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A month had gone by with Sephiroth and Genesis's odd new relationship. Sephiroth had gotten better from his habits, and the rumors were dispelled before they caused any problems for Shinra. Things seemed to be back into order…

Genesis and Angeal were eating lunch in the cafeteria area and hadn't said much aside from how worthless their missions were. They hadn't paid much attention to their surroundings because Sephiroth soon took a seat beside Genesis, though he had no tray. "What are you doing tonight?"

Genesis thought it over and pulled out his phone to check. "Nothing."

"Seven o'clock. Lazard's office."

Genesis eyes opened a bit wider than usual at the location. I guess this is payback or something? "Okay." He watched Sephiroth leave without saying anything else.

"What was that all about?" Angeal asked since he hadn't known that the two were hooked up again.

"Oh. I just help out with a few things. It's nothing."

"A few things? What are you helping with?"

"You know…" Genesis looked around a bit to make sure no one was listening. "I've been helping him get back on his feet…"

"Oh, I see. No wonder you have to go to Lazard's. I couldn't tell what his intentions were with the way he had said it to you."

Genesis arched an eyebrow, "Oh? What were you thinking?"

"Sounded like he wanted to pick a fight."

Whoo, he is waaay off. But that's okay, the less everyone knows the better… "Oh, no. That'd be funny to fight in front of Lazard, though, but I imagine I'd get my ass handed to me."

"So, how has treatment been going for him?"

"Good, I don't think anyone noticed he's been getting it." Because treatment consists of me being naked in his room.

"Glad to hear you're able to do something useful and nice for him even with your history."

"Yeah well…I wouldn't dare refuse to help a friend in need."

Angeal smirked and finished what he was eating. "So, what do you think you'll be discussing with him?"

Probably whether or not we should do it in Lazard's chair or on the desk. Or both. "Oh I don't know…sometimes it's pretty random. Sephiroth mostly just…makes a few comments and we support him and that's pretty much it." Yeah I'm a terrible liar.

"Whatever works, huh?"

"Yeah." Genesis checked the time and stretched, "Guess I'll go get my mission done and get ready. See you later."

After his mission he went into his room and got prepared. He had bought quite a few interesting things for their times spent together. He decided he'd try a lacy thong today. After all, he had made Sephiroth wear one once he might as well give him back the pleasure. He grabbed some lubricated condoms, unsure if Sephiroth would have remembered or not. And besides, at least these were the flavored ones…could make it a bit more excited.

When Genesis got into Lazard's office he smirked as he saw Sephiroth standing there, his back to him. He went right up and put his arms around his middle, "So what shall it be, strawberry flavored or glow in the dark?"

Sephiroth turned to face him, eyes wide at his words while Lazard sat there with the most surprised and disgusted look on his face. Genesis felt himself turn a bit red. Oh my god, how fucking embarrassing. Redeem yourself! Redeem! "Hahaa…hahaha. Ah. I was just kidding." He coughed. "So um, what's this all about?" Because this was not what he came here for.

Lazard straightened his glasses a bit and watched Sephiroth fidget while Genesis waited for them to forget what he just did. God that was…blunt. "Ahem. Well. The President wanted to thank you, Genesis, for helping Sephiroth go through his healing process and treatment from depression and alcohol abuse. So…he has informed me that the two of you will be eating with him tonight as a celebration."

Genesis was soooo not ready for that. "O-Oh," he remarked nervously. "Tonight….oh…yeah…okay."

"Is there something wrong?" Lazard asked as he saw Genesis's expression.

"No, oh no, totally fine just…wasn't expecting that at all."

Lazard nodded, "I told Sephiroth to merely call you here so that it'd be a surprise."

"Well I'm definitely surprised," Genesis commented. "In a good way," he quickly added.

"Right… Well, it's a good thing both of you dressed nicely, you'll be heading out soon. Please be careful what you say to the President. Sephiroth, I imagine you can give him the rundown on President Shinra while you're getting a ride there." Before they could turn he had to add in one last tidbit. "Also please don't show…any action toward each other. He doesn't know about you two."

"Don't worry," Genesis replied. As if he'd slap Sephiroth's ass in front of the guy. Jeez, he'd like to keep his job.

"Be good," Lazard remarked and they walked toward the exit.

"I cannot believe you," Sephiroth started, "We are lucky that Lazard has already seen and heard everything. If that was someone else—"

"Okay, when you told me in his office, I thought you meant…you know…getting it on in his office."

