Summary: Azkabam escapees, politicians, dementors, divided loyalties, difficult questions and, soul mates? Things are getting complicated. Mentions of slash & 3soms. Violence and some language.

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Dangerous cuteness and engagement by democracy

Madame Amelia Bones, Chief Auror, acting head of the house of Bones and generally someone not to mess with, was not happy.

Death Eaters had broken into Hogwarts. Two of her Aurors were dead and another six would be confined to hospital beds for the foreseeable future. There had been yet another Dementor induced clusterfuck and the paperwork for that bloody mess was bound to end up on her desk sooner or later because Cornelius Fudge was a complete and utter moron and the gods had not yet created a sectary capable of counteracting his ineptitude. All things guaranteed to piss her off.

Oh, and her niece had gotten into a fight with a Rockwood and could easily have gotten killed, but thinking about that for too long would probably cause her to have a panic attack so she was ignoring that issue for now.

The normally pristine grounds of Hogwarts looked as though a muggle music festival had recently left, the floor of the entrance hall contained new and interesting ripple patterns and Shacklebolt wore an oddly serene expression as he saluted her.

Interesting. Shit, it appeared, had gone down and Kingsley had been right in the middle of it. Good.

"Report Shacklebolt. This had better be good."

"We captured Trelor, Svenson and Carrow." He paused for a moment, looking thoughtful. "Well, I say we but more accurately Miss Granger and Miss Davis captured Trelor, Mr Weasley caught Svenson, or at least rendered him incapable of fighting back and Carrow basically surrendered after the Nightmares ran off after the Longbottom Lestrange Malfoy fight. Miss Bulstrode may actually have been mostly responsible for Svenson, but she is yet to confirm or deign."

Nightmares. Teenagers capturing Death Eaters. In Hogwarts.

"Huh. My niece?"

"Unharmed ma'm. She's in the hospital wing at the moment." Amelia raised an eyebrow at these conflicting statements, and Kingsley obediently explained himself. "She is guarding the ingered, ma'm. Miss Bulstrode, Mr Weasley and Mr Longbottom are showing signs of spell damage, Miss Davis and Miss Granger were exposed to the dementors and Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy are currently unconscious due to magical exhaustion. After the fiasco of last night the rest of the Hit Squad are unwilling to trust us with the security of their friends and are camped out in the hospital wing, with the blessing of Madame Pomfrey and most of their teachers."

Well, that seemed reasonable enough, though how they had gotten the teachers to agree…

"Have you started interviewing them yet?"

"No ma'm." He fell easily in behind her, but then Kingsley had never suffered from any of those male dominance issues that made a lot of her underlings behave stupidly. "Those children worry me on many levels and I completely refused to be left alone with them for any reason what so ever."

"Explain yourself."

"There was a moving of floors and usage of pikes and severed limbs being reattached. Just because some of them are out of it doesn't mean that the rest won't kill me in righteous fire, or unrighteous fire. Whichever comes to hand."Amelia watched him from the corner of her eyes as they walked. Kingsley was looking suspiciously un-glazed.

Had he been pushed beyond his capacity for weirdness reset? She hadn't realised that was even possible.

The hospital wing was full of light, teenagers, pre-teens and twitchy auror who were supposed to be guarding the Death Eaters that were yet to be removed but where actually dividing their time between the talking not yet adults and the bed where the sleeping Malfoy was curled around his half sister.

Cuteness from dark siders could be dangerous in ways no one ever expected. What was the girl doing here anyway? Amelia was almost certain that the girl was too young to start Hogwarts.


The not yet adults became abruptly silent as her aurors saluted her, and Amelia felt her skin prickle as all those eyes assessed her with the cool eyes of those considering a potential threat.

"Hello auntie."

Conversation restarted in an audible release of tensions, and Amelia wondered if Susan had not just rescued her from a painful, or at least humiliating fight.

"Susan. Are you alright?"

"Yes auntie."

Amelia scaned her niece and finding no trace of discomfort in her posture nodded once.

"Alright then. We are going to talk about this later Susan, you have no idea how angry I am with you. You should never have risked yourself like that."

Susan raised her chin slightly and met her gaze with calm, unrepentant eyes. Her brother daughter was growing up, and growing up well.

"Madame Pomfrey, when can the Death Eaters be mov-"

The door to the infirmary slammed open, hit the wall and narrowly missed hitting Fudge as he stormed in. Dumbledore had to wait for it to shut before he could enter.

