Author's Notes: Here is chapter 2. Now some notes.

I am aiming to provide a true war element to the story, while following the same story of Naruto. So to provide a decent set up, there shall be more OC's popping up through out, some to give guidance to some certain canon characters while others are giving the villains a proper fighting force later on.

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Rin quietly strode through the village, carrying the swords she had been entrusted with. She was well on her way home at least that was the plan before she stopped walking and glanced over her shoulder, and thought to herself, '…He probably would rather have these with him.'

She turned on her heel and walked down the road, returning back to wear she was. As she walked down the road, she began to recall the past experience with him, some good, some bad, and in particular the first time she met him.

It had only been a few months, since the death of Obito, but the war was still going strong. And as such, Team Minato was assigned a new member. He had been part of another team, but due to some circumstances, he had to be placed on another team.

As Rin and Kakashi arrived on the training grounds, but the new teammate hadn't arrived yet, he seemed to be taking his sweet time. They had no idea of what kind of person he was, only that he was said to have anger issues.

"Kakashi, I know it hasn't been long since Obito died. I'm not too thrilled about having a new teammate either. But we have to try and get along with him." Rin quietly said as she looked compassionately to the white haired teen knowing he was very vocal about his disapproval of a new teammate.

"I don't like the idea of Obito being replaced so easily…" broodingly Kakashi responded, slowly moving to lean against the large post in the center of the training ground.

That naturally was when the new member showed up. His hair silver and messily spiked, with his hitae-ate tied around his neck sharing the space with the odd rosary which bore a yin yang pendant between two wolf fangs. He wore a hoodie which was silver with black trim, the hood too was black and black cargo pants. On either sleeve of his hoodie was a patch, the crescent moon symbol representing the Jinketsu Clan on the right, while a patch with the mountain trigram was on his left.

He nonchalantly walked across the training ground before stopping a glancing at Rin, a soft smile crossed his lips before he proceeded to walk up to her. He had a confident air about himself as he looked at the brunette with a wolfish smirk on his face before he coolly said, "No one told me there would be a beauty on the team? Ya got a name lovely?"

The brown haired kunoichi blushed and giggled, subconsciously playing with her hair. She wasn't quite used to someone flirting with her, especially so shamelessly she kind of liked it in all honesty. She soon regained her composure, still blushing as she looked at him and said quietly, "…I'm Rin, and you must be Ginshin, I've heard about you…"

"That's right darlin', I see my reputation precedes me yet again." confidently he replied, with a wink as his wolfish grin spread across his face.

Kakashi on the other hand was growing somewhat irate by the silver haired boy's behavior. He quickly made his way over and stepped between the two, and angrily said, "Okay that's enough. Who the hell do you think you are?"

The silver haired teen's seemingly perpetual smirk soon faded, his eyes shifting into a feral predatory glare, as he icily responded, "Ya got a problem with me Cyclops?"

"Kakashi, please don't!" Rin pleaded she knew that a fight would erupt between the two and not wanting to see it happen. She knew about Ginshin's bad reputation, not the flirty nature, but the explosive temper.

"No, Rin! Yeah I got a problem with you, you were untalented in the academy, you couldn't make it on your first team because you couldn't work well with others, then you were taken under your uncle's wing, then you were kicked off your last team. What makes you think you are welcome here? You think you can replace Obito? He was my best friend, but you? I don't like you. You are reckless and don't listen. Obito was at least a shinobi." quickly Kakashi went onto berate the boy, making it perfectly clear he didn't want him here. Little did he know at that time, he was provoking Ginshin little by little, in a way he would regret.

"…Strike one…" callously the monochrome clan boy responded as he looked away, slowly gritting his teeth, subtly clenching his fists.

"What are y-" began the white haired Jounin, when with out warning, Ginshin performed a step up enzugiri. The kick caught him on the back of the head, only managing to dizzy Kakashi. It was hard to figure out why the hooded boy would use such a weak kick, especially when it was said he hospitalized someone with a punt to the skull.

