, just to prove my point that I am not to be toyed with," She mused lightly. Oh the joy she got in making money and giving her fellow SuzaLulu fangirls something to read and laugh about. "This whole Disney spoof-thing could get pretty popular… Maybe I should do some more… Like a parody of Aladdin next. Oh, yes, I can see that going over well… A whole new world, A new fantastic point of view~!" She sang in a maniacal tone that would have made any super villain feel inadequate in comparison.

God have mercy, on the poor cast of Code Geass…


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