Inevitable: A Digimon Adventures 07* FanFic

*07 indicating year

Takeru had always thought he and Hikari were meant to be but he soon finds her drifitng towards a maturing Davis. Meanwhile, Tai attempts to salvage a friendship in the ruins of a broken heart. But who will find victory in the Inevitable? (Daikari, Takari, Sorato, and a bit of Taiora)

Chapter One: Falling Fast

It was a Friday night. The café was chic and urban. It had an air of stuffiness, but not the rich-snobby kind. Tai felt like he didn't know enough about art to be here. The walls were painted cream and it ran in streams against the soft wood. Canvases hung, each a different kind of abstract or satire. On the left wall was a poem written in paint, red and blue splattered over it. Through the air floated music Tai had never even heard. It didn't sound remotely familiar.

Having come straight from university, then soccer, Tai was dressed sloppily in his school uniform. Rather than a green blazer, however, he wore blue. His pants were khaki, but then again, his pants always were.

He put his phone on silent then retired it to his pocket. It was time for a dinner with old friends. Sora, being his closest and oldest friend, deserved his full attention. He wasn't a huge texter anyhow.

She sat across from him, dressed in a jumper-dress and cap sleeves underneath. She hadn't had classes today. Admittedly, Sora's sense of dress had developed and feminized since they were twelve. She looked… nice. It was something he had noticed nearly five years ago.

Sora smiled at him. "It's been a while!"

"We text," he responded, offended. They still spoke often, and though he did not like texting very much, he always made sure to talk to his best friend.

"That's true. My inbox is almost always full!"

The two laughed easily. After the waiter asked for their drinks, they reverted back to their conversations. It was playful banter at first and some arguing about Tai's choice of soft drink. They laughed at how easily they fell back into their old selves, and reveled in how different they were now. They discussed nearly everything. Only a few topics were left untouched. Sora asked about how soccer was at his university.

"I'm a starter," he replied, beaming. "It's rather distracting with school—"

"Straight B's again, Tai?" she asked cheekily.

He grinned and pretended to roll his eyes.

"How's your mom's flower shop?" Tai asked, changing the subject.

"Good. She's been sick lately, so I've been running it on my own. I kind of enjoy it; the organizing and designing."

He had almost forgotten she was studying design. It was so different from the Sora he knew when they were little.

"School's doing well, then?" he asked, sipping his soda.

"Oh, definitely! I love it—" she gave him a look, "It's surprising, I know. But you're choice of major surprised me as well. You created your own, right?"

"Not really. It's just political sciences, but with Digi-World studies incorporated into it."

Sora nodded, a knowing look on her face. "I should have known. You were always so good at defending justice over there, it's about time you did it professionally!"

"Nah," he replied, shaking his head, "It's not fighting this time. It's more like… peacemaking. I don't want to become some leader over there; the Digimon Emperor proved that it's not natural for humans to do that…"

They both stared at the table darkly.

Then, "I just want to represent them. I want to join the United Nations."

At this point, Sora looked completely taken aback. She took Tai seriously, but she didn't know he was that serious. He was more mature now, making real decisions in his life. Important ones. Tai seemed to be handling it well.

"The U.N.? Wow, Tai!"

He blushed sheepishly. "I didn't want to at first, but once they offered…"

Without warning, she took his hand from across the table and squeezed it. They smiled at each other.

"I'm proud of you, Tai. You're doing really well!"

Somehow, Tai knew she was more than just 'proud.' He was always a hothead, thinking impulsively. Sora was surprised, too. Political sciences was a high-class job with a lot of studies involved; it must be surprising to see him so intense about his schooling for once.

He was about to reply when the air shifted. Someone had entered the room. It was weird how different everything felt. Tai hadn't realized he had been leaning over the table intently as he talked to Sora. Immediately, he straightened up.

The reason a new presence had made such an impact on Tai was because it was his old friend Matt. He was wearing a button up and designer jeans. It was hard to believe he was some hot-shot rock star now.

