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A week had passed.

The train ride was silent, amethyst hair waving freely with the parted window. Eyes, a striking navy looked clouded with loss. A loss of all that was important.

Her life.

Koyomi stared at her, his hands placed neatly on his lap, cowlick waving freely atop his head. Chestnut colored orbs took in her posture, her facial expressions, everything that once made her Hitagi, gone.

This shell of a person hardly spoke, hardly ate, did nothing but breath and stare. He never understood what she found so interesting about the world as she looked out the open window.

It held no meaning to her.

His gaze became downcast as the thought plagued him. Under his eyes lay dark blue skin due to lack of sleep, his eyes no longer sparkling, wanting. He only wanted her. He only needed her.

"Can you…" A gentle voice trailed off. Koyomi looked up, his eyes set on a shy looking Hitagi, her eyes looking thoughtfully at her lap. She raised her head to look at him. His breath stopped. "Take me somewhere memorable?"

Blink. Blink.


A chime sounded. A light wind passed as Koyomi stood beside his 'wife'. Red bars chipped from overuse stood in a colossal before them. Steps led them to it, towering over them in a maze. He looked at her, holding his breath as she inspected it, unaffected. Moving forward, her small hand touched the cold bar, her reaction but a straight face. Gripping it tightly, she glared suddenly, shutting her eyes.

He knew she was searching. Searching for the memories that would allow her to feel again.

Standing behind her, he placed a hand on her shoulder, the only way he ever comforted her. She did nothing. Reacted to nothing. Said nothing.

"You know, it takes time to remember things after such a terrible accident." He spoke to her, his voice just above a whisper. Hitagi opened her eyes, moving her head as she looked up to him with slight anger.

"I want to remember now." A small smile formed on his face, his hand patting her back gently as a small chuckle flew from his upturned lips.

"You've always been impatient." He stated, her eyes moving to her feet. He noticed this, sighing in response as he turned, using his arms to hoist himself onto the red pole. Staring down at her, he paused before speaking once more. "We used to come here a lot. Mostly to talk."

The girl looked to him, her face longing for him to continue.

"The first time we came here…" Koyomi paused, a small pink on his face as he looked away from the girl. "I felt something…Odd." He finished, his cowlick sticking up straight. Grunting, he mentally scolded himself for being so nervous around her. He had known her for over a year, and yet the person before him brought back feelings of liveliness and youth that he couldn't place. Once his stomach settled, he looked to her, her eyebrows showing inklings of concern. "What I mean is…I started to fall in love with you…Here." He finished.

Blinking, the girl stood back, her eyes innocent as she pondered his words. Two steps forward, and she was an inch from his chest, looking up at him. She placed her slender fingers against his chest, over the area his heart resided. Putting one to her own, she tilted her head.

"Your heart is beating fast…" She whispered, her face void of emotion. Koyomi stood there silently watching her, his bangs covering his face. "Are you alright?

"Koyomi, your heart is beating fast. Why?" his girlfriend stated. Koyomi looked away, his cheeks flushing from their closeness.

"You do that to me, Hitagi." Looking up, she paused, her hand still present on his chest. She sent him a small smile, setting herself on her toes to reach his cheek.

"And you do the same to me." Surprised by her answer, he looked to her with wide eyes. She chuckled softly, lifting his large hand to her chest. Smiling, he kissed her forehead, realizing their heart beats were the same pace.

Their hearts were beating as one.

Lifting his hand from his side, he moved to her chest, placing his hand over her heart. The girl looked startled as she backed away suddenly, her eyebrows stitching together in anger.

"I didn't give you the right to touch me!" She shouted, her eyes filling with resent. She paused, her body loosening as she studied the man a little distance away from her. Tilting her head to the side, she didn't speak.

He didn't know what to say. The girl before him felt nothing, knew nothing and yet it seemed as though nothing bothered her. A simple touch caused her to jump and he bit his lower lip, clenching his fist to keep him from punching something.

"Let's go." He mumbled, turning his back while shoving his hands in his pockets.


If only time stopped

What an easy life one could live.

With mistakes undone and lives rewound

No one would die.

Happiness would live forever

And timeless is reality.

Treasures hold this power.

A timeless trinket that brings one back to a time of bliss

Of greatness and beauty.

"Her heart…"

With so little protection, for it to break is catastrophic.

A world shattered.

"It's slow."