The mystery was soon solved, as Ginshin gripped Kakashi's wrists and applied a cross armed choke. Literally strangling the young Jounin with his own arms, but this was the beginning, as the silver haired boy placed his knee to the middle of Kakashi's back, and proceeded to ground him. He placed his foot on Kakashi's back and proceeded to tighten the hold, while he angrily exclaimed, "I am not Obito. I am Jinketsu Ginshin you don't compare me to anyone EVER!"

Rin's expression became one of horror, she rushed over and tried to break up the hold. She could tell Kakashi was losing consciousness and wanted to stop it while she could, desperately crying out, "Ginshin let go!"

But her cries were ineffective, as if he had lost all reason. Fortunately, Namikaze Minato arrived, and helped pry the two apart. He formed a Kage Bunshin and used it to make sure the boy was held back long enough to diffuse the situation.

Once the boy had calmed and his feral rage subsided, he stood in front of the three with a look of disappointment on his face before he proceeded to ask, "What happened?"

"The lunatic attacked me that's what…" stated the one eyed Shinobi as he rubbed the back of his head which was still stinging in pain.

"Not you. I want to hear it from Rin." authoritatively Minato responded, not in the mood for the run around knowing that both boys were equally at fault. He wanted to hear it from Rin, who he knew to be level headed.

Rin blinked and pointed to herself, unsure why she was called on to explain the situation, she closed her eyes as she calmed herself and composedly explained saying, "Well Ginshin showed up, and was well hitting on me. Then Kakashi told him he wasn't welcome, and referred to him as a replacement, before going on to say Ginshin would never be like Obito. As well as hurling out some insults. It was at this time that Ginshin attacked and trapped Kakashi in that choke."

"Thank you Rin." spoke Minato as he nodded his head to the young Kunoichi before looking at both boys with more disappointment. Truthfully he expected Ginshin to react worse, but he never expected Kakashi to be the provocateur of the fight.

The blond haired Jounin crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at the two icily, knowing he needed to punish the two. Though Kakashi was now a Jounin he was still a student under his command. He needed to get the seemingly bad blood between the two resolved if he was to have hopes of getting them function as a team.

'Jinketsu Ginshin. The heir of the Jinketsu, he could be a great Shinobi if he could get his temper under control…' mused Minato as he rubbed his chin, he needed to figure out how to make sure the two could get along, next time he might not be there to stop it. One was a genius who advanced through the ranks and was already a Jounin. While the other, was a natural fighter with a unique style of combat which made him unpredictable like a viper. He knew of only one way, to get the two to learn to coexist though he wasn't fond of it, it was the only way. He wouldn't punish them for the fight, rather make them push each other to their limits and get all the animosity for one another out of their system.

"Rin, you can go home. I have to make sure this never happens, again." spoke Minato coolly as he looked at the two with some determination.

"Okay, Sensei." replied the brunette as she stood to her feet, she looked at the two worried about what sort of punishment was in store. Quietly she left the training ground, just hoping there would be positive results afterward. She didn't know what happened but the next day both looked as if they had fought a war, she could only summarize that Minato had instructed both to fight.

As her focus returned to the present she continued to stroll down the road, as she reached the culinary district. Her right eye started twitching, as a vein managed to pop out near her eye, knowing well that it was an impossible task to track him down here.

"Rin-san are you alright?" softly asked a young girl, seeing the frustration of the medical ninja.

As Rin turned to see the voice, she saw the red Chinese dress, and pink hair realizing it was Haruno Sakura. This allowed her to sigh with some relief, knowing she might have a chance of tracking down Ginshin. "Sakura thank goodness!" she chimed with relief taking a moment adjust the swords in her arms silently cussing about how much they weighed.

"Huh?" replied the pink haired kunoichi not sure why Rin was thankful, as she hadn't done anything yet. Soon her eyes were drawn to the swords, causing her to quietly remark, "Wow…those are beautiful swords…"

"Have you seen Naruto? He's supposed to be with his new teacher, Ginshin. But thing is tracking Ginshin down, here of all places is hard. Especially when I don't know where he went to eat." the brown haired medical ninja went on to explain with some frustration to her voice, as she slumped over.