Matt nodded at Tai with this cool air of nonchalance that Tai was never quite able to achieve. Quiet confidence versus vibrant courage. They were almost complete opposites, yet they were nearly the best of friends.

Except, of course, for that tiny rivalry embedded in them since they were twelve.

Tai smiled widely and said a happy hello.

Sora tilted her head up to say hello, too, when Matt bent down and kissed her cheek. There was an obvious blush in her cheeks. Tai felt his back stiffen.

"So… Matt, what brings you here?"

The blonde took a seat next to Sora and scooted his chair over an inch or two. He picked up a menu and began to look through it before responding. "Sora invited me."

Tai's face fell. "Oh…"

Sora was quick to pick up the mess. "Matt introduced me to the place! Of course I had to invite him again…" A nervous tone in her voice made Tai worried about her response.

With an uneasy voice, Tai asked, "You two have been here together before?"

"No…no!" sputtered Sora rather hurriedly.

Tai cocked an eyebrow. All the while, Matt was reading the menu. He gestured to a waiter, and he arrived quickly.

"Mr. Ishida! Will it be the usual for you two?"

"Nah, Li, I'll have the sashimi instead. Sora will have the same." From behind him, Sora nodded.

Tai glared at Sora. "Haven't been here, huh? Did the waiter somehow know your typical sushi order?" he mumbled under his breath. From his periphery, he saw Sora blush. Louder now, he ordered, "I'll have some udon, please. I'm actually not that hungry."

Once the waiter was gone, Sora rounded on Tai. "Not that hungry? Tai, you have to eat! You just came from soccer! Besides, you're always hungry." She was holding his hand and looking into his eyes urgently.

Matt twitched, but calmed himself. "Relax. He'll eat when he eats."

The easy conversing from earlier had faded. It wasn't that Tai wasn't close with Matt, it's just that there was a new tension in the air. He couldn't quite shake it, but Tai felt like he didn't want Matt there.

It was going to be a long dinner.

Hikari approached Davis' apartment door nervously. She was late, and she knew it. Today had been a long day and her nap ended up longer than intended. Gatomon was even harder to shake awake, so Hikari was forced to leave her little pet behind.

Now that the Digital world and Earth were connected through everybody, the Digidestined had to work harder to keep the peace. Two months ago Hikari had bigger problems than just coming to parties on time. This day eight weeks before was the first time a human committed a crime in the Digital World. They had been expecting it to happen, but nothing like this.

Even after Malo-Myotismon was defeated and people around the world were receiving digimon, the Digidestined were still the only ones able to travel freely between the new worlds. The first four years were like that, but just this year did the gate open up for everybody. Humans could be so malicious sometimes. They clearly did not understand the gravity of their situation.

Some reckless humans had implanted a virus, one much like Diaboromon's, and it spread like wild fire within a span of three days. The old and new digidestined of Japan had to work hard to purify the Digi-World once more.

It took only a week to get the Digital World back in order, but since then the Digidestined had to work on a new set of laws and morals so that a human would not interfere like that again. It broke Hikari's heart to see someone do something so cruel, but it all ended well. They weren't sure if the gates would be closing up soon, so the children were on their guard.

Davis, always ready to party, felt it best everyone celebrate. Hikari smiled at the thought of spending time with her friends without the pressure of saving the Digital World.

Inhaling, Hikari knocked on Davis' door. She had only been over to his house three times because they usually met up at hers, so it would be interesting to see the Motomiya residence again.

A bright Davis, who was wearing the usual pair of shorts, but with a polo shirt this time, opened the door. It reminded Hikari of Takeru. She smiled back whole heartedly.

Davis took Hikari into a very tight, rather awkward, hug. "You came!"

"You seem surprised," said Hikari skeptically as she stepped into the house.

"Well," he began, blushing, "No one showed up."

"You're kidding, Davis? Why would anyone want to miss one of your parties?" If anyone else had said that, it would have been meant to be sarcasm. But the words came from Hikari, and they were sincere. Struggling with her shoes, she set the box of cookies she had been carrying aside.

