Rookie Trio: Horrors of Buchou

Pairing: Ryoma x Hiyoshi x Kirihara (Rookie Trio ?)

Note: :D LAST CHAPTER! I thank all of my loyal readers~ 33 Also, this is a very, very plotless chapter. -_-''




"Damn it! I lost… Kinoko-chan! You cheated!"

"Stop calling me a damn mushroom, medusa!"

"… Mada mada dane, Aka-chan."

Wakashi scowled, looking annoyed. "I don't get why you two became the captains."

Ryoma smirked. "Kaidou-senpai doesn't seem to like that I get to rule over him…" Her poor, poor fukubuchou. Being lorded about by a short midget-y girl with more spunk than average American girls.

Akaya looked annoyed at his hand. "I don't want to host the get-together party! My house is too small…"

"Too bad," Ryoma snickered. "You lost the Jan-Ken-Pon game!" She flicked his nose, making him scowl even more.

"You can just book some hotel room, idiot," Wakashi murmured, leaning back on his chair. He sighed, his bowl-cut-like hair covering his eyes. "I can't believe you manage to keep B-grades with that kind of head."

The raven-haired male looked offended. "I- I'm not that stupid! I just can't do English!"

Ryoma coughed loudly, but it sounded rather like "you can't do anyone, either". Wakashi hid his smirk, and he leaned forward again.

"Now that that's settled, we should worry more about other things." He said.

"Like what?" Akaya asked, confused.

"Tennis practices. Should we extend this to Shitenhouji as well? Or should we also extend this to other schools around Japan, such as Rokkaku and St. Rudolph? We should organize many inter-team matches to gain information and experience." Wakashi said smoothly, resting his chin on his hand.

"That'll be good," Ryoma admitted. "But I would rather not. It won't be so productive if my team accidentally reveal skills to teams I don't really trust…"

Akaya blinked. "You trust me?" He grinned, jumping to his feet to run around the table to hug Ryoma. "That's great! I can take you to that theme park nearby my house, then we can sooo much fun!"

Wakashi suddenly pulled his ear, making Akaya yelp. "Don't hug a girl so quickly. Just because she says something, doesn't mean she actually means it…"

Ryoma smirked. "Baka-Aka." She nodded thanks to Wakashi, who just flicked some hair away from his eyes.

"… Um… Why were we here again?" Akaya asked.


Wakashi blinked, unsure of how he got in this predicament.

Ryoma was curled up at his side, her head almost falling off his chest and towards his lap, while Akaya had wrapped himself around his leg. On front of him, the TV was still on, with the title screen for a movie open. A quarter-filled bowl of popcorn was by his (free-of-Akaya) foot, and he blinked again. He moved, reaching for his phone, which was on the table beside the remote.

"Stop moving," he heard, when he shifted. Ryoma looked up, her eyes bleary. "I wanna sleep…" She rested her head against his shoulder, falling back to sleep almost immediately. Wakashi tensed up. What exactly happened to them, to make them end up like this?

Akaya murmured something in his sleep, his arms tightening around his leg. Wakashi had a passing thought that his legs were probably suffering from lack of blood circulation.

"… What the hell happened?"


Choutarou smirked widely when he thought about the position he put Wakashi in. It was for his own good – he was in love with the two other buchou, but he was too oblivious. He needed to perk up and realize his feelings! … Also, many people had betted on him not being able to set something like this up, and he didn't want to let Shishido-san down by failing to set this up!

After all, Shishido-san had sent him a text saying: 'if u mnge to do this, i'll gve u a kiss ;P' !