Avatar: The Legend of Korra: Aang's Story

WARNING- Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Avatar: the Last Airbender belongs to Nickelodeon and the geniuses Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. This is purely fan made! :]

This story is obviously about when Korra is the Avatar and was inspired by the news about the new sequel Avatar: The Legend of Korra. However this is about a character I made up. It's about Aang's granddaughter and takes place seventy years after the war (like in the Legend of Korra). She is the daughter of Aang and Katara's son Tenzin. Korra is a major part of the story since she is the Avatar, but the story focuses mainly on Aang.

I hope you enjoy!

Book one: Air

Chapter one: The meeting

"Aang you need to stop now. We have guests coming," Tenzin spoke gently, trying to diffuse the anger building on his wife's face.

"Dad I just got it to stay under me! Just a few more seconds," Aang moved her hands in her lap moving the air currents beneath her in order to keep the air scooter under her instead of spinning around the courtyard like it had earlier.

"Aang, enough!" Qing had lost her temper with her daughter which caused Aang to lose control of her air scooter and fall.

Tenzin wrapped his arm around Qing's shoulder trying to calm her while giving his daughter a look that showed his was impressed by how well she had been able to regain control over her air scooter. Tenzin had already taught his daughter all he had learned from his father, but she continued to improve what she had learned and to create her own bending movements. She was even beginning to use water bending stances to bend the air. She was becoming a master like him at the young age of thirteen while it had taken Tenzin until twenty to fully master his element, but his father had been patient with him.

"Monk Tenzin! Monk Tenzin!" One of the servants ran to where Tenzin stood with his small family out of breath, "Avatar Korra has arrived!"

"Thank you. Please bring the Avatar here," Tenzin bowed in the form his father had used and the servant returned the bow. Tenzin bent down to whisper in his daughter's ear, "If you don't upset your mother any more today then I'll speak with her on the matter of your tattoos again."

Aang smiled to herself. She and her mother were on thin ice with each other over the matter of Aang's tattoos. Aang had mastered air bending and was meant to get the tattoos that marked her as a master, but her mother had so far refused any mention of the topic. Aang hoped that if her father spoke about it then maybe her mother would see it Aang's way.

Aang pushed her dark brown hair behind her large ears that she had inherited form her grandfather. Her large blue eyes scanned the garden for the lemur's that normally roamed the area, but none could be seen. Her father told her that she looked like her grandfather, but her eyes were all her grandmother's and her pale skin was her grandfather's as well. It was seen as odd that she looked so much like an air nomad when her mother and grandmother were from the water tribe.

Aang looked down at the outfit her mother had dressed her in. It was a blue dress that went down to her knees and spread out at the waist. She had a green shawl that covered her shoulders. What her mother didn't know was that Aang was hiding her brown trousers under her dress along with her pale orange shirt and bright orange shawl beneath her dress as well. The hidden outfit was similar to what she had been told were what her grandfather wore when he was twelve.

Suddenly two servants coming to the door to the house interrupted Aang's silent search of the garden. Behind the two servants was a girl about sixteen with brown hair and blue eyes like Aang's. She had a blue tank top with fur around the sleeves. She had a wolf pelt around her waist and dark blue trousers that had fur along the ends as well with brown boots tucked that her pants tucked into.

"Welcome Avatar Korra," Aang's father and mother bowed and Aang had to hurry to follow their lead. Korra bowed as well to show respect even though she should have been the one just accepting the respect not returning it.

"I am very thankful that you and your family were willing to allow me to stay here while you teach me air bending," Korra stood with Tenzin and his family as they came out of their bows.

"Avatar Korra, I would like to introduce to my wife, Qing, water bender of the Northern Water Tribe," Qing bowed as she was introduced, "And this is my daughter, Aang."

"I'm guessing she was named after the Avatar before me," Korra smiled at the girl. She seemed only a few years younger than her. Korra also noticed a pant leg sticking out from under her dress. Aang noticed Korra's eyes and quickly air bended the pant leg back up with a quick movement of her hand.

"You would be right," Tenzin smiled as another servant came running up to them.

"Lady Qing, a man has arrived in need of medical assistance," The servant was out of breath. Aang guessed either she had run miles to get here or it was the Avatar's presence.

"Show me the way," Qing turned to face the Avatar again, "It was a pleasure to meet you."

Korra bowed respectfully as Qing left the garden. Silence followed her departure until Korra saw Tenzin looking down at his daughter.

"I don't think she's coming back. Your safe Aang," Tenzin smiled at the confused look on the Avatar's face.

Aang suddenly spun out her dress and flew to over twenty feet in the air before landing gracefully in her hidden outfit. Tenzin picked up the forgotten outfit and folded it over his arm.

"Aang you know you don't have to hold back just because our guest is here," Tenzin spoke as he brushed dirt off the dress.

"I didn't want to scare her on her first day," Aang smiled slyly at Korra. Aang had picked up the smile from a certain earth bender who her grandfather used to know.

"Since you'll be training her with me she needs to see all your talents," Tenzin finished fixing the dress his wife had spent nearly two weeks on, "Avatar Korra—"

"Please call me Korra," Korra interrupted him as she tried to make them stop talking about her like she wasn't there.

"Korra, Aang will show you to your room. Training will begin tomorrow at dawn," Tenzin bowed before taking his leave.

Korra watched the bald monk leave. He was one of the only bald people she had ever seen. He was also the only person she had ever seen with arrow tattoos in her life. He looked almost exactly like the statue's she had seen of her previous life. She had been told though that the Avatar before her eyes had been a grayish brown color while Tanzin's were blue like his daughter's. Who was staring at her as she thought about this.

"Follow me to your room," Aang turned without waiting for her reply. Korra wasn't used to being treated like this. Normally people fawned over her.

Aang knew her mother would be upset with her for treating the Avatar like this, but she didn't care. Aang didn't really like this girl; she seemed cocky which wasn't going to help her when learning to master air. Aang had heard all the stories of how the Avatar had learned all the other elements quickly and with ease, but Aang herself was excited to see how the avatar would react to her training with air. She had the feeling it was going to be a shock to Korra.

"Here is where you'll be staying," Aang pointed to a room where the door was already open. The room was a simple with a bed against the opposite wall, a dresser next to the door, a desk beside the bed, and a window opposite the bed.

Korra walked in as she looked back at the hall she saw the young air bender glaring at her.

"You may have mastered the other elements easily, but remember this," Aang looked down and then back up, "Air bending is a sacred and disciplined way of bending. Don't think it's easy or you'll be sadly mistaken.

Aang walked away satisfied with herself, but she hadn't seen her father at the end of the hall eavesdropping. He shook his head; he had to get the two to get along or his plans of training the Avatar with Aang wouldn't happen. Also Korra's stay would be a long one if she and his daughter didn't get along. Tenzin rubbed his temples as he could a headache digging its way in.

"This is going to be tricky," He whispered to himself as he walked to go find his wife and her healing hands.

I know it's a little rough, but it is based off a show that hasn't even come out yet. I've only written this one chapter so that if enough people like the story I'll continue. Also if you have any idea about the story feel free to tell me and I'll try to add them in if they fit with the story. Also the rating is going to start out as K, but may be raised as situations change (hint hint). Reviews are welcomed and appreciated!