"Is Ginshin a guy with hair that is kind of combed in the front but spiky from middle to back, and dressed in a really flashy way? His arms covered in tattoos, and with a bad habit of attacking some people" asked Sakura as she began with her index finger raised as she tried to remember details of the guy she saw with Naruto, but it wasn't long until Inner Sakura voiced an opinion "CHAA DON'T FORGET HE WAS HOT!"

"Yeah. That's him. Which way-wait did you say attacking people!" calmly Rin began to respond before her face shifted to one of shock, hearing the mention that Ginshin had attacked someone.

The pink haired Kunoichi nodded her head as she continued her recount of what she saw, thoughtfully saying, "Yeah. It was Gai-sensei. He said, 'I see you are back my other eternal rival!' and that's when this Ginshin guy randomly hit Gai with some move where he spun around one-hundred and eighty degrees and grabbed Gai by the head slamming him to the ground."

"…He never changes. He's not in the mood for Gai's challenges he attacks with a Ookami Pakuri…" the brunette sighed in exasperation as her head hanged in shame, secretly wishing he would have stopped doing that at least.

"Never changes? Do you know that guy?" asked the pink haired Kunoichi as she looked at Rin shocked that she knew such a strange shinobi.

Rin blushed, her right hand clutching her left arm, fidgeting momentarily before quietly saying, "…Well…he was my boyfriend, my first boyfriend in fact."

"You and him? Are you serious?" Sakura exclaimed as she gaped in shock as she looked to the brunette, finding it hard to believe. She had been aware that Rin was dating Kakashi, but to find out this information certainly made her scope of reality more skewed.

"Well yeah, I dated him for two years. Why is it so shocking?" asked the brunette as she tilted her head finding it curious that people always found it so odd that she used to date Ginshin.

"Well, he just doesn't seem your type. He's loud, flashy, and looks like he has an ego that would result in him saying, 'I am the best, in the world at what I do today', and you, you're quiet, humble, and modest, Rin-san. In fact, he's like the Naruto from your generation." explained Sakura, listing reasons why she found it so odd. She just found it odd from her perspective. Not seeing how two people who were so different could even be together.

"Hmph!" uttered the brunette as she puffed her cheeks out, just before she stormed off in a hurry, preferring to take her own chances. Rather than having to explain that the Ginshin she knew was far different from the one everyone else saw.

Meanwhile…across the village near the bathhouse, Naruto was in the process of attempting to get the hang of the water walk only to find it increasingly difficult. Each time he thought he had it figured out, his chakra control faded and he ended up crashing face first into the water.

"Why am I not getting it! I keep trying and I keep crashing-ttebayo!" angrily Naruto roared as he stood to his feet, promptly kicking the water in frustration.

'…As he moves to step down, his chakra control just stops suddenly…that isn't right…' reflected Ginshin as he watched, holding a cup of latte in his hand as he watched. He was using his sensing capabilities to take mental notes on the progress of the training. He had to figure out how to solve the problem.

"…Why would anyone allow, you to teach a Genin?" coldly a voice spoke it was almost frigid in the way.

Ginshin turned his head, his eyes were already narrowed. He caught sight of a tall man with long golden blond hair which was combed back. His eyes were akin to those of a Tiger or a Lion, or rather a liger, and were green as a grassy field. He dressed in a manner befitting a traditional Jounin, wearing a flak vest, with a long sleeved shirt, and a pair of cream cargo pants, with a nodachi strapped across his back.

"Bah, Whaddaya want, Kintama, you arrogant asshole…" grumbled Ginshin as he leaned his head back instantly in a sour mood, his lips were curling into a snarl.

"Polite as ever I see. What is a moron like you, doing teaching Naruto? What could you possibly teach him? You have no legitimate skills, other than your extensive resume of being able to leave a swath of destruction in your wake." responded the golden haired shinobi as he glared icily at the tattooed shinobi, letting it show he didn't approve of the fact they were letting someone so inferior be allowed to train a student. Especially the son of the Yondaime Hokage, he viewed it as wrong on many levels.

