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Tactical. Cold. Belligerent. Candid.

Beauty beyond words.

You're eyes lie.

These flowers I paint for you.

Rain swept them away; a lone memory

"Hitagi...why do you love me?"


A graceful smile.

Your smile.

"You're everything I'm not...Araragi-kun."

A lone wind swept through the chilled streets; a deafening silence. Dark amethyst hair lay astray as it framed the walking girl's face. A small bag hung loosely over her shoulder as she let her feet carry her at a steady pace towards her destination. Her heart clamored in her ear; her ears deaf to the world around her. Sighing, she played with a small strand of her, Her cobalt blue eyes catching glimpse of a figure; a boy.

It was that boy.

Her feet stopped, her eyes never removing themselves from his stature, her figure a bit weary from the walk. She placed a perfect façade on her porcelain body; her newly formed body. She was no longer weightless; cursed; It was that boy that had helped her. A small grin graced her lips as she felt her face get hot. On the outside, she was calm,; collected.

Her heart was screaming for him.

The man's hair perked at the sight of her, his usually droopy eyes becoming wider as he put his hand up, a small wave as he signaled for her to approach him. Looking both ways, she complied, jogging slowly as she met with his gaze.

"What are you doing here?" the boy questioned, his gaze looking downwards towards her eyes. Meeting his gaze, she tilted her head to the side.

"Store. What about you?" She put it simply. Never was she to say something unnecessary. To the point was her way of mind, and she stuck to it. Nodding, Koyomi put his hand behind his head, looking away with a noticeable pink encasing his cheeks.

"I was looking for you." Hitagi's eyes widened, her glance a bit confused as he looked back to see a reaction from the girl. He grunted when he realized an explanation was in order. It became second nature to him. "I mean-well…. I wanted to know if you wanted to go to dinner." his head cast itself down; almost in shame as he awaited for her rejection. Pink lips quirked into a smile as she ruffled the boy's hair.

"Pick me up at seven."

A gentle breeze; a common good.

Helping others is the key to happiness;

So they say.

"Don't leave me! Hitagi!"



Shades of Golds and reds illuminated the walkway; a dazzling road of ivory and stone. Willow trees hung their branches tiredly, creating curtains of green. Along the path is a small pond filled with a variety of fish all looking for food as they swam aimlessly. Sighing happily, Hitagi looked at the boy beside her whose hands were stuffed in his pockets as he looked around in wonder. Giggling, she poked his side, catching his attention. Surprised, he watched the girl in curiosity; her behavior a bit abnormal.

"Araragi-kun, I'm happy you took me to dinner." Purple hair shone brightly as her eyes contrasted greatly with the lights overhead. Nodding, he smirked as he welcomed her silently. Turning her head to the side, she let her pinky move to his hand where he glanced at her.

"Happy one year anniversary, Araragi-kun…." A small smile moved to the man's lips as he turned towards the girl; her eyes dancing with the luminous beams above. A sudden noise caught the couple's attention as a man selling a variety of goods; including supplies such as staplers, shouted into the streets, happily. Excitement overcame the girl as she ran to him.

Time stops.

The past floods before you; you're life-a wonder.

Thump…Thump. Thump. Thump.

You're the poem of my life

Write a story with me.

As winds move effortlessly you are taken with it.

Endlessly Shattered.

"Don't go…"


"I'm sorry…Araragi-kun."

"Hitagi, Watch out!" A sudden flash of light. A blaring horn. All went black as the girl was thrown back, her body caught as she skidded to a stop on the hard ground below. Her body was like a piece of paper; weightless and pale. "Hitagi!" His voice seemed so little compared to his thunderous thoughts. Spectators gathered around the injured girl as he pushed passed them, his form sinking to the ground as he cradled the bleeding girl.

She was broken.

Time moved slowly as he waited for the doctor; pacing back and forth, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. There she lay, dying on a white table, her body cold and broken. Helping people was his specialty. He was taught to help those that needed him. Providing his efforts was all he could do; sometimes he succeeded and other times he didn't. He wasn't perfect; no matter how she saw him.

His hands moved to his face as he sunk his forehead into the palm of his clammy extremities. His pain was indescribable. The pounding in his chest seemed to course through his body as he tried to rid himself of the dreadful feeling. His face was hot; the rest of his body cold. He wasn't able to stand so he sat in the blue chair, refusing to move from his spot. His mind ran through the nights events; everything forgotten- like a lost dream. The only thing he remembered was tragedy. His ears rang as he felt tears brimming his eyes, only one thought coming to mind.

He couldn't help her.

With a small, shaky breath he stood as a man in a white coat approached him. With a sideways glance, the man whispered.

"She's in stable condition." Koyomi's heart fluttered as he heard the news. Without thinking, he flew past the doctor, his mindset only on the room in which is girlfriend lay. "W-wait! You should probably know tha-"

"Hitagi!" His voice was loud and boisterous;, surprising even himself with his energy, considering the events. After countless hours of being silent and weary, his energy was sparked at the sight of the bandaged girl. She gave him a blank stare as she blinked.

"Who are you?"

His world crumbled.

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