"Why would I even do that?"

"I don't know, because you want to spite him?"

Sephiroth shook his head, "Even if I wanted to, I don't think I'd do it merely because explaining to someone what was going on would be worse than the punishment they'd put on us if we were caught."

"Yeah I guess. Well…um…" Genesis looked up at him, "I sort of didn't dress properly for dinner."

"You look fine—"

"I'm wearing a thong."


"And I have condoms in my pocket."

Sephiroth snorted. "Genesis…sometimes you do the craziest things…"

"It makes you smile."

He nodded, "Yes, yes it does."

"You know, we could get a bit frisky on the way there if we're put in the right situation…"

Sephiroth gave him a quick glance, indulging on how nice the idea was, but doing his best not to get too excited. It was hard to control his emotions when Genesis was around. Really, the only time he was with Genesis was if they were having sex, so to go out to dinner with him just felt like they were going someplace fancy to have more sex. "We'll have to see."

Unfortunately it was a helicopter ride that had no privacy whatsoever. Both looked a bit letdown at the ordeal but chose not to speak up about it.

And eating with the President was a new experience for Genesis as well…

"Sephiroth, and…" The President stared at the brunette carefully.

"Genesis," he replied.

"Right! Sorry, I'm not good with names. You're the one who set this nimrod straight, eh?" the President joked.

Actually I did the opposite of making him straight. "Yeah."

"Boys take a seat, I've already got everything ordered. Cigar? Whiskey?" His eyes turned to Sephiroth. "Oh, right. You probably shouldn't have any."

Sephiroth gave a small smile, "I am done drinking for the rest of my life."

"Good boy. You won't get so pudgy like myself that way, haha! But you know, you do some fine work, that's why you're in shape. Myself? I may run companies but I definitely don't match up to what you've been doing for us. Tell me, Genesis, what did you come to Shinra Headquarters for?"

"Sephiroth," Genesis remarked and quickly added, "I um…wanted to be like him."

"See? Every young man's dream is to be like you, Sephiroth. They want to do the right thing. This company could not have prospered so well without you, and everyone appreciates you tolerating us for so long."

Sephiroth felt a bit embarrassed at his words. After all, he didn't come here to get compliments, he thought this was just a dinner. "Thank you, sir."

"So, how did you do it?" The President looked over at Genesis. "After all, you and I both know how quiet Sephiroth can be."

Oh god. I cannot tell him the truth, that's for sure. "Oh, well…We went on a mission together and after awhile we became friends. So it's only natural that I'd do what I could to help. Talking, going out, just…normal stuff."

"Oooh, I see, Sephiroth only needed a friend. Ha, and you once told me that friends were only worth having if they benefited you!" The President remarked as he pulled on his yellow mustache and pushed back some greasy blonde locks into their spot. "You just couldn't help yourself, could you?"

Sephiroth shook his head, "Everyone is allowed to change their mind. I didn't find the right person until by…accident."

"Accidents are oftentimes the greatest happenings," Shinra concurred.

"Yes…" Sephiroth replied and stole a glance at Genesis. "I remember the first time I met him was when he was inducted into SOLDIER."

Genesis blushed, "Uhh, you remember that? Probably the worst moment of my life."

"He was so shy he hardly knew what to say. And he had the biggest grin on his face when he shook my hand," Sephiroth explained to the President.

The President laughed, "What an interesting start. And then a year or so later you're meeting up again!"

"Yeah," Genesis replied, "Actually our second encounter was in an elevator. He gave me a few weird looks, but it wasn't until later after that when it was decided that I was going on a mission with him."

"Sephiroth judges people rather quickly," the President remarked.

Sephiroth smiled, "Genesis's phone was going off. It merely seemed odd what he was talking about at the time. And yes, I remember what it was," he noted to Genesis.

"Haha…ah.." Genesis had forgotten about that. Being nude…taking pictures…oy. "Anyway, he really warmed up to me right before we went on the mission. I guess he thought I was like a lost little kitten or something, so he started explaining everything to me."

"It's because you were rather lost."

"And he told me I looked good in the new snow gear." I just had to add that in there.

The President laughed, "I see, I see. You two are quite the interesting pair. I think I remember seeing that shot. In fact…" He snapped his fingers and an associate came up. He grumbled something to him that Genesis didn't quite catch. But when the man came back he had a magazine for them. "There, see?"

Genesis and Sephiroth looked at the front cover and saw the two of them together in the snow gear. It definitely brought back memories. "I remember I didn't know how to put it in," Genesis reminisced.