"-utter nonsense Albus! The dementors would never attack without provocation, they are perfectly obedient! Utter rubbish, this, this is the work of those insane children!"

"Minister…" Dumbledore trailed off as he looked at the battered door handle, apparently lost for words. "Perhaps we could focus on the Death Eaters?"

Fudge had noticed the aurors, but not Amelia herself, and was ignoring him.

"You! Why are you just standing around? Arrest them!"

There was a long moment of silence as everyone stared at the Minister and tried to work out if he was serious or not. Dumbledore put his hands over his face despairingly. Potter yawned hugely, rubbed his eyes and sat up.

"Ah, good morning?" He looked around, blinking sleepily and noticed the gently rocking Weasley boy. "Are you alright Ron?"

"They come out of the walls." said the redhead mournfully. "Like slugs."

"How very rude of them." The eldest redhead shrugged in response to Potters enquiring look. "Could they not use the door instead?"

"Er…" Ron frowned, brow wrinkling in confusion. "I don't think they have hands."

"That would only be a hindrance if round door handles were in use." stated Potter firmly. "These are bar handles, and could be operated by leaning on them. They have no cause to be coming though these walls."

Ron's expression was that of someone unexpectedly faced with a new and novel idea.

"I don't think that they exist."

"That would excuse them many things."

Amelia tried to remember if she had ever seen such an odd method of psychiatry before and Fudge visible shock himself.

"Potter! What did you do to my dementors?"


"My dementors boy! You killed my dementors!"

"Ah, no, I don't think I did actually. Most of them were already on fire by the time I reached them, and then I was unconscious."

Amelia looked at Susan, who indicated Malfoy with a flick of her fingers. At least it wasn't Hannah setting things alight this time. The girl was a worry, all the anger she never expressed, never seemed to feel, went into burning things.

"On fire!" squared Fudge, eyes narrowing. "Oh that thrice damned-"

He stalked towards Malfoy and his sister, both of whom had slept though everything thus far, drawing his wand and turning an unattractive shade of purple.

"Don't do it!"

"Do it! Do it!"

"Suicide is not the answer! Not here anyway!"

"Yes, do it somewhere else!"

"Minister, I really cannot advise-"

"And here we have a fine example of Darwinism."

Fudge ignored the mixed chorus of warnings and encouragement and jabbed his wand as the sleeping blond.

Amelia had never associated the portly Minister of Magic with fast reflexes, but he managed to avoid the knife that was hurled at him with nothing more than torn robes to mark its passage. On the other side of the room the eldest Weasley caught the blade by the black ribbon attached to the handle and then stared at it as though he had no idea as to how it had come to be in his hand.

Miranda Snape, or possibly Black or Prince, shifted slightly to maintain her balance as she crouched protectively over her still sleeping brother, tilted her head slightly so her hair fell away from her face to revel a deep blue death glare and produced another knife with a flick of her wrist.

"Do not. Threaten. My brother."

Fudge squeaked, sounding remarkably like a panicked rat, before turning his wand upon her and the two aurors guarding the Death Eaters went to detain the girl before she hurt anyone.

The students watched in silence, Amelia tried to work out if she should get involved and if so on which side, Dumbledore went very still and Malfoy work up.

There was a moment of general confusion as the half siblings adjusted to each other's fighting styles, followed by something Amelia could only classify as family bonding though violence.

Dark sider cuteness was dangerous in ways people did expect as well.

"Oh for the love of-"

The shutters slammed themselves shut, the shadows writhed and the two children were hauled off their victims –the fight was two one sided for Amelia to class her aurors and Fudge as opponents- before anyone had time to process Professor Snape's arrival.

"When I work out how to do this…" hissed Miranda, twisting against the shadows that held her plastered to the ceiling.

"World domination?" Zabini's tone was disturbingly mild.

"Not the entire world, just a large part of it."

In some ways it helped that Snape seemed no more than mildly irritated by this exchange. I others it only made it worse.

"Would you care to explain to me why the pair of you are picking fights with the authorities?"

"They started it!"

Snape raised an eyebrow and spoke a single word that dripped with disbelief.


"Yes really! Fudge was threatening Indigo!" She glowered. "He's my brother, no one is allowed to threaten him accept me."

Several of the students smiled at this pronouncement. Amelia decided not to ask why.

