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Chapter 17: Tokyo's Big Events

~ Amu's Pov ~

I awoke to a bright light flashing through my eye lids. When I awoke I could see that Ikuto had the same expression I did. What just happened? We turned our heads over to the side only to get another flash in the face. My mouth dropped open as Ikuto, and I saw a man with curly bright blonde hair, and virgin green eyes holding up his camera.

"Now, no one knows where you are, but me. If you want it to stay that way then let me get a picture of you both kissing, or there will be a huge mob at the bottom of this tree. Who knows how long it's going to take for it to die down." Looking up at the man with wide eyes, I turned my head towards Ikuto blushing madly. I can't kiss Ikuto, everything is already confusing enough! Ikuto looked down in my eyes with all playfulness aside. I could tell he sensed my distaste, and uncomfortable attitude in the situation. Yet again he still leaned forward with his eyes closed. I understand he doesn't want to run over town again. It's just hitting sun-down, and kids go in, but teens and adults come out. So I had no other choice but to close my eyes, and lean in to kiss him. The seconds hit like a time bomb as a little heated feeling shot through my chest. Is this really how we're supposed to get along after years of waiting? Are we supposed to be a ticking bomb waiting to explode into billions of pieces? Just before I had a chance to think, I was swooped up off my knees, and held bridal style.

"Hold on, Amu-koi." He spoke nonchalantly as I held him tightly seeing as he jumped off the high tree. Blushing I shoved my face into his chest as he ran off as far as he could manage.

I was set down on a bench as Ikuto panted lightly, and plopped down next to me.

"Phaty." Was all he said once he got his breathe back. I looked at him with my mouth dropped wide open. Folding my arms angrily I glared at him.

"I am NOT fat, and I told you to put me down miles ago!" Smirking he looked at me, and swung his bang out of his face as little droplets of sweat trickled down his face with grace.

"You're still phat." He spoke teasingly looking out to the ocean in front of us.

"I am NOT FAT!" I screamed causing people to look at me in distaste. Blushing, I bowed my head swiftly so the others could get on with their life. Chuckling lightly, he raised his hand only to place it under his chin, and stare at me.

"Amu-Koi, I said 'phat' not 'fat'." Looking at him strangely I shook my head furiously.

"Don't confuse me!" I hollered at him punching his shoulder.

"'Phat' means pretty hot and tempting; FAT means you're just fat and overweight." He said playing with a strand of his hair. Blushing I stood up, and took his hand.

"Come on, I have my wallet. Want to get ice cream?" Being dragged by me he responded.

"Not like I have a choice. But if you keep eating like that you will get all fat and bubbly." Stopping abruptly to snap on him, I couldn't help but to blush again.

"You know Amu-Koi you've been red almost all day. Could you be sick, or are you blushing?" Causing my blush to get darker, I began walking swiftly letting go of his hand.

"I-I'm fine! Don't say stupid things!" Chuckling angelically he paced steadily behind me, causing me to feel a bit embarrassed. What if he was looking at my butt? I don't want to look behind and check, because then he would know I was looking at him! Oh what do I do! I contemplated with myself for a while before finally deciding to swat my hips when I walk. If I sway my hips back and forth it'll just make him watch if he's not watching. So slowly I began to sway my hips. At first I made it non noticeable until I could ease the whole sway in. Walking faster, Ikuto was neck to neck with me as he leaned over.

"Amu-Koi are you trying to seduce me?-" Blushing I was lost for words, and just turned my head the other way.

"-There's no need to sway your hips, they sway naturally. I would know." Stopping abruptly, I looked at him and stuck my finger out.

"HA! I knew you were looking at my ass you pervert!" I yelped as he waved the situation off with his hand. Continuing to walk, we finally arrived at the ice cream shop. It was a while before I realized exactly where we were. We were at least 15 miles away from my house. I would never make Ikuto walk that way back after what he just did. Especially because he was carrying me! Going inside the ice cream shop I ordered 2 chocolate cones, each with a dazzling delicious strawberry on top. I walked out the ice cream shop, eating my strawberry, only to see Ikuto not there.

"I-Ikuto?" I stuttered. He wouldn't leave me here all alone would he? I began to pace back and forth feeling lonely. Ten minutes passed, and I sat down on the bench close to the ice cream shop. I felt like a little kid, and in order to find Ikuto I had to stay put so he would know where I was. Another 10 minutes passed, and I had started to lose all hope that he would come back for me.

"I'm here all alone…" I began to get teary eyed, but wiped the tears off my face ignoring the melted chocolate ice cream that drenched my hands… I couldn't possibly care that much about him after what he did to me… I mean I knew I had feelings for him, but never feelings like this…

"Why do I miss you so much? ... You're such a jerk!" I yelled with my bangs falling in front of my face... till a figure stepped in front of me; whisking my bangs from in front of my face.

"Amu-koi calm down. You couldn't miss me that bad, now could you?" Looking up with tears in my eyes, I hugged him making sure not to get the melted chocolate ice cream on his shirt.