"Yes, I had to walk you through the entire ordeal. Remember you got shot on that mission?"

"Yeah it wasn't that long ago. I mostly remember being really cold. And drugged."

"Sounds like you shouldn't remember too much then," Sephiroth commented with a smile.

Genesis laughed, "Pah, I remember the important things. Like that hot tub."

"Oh yes, I forgot about that."

"See? I remember the good stuff. Here you are telling me the terrible things about being shot…"

The President listened to them joke around and it did bring a smile to his large face. "Well! It's quite refreshing to see the both of you joking around. I thought Sephiroth was a complete stiff."

Oh he is. Stiff in my ass all the time. "Only when he's in a certain mood."

"Oh yes, Sephiroth is quite a moody person. How do you handle that? Rufus used to complain to me all the time that Sephiroth was too grumpy and mean to play with. Ah…that was several years back! Can't believe how old everyone is starting to get, especially myself." He lit a cigar and started to puff away. "I remember Sephiroth dunked Rufus's head in the toilet once."

Sephiroth smiled, "I can't help it when I'm in a bad mood. He was asking for it."

"Do you remember how he got back at you?" The President remarked as the table was starting to be set with all the food. He noticed Sephiroth didn't know. "He took permanent marker and drew all over your face. Wouldn't come off for a week! Quite funny, really."

Sephiroth frowned, "I am not surprised he'd sneak around when no one is paying attention to get revenge."

"Smart boy," the President bragged, "He'll make an excellent Vice President…and President, one day."

They started their meal and continued on with their hearty conversation making Genesis's nervousness die down with each minute. It seemed that the President was a rather normal person who treated everyone quite the same. And for some reason, he almost felt like more of entertainment than being there as a congratulations for helping the company. Not that Genesis wanted to complain, after all having a lavish dinner such as this one didn't come by too often. He could always spend more money to do it, but he didn't like eating out alone and he knew that taking a girl on a fancy date like this one would mean commitment.

"The one thing I never understood about Sephiroth," the President started up as they were finishing their meals, "Is why such a handsome young man hasn't gone after any girls yet."

Oooooh God. That's really awkward. Is he just suggesting Sephiroth should get into dating or is he mentioning something else? I hope it's the first thing. This could get really weird. What will Sephiroth say in defense? Genesis had put enough food in his mouth so that he wouldn't have to answer.

Sephiroth looked up at the President from his drink and merely gave him a smile.

"I mean it. You're popular, you're strong, attractive, you work with the world's greatest company and yet you haven't shuffled through any of the options standing before you. Secretaries, a fan, perhaps a rich damsel, or buying out a harem and living with them. There are endless options but you're not jumping on the opportunity. It has me worried that you're getting too deep into your work. Why, when I started out I made sure to handle plenty of women." He took a drink of his strong whiskey and chuckled, "Paid for it, too, but I quickly shut them up. After all, my power does reign supreme over all the media. Someone tries to snitch me I just get them right back. But enough about me, what about you?"

Sephiroth shook his head neatly, "No, no women or affairs. Nothing dazzling. I just do my job."

"You should find a few girls…maybe you are just too used to the military style of things? You don't deal with women in the military, they're not where you're at. How's about we get you a few girls, set you up each night with one, and hope you like one the most? Could use some good kids out of you."

Sephiroth felt embarrassed by that, "I'm a little young to be thinking about children."

And a little gay to be thinking about children. Genesis thought to himself. "Yeah, don't kids become more important around um… 25 or something? He's got a few years."

"Nonsense, the earlier you have them the better. After all, the company can help take care of the women and the kids. If you're just frightened your fans might leave you we could always make it a secret."

Sephiroth shook his head again, "Um, no I'm not interested. I mean, not right now. It's not what I want to do."

Genesis quickly helped him, "After all, Mr. President, he did just recover from quite a stressful situation. Having kids or numerous women might be a bit much at this moment in time."

The President nodded as he leaned back in his chair, a new cigar soon being jammed into the side of his mouth, "I see, I see. I suppose you're right. Just food for thought! We'll give you a few more years."

Give him. Sounds like he doesn't have a choice. Jeez, no wonder Sephiroth is so batshit insane sometimes… "Besides, you have to find the perfect female anyway. Wouldn't want someone that isn't so great to have his kids, right?" Genesis joked.