"I'm not in the mood for this…" muttered Ginshin as he sipped his coffee quietly, finding it to be at the right temperature, still hot but cooled enough he could drink it as he felt.

"I'm not trying to be mean. But try to remember what you and your way of doing things resulted in, Sui-" Kintama began to reply, only to quickly stop as he moved to dodge a high angle side kick which almost connected with his chin.

The silver haired Shinobi had launched the kick, and still managed to keep from spilling his coffee, his lips curled into a frown before he said with a snarl, "Don't you dare! I made a mistake and it stills haunts me. Now leave…" he trailed off as he motioned with his head before he continued, "Leave, before I make you leave…"

Kintama's liger like gaze narrowed, slowly he turned and proceeded to walk away, his lips curling as his stone like visage showed scorn, he stopped and glanced over his shoulder, cryptically saying, "Your past, your choices, its all coming back to haunt you soon. Including recent ones…"

Once he was out of sight, Ginshin had resumed resting on the ground, with his back against the wall. Quietly drinking the chocolate flavored coffee and regaining his equanimity once again.

Naruto on the other hand, had seen the whole thing go down, and was frankly shocked. From where he stood, he saw Ginshin as a laid back and calm person who didn't take things seriously. But what he had just seen was anything but.

"Ginshin-sensei what was that all about!" loudly Naruto proceeded to ask, shocked to see his teacher snap like that. Well not that shocked, he did kick an ANBU in the fact after all. But this was genuine anger that he was seeing from his mentor. Slowly walking forward not concerned about his training at the moment.

Lifting his head for a moment, Ginshin let out a sigh before glancing back to the ground, grimly saying "It's a long story…"

"Not good enough, Sensei…" replied the blond with a skeptical look on his face, as he defiantly crossed his arms.

"Not gonna work eh? Fine…it's kinda like how ya got a rivalry with this Sasuke kid. For me my rival is Kintama, but…it gets complicated…" explained the silver haired Shinobi, his voice trailing off as he quietly watched the flowing water in the water way before slowly continuing, "…He is also my cousin…"

Naruto's jaw hung open in shock, his eyes widened as he stammered saying, "Y-you're cousins!"

"Yep, my mother is his father's sister. I was his teammate for a while before I was inevitably trained by the Fourth Hokage. Ya could say we're rivals, kinda like you and Uchiha Sasuke." the tattooed shinobi quietly explained before quietly drinking his latte, exhaling somewhat comfortably as he finished.

"But you two are family why are you so hostile to each other? It doesn't make sense." replied Naruto as he crossed his arms over his chest in defiance not willing to let this family feud continue.

"Thing is…we used to get along really well kid. It was a friendly rivalry between cousins. Then things got worse around eight years ago, the old man decided I was what Rinkan needed." Ginshin dispassionately continued his tale, hoping he could explain the situation to his student.

"What is Rinkan and why did they need you?" asked the blond doing his best to keep up. He had never heard of Rinkan for one thing, and he didn't understand why it would result in animosity between two cousins.

The silver haired shinobi sighed softly as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, coolly continuing, "Rinkan is the elite of ANBU. They are specialists. Unlike regular ANBU, Rinkan prefer to have teams composed of experts, so they decided to seek out the guy who was getting in trouble for causin collateral damage. Cause they needed someone who can make an entrance, literally. Low and behold I get drafted into the Elite of ANBU. And that kiddo, is when Kintama started to hate me, because the guy who couldn't do anythin right became an elite."

"Wow…sounds like he's insecure…" replied Naruto shocked to hear that from where he was sitting, something so ridiculous was the cause of a schism between relatives.

"Yeeep, but…now lets get back to trainin!" exclaimed the Rated R Shinobi as stood to his feet and pointed to the waterway, done feeling sorry for himself. He was ready to see to it Naruto was taught everything he needed for the Chuunin Exams.

"Alright!" roared Naruto, almost as if he was burning with the will of fire at that moment.

"Hey do you two mind! I'm doing research here!" shouted a man who wasn't too far away.