"You left me here all alone!" I sobbed into his shirt lightly, feeling much better than before. Now I wasn't alone…

"Sorry Amu… I went to go find a pay phone, and it took longer than I intended… Let me take you into the bathroom, and clean you up. Your hands are a chocolate fountain." He chuckled as he led me in the ice cream shop bathroom to clean myself up. Damping a cloth the clerk had just previously given him. The first thing Ikuto washed was my face. Cleansing me off all the tears that were previously on my face, he missed nothing but my lips.

"Neh Ikuto, why did you skip my lips?" I questioned with a whole new found happiness. Not looking away from my hands as he cleaned them he answered.

"That lipstick suits you, and I didn't want to ruin it." Blushing I had almost forgotten Rukkai had put some on me earlier before we all split up. Once I was all cleaned up we headed out side to await darkness. The only light was that of the very few street lights there were. I had no problem with it. The stars shined beautifully high lighting every part of Ikuto's navy blue hair, and ocean deep blue eyes. I couldn't help but to blush as I looked over at his face…

"The taxi I called will be here soon." And as if Kami-Sama said the words himself, the taxi swooped in front of us, happily to scoop up the singing sensation Hinamori Amu. After Ikuto and I said my address, I began to feel dizzy. I slowly slipped into a dark void, and began to dream.

~Time lapse: Amu's house~

Sweat dropped down my face as I gasped for air. I had a nightmare again. Looking at the clock I saw it was in the middle of the night. My stomach growled signaling I was hungry. I was just about to get up for food when I felt a pain shoot through my head. My head was pounding, and my breathing was getting worse. I was about to pass out again when a hand stopped me.

"If you're hungry I'll make you something to eat. Just breathe… breathe with me In and out. Take deep breathes, in, and out. Just like I am, you'll be okay." The voice was silky, masculine, smooth, and still managed to sound comforting enough to calm me down. After I was fully okay, I began to nod off to bed with Ikuto's face next to mine.

"A-arigatou….. Iku…to…" I fell asleep before a second notice.

The bright sun shined brightly in my face as I woke up to voices around me. I could hear Rima shouting something about a magazine and Nagihiko hushing her to quite before I wake up. I sat up, and stared at them curiously.

"I'm already up. So… tell me; what about this magazine exactly?"

~+Ikuto's POV+~

Rima, and Nagihiko busted through Amu's front doors as I had just finished up making her soup. I stared at them blankly as they began shouting towards one another.

"And you guys are a couple how?" I spoke in a sarcastically questioning tone. Stopping abruptly to stare at who had just spoken, Rima raised an eyebrow at me.

"Why are you hear cat boy?" Sweat dropping, I quickly continued to finish the soup. I placed the lid over the substance to keep it warm while shutting off the stove as to not overcook it.

"Watching after Amu; she came down with a fever last night. She's been out since." Swiftly making her way up to me she pushed the "Tokyo Big Events" magazine in front of my face. With my eyes a bit wide, I read over the title.

"'World Known Singing Sensation Hinamori Amu is Getting Hitched?'" And right below the headline was the front page picture; Amu and I sleeping peacefully against one another.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Nagihiko, while he walked gracefully up to Rima and I.

"What are you talking about? We're going to tell her!" Rima shouted.

"Hai, but do you really think that's a good idea? She might blame Ikuto, and then hell will rise." Within seconds Utau, Kukkai, and Rukkai busted through the door each holding up the same magazine. When Utau opened her mouth to speak I took the magazine that was previously in front of my face.

"It was a sneak attack picture." I informed before the volcano of questions could erupt. Sighing Utau leaned on Kukkai for support as Rukkai looked sheepishly at us all.

"I didn't think that guy would actually tell anyone! I'm so sorry!" Rolling her eyes Rima glared at her.

"Oh calm down drama queen, we can fix this by talking to the paparazzi. For now let's just go tell Amu." With everyone fallowing quickly behind her heels we all ended up in Amu's room. Nagihiko was trying to stop Rima from telling Amu till we figured out a plan.

"Nagihiko dammit shut up! It's in the MAGAZINE! We HAVE to tell her!" Rima would curse as Nagihiko tried to soothe her quite.

"I get that Rima, and we will just quite down and let her sleep. We don't want to wake her." His voice didn't soother her in the slightest as she still hollered more swears towards him. No one noticed the little pinkette arising from her sleep, but me; and before I could speak a word she was already up.

"I'm already up. So … tell me; what about a magazine exactly?" She questioned us all. Rima already being fired up tossed the magazine into her lap.

"That's what." Staring at the magazine intently, her mouth dropped open as her eyes gazed upon the front page.


~+ Tsumugu's POV+~

Sitting at my desk, I began going through the companies papers. Amu has been delightfully helpful in the riches department. Money has been raking in like diamonds in a mine.

"Boss, look at the Tokyo Big Events page. There' something you should see." Letting curiosity get the best of me, I went to Tokyo's Big Events home page to see the unexpected.

"So Amu… You've decided to play games? Well… I guess I'll just have to use this to my best advantage now won't I?"

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