Those Awkward Moments

Intro: Being in SOLDIER you'd think that things would go smoothly, but looking at these boys? Everything goes far from it. Embarrassing moments that happen to everyone, even Sephiroth.

Disclaimer: I don't own these guys. This is going to be something random and fun. Square Enix would probably cry if they knew what was happening to their precious characters.

Warning: I'm unpredictable. I decided to make this for no reason. I don't know where it's going. It could very well be the dumbest thing I'm going to write. And that means it could include a lot of man on man action.




My goal in life was simple. To get into SOLDIER because Sephiroth was there. Easy, right? Nothing hard about it…

You past tests…you make yourself smart…you become a likable guy so that they want to choose you to come into their elite group. I'm a passionate guy, I know how to work these things.

But in reality…meeting your dreams face to face can be the most nerve-wracking thing you will ever experience. I know it was for me.

"Hello, Genesis, it's a pleasure to have you join our ranks," Sephiroth replied to the figure standing before him. Sephiroth was much taller than Genesis and looked quite grand with his silky silver hair cascading against the large armor he had donned on his shoulders. The long black coat he wore accented his length well, and the color was very suiting for him. But this was not what Genesis was thinking about. The red hued brunette had lost all assurance of himself. His bright blue eyes and quirky smile were now frozen. All words that should have exited his mouth were lost.

"Hi," Genesis finally replied weakly. Even his handshake was as powerless as his words.

Sephiroth moved to the next person, dreading meeting another person like that. They were all the same. Just stupid and lost on where they were. Why couldn't anyone smart ever be hired in SOLDIER?

After the event cooled down and Genesis regained himself, he turned to Angeal and gave him a goofy grin. "Angeal! Sephiroth knew my name! Can you believe it? He…he said my name…" he almost seemed dreamy about it, or perhaps just proud that he was recognized?

Angeal didn't know what to say about that. He didn't want to burst his friends bubble, but if he went around telling others he'd look like a complete imbecile. Angeal finally reached over and pulled the sticker off of Genesis's front. "Yeah, he read your nametag."

Yeah. And that's my life. When you think things are going well and then it winds up you were just being really stupid.

And that wouldn't be the last of my awkward and embarrassing moments…no, I know that things can only get worse.


It had been a year since that incident. Genesis and Angeal were roommates in Shinra's Headquarters. They had 'renovated' the room by making it a huge mess and combining the beds to make a huge one. Most of the tables were crammed together to make a large enough space to put all of their papers and extra projects they worked on. Clothes scattered the entire floor amongst pizza boxes, ramen boxes and bags, excess garbage that fell out from the overflowing wastebasket, and gifts from home that never fully made it in a spot around the room. It looked like a typical bachelor pad that smelled mostly of Genesis's cologne and perhaps something molding near the bathroom sink.

Angeal came out of the bathroom and scratched his abs. Over the year he had bulked up on muscle and started to grow some hair on his chin. He thought it suited his face rather well. Genesis couldn't agree more. Though he thought the man groomed his sideburns a bit weird, but he wasn't an expert at shaving. He never got the pleasure of actually getting to do that.

Genesis had muscle, but he was still rather lean. He mostly looked pretty as the year had gone on. His jaw line and cheekbones made him feminine, something he wasn't really proud of. All the guys got on his case about it, too, but he learned to take it in stride.

As for Sephiroth, they hadn't talked to him ever since that day. No surprise. The guy was usually busy doing other things to bother with people like them. Fortunately, it had been a year from that embarrassing moment that Genesis thought that Sephiroth knew his name. Hell, now that he looked back on it all he could do was laugh at how much of a moron he was.

That changed. He wasn't stupid anymore.

"Hey, Genesis, I'm heading out. I'll be back sometime tonight."

"Okay," Genesis replied as he continued to watch what was on the television. His mission wasn't happening until later today, he just hoped it wouldn't last as long as last time. But once Angeal had left the room that was the last thing on his mind. He moved to the bathroom and closed the door, stripping down to stare at himself in the full length mirror. He posed a little bit and smirked at himself as he turned and did a different pose. "Hot. That's what you are." He kept staring before he got a bit curious.