Davis immediately took it up and sniffed. "Nice… But yeah, you're my only guest so far tonight!"

Admittedly, Hikari was put out. She was so looking forward to a laughter-filled house. He must have noticed, because his fingers came to her face and lifted up her chin. They were actually soft, something she had not expected from the stubborn and aggressive Davis. Her face reddened, but he paid no heed.

"You're not excited anymore, are you, Hikari?" His eyes were sincerely sad.

Quickly Hikari shook her head. He was being vulnerable! His change in mood seemed promising. "Of course I'm excited! A party thrown by Davis Motomiya? Why, I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Davis grinned boyishly and bounded towards his living room, tugging Hikari along. "That's great! We could have tons of fun without them." After letting her plop onto the couch, he began to rifle through some paper. "I made a list of things we could do… board games? Nah, too boring. I like T.V.!—But I doubt you will…"

She watched him for a few minutes, bemused, before finally snapping him out of his manic search for activities. Gently, she tugged on his hand. "Davis, we could just talk."

He looked up at their hands, surprised. "Yeah! Sounds great!"

Hikari smiled, pleased with his usual enthusiasm, before letting her hand fall from his. The tips of their fingers touched, and the warmth lingered. Was it embarrassment? That had to be it.

Tentatively, Davis sat on the couch. He inched closer, giving her funny glances through the corner of his eye. She laughed.

"I won't bite!"

"Promise?" he asked, playing along.

They both smiled.

"Of course I won't."

To comfort him, Hikari pat his knee. The muscles in his leg twitched, causing her to giggle internally. They stayed silent for more than seven minutes, until Davis felt too antsy to sit there any longer.

"You said we'd talk!" he whined.

"Then why don't you start, Davis?" she said, scowling.

"Oh, right. Er, what's your favorite color?"

"Really?" She tugged on her pink jumper-dress. "Pink."

"Oh, really? I suppose that was rather obvious..." Davis scratched the back of his head nervously.

She ignored this so as not to embarrass him further. Instead, she changed the subject. "Where's Jun?"

"At one of Matt's concerts. She says she gave up on him, since he sort of has a thing with Sora, but I don't believe her. She has a pillow with Matt's—"

Hikari cut him off. "Matt and Sora have a 'thing?'"

Inside, she felt her heart fall. Taichi had been so excited to meet up with his old friend. Though her hardheaded brother would never admit it, Hikari knew he felt more than just friendly emotions toward the bearer of Love.

Davis squeezed Hikari's knee gently. She looked up, surprised to find Davis smiling at her, his eyes soft. "Tai will be fine!"

It was as if he had read her mind. She had always thought only Tai and Takeru had that connection with her. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Davis and Tai were good friends and he was probably worrying about the same things.

Hikari nodded, reassured. "Thanks, Davis."

"No problem…" He scratched his head again. "Well, that conversation turned for the worst. Any ideas as to what we should talk about next?"

"Well, by asking me how to prevent an awkward conversation, my response can't help but be anything but awkward!"

He ruffled her hair, and she stuck her tongue out, laughing. "Fine, fine! We could play twenty questions!"

"How?" he asked, his face looking thoroughly confused.

"You ask each other twenty questions…" explained Hikari slowly. This was how many of her conversations with Davis went.

"Oh, right! I'll go first, then! What was your first impression of me?"

Of course it would be related to Hikari's opinion of him! She should have known better than to enter a game of twenty questions with someone who was totally infatuated with her.

Still, his passion was refreshing to her. He seemed so eager to please, and though it could be overwhelming at times, it was actually endearing at the moment. There was more to Davis than she had realized.

Hikari willingly replied to his question, excited to see his reaction. She explained to him how she had found him rather cute. Always observant, she noted how he had smiled widely and that his eyes crinkled so much they were almost completely closed. Then Hikari recounted the hug he had given her. It was a surprising one, but not as surprising at what he had said after.

"Then you looked me over and said, 'Wow! You're really cute. Really, really cute,'" she finished with a hearty laugh.

Davis' face was thoroughly flushed. He laughed nervously. His eyes averted from hers.