"Hmm. You're quite right. I'll have to start working on finding a compatible woman…Ah, how I love searching for women. It's like going out in the jungle with nothing but your bare hands. Sometimes they surprise you…sometimes you surprise them."

Awwwwkward. I hope he's not talking how I'm thinking. That just got a bit too weird for me. "Ha…yeah."

Once the dinner was over and the two were leaving once again, Genesis turned his eyes to Sephiroth. "So…your life seems pretty laid out for you."

"I know, it's dreadful."

"Perhaps we can start with that whole children thing tonight? I'd love to keep trying until I get pregnant."

Sephiroth looked down at him, "That's really weird that you'd say that."

"It's a joke, get it? I can't get pregnant. So we have to keep trying indefinitely. It's like…having sex for eternity."

"I get it." Sephiroth took his seat and glanced at Genesis, "And I wouldn't mind if we did."

Genesis gave him a big smile and he could hardly wait to get home. When they did get there they quickly walked to Sephiroth's room. But Genesis couldn't handle it. He pushed Sephiroth against the door and kissed him roughly, "Better hurry with that door, someone might see us."

Sephiroth was shocked at Genesis's sudden interest in sex. He was so used to him having no care at all, but as of recently the man was getting hornier and hornier… Not that he was complaining. "I'm doing the best that I can," he growled back and pulled his card out as Genesis started to bite his neck. His whole body felt numb, yearning to just let Genesis rip at his clothes right there, but he finally found the keycard slot and opened the door.

Both went crashing to the floor when the lights flicked on and a group of people burst forth from hiding spots and shouted 'surprise!' to them. But they all quickly tried to figure out why Genesis was on Sephiroth in such a way. Neither moved in fear. The others awkwardly looked amongst each other before someone finally spoke up.

"Um…hey Sephiroth…we were um…let in here by Lazard because we were throwing you a party."

Sephiroth sat up. Oh god. Oh god. Think logically. Try to pretend Genesis didn't do anything to him. "Oh. What kind of party?" He got up and helped Genesis as well.

"Lazard said you hit a milestone today!" He paused, "Whatever that means."

Another spoke up, "Your birthday, man!"

"It's not my birthday?" Sephiroth remarked quickly.

"Um… an anniversary of sorts?" Another replied.

Sephiroth finally realized what it was. "Oh…to when I got into 1st class."

They all cheered, "Yeah! Means drinks and cake!"

Genesis brushed himself off, "Is any of that provided?" Genesis watched them all part and saw the huge cake on the coffee table and a cooler. "Are you sure that's beer?"

Someone went over and got a drink of it, "Aw man…he's right. This is punch!" The group groaned.

Sephiroth would have mentioned why but he decided it'd be best to lie, "Lazard mustn't want us to have too much fun."

"Don't worry, guys, we can spike it!" someone replied cheerfully. Another cheer went throughout the group.

Oh god. Drunken morons in Sephiroth's room. And I seriously want to get on him right now… "Looks like it's a party then," Genesis remarked mostly to Sephiroth.

"Right…but that's not a bad thing," Sephiroth whispered back.

Drinks were passed out and the group began its own craziness. Sephiroth did take a few shots and rather wished he hadn't, the burning taste in his throat reminded him of the depression he went through. But peer pressure made him do it. After awhile of the party going on, he put his arm around Genesis and nodded for him to go to the bedroom. No one really noticed they had slipped away.

They sat down on the bed, Sephiroth still had his arm around Genesis, and he sighed, "I think I drank too much."

Genesis shrugged, "I think I'm buzzed. Sort of an interesting party."


Genesis got closer to Sephiroth, resting his head against Sephiroth's shoulder, "Man, I'm horny still."

"Yeah, same here."

Genesis nuzzled in against him, one leg going across Sephiroth's. "Why don't we have a little fun, then?"

"I'd love to but we might get caught."

"I said a little fun…" Genesis pulled the blanket to cover them up more. "No one knows where my hand is going…" He slid it against Sephiroth's stomach on downward to the real prize.

"Mmm…well, okay."

It wasn't very long until two or three others gathered near the door and had cracked it open a bit to see what was happening. They knew exactly where Genesis's hand was at and they could tell something was up. Someone had pulled out their cell phone…

Sephiroth moved Genesis's hand away and pulled him closer, "Enough games."

"I thought—"

"I changed my mind."