I've heard of people taking pictures of themselves. Is that…a crazy idea? I sort of want to do it… He reached over to the phone on the counter and picked it up. He gave another pose before snapping a shot. Didn't turn out too bad… He did another pose and another before he heard the door outside open again. Oh shit! What's he doing back?

"Genesis, I forgot my phone. Is it in there? I thought I set it on the counter."

The counter? Genesis looked at the counter and then the phone in his hands, noticing it really wasn't his. Ohhhh no. "Euuuuhh….hold on." He slowly closed it and pulled his boxers on before cracking the door open to hand it over. I'll have to delete those later tonight when he's asleep. I can't believe I just did that… "Have fun."

When the door sounded again Genesis pulled on all of his clothes and started to pace the entire living room. "Oh man…oh man…" What did he just do? He sat down and sighed. "There's no point in freaking out. As long as I get it from him tonight…" He exasperated before getting back up. Might as well do something in the meantime.

Genesis went to the elevators and got in. What should I even do? I guess I could go for a walk. That'd be nice. He went to click a button when someone else moved in. "What floor?"


Genesis hit it and then looked at who it was. Right before him was Sephiroth, the legendary 1st class SOLDIER. He had only seen the guy this close when they first met a full year ago. Oh my Goddess. It's him. Should I say something? Yeah! Say something! "Hi." Oh shit. That's what I said last year and I felt like a moron. "How's your day been?"

Sephiroth looked at the guy with disinterest. "Fine."

A loud obnoxious noise started to go off and Genesis felt embarrassed. I need to get a ringtone that isn't about sex…. Genesis answered it without looking to see who it was. "Hello?"

"Hey, Genesis," Angeal said in the phone. Sephiroth looked back over since he could hear the person on the other end.

"Oh…hey, Angeal." This can't be good. "Leave something else in the room?"

"No. I was looking through my cell and I noticed you took a picture of yourself naked. On my phone. Explanation?"

Genesis glanced at Sephiroth and noticed the guy looked away as soon as he did. "Uuuh…surprise! It was a joke. Funny, right?"

There was silence on the other end for a while before Angeal replied, "You're gay." And then he hung up.

Genesis closed his phone and almost put it away when it went off again, this time singling a text message. Sephiroth probably thinks I'm such a loser. Why does Angeal have to torture me like this? He looked and saw the picture of him naked. "Oh fuck." Genesis quickly moved past it and saw the message attached to it.

"I'm keeping it for blackmail purposes."

Genesis sighed and covered his face. "Why me?"

Meanwhile Sephiroth had listened to this all feeling like he had just stepped into a really awkward situation. He was going to just stand there and blow it all off, pretend that he didn't hear anything, and act as if nothing happened. Yet, when he looked back over Genesis caught his eyes. Oh great, now he had to say something. "Having issues?"

"You have no idea."

Actually…Sephiroth did. "I'm sure it's not too terrible."

"Right," Genesis murmured and put his phone away. They hit the first floor and Sephiroth moved out first followed by Genesis. There goes my golden opportunity to impress him. God…I feel like such a moron. Is this some kind of sign? That whenever I should be having a conversation with him, something bad will always happen? I guess I should just give up.

Genesis leaned against the banister and looked out over the crowd. Now that he was down here he really didn't want to go anywhere. Sometimes it felt as if it was too much of a burden to be a SOLDIER. Even with downtime there was always a constant reminder to be on time unless they wanted to be reprimanded. Hell, he had been marked up twice for menial things. Couldn't anyone chill from their nasty attitude and give him a break? He had only been here a year, it wasn't like he knew the ropes that easily.

He felt someone smack his rump hard and he twisted around to see who it was. There was Sephiroth. But someone else was accompanying him as well.

"This is the guy I was telling you about, Sephiroth. Have you two met before?"

Genesis stared at him and then at Sephiroth. What was going on?

"In the elevator once," Sephiroth remarked, not saying that it was today. "Why did you want me to meet him?"