As the two looked, they saw a man with long yet spiky white hair, who was crouched by the wall surrounding the women's bath. He was dressed in an old style ninja gear, with a red vest draping over his shoulders. He had a few noticeable warts, as well as red lines down his cheeks. He giggled in a lecherous manner, as he jotted his 'research' onto a note pad he was too enthralled with this to even look at the two.

Ginshin's right eye started to twitch. Twitching soon resulted in a look of disgust. This resulted in the fur coat wearing ninja to stand to his feet and haul off with a round house kick. This of course was deftly avoided, by the pervert. He allowed the momentum to carry through, and as his foot touched the ground he spun back around with a heel kick, again his attack was avoided.

"You will have to do a lot better than that to get the drop on…" began the white haired man whipping his long ponytail about before he struck a dramatic pose befitting a Kabuki actor and loudly proclaimed, "THE GALLANT JIRAIYA!"

Naruto stared at Jiraiya almost in awe of the showmanship that the white haired man displayed in just announcing his name. Of course the awe quickly disappeared when he recalled the loud way Ginshin arrived just the day before. But he found himself to be torn, he really he wanted both to train him.

"Gallant…that's funny sensei…since gallant would imply you are a gentleman…" callously the tattooed shinobi spoke as he rose to stand upright, his arms hanging at his sides. Slowly he ground the heel of his right foot into the cobbled sidewalk, his untamed gaze focusing on the red clad man.

"Ginshin…? But I thought you went rogue." replied the red clad shinobi, personally shocked to see the tattooed shinobi standing in front of him. He blinked just to make sure what he was seeing was real and not some illusion, but sure enough it was one of his former students, one of the more belligerent ones.

Ginshin merely stared at the Sannin, his eye not even twitching, but without missing a beat he said, "…Really? Really! REALLY? How many people have tried to decapitate ya with a spinning heel?"

"…Now that you mention it…not that many, other than Tsunade." dryly Jiraiya responded with a deadpan expression on his face before it turned to one of outrage, glaring at the tattooed shinobi he loudly would shout, "WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT?"

'…Okay, this is going to take a while.' unhappily Naruto thought to himself as he sat down and crossed his arms over his chest. He frowned angrily as the two so called adults continued to bicker. Ginshin would throw out every insult about perversion he could, and Jiraiya would retort with comments that were usually about Ginshin's alleged womanizing. But soon the blond Genin would have enough and promptly stood to his feet, and shouted, "GAH! Enough already! Ginshin-sensei you're supposed to be training me! Not arguing with this guy…uh…who are you again?"

"I taught this whelp everything he knows and it's Jiraiya! MOST LEGENDARY OF THE SANNIN!" proudly Jiraiya boasted as he once more struck his pose, only for his head to tilt in shock as it registered that Ginshin now had a student. He quickly turned to Ginshin then to Naruto then back to Ginshin before loudly shouting, "…They let you have a student?"

"No, Naruto is Kakashi's student, but…the ass clown thought Ebisu was a good choice for a teacher. Let's be honest, Ebisu makes me look like Senjuu Hashirama…" began Ginshin with a very satirical tone as he spoke, before his voice trailed off, a look of irritation crossing his face…rapidly. His feral gaze falling on Jiraiya before he lunged at him performing a take down and quickly grabbing his right foot and lifting it into the air prior to quickly twisting the ankle in every direction, sadistically going on to say, "What was that! Ya taught me everything I know? Ya want to rephrase that statement? Because it was Minato-sensei and my Uncles who taught me, ya taught me a few jutsu, and how I can't trust ya with money."

"Damn…that looks painful!" said the blond Genin under his breath as he watched Jiraiya claw at the ground trying to find a means of relieving the pain being forced onto his ankle. Soon he grinned and began to laugh as he watched, finding it rather entertaining to see the silver haired Jounin lay down the law.

"Ya want out of the hold Sensei? Ya do me a favor! Do we have an agreement?" asked the tattooed shinobi ceasing the wrenching on the ankle for a moment before he twisted it again, to emphasize the point.

