...Transmission re-established.

Dib and Numbah 1 moved slowly through the steam works, the labyrinth of copper pipes providing an eerie setting for the showdown. Every now and then, a lighting fast shadow would scurry past, grabbing the attention of the operative and the investigator. Suddenly, a lonely chant drifts into their ears. "Doom doom doom doooooooooom."

Numbah 1 makes some quick hand gestures in the sounds direction. Dib nodded in response, and the two began to creep forward, all while the Doom Song continued to echo throughout the maze of pipes.

Then, they reached a corner, the source of the song was directly around the bend. Numbah 1 counted down from 5 to zero on his fingers, then the two sprung around the turn, only to find that the source of the noise was a purple-ish pink Irken tape recorder. "What the...?" Dib said puzzled as he picked up the device.

Then, Zim dropped from his position on the ceiling and pinned Dib to the floor with his P.A.K. legs. "I do not require G.I.R. to destroy you meatsack!" he shouted while aiming a ray gun at Dib.

The alien was blasted away, however, by Numbah 1. "Where's the robot Splinter Cell?" he demanded.

"Even as we speak, G.I.R. is hacking into your computer and stealing all your secrets. Secrets that shall belong to ZIM!" the alien boasted.

"Dib, you must stop G.I.R. from downloading our secrets! If the Splinter Cell acquires that knowledge, they could do unspeakable things!" Numbah 1 ordered.

"HE'S NOT A PART OF THE SPLINTER... aw forget it. I'll stop the robot." Dib began to shout, before realising he'd just be ignored.

"You must be confident bald one, to believe that you can defeat me all by yourself." Zim said smugly, believing his victory is now guaranteed.

"Let's dance." Numbah 1 replied while taking a fighting stance.

(KND symbol)

Dib was running down a hall at full speed. "Stop G.I.R., don't let him steal secrets. Stop G.I.R., don't let him steal secrets..." he kept muttering, until he gradually slowed to a stop. "Wait, Numbah 1 never told me where this database is at. I really should have asked him before I went running off like that..."

Suddenly, a girlish scream cut through the air. "Wait a minute, that's Numbah 3. She must have run into G.I.R.!" Dib exclaimed, and charged towards the screams source, 2x4 blaster held high.

When he reached his destination however, he was perplexed by what he saw. Numbah 3 (and 4, for that matter) had indeed run into G.I.R., but it would seem that her cry was one of happiness, not terror, as she now had the defective S.I.R. unit as well as Numbah 4 (wearing a frilly pink dress) seated at a pink table and was serving them both tea.

"Would you like more sugar with your tea Mister Mongoose?" Numbah 3 asked G.I.R.

"No, I have enough, thank you." G.I.R. said in an unusually calm tone. He then shoved his entire cup of tea (cup included) into his mouth, and began to randomly rip stuff off the table and eat it, including pieces of table cloth and utensils.

"Heh heh heh, you're funny." Numbah 3 giggled at G.I.R.'s antics. Then she noticed Dib. "Oh hey there Dib, I was just having a tea party with Numbah 4 and Mister Mongoose. Would you like to join us? she asked.

"RUN MATE, RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!" Numbah 4 shouted, an exhausted look on his face. "SAVE YOURSELF!"

Dib turned right around and ran back the way he came. "See you later big head!" G.I.R. shouted after him. "HEY, let's dress peanut brain here in another pink dress!" he suggested to Numbah 3.


Meanwhile, Dib had finally stopped running and was catching his breath. "Man, I hope she never runs into Gaz. They'd murder each other!" he commented. "OK, so G.I.R. is contained, now I have to help Numbah 1 stop Zim!" and with that, he took off running again.

(KND symbol)

Numbah 1 had just been slammed into a brass pipe by Zim, another in a long list of hits he had taken in this rather one-sided battle. Numbah 1 is an excellent fighter, but the agility granted by Zim's P.A.K. and his naturally vicious personality were overwhelming the bald Brit.

"You have put up an admirable fight, earth worm, but none are a match for the power of ZIM!" the alien exclaimed as he loomed in over Nigel, the organ remover sliding out of his P.A.K. "I wonder how well those glasses will look when they're IN PLACE OF YOUR BRAIN!"

Before he could strike however, Dib arrived to save the day. "This ends here Zim!" he shouted while firing his 2x4 laser. Unfortunately for everyone, Dib did not have years of KND training, and his aim was rather poor. Instead of hitting his alien enemy, the beam went wide and struck one of the many brass pipes that formed the metallic maze.

This released a concentrated jet of steam right into Zim's face, searing his green skin. "AHHHH! WILL THE HORRIBLE WATER OF THIS PLANET EVER CEASE TO BURN THE SKIN OF ZIM!" he exclaimed in pain. The super heated steam had another effect however. It knocked loose his contact lenses and burned away his wig. Realising his disguise was gone, Zim quickly fled, but not before Numbah 1 got a good look at the Irken.

"He's...that's an alien? But, but no that's not possible! What does it mean, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!" Numbah 1 spattered, suffering the kind of emotional breakdown people typically do when a major belief of theirs is proved false.

"See, I told you he was an alien! At last someone belives me!" Dib exclaimed, having finally convinced someone that Zim is an alien. "And unless we stop him, he'll destroy the earth!"

"You're... you're right Dib. Zim is a threat to children world wide, and we will deal with him as such." Numbah 1 declared. "But I can't just go telling everyone Zim is an alien, they'll think I'm crazy and lock me away!"

"Welcome to my world." Dib muttered.

"We have to capture him before he leaves the tree house!" Numbah 1 said confidently. Suddenly his communicator rang. "Yes?"

"Uh chief, Zim left the tree house." Numbah 2 told him. "Seems like he climbed out through the hanger. I knew I should have put a door over that..."

"Round up the rest of the team and GET SEARCHING! We must capture Zim at all costs!" Numbah 1 ordered, then hung up.

"You won't catch him, he's too far away by now." Dib spoke.

"I know. I have to keep fighting Zim, but if I start using Kids Next Door resources to go on an alien hunt, Global Command will think I'm crazy and lock me up. Then what good can I do?" Nigel spoke, bemoaning his circumstances.

"Well, I'm gonna keep fighting him, no matter what!" Dib declared.

"That gives me an idea. Take this." Numbah 1 spoke while pulling out a watch. "This is a video phone watch. Press this button to activate it. We can use this to stay in contact." he explained while handing it to Dib. "If you ever need help, don't hesitate to contact the Kids Next Door."

"Thanks. You know something Nigel, you'd make a good paranormal investigator." Dib said while shaking his hand.

"And you'd make an excellent Kids Next Door operative." Numbah 1 said back.

(KND symbol)

Zim was speeding away from the tree house in his Voot Cruiser, battered and bloodied. He had managed to retrieve G.I.R., but not without an intense scuffle with Numbah 3. It had all been worth it however, because before G.I.R. had left, Kuki had given him the "Friendship Forever Rainbow Monkey" as something to remember her by. Zim had thus, in a very roundabout way, accomplished his goal.

"Now we must go back to base G.I.R., where the secrets of these "Rainbow Monkeys" shall be discovered and made mine. And then, the earth shall be DOOMED!" Zim exclaimed.

"YAY! Let's sing the DOOM SONG!" The psychotic little robot then sang the song about doom all the way home.

...End Transmission.