"Genesis here has been in SOLDIER for only a year, but he's got promising talent. You should take him on one of your next missions. He could use the experience." The guy could see Sephiroth was hesitant on saying yes. "He might look like jailbait with all the pretty attributes, but I'm telling you he knows how to swing a sword."

"He's only 3rd class," Sephiroth remarked as he stared at Genesis's shirt. "I need someone strong. Not someone who might have 'talent.'"

"He's better than some 2nd class guys, Sephiroth," the man remarked as he slapped Genesis on the back. "Don't be shy, convince him you're worthy of going on this mission."

Genesis looked from him to Sephiroth and then to the ground. "Um. I'm probably not."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. Poor guy probably had confidence issues looking like the way he was. Eugh. Was he seriously feeling pity for him? Well… "Fine, I'll appoint him to my next mission. If he dies it's your fault."

Genesis stared. What just happened? "I'm….really?"

"What's your last name?"


Sephiroth turned to look from the man that had brought him over to Genesis. "Don't get too excited. I can only recommend people, it doesn't mean the Director will agree. Now if you don't mind, I'm busy."

"Yeah, yeah. Have fun!" The guy watched him leave before he snorted and slapped Genesis's arm. "Have fun with him. Not sure how you'll do, but I'm sure you won't disappoint." He walked off leaving Genesis to himself.

I have…no idea what just happened. I think I should be happy…but I have a feeling this is going to get much, much worse…


It was several days later that Genesis got the call to head to Lazard's office for some 'official meeting.' When he got there he could see that it had to deal with Sephiroth's generous offer on him coming aboard a mission with him. It was difficult to say if it was a yes or no because both men looked sharp and serious. Lazard always had that official air about him that seemed wishy washy, and Sephiroth always looked like nothing mattered. Genesis could only hope that this would help connect them together…and perhaps get beyond the awkward stages of being friends. As of now, Genesis could only assume that the introductory phase of friendship was going to last a long time if he didn't get this mission handed to him.


Lazard sat up gently and dragged his eyes over the 3rd class boy. He had asked Sephiroth why he wanted him, of all people, to join but he never did get a straight answer on the subject. It wasn't like Genesis had astounding stats or anything, and from what he knew the two didn't know each other. There had to be a reason. There was always a reason. But this time around it was a complete mystery. "Genesis Rhapsodos. You were called in because you're being given an offer that only comes around on rare occasions for operatives. It's obvious to say that Sephiroth, our 1st class SOLDIER, goes on many missions throughout the year that often pulls him out of Headquarters for months. But there are also opportunities where higher ranked members can take lower ranked ones on missions with them to help improve morale and fighting skill. Sephiroth has recommended you for such a task, if you want to take him up on it."

Of course I'll go for it, but I shouldn't sound like a complete moron. Ask questions. Get details. Act like a responsible person. Genesis nervously moved some of his hair out of his face and looked between Sephiroth and Lazard. "How long is this mission?"

"About a month, give or take based on your performance and endurance."

Well, I just ran out of questions. I should try to come up with more or else they'll think I'm really stupid. "What…exactly are the risks? I mean. Is it really dangerous compared to most missions?"

"You'll be with Sephiroth. Danger shouldn't be an issue on his watch. Yes, it'll be more active than what you're used to, but it'll be smooth if you stick by his orders."

Yeah. There goes my last question.

"Is…there anything else I should know?"

Lazard smiled kindly at him. He could tell that Genesis was pretty clueless about how this mission would go. "Well, once you accept you'll get the information on the mission itself and you're given time to have Sephiroth walk you through a few basic necessities."


"So...does it sound like something you'd like to do?"


Lazard smirked at his answer. This boy really didn't know what was going on… "Sephiroth, I'll let you brief him on the mission, then."

Sephiroth waved for him to follow into a secluded area and he sat down with the boy. His eyes looked him over for awhile, taking in his body language before he moved to the clipboard. "We'll be doing quite a lot of traveling. Our mission is on the Northern Continent. Enemy combatants have landed around there and we're supposed to take them out. And, of course, try to gather information. It'll be somewhat difficult considering we'll be traveling in harsh weather, but I'm certain we'll make do with what we can do."