Genesis smiled and felt the warm kiss of Sephiroth's lips, the exposed skin against his…and then…then…


Genesis woke up with a slight hangover and no idea where he was at. He felt skin against him and he moved to sit up, finding it was Sephiroth's thighs he had been plastered to. His eyes went toward where Sephiroth's head was at, finding the man sleeping sprawled out in bed, but his head still rested neatly on his pillow. Why was I the one that got flipped? He sighed and got up, getting his clothes on as he usually did. He normally never bothered to stay and wait for Sephiroth to wake up and the man never complained, so he assumed it was perfectly fine that he snuck out. But this time a hand reached out and grabbed him by the waist of his pants. "Yes?"

"Don't go out yet." Sephiroth sat up and fixed his hair. "We should talk."


"Last night…" Sephiroth wrestled some pants on and threw a shirt on but didn't button it up. "Look…I…" He hesitated. "I'm not exactly sure how to word it. It was nice going out to dinner with you and spending a few extra hours together. Even the party was nice. I…" There was another pause as Sephiroth let his downcast eyes slowly rise to meet Genesis's. "I think we should…get back together completely again."

Oh boy. I wasn't expecting that. "You think you'll be able to keep up with my needs?"

Sephiroth nodded, "I'd do anything to make you happy. I know before I said I'd change, but it feels like…right now I mean it more than anything. I suppose I never realized how important your presence is. Going out after only having sex with you opened my eyes to what I was really missing out on. Besides, I feel that if I don't change and keep you around that…the President really is going to go crazy and make me whore myself out to people." Sephiroth put his arms around Genesis and pulled him close. "I'd like to govern some part of my life, and if I can only have one choice, it'd be that I'm allowed to stay with you."

Genesis was smiling but was also blushing a bit. It felt nice to hear those things from him…as if he was waiting the entire month for Sephiroth to do something like this. "I'd like to be with you, too. But even if we're together, who is to say that we can't be pulled apart? The President could force you to do as he pleases…"

"He's not as strong as I am. If the subject comes up I'll admit my interest for you and drop a hint that if they have a problem with that then we can settle it my way…"

Genesis smirked, "You were always tough to negotiate with."

Sephiroth leaned in and kissed him, "You like it that way."

"Yes, I do," Genesis growled back against the kiss he was receiving. "Let's get your apartment picked up…those partygoers were a bit crazy last night."

They walked out into the living room and found quite a few operatives passed out on the ground. The place was devastated, to say the least, and both sighed heavily at how much stuff was disheveled or misplaced. And it seemed no one bothered to throw away their plates or cups either. "This is why I don't like celebrations," Sephiroth remarked.

Clean up can be such a drag. Reminds me of the time that I invited a bunch of people over for a party at my house and something like this happened…then my parents came home while I was trying to make the place neat. Hooo boy did I get it. "It could be worse I guess." Genesis got a garbage sack and started to get to work while Sephiroth nudged awake those that were zonked out.

After some serious manual labor from everyone the place was back into its normal position and it didn't look like anyone had been partying in there. Sephiroth took out an air freshener and spritzed the air.

"You fruitcake," Genesis laughed, "That's such a fruity smell."

"Did you just call me a fruitcake?" Sephiroth questioned him as the other men grudgingly tied up the garbage bags.

"Yeah, I did. You're spraying stuff."

"I'm making it smell nice."

"Which is why you're a fruitcake, because it doesn't even smell bad in here."

Sephiroth kept staring at him before he grabbed Genesis and sprayed him, "What's the matter, Genesis, don't want to smell fruity?"

"Gah, you bitch!" Genesis struggled to get away but Sephiroth had shot some up the back of his shirt. "Uuuugh, that doesn't feel good." He moved a few feet away from the 1st class SOLDIER and saw the others watching as if they were a TV show. "Now the toxins will seep into my skin. I need to shower."

"Poor thing," Sephiroth remarked and put the freshener away. "All right, boys, thank you for the help." They all saluted lazily and left the room. "Let's go to Lazard's office."

"Are we having sex there this time?" Genesis joked.

"Ha…that still amuses me at how ridiculous you can be."

"Whatever, you liked the thought."

"I did."

They went to Lazard's thinking it was another normal day, but once they got in the man looked quite displeased. "Did you hear the party we had last night?" Genesis questioned his grim look.

"No, but I saw a part of it," Lazard commented. "A part that has been going around to everyone in Headquarters that we have been fighting to keep a secret for awhile now…and I am most displeased at your conduct. Though, you both seemed to be drunk—"

"What are you talking about?" Sephiroth questioned Lazard's cryptic words.

"Someone caught the two of you having sex and sent it to everyone."