The room was quiet, a tense atmosphere surrounding them as the two sat eating. Koyomi watched television, his eyes blank with small bags beneath them while Hitagi stared at her plate, using her chopsticks to move the rice around. Shifting his gaze to her, he watched her silently before speaking.

"Eat your food. I made it specially for you." He exclaimed, his eyes on the tv once more. The girl's head rose, her eyes settling on him as she gave him a thoughtful look.

"Why are you so concerned?" She asked, speaking above the tv in hopes he would answer. Her eyes held nothing as Koyomi refused to look at her stoic face.

"I have a right to be." he responded casually, taking another mouthful of rice. As he chewed, the girl copied his movement, only hers was significantly less. She wasn't satisfied with his answer as she sighed, frustrated.

"I'm trying…" She stated, digging her chopsticks deep within the perfectly molded food, her eyes filled with frustration and anger. Koyomi looked to her, his eyes sympathetic. He sighed, placing his half filled bowl on the small coffee table in front of him, his fingers moving to the bridge of his nose.

"Yeah, I know you are…" He stated, watching her from the corner of his eye. He hates this new girl. The one with no past, to be precise. The one that loved him one second and hated him the next. It was never easy with her, and when he finally had her, he lost her. God hated him.

If only she could understand what he was going through. To have to look at the person he loves and receive nothing but a blank stare. He didn't care if his thoughts were selfish. He wanted her to remember more than she did. His efforts proved nothing as he tried to think of other places to bring her. He had to get through to her. But how?

A high pitched sound caught Hitagi off guard. Slowly, her head rose


The girl remained silent, her teeth biting the insides of her cheeks. Her face felt warm, her hands clammy as she stared at the wall. Her eyes were wide with fear as she felt herself losing herself. Her head began to swarm with images, her brain trying to keep up with it all. She heard nothing and felt nothing.

"I can offer you a deal." The girl paused, unsure of how to react. She looked around, nothing but darkness encasing her. The voice was dark and deep, sounding only in her head. As she looked forward, she watched as a giant red crab clung to the opposite wall, kanji floating around it. She drew closer to it, it's figure calling out to her as she stopped, holding out her hand.

"What kind of deal?" She asked, her voice shaking, her hand perfectly still.

"I can give you your memories and take away your pain." The voice stopped, a small chime following suit. "For your body."

She stared at the large crab, her mind pondering. Nothing else mattered at the moment. She wanted so badly to remember whom she was, why she was here, and to stop causing the people she loved so much pain.

"I'll do it."

A pang sounded as she doubled over in pain, her head spinning as her vision blurred. A voice was calling her, her body numbing as she tried desperately to hang on.

"Hitagi! Hitagi!" The voice sounded fretful, scared.

Koyomi knelt beside the girl, as she suddenly fainted, her eyes partly closed as she hung loosely in his arms. His heart was racing, his eyes wide with fear as he cradled her. He couldn't lose her again. Grabbing her bridal style he stood, only to stop in his tracks.

"A-Araragi-kun?" He gave her a fearful look, tears hitting her cheeks gently. She gave him a smile, her body still weak and fragile as he held her.

"Hitagi, you…" He trailed off as she simply nodded. Breaking down, he fell to the floor, his face laying in the crook of her neck as he cried.

She looked at peace. So blissful. The sound of curtains blowing filled his ears as his body grew numb from joy, his stomach sick from the bitter sweetness of the situation. He had his Hitagi back. The one thing that kept him living, and yet she was back to a time that caused her so much pain. That they tried so hard to fix. The thought made him want to scream.

Sighing, he moved a strand from her face, her bangs sweeping over her forehead. Her breathing was slow and steady as she slept, the sheet covering her shoulders as she faced him. Her lips were in a straight line as she slept. He wondered when she had amnesia, if she dreamed. He doubted it.

To dream, you need memories.

She weighed hardly anything, she seemed so fragile to him. Something he needed to protect. Yet, he wondered if she would return to a time when they were in high school. Like when they first met.

Cold, resentful, quiet. He could only pray. The memory of her past would haunt her, like it always had. Of her mother, her father, her past friends and heart breaks. Everything was once again on her weightless frame. Yet, he still couldn't help but wonder. Could he help her again?

Grunting, he let his body relax, shaking the thoughts from his mind as he slowly drifted to sleep, Hitagi's pale hand entwined with his own.


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