"Harsh weather?" Genesis questioned. He had never been far from Banora or Midgar.

Sephiroth's eyes slid back on him. He wasn't serious, was he? "Have you ever looked at a map? The Northern Continent is…north of us. Because of its location, that also means it'll be cold."

"Oh…oh." Genesis nodded. I knew that. Fuck. No I didn't, why did I agree to this? "What else should we know?"

"Well, we'll be provided with clothing that's necessary for the trip, they also made small packs for us that will carry all of our necessities, so you needn't bring anything but your sword and your body. Materia, accessories, and armor can be picked up in the normal area, although…" He stared at Genesis for awhile. "I think I'm going to give you some of my own. It's the best you'll ever get."

"Really? Like what?"

"A Ribbon."

Ribbon… "Oh." I have no idea what that does. I'll just pretend I know. "Okay."

"You won't die as quickly as you'd imagine, then."

Must be something good. "Yeah well…if I do die, could you get my body back to my mom? She said she wanted to bury me near the big apple tree in our yard."

Sephiroth smirked, "I'll keep it in mind, but you don't have to worry about dying, as Lazard said. It would be a failure on my part if you didn't survive."

"My life is pretty unlucky, so you know…" he shrugged. "Have to keep those things in mind."

"I'll be sure to bring a few Luck enhancers."

Genesis wondered what else they needed to discuss. "Sooo…what else needs to be covered?"

"The groups we're hunting down hopefully aren't familiar with the terrain. If they are we might have a harder time doing this mission. Since there isn't a whole lot on where they can go, we can stick around certain spots, but like I said. If they're good…we won't be able to get too close to them."

"Okay…what are we even trying to get out of them?"

"Why they're at the Northern Continent, mostly."


"If we find out anything else we'll be sure to take note of it."


"Other than that, we can't do much else. We'll be leaving at the end of this week. So…be sure to prepare yourself for the trip."

Genesis didn't want that to be the end. They had just sat down to go over things, and he was starting to feel a bit more confident in himself. "What do you usually do to get ready for big missions?"

"Train, get myself on a schedule sleep wise. Eat correctly. But I relax as well. Stressing out isn't helpful for important missions."

"What do you do to relax?"

"Read, or do simple exercises…"

"Oh. That does sound…relaxing."

Sephiroth wasn't really interested to hear what he had to say, but he felt that the boy wanted him to ask the same. "And what do you do?"

I watch porn, but I don't think I should say that to him. "Oh…um…I normally talk to my roommate."

"That's relaxing?"


"Is that all?"

Well now he's imploring. Does he want to be more personal? Should I say the truth? " Sometimes I watch porn." He quickly tried to justify it. "Not the illegal kind."

Sephiroth couldn't believe Genesis just admitted that…then again, this guy didn't look like the brightest person around. "Oh."

Genesis panicked again. He thinks I'm a creep. "It's not like I jack off when I watch it, either. I mean, it doesn't turn me on to watch porn. It's just something to laugh at."

"You…don't have to justify it. That's something that's probably normal for most people."

"So…um…do you watch porn, then?"

What the hell. Sephiroth wasn't sure what he should say. "I've…watched porn, though I don't watch it anymore. I have more important things to do."

"Right. Yeah. You are pretty busy. Busy with real women, I assume."

"Actually," Sephiroth started and realized what he was about to say. He chuckled, "Forget it. Here, take this. It has my number on it. I'll be contacting you during the week to assure that you're still up for this mission. And don't lose that piece of paper. I don't need anyone else getting in contact with me." He moved for the door. "I have to get going. Enjoy your week."

"Yeah you, too."

Genesis watched him leave before he quickly added Sephiroth's number to his phone. That was awesome. Well, aside from the porn thing, but whatever. I can't believe I can officially contact him now! Sweet.

Meanwhile, Sephiroth had gone to rearrange his room to find the accessories he needed when that troublesome man appeared again. He kept forgetting what his name was, but he had been the one to introduce Genesis to him properly.