She pat his back gently before pressing on. "My turn! Why do you try so hard to impress me?"

"Because you're 'really, really cute!'" he said simply.

Honestly, Hikari could not tell if he was teasing her or not. But that was all the answer her gave her and she found it rather superficial. Still, it was flattering to hear and it even made her ears red.

They continued on like this, asking different types of questions. She learned his favorite colors were orange and blue, much like Taichi's. Davis found that Hikari has gotten deathly ill almost three times in her life. She cherished each and every one of her friends dearly, but her closest friend was Takeru. It was said that Davis stopped wetting the bed just two years ago and that his sister Jun still pretends to put make up on him.

They both learned each other's interests. Hikari showed him how a camera worked and Davis gave her a few soccer tips to try out.

"I honestly don't play as much as I'd like to," she said. Her foot was trying to find the perfect angle at which to kick the ball. It was hard work, considering she didn't want to break anything in his house.

She took her shot and made it square center into their make shift goal. Davis cheered and gave her an aggressive hug before going back to pick up the ball.

"Thanks for teaching me! Who taught you?"

"Tai, actually. You know, it's weird, I would have figured he'd have shown you by now!"

Hikari laughed and nodded. "But like I said; I hardly ever play! Dance takes up so much time."

"Well, it pays off," he muttered. It was so quiet Hikari was able to pretend she had not heard that.

"Question ten? Right?" she asked while Davis fidgeted with the goal.

"For you. I'm on nine!" he said brightly. "Shoot."

"Who were your friends before you became a Digidestined?"

He thought about it, his face screwed up tight. "I suppose I would have to say Tai, Tommy, and Joshua. They're all from my soccer team."

"Don't you miss them? Tommy and Joshua, I mean," she asked quietly. It wouldn't count as one of her twenty questions, because this was just a follow up.

Davis nodded. Apparently, Tommy had moved to Nakano in the sixth grade, the exact year in which Davis got his Digivice. Joshua still played soccer with Davis, but he had somehow obtained "cooler" friends. Still, Davis had Tai and his new friends and they were much closer than Davis had been with his old friends. "It was worth it," Davis finished brightly.

Hikari nodded, smiling. He really could be sweet.

They kicked the soccer ball around his living room a few more times before his mother came out and yelled at him to stop making a racket. Mrs. Motomiya greeted Hikari before retreating back to her bedroom.

At around nine o'clock, Davis thought it was best to feed Hikari already. Together they went to the kitchen. They set the table and microwaved some frozen dinner. He took out a few glasses of milk so they could feast on the cookies Hikari had brought.

Dinner had commenced, and rather than barking questions at each other, they fell into amiable company. Sometimes it was silent, with just the sound of their chewing and the whirring of their thoughts. Other times they were teasing each other.

There was always that bucket of water floating over Hikari's head, though. It wouldn't allow her to be fully comfortable. Davis liked her; he liked her much more than she had realized.

And to be completely honest, Hikari didn't know how she felt about him anymore. It wasn't anything deep, but there was a new sense of warmth inside her when she thought of him. Perhaps it was just a crush?

Stupid Digidestined. If they had all showed up, things wouldn't be so complicated.

They were walking through the Downtown area, Sora in between the two boys. Matt had his arm around the girl's shoulders, while Tai's hands were shoved deep into his pockets, playing nervously with his keys.

Sure, Sora and Matt had had a thing three years ago but lately Tai had been so busy he never bothered to follow up on the subject. It bothered Tai that she had never brought it up before during their texting sessions. It seemed that they were really cushy now. From the corner of his eye, Tai observed his two friends. Sora was giggling because Matt had been tickling her under her arm. She shoved him gently and Matt chuckled.

The cozy couple seemed to have noticed Tai and they stopped their flirting. He might have imagined it, but Tai felt a feather light touch on his elbow. Sora must have felt terrible, but perhaps not as terrible as Tai did at the moment.

It was true, though. Tai had to concede that he was hoping that tonight would be considered a date. Even if it wasn't, Tai was hoping that this simple dinner could develop into something more.