There was silence from them. OH MY GOD. I wonder if it's any good? "Are you serious?" Genesis questioned him.

Lazard clicked something on his computer and the screen showed the two getting reallllly freaky. Genesis laughed and covered his mouth. Oh God. Why am I laughing? I think I'm nervous. "That's hot," he remarked.

"This is a crisis, Genesis!" Lazard shouted. "It's obvious that it's you two in the video."

"Not really," Genesis defended, "I mean, Sephiroth is pretty obvious. I could be anyone in SOLDIER."

Lazard and Sephiroth stared at the screen for awhile until Sephiroth had growled Genesis's name. "Is that a good enough confirmation for you?" Lazard asked.

Genesis gave another laugh, "Yeah." His eyes turned to Sephiroth, "Good thing you remembered my name!"

Sephiroth glanced down at him like he was crazy, "Genesis, if everyone's seen this—"

"It means you won't have to breed with women!" Genesis said happily. "I mean, look at this in a different point of view. No more hiding…at least in Headquarters. That means we can finally be…finally be the couple we wanted to be instead of hiding behind closed doors and muffling ourselves during all of our interactions."

Sephiroth took a deep breath and thought it over. Maybe Genesis was right? He wasn't really scared of anyone…hell he could kick everyone's ass if he wanted to. This…this was a good thing. "You're right, this benefits us." He turned Genesis to face him, "But we have to confirm it wasn't all out of a drunk stupor. We'd look like idiots if that's what they're thinking…. Follow me."

Lazard got up as they started to leave, "Now wait just a minute! Don't you dare do anything irrational!" They weren't listening to him, so he followed onward to keep up. Whatever they were doing couldn't be good. Oh boy, his entire career and hard work was being flushed down the toilet by these two. He was done for. Utterly done for!

Sephiroth kept up the pace so that Lazard was trailing behind and he burst into the cafeteria with Genesis. The place was packed with infantrymen, operatives, and many other workers. Everyone turned to stare at them, the monotonous voices had died down as most had seen the viral video by now.

Genesis felt his heart stop. Oh shit. I wasn't prepared for this. Why couldn't we have done this after I had gotten prepared? Do we look bad? Look at those eyes! Oh my God. Oh my God. I think I'm going to pass out. "This is awkward," Genesis whispered as the entire place continued to stare at them curiously.

Sephiroth felt the pressure as well, but he handled it much better than Genesis. "Awkward? Not for us…not anymore." He turned to Genesis, "Just trust me on this one." He pulled Genesis to face him and gave him a kiss.

It was one of those awkward moments where the entire crowd wished to look away but couldn't, a moment where words ran dry and yet there was so much to say, anything could have been done but instead they all sat there watching. Confusion ran high, others figured it was a confirmation, some wondered if the hangover wasn't a hangover after all, and one person realized they were really turned on by the interaction.

It was, needless to say, the biggest awkward moment that everyone had experienced.

Sephiroth finally pulled from the kiss and stared into Genesis's eyes, a slight smile to his lips. "Well…how's that feel?"

"Not…awkward at all. But…I can't say the same for everyone else."

Sephiroth gave a slight chuckle and gave him another kiss.

Lazard, who had came in late, stared at them quite shocked. His eyes went over the rest of the crowd, faces of slight acceptance, others unsure of what to make of it. "There it is…my career…flying away with each kiss they share…" He moved over and pushed the two out of cafeteria. "No more PDA for the likes of you! It's bad enough that you think this is great, but it's my job on the line!" He saw how in love they both were. "Oh…I quit. There's no getting past the two of you…"

"You shouldn't be so frazzled, Lazard," Genesis remarked. "Think of it this way, everyone in there is completely shocked at what had happened. If you act calm and collected…and give us your full support, they'll do the same. Your job will be fine because no one would want to complain. If you act scared…they will, too."

Lazard sighed and stopped in his tracks while the two lovebirds left him there. "I suppose they're right." Oh he hated it when they were right. He sighed again before shouting down the hallway after them, "Well I'm not being your counselor anymore! If your relationship gets rocky find someone else!"

As they continued onward the lovers looked at each other and smiled. Rocky? I think I like it rocky…

They gave another kiss to each other while innocent bystanders awkwardly looked on. And that was how it was going to be…for awhile, anyway. They would, inevitably, go down in history as the most powerful people in Shinra…and also the best at making even the most relaxed beings feel uncomfortable when in their romantic presence…






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