"So, Sephiroth. Like him?"

"Like him? What do you mean?"

"Just simply saying if you find him worth your time."

"Yes, I suppose."

"Ha…you made it sound like I was suggesting you go after him. I don't think you're like that, Sephiroth, give me some credit."

Like that. But…he was like that. Sephiroth had never revealed it to anyone, but he did have an attraction to the same sex and if he ever found the right person, he wouldn't be afraid to admit it. But for now, it was something to just keep a secret. Besides, he was in SOLDIER. No point in getting caught up in relationships when he or his partner could easily die the next day.

"I didn't mean to imply such things. He is a nice gentleman. Whatever you saw in him might actually be helpful in our mission."

The man smirked, "All right. Then you'll have to tell me how it goes afterward! Be seeing you!"

Sephiroth walked away and prayed that he would die before he met him again. Talk about annoying…

But not as annoying as it would be to have to deal with Genesis if he wasn't as promising as was...well…promised.


Genesis sat across from Angeal as they were eating pizza again in their room. "He seems like a really nice guy. I did say a few stupid things, but he took it rather well. If I can do well on this mission I can probably get into 2nd class and finally enjoy a better schedule that's less grueling than the one I have now. Besides, he might think I'm funny and want to contact me more often."

Angeal shrugged while he chewed on a piece of the pizza, munching away at the string of cheese that wouldn't let go. Once he got it into his mouth he smirked at Genesis, "You know, you have to be careful. Some random guy sets you up with the 1st class SOLDIER? It sounds fishy to me. Less about your potential and more about easy access."

Genesis was taking a drink of his water when he got what he meant. He almost choked when he was swallowing. "You're not serious. He's not like that."

"He looks like he could be. Long, flowing hair. Stuck in an army full of guys. Long sword."

"Whatever. Even if he was that has nothing to do with the mission."

"Unless he's taking you out far enough to rape you and make sure you don't squeal."

Genesis felt like he lost his appetite. That couldn't happen, could it? "You're weird. I'll be fine."

Angeal smirked. Mission accomplished, he had successfully made Genesis uncomfortable. And in doing so meant he could have the last piece of pizza. "Say what you want," he remarked and picked up the well earned prize. "You look like jail bait."

I've heard that plenty of times, but I swear I will never be it. Some people just don't understand that there's a lot more to a person than their looks. I'll show them that there's more to me than that… Besides. Sephiroth shouldn't be coming after me for that. Hell, he didn't look like he was interested. Not that I am either, but…yeah. If he is he's in for a surprise.


The week had passed and soon Genesis and Sephiroth were going to be taking off. The redhead was staring at the snow gear they were given, admiring how lightweight but warm it looked. "Have you ever been to the Northern Continent before?"

"Once, but I wasn't that far in. I'm certain we'll do fine." Sephiroth watched Genesis as he was glancing at everything curiously, as if he was a child at Christmas looking for the next present to open. He noticed the earring that Genesis was wearing and he decided to speak up. "Have any other piercings?"

Genesis looked at him oddly. "Um. What do you mean?"

"Aside from the ones in your ears, do you have other piercings? It's a relevant question, trust me."

"No. Did you want me to have more?"

Sephiroth smirked, "No. Merely that…since it will be cold that it might get uncomfortable if you're hiding ones that can't be seen right now."

Genesis finally understood. I would never pierce down there for the life of me. "I prefer not to cause myself pain there. I'm clean."

"I had to make sure."

"Yeah, that would have been awkward on the trip if I had to explain why it started to ache…"

What a terrible subject. Although, it was sort of funny hearing someone talk so freely on a subject like that with him. Wasn't often that anyone would even dare talk to him in such a manner. Perhaps Genesis was over his nervousness in being around him? That would be good, it'd make the mission easier. "Don't forget to equip your materia. And as promised…" he handed over a Ribbon and some armor. "Put it on. We'll get the snow gear on when we're closer to our destination."

Genesis stared at the piece of ribbon thinking that Sephiroth was joking. "Looks normal to me."