But even Tai could admit when he was wrong. Tonight would have to be one of those times.

He sped up his pace and walked a few feet ahead of them.

"Hey, Tai, why so distant?" came Matt's quiet but slightly rough voice.

By accident, the big-haired brunette snorted. Tai tried to cover it up with a faux sneeze. "Er, just worrying about Hikari."

"Why? What happened?" asked Sora. He heard her footsteps and soon enough she was touching Tai's arm again, imploring him.

He blushed, but the night hid it. "Don't worry, Sora. It's nothing. It's just that Takeru left me a text."

This part was true. For the first time in three weeks, Tai had a message in his inbox from someone other than Sora. He pulled out his cell phone for emphasis.

Matt's voice came from behind him, interrupting Tai's typing. "My brother texted you?" there was a possessive tone in his voice, "What'd Takeru say?"

"He didn't go to Davis' party. None of our generation went and I remember Ken and Yolei declined as soon as the party was optioned. Cody's too young apparently. That means Hikari is at Davis' alone," Tai said, finishing it off darkly.

Matt laughed. "I'm sure it's no big deal, Tai! There'll be some harmless flirting and then Hikari will head home. I bet you she won't even stay late."

"I wonder if Takeru knows Hikari's there alone," murmured Sora quietly.

Both boys ignored her. Tai had felt his anger well up against Matt, and he snapped out despite the irrationality of it all. "Sure, Hikari will be fine, right? Who's going to walk her home? There are immature kids running around with their digimon and Davis isn't exactly a gentleman; he won't be taking her!"

"What about Gatomon?" challenged Matt coolly.

"She didn't come with Hikari. At least, I don't think."

Matt didn't say anything after that. Tai could feel Sora's eyes on him as they walked and he looked down at her.

"What?" he asked, half laughing.

"Hikari will be fine," she said. Then quietly, she added, "I'm so sorry."

She probably wasn't talking about Hikari anymore. But as soon as the moment came, it ended and Sora was back to swinging hands with Matt.

Embitterment crept over him. His two best friends. They told him everything from how their last match or concert was to the dramatics of their family. There was nothing they hid from him-except their love lives.

It stung him. It slapped him in the face. Here was this girl he was pretty sure he loved and his best friend who would follow him to hell and beat up Satan with him, and yet they hid this huge piece of news from him.

Sora giggled again. To Tai, it sounded like the Devil reveling in his broken heart.

(a/n: lol. Dramatic)

Davis hugged Hikari good bye and she departed. After about eleven paces, Davis ran out after her. "Wait! I still have six questions, Hikari!"

"And I have five. I won't forget, Davis!" she said, smiling.

He blushed and scratched his head. "Okay… Well, thanks for coming!"

"I'll see you at school!"

Since he had a flat on the sixth floor, Hikari decided to take the elevator. They stairs at his complex were outdoors and frankly it was cold and dark. She didn't want to slip.

The elevator took all of three minutes. The cold wind hit Hikari's face like cat claws. She rubbed her cheeks to get the warmth back in before setting off for home.

A familiar voice made her jump.

"He's not walking you home, is he?" asked her brother with a bark of laughter.

"Taichi!" Hikari turned around and hugged her older brother. "I thought you'd still be with Sora!"

He laughed again but it sounded almost bitter. Hikari remembered what Davis had told her about Sora and Matt and she felt her face flush.

He saw her look and he tried to pretend nothing was wrong. Draping an arm around his petit sister, he ruffled his hair with his other hand.

"I'm just here to save you from the evil darkness! Big brother Tai, to the rescue."

She smiled up at him. "You've been so busy with university, I'm just glad to see you again. Thanks, Tai."

"Just because I leave doesn't mean I'll never come back for my baby sister!"

"You're sweet. You didn't have to."

"It's okay, I needed the company anyway."

That statement only made Hikari worry. Was her independent big brother suddenly vulnerable?

He squeezed her shoulders and the siblings traded fake smiles. With that final glance, they walked home together.