Codename Kids Next Door

Operation: Z.I.M.




(Line break here)

It was a regular morning at Gallagher Elementary, and the five members of Sector V were taking their seats. Something unusual was about to happen though. "Class, we have a new student. Everyone, say hello to Zim!" the teacher spoke, then stepped to he side to reveal the new kid.

To say the new kid was a little weird looking was an understatement, and this was to children who hang out with a bald ten-year old. He had green skin, no ears, and hair that was at least 40 years out of date. "Earth swine, bow before the glory of ZIM!"

"Is it just me, or is there something odd about that new kid?" Numbah 4 asked Numbah 3 with a suspicous look on his face.

"Oh come on Wally, he probably just has a skin condition!" Numbah 3 replied. "Hey new kid! You wanna be friends!" the cheery operative asked when Zim took a seat right next to her.

"I AM NORMAL!" Zim exclaimed, startled. This just made Kuki giggled.

"You're silly. Do you like Rainbow Monkeys?" she asked.

"What are these, Rainbow Monkeys, of which you speak?" Zim asked inquisitively.

Kuki was completely stunned, but before she could say anything, Numbah 4 reached over and put his hand on Zim's shoulder. "Trust me mate, you don't want to know."

"Interesting..." Zim pondered quietly. The rest of the class was rather normal, with Zim periodically asking questions about earth's ability to defend against an alien invasion.

Finally, the bell rang, signaling recess. Once Zim was outside, he snuck away from the crowd into a shadowy corner, where he activated a pocket communicator. "G.I.R., come in G.I.R., do you read me!" Zim shouted.

"Oink! I am a lizard master!" G.I.R. exclaimed.

"G.I.R., I have an assignment for you! You are to find and retrive and the item know as Rainbow Monkey!" Zim ordered. "From what I've gathered, they may hold some forbidden power that the earth worms fear to speak of!"

On the other end of the line, G.I.R. snapped to attention as his eyes turned blood red. "Sir yes sir!" he saluted.

Any further communications were cut short when someone called out "Hey Zim!" someone shouted.

Zim, startled, cut the communications and looked behind him. He was being called out by none other then Numbah 1 of the Kids Next Door. "What'cha doing?" he asked suspiciously.

"I am not doing anything, human worm baby!" Zim shot back quickly. "Certainly not plotting your total destruction!"

Nigel looked unconvinced. "What'cha got there?" he asked while pointing to Zim's comm.

"This is mearly a, uh... PILL!" Zim stuttered, then shouted as he formulated an excuse. "Yes, this is only disgusting earth medicine for my skin condition!" Then, with much difficulty, swalled the electronic whole.

"Well okay then. See you later new kid." Nigel said slowly, while walking away. The bald brit approached his team's pilot and tech specialist, Hoagie Gilligan. "Numbah 2, contact Moonbase and request all information on Zim and any 2x4 technology codenamed G.I.R. I fear we may have a Splinter Cell agent on our hands!"

Transmission interupted...

Author's notes: And so the nightmare begins. What is Zim's goal? Can the Kids Next Door stop him, or discover his identity as an alien? Where is Dib? Stay tuned to find out!