Sephiroth grabbed it and neatly tied it to the boy's wrist. "I wouldn't be that cruel to give you a normal piece of thread."

"Really? That's good to hear. I just had a bad feeling about it. As if you were hoping to torture me."

"If it wasn't a mission I would be tempted, but I try to keep things in line, not cause problems." Sephiroth grabbed what he needed and watched as Genesis did the same. "Did you say anything to your friends?"

Genesis looked up at him, "Um. Yeah. I said I'd be gone for awhile." He wasn't going to mention some of the things Angeal had said about Sephiroth.

"None of them were surprised that you were picked?"

"Oh. Well. Yeah. At least, Angeal commented that I should be careful. In case it was bogus. But I wouldn't think you'd pull dumb things on people. At least, from what I've seen of you…you seem like a pretty serious guy."

"That's because what we're doing is always serious. Joking around can get someone hurt…or worse, killed."

I'll have to keep that in mind that I shouldn't joke around him. He'd probably get really frustrated if I don't buck up in seriousness. Can't be that hard to do, right? I'm pretty good at following orders when the situation is right…

They both moved out with their items and got situated into a vehicle. Genesis had gone through this several times before. It was either helicopters or trucks that usually lasted forever. "So um. Since it's on the Northern Continent, how are we getting there?"

Sephiroth set his items down and put his Masamune into a safe position where it wouldn't fall. He helped Genesis settle his items as well before he took a seat. "By boat."

"Sounds…" shitty. "Interesting. The last time I was on a boat was when I first made my way to Midgar from Banora."

Sephiroth glanced over at him. "Banora. In the Mideel area, right?"

Genesis nodded, "Yeah."

"Small village from what I heard."

"It is."

"Did you like it there?"

Genesis shook his head, "No. I hated it. I wanted out, so that's why I joined SOLDIER."

"What did you dislike about it?"

"I'm not sure…" Genesis got more comfortable in his chair as the ride toward the coast began. "I guess…after living there for so long…you just start wondering what else is out there. What else you could be doing." He crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't know if you've ever felt like that before."

"I've always been traveling, so I've never had to think about Midgar."

"The one thing I hate about Midgar is how dark it is all the time."

"The air is rather terrible there."

"Yeah! They should…make filters or something for that stuff. It does look nice when it's lit up at night, though. Then again, it's always night there."

Sephiroth smirked. "I prefer stars over artificial light."

Genesis didn't know what to say. He was wishy washy on it. "I've seen the stars all my life. I guess a change of scenery was just what I wanted."

"Then I hope you're ready for what we're going into…"

Genesis gave a nervous laugh. "Yeah. I'm not. But whatever."

The ride to the coast didn't take very long. When they arrived a boat was already prepared for them with infantrymen on it. They gathered their items and brought it into one of the rooms before arriving on deck to see them ship off. It was a pretty great sight in Genesis's opinion. Yet, within twenty minutes of the ship ride he could already feel the chill. He was enjoying sightseeing, even with nothing but water to see, when Sephiroth came up beside him. "It'll be around two hours before we hit land. You'll want to be in your gear once we get off, just to let you know."

"Yeah, it's already getting chilly." He looked at Sephiroth and stared at his chest. "I'm sure you can tell."

Sephiroth noticed where Genesis was looking. Well. That was something. "It doesn't bother me."

Guess his headlights don't turn on as easily as some….Headlights? I can't believe I just referred to his nipples that way. "So uh. What else did you have planned for us?"

"Nothing at the moment, why?"

"Well…I wanted to sleep."

"Didn't get enough last night?"

"No." Because Angeal was being his usual self…

"If you need to rest then go right ahead. I'll wake you up if you don't do so before we get there."

Genesis went back into the ship and arrived at the room again. He took his boots off and undid the Shinra armor before he slid into the bed. So far so good. He doesn't seem to dislike me, even though he was grumpy the first time we talked. Perhaps this mission is just what I needed to get closer to him? Yeah. Maybe… He didn't think much else because sleep had quickly overcome him…



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