Pillar of Idiocy

Pairing: Ryoma x Tezuka (Pillar pairing)

"You must be the pillar for Seigaku, Ryoma." Must be a pillar. Pah. If the bastard tells me to be the pillar, why doesn't he do it?

Ryoma furiously scribbled the answer to the maths equation into her book, ignoring the slight rips that followed the trail of her writing. She didn't notice her fellow seventh-years look nervous, as her golden eyes seemed to burn with a dark energy.

Fucking pillar. Fucking buchou. Fucking tennis!

She scowled at the innocent textbook, not feeling the slightest bit happy that school was going to end in a minute or so. Fucking after-school tennis practice.

Well, the reason for the Echizen's sour mood was actually not because of Tezuka Kunimitsu, but actually because it was nearing the time of her menstruation. Meaning periods, and its more commonly known infliction named 'pre-menstrual syndrome' or PMS, were just around the corner.

Making the already cold and aloof Princess of Tennis even more so… or at least, easier to burst into anger.

Ryoma almost snapped her pencil into pieces as the bell rang, making her twitch slightly. She slowly let go of the pencil, dropping it into her pencil case, ignoring its slightly bent shape and stood up, putting all her books into her bag and walking to her locker. Once she did so, and took out her tennis equipment and dropping in her books, she finally let out a shaky breath.

Calm down, Ryoma, it wouldn't do well if you blew up on Eiji-senpai, Momoshiro-senpai or Buchou… Or Fuji-senpai. Her hand curled into a fist as she felt her anger flare again, and she clamped it down, cautiously closing the locker: as to not startle the wary eighth-and-ninth-years nearby. Her hand remained in a fist, opening and closing periodically as she walked (or was it stomped?) towards the tennis grounds, an aura of black trailing after her.

When she arrived at the tennis grounds, she immediately went towards the girls' changing rooms, ignoring the calls of Eiji Kikumaru (which grated at her last nerves). She sat down on one of the many benches and put her head against her knees. She took deep breaths. Don't over-react… Boys are stupid at times, so don't blow up on Eiji as he might not have noticed I am severely pissed. Don't get angry at his death-hugs, don't get angry and Buchou's laps, don't get angry at Momo's loud voice… Calm. You need calm.

Her hand groped into her bag and took out her tennis outfit and a larger-than-conventional chocolate bar. She dressed into her clothes – and noted with annoyance that Nanako (or was it Nanjiro? Ero-oyaji!) packed a skirt – and took the sweet with her when she went back to the team. She tore a big bite out of the sweet and glared at everyone.

Inui muttered something that sounded like "ii data" as he perused a notebook, and he suddenly blushed. He looked at Ryoma. Ryoma just gave him a warning glance, realizing that he knew it was nearing 'the date'.

Thank god… He hopefully won't give me his 'Inui Juice'. She thought, her tense posture relaxing somewhat due to this fact, and due to the chocolate's effects.

"Hey, ochibi-chan!" Momoshiro yelled. He went up to the suddenly very annoyed girl and put her in a headlock. "Give me some as well!"

Inui decided against giving the (idiot) boy information that could save his life.

"… Momoshiro…" Ryoma hissed. "Get your arm off my neck."

Even Fuji flinched from her icy tone. Everyone apart from Eiji and Momoshiro became conscious of Ryoma's extremely odd behavior. While she was not very tolerant of Momoshiro and Eiji's childish behavior, she wasn't this harsh on them. The black-haired regular withdrew his arm from the girl's neck, walking off meekly to Eiji.

The dark-emerald haired girl turned her somewhat-feline eyes to the captain of Seigaku's team, daring him to give her laps. Tezuka merely blinked, turning his attention to Inui.

"Did anyone's training 'menu' change, Inui?" He asked, looking at his fellow spectacled tennis player.

"Ah… Yes. Kaido has decided that he wanted to up his schedule. And Momoshiro has shown that he has grown into his weights…" Inui said in his mysterious voice. "Echizen will also need to start adding weights to her 6-kilogram weights to increase her endurance. Other than that, nothing else has changed."

The brunette captain nodded turning his eyes to his team. "Twenty-five laps to everyone. Including non-regulars."


Ryoma couldn't wait to get home, to her wonderful shower, to her wonderful Karupin, to her wonderful bed… But no, Tezuka decided that he should keep the poor girl behind for something.

"Echizen. Why are you so snappy today? Kaido couldn't concentrate on practice because you kept on serving Twist Serves at him. He couldn't work on his Boomerang Snake, which he needs to improve on."

She scowled at him. "Haven't you checked the date, Buchou?"

"Yes, I have." He replied.

"Did you notice anything of significance?" She asked testily, steadily getting angrier. Her stomach was beginning to show its more-annoying-than-painful cramps.

"… No." He answered. He tapped his fingers. "Is there anything to be on the look out for?"

Ryoma glared again. "What's the point of being a captain if he doesn't even know the problem of one of his subordinates? What is going to happen in a few days?"

Tezuka had a lot of pride. He really did. But he had to admit that he didn't know the answer to this question- oh. That's it.

"Ah." He looked faintly annoyed at himself. "Female problems."

Her scowl lightened. "Exactly."

He suddenly laughed softly. "I'm an idiot. I didn't notice the pattern… Every month, nearing the end."

Ryoma smirked slightly, her hand on her stomach. "Took you long enough."

Tezuka gave her an amused look. "Who else knows?"


"Should have known."

"Then you're an idiot."

"… Once you're finished your menstruation cycle, I'm going to set you a hundred laps around the field."

Ryoma shifted her tennis bag, looking at him. "… I'm leaving."

"… May I walk you home?"

"Do what you want." She paused. "Just don't annoy me."

They walked out of the school, both absorbed in each other's thoughts. The brunette glanced at the shorter of the two, frowning slightly.

I suppose that it is against the rules for a captain to be in a relationship with a subordinate. He thought as he looked at Ryoma's features. But many captains still have relationships with one.

Her lips moved as her tongue flicked out.

I can sort of see the allure, Tezuka mused. The forbidden is something that makes you wish your could have it.

"… You say I'm a pillar."

He looked at the girl beside him with curiosity. "… Yes."

"What kind of pillar?"

"Strength. Will. Courage." He answered. The two moved back into silence, contemplating the words. The brunette suddenly had a thought. "What about you? What kind of pillar do you think I am?"

Ryoma suddenly laughed, grinning at him. "A pillar of… Idiocy."

The normally stoic tennis player was stunned as she pulled him down to her level, giving him a light kiss.

"You really are blind because of your glasses… You should invest in contact lenses, Buchou," The coy girl said slyly. "After all, you have very pretty eyes."