"Yes, yes damnit! Let go of my ankle!" roared Jiraiya as he tapped his right hand against the cobbled path wanting the pain to stop.

With a smirk Ginshin released his hold letting the white haired Sannin's leg drop to the ground, slowly crossing his arms over his chest and coolly saying, "I'm glad we could come to terms."

"He's a freaking Sadist!" thought Jiraiya to himself, as he sat upright tenderly rubbing his ankle, wincing at the side effects of the painful hold. He had pretty much forgotten the bad temper that came with Ginshin, and his expertise in submission holds. As the pain dulled down enough, he quietly glanced over to the Rated R Shinobi and said in defeat, "What is it you need, you sadist?"

"Well, I can teach Naruto how to handle himself. But I sensed something off about Naruto's chakra flow…" Ginshin calmly began, quietly crouching with both arms lazily resting over his legs while slowly continuing in a hushed tone, "I believe your old friend, the creep who likes to look like a snake did something. Been sensing his depraved chakra since I got back, it's hard to locate but I feel it."

"Orochimaru? Are you sure?" Jiraiya rasped back to the younger shinobi, in disbelief of what had been suggested it was hard to believe in all honesty.

A grave expression soon overtook Ginshin's visage as he resisted his urges to grip the Sannin by the throat. He closed his eyes and took a deep cleansing breath as he whispered, "Very serious. You don't spend seven years in that sick bastard's prison, and not know the signs that he is present. And my guess is he put that damn Gogyo Fuin on Naruto…"

"Alright, I'll see if it is indeed the five element seal…" softly Jiraiya replied, he was catching onto the seriousness of the wolfish Jounin knowing well enough that such a serious nature was out of character.

It was decided that it would be better to handle the matters in a different location. Moments later just outside the village, the three walked towards a secluded grove hidden past large set of tori gates. A large octagonal stone dais rested near the center of the area, while a tall cliff with a waterfall and pond was to the eastern end. Hanging from the tori gate hung a large stone disc bearing the Jinketsu Clan crest, held by chains.

"Naruto, this is Jinketsu Clan Training Grounds, but first Jiraiya will need to take a look at the Seal that keeps the Kyuubi sealed away, so ya know you'll have to take your shirt off…" began Ginshin, as he strode across the training ground, walking to the north end of the grove while removing the rosary from his neck. He quietly made his way to a stone bunker at the north end, of the training ground, placing the pendant in the center of the door causing a faint click, before the large stone slab retreated into the ground, allowing him to descend down the stairs.

"Uh…alright…?" Naruto said with puzzlement before slowly removing his jacket, then his shirt, before it dawned on him that seal was on his stomach.

"I promise this won't take too long." coolly Jiraiya said, as he knelt and placed his hand to Naruto's stomach, and fed chakra into the seal. As it showed itself, his eyes widened, seeing the Five Element Seal appearing on top of the Four Element seal, he quietly thought to himself, 'Ginshin was right, the Five Element Seal would disrupt the Chakra Flow, and prevent the natural absorption of the Kyuubi's chakra. There is only one solution.'

"This might sting just a little…" the white haired Sannin began as he pulled his right hand back, he not allowing Naruto a chance to react, his fingers each surrounded with a blue flame before he thrust his hand forward landing his fingers perfectly on the Five Element Seal and saying, "Gogyo Kaiin!"

"Wait what-ARGH!" the blond managed to say before screaming in pain as the unsealing technique hit his stomach, causing him to fly back about two feet. He doubled over in momentary pain before raising his head and glaring at Jiraiya angrily roaring, "WHAT THE HELL!"

"I told you it'd sting didn't I, gaki?" exclaimed Jiraiya as he looked at the young Jinchuuriki, mildly irritated by ungrateful nature of the boy. Slowly he took a deep cleansing breath, calming himself down long enough to say, "Just, try walking on the water…"

Naruto glared at the white haired Sennin, before quietly walking to the pond and slowly, set his feet onto the water. As his left foot touched down on the water, and he didn't fall in, he threw his hands up in celebration loudly saying, "I DID IT! I CAN WALK ON WATER!"

Naruto was needless to say, ecstatic about his ability to walk on the water with great ease. A wild smirk crossed his lips as he began to run across the water, skidding sideways, hydroplaning across the water because well…it was fun.

At this moment, Ginshin slowly strode out of the bunker with a few scrolls in tow, he glanced off to the side smirking as Naruto celebrated his accomplishment, a faint chuckle escaping his lips before he walked towards Jiraiya, saying in a laid back manner, "I take it he complained when you removed the seal."

"For a moment…so what are you going to teach him?" replied the white haired Sannin, quickly getting to the heart of the matter.

But before Ginshin, could answer a loud shout of his name from the entrance to the training grounds quickly stole his attention. As he turned to see who it was, he saw Rin, who was quickly moving towards him with his swords in her arms, before she quickly pushed them into his arms.

"Have you lost your mind? You're going to let Jiraiya-sama help train Naruto! His influence is what led to your infamous drinking and subsequent one night stands with Kurenai." quickly the brunette berated the Innovator of Chaos, poking him in the chest to punctuate every single word.

A sheepish grin crossed his face, as he tried to figure out how to explain the situation to her, quickly replying "Darlin' I can explain!"

"Oh don't you Darlin' me!" the medical kunoichi quickly snapped, cutting off any possible excuses that he could possibly have. She soon stopped and crossed her arms over her chest before irately saying, "I, am, waiting."

"I can explain Rin Gin-" began Jiraiya trying to explain the situation, resisting his urge to laugh at the situation. Because any time Ginshin was being chewed out by one of the many women in his life, it was indeed funny. But he quickly stopped, as the brunette shot a scornful glare at him.

"Well…ya see, I aint very good with seals, so I thought I would ask Jiraiya-sensei for some help…" the normally confident shinobi explained, trying his best to avoid discipline from his one time girlfriend, and possibly one of the few who was completely immune to his boyish charms.

She kept her withering glare on Ginshin, her agitation not even subsiding as she militantly said, "That better be all, because Naruto doesn't need to be exposed to whore houses and hostess clubs! In fact, I think I will stick around while you train Naruto, to ensure the only bad habits he picks up is your cockiness and tendency to be reckless."

"I'll have you know I don't frequent whore houses, they're brothels! How else am I supposed to do my research!" bellowed the white haired Gama Sennin in protest, not all that fond of the implications that he frequents houses of ill repute. Of course he quickly shut his mouth as both Ginshin and Rin were icily glaring at him, resulting in him weakly saying, "How about I just shut up now."

"Trust me Rin, have I ever disappointed ya? …Don't answer that!" Ginshin quickly replied, before carefully set his swords to the ground so he could unfurl the scrolls. As the two scrolls were opened up, the silver haired shinobi crouched, taking a moment to glance out of the corner of his eye, watching as Naruto continued to play with the water walking technique. He quietly glanced up at Rin and Jiraiya, as his lips curled for a moment before he spoke, "Starting now, Naruto is going to undergo the Jinketsu Regimen. If I am to fix the damage that shit academy and Kakashi's zen method have done, Naruto will have to endure, this method of training. I will handle his combat training. Jiraiya-sensei will handle the Chakra training he may need to learn how to tap into the Kyuubi's chakra. And Rin, I am so glad ya came darlin, just in case fatigue happens."

"ARE YOU CRAZY!" Ginshin and Rin both hollered at Ginshin in unison, not too fond of the idea to train Naruto by the Jinketsu Method.

Raising his head, a genuine smile crossed his face while lifting up a special scroll that rested at his side before he coolly said, "Crazy as a Chimera. I know what I'm doin."

"Is that…?" Rin gasped in shock as she saw the red scroll with deep crimson hair tied around it holding it shut.

Author's Notes: Sorry it took so long. I was doing National Novel Writer Month in November, and then I had some incidents happen. But there will be some detours from the canon starting as of now. It'll be important to the vision I have.

Note: I will be submitting a corrected version at a later date. I just wanted to get going at a regular pace again.