Incredulous obsidian eyes turned to the blond, whose shins were stuck to the ceiling as he hung over Potters bed in a shadowy straight jacket.

He blinked sleepily down at his step father.

"…Why am I on the ceiling?" a vague frown. "Magic feels fuzzy."

Snape blinked once and turned on Fudge with a glare that should have melted the Minister to a pool of goo on the spot. Malfoy arched in a way that suggested yoga and looked at Potter.

"You destroyed some dementors, Fudge pointed his wand at you, Miranda attacked the perceived threat they," Potter indicated the two battered aurors with a thumb, "attacked her any you attacked them. We captured three of the Death Eaters. The Lestranges?"

A glean of wakefulness revealed itself in a grimace.

"The dementors." Potter grimaced. "Though I must say, your response was a tad excessive. It was incredibly hard to put out."

Malfoy's spine moved in an improbable sort of way.

"You over reached yourself didn't you?"

Potter raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, but dementors are a pretty good excuse Ari."

"And the wounded are not?"

"They're called medi-witches and their good thing."

"But difficult to locate on a battlefield."

"Precisely why your aren't allowed to knock yourself on your arse."

"…Gravity must be drawing the blood to your head, you are never this coherent when you have only just woken up. Professor Snape." The silent outpouring of loathing was ended by Potters tone alone. "Put them down now. Please."

Miranda flipped to land in an elegant half crouch, her brother simply twisted though the air to flop onto Potters bed.

"..Still won."

Potter smiled fondly and stroked Malfoys hair away from his face.

"You are belligerent and ridiculous. Go back to sleep."

"Wanna see Sev main the div."

"There is no coffee to be had Indigo."

"Foiled by my caffeine addiction…"

The blond curled in against Potters side and seemed to doze off under the raven haired boys gentle hands and amused eyes.

Amelia was pleased to note that she was not the only one staring, though the students did appear to be more amused than surprised.

"Is there a problem?"

"How long have you been married and why wasn't I told?" asked Miranda, half glaring at Potter. "I'd have helped you elope!"


"Why would they need to elope?" asked Snape in a irritated tone. "Arabella has been planning their wedding for years."


"Oh, are they properly engaged then Papa?"

"No! No we really, really aren't!"

"Details details." said a pale girl with huge eyes, waving her hand dismissively.

This time even the kids looked startled. Potter in particular, who couldn't have looked more startled, or turned a deeper shade of red, if he had been hit with a bunch of tomatoes.

"Married straight out of school?" said the bulky 7th year. "Or just together forever with a few sprogs without ever making it official."

"I'm betting that they elope in the Christmas holidays of 7th year." said a bushy haired girl. "Just to scupper the wedding plans that we will undoubtedly have been making since 6th year at the latest."

"A civil ceremony in muggle London." suggested the Davis girl. "Followed by an obscure but legally binding bonding ceremony."

"Performed by a werewolf?"

"Naturally Mia."

Davis smiled warmly and the bushy haired girl blushed a delicate pink.

Ah, they were such sweet little lunatics.

"Oi! Any obscure bonding rituals will be performed by my mother, alright!" The boy with the mismatched eyes glared at the room in general. "Who is this arrogant shape shifter who presumes to usurp her awesome? We shall feast upon their liver!"

"They would have to have a very large liver, to constitute a feast." mused the Bulstrode girl, shifting over on her bed so Greengrass and Miranda could settle in for a cuddle. "Most would barely make a meal for two."

"Forced to expand by prolonged alcohol abuse!"

"We will not be married by an alcoholic!" snapped Potter, glowering. "If we are married at all, which you would have no say in anyway!"

"Match making may be necessary." said a black boy mildly.

"Dean. I know where you eat, I am good at potions. Do not make me poison you."

"Harry, dude." Ron, who appeared to have recovered from his hallucinations, gave him an odd look. "he is going to be hot in a few years. You know this. Why are you arguing?"

Potter stared at him for a moment and then appeared to consider this.

"This entire situation has veered wildly out of control." mused Amelia, finally giving voice to his thoughts of the last 5 minutes. "Kingsley get out of the corner, you're destroying our image. Minister what precisely do you want them arrested for?"

Amelia felt herself poised at a cross roads. Here she could take two routes, support the minister or the hit squad, and either way she would declare an allegiance that she could not later deny.

She chose a third path.

"Do you have a warrant to that affect, sir?"

"What? I don't need a warrant! I'm the minister of magic!"

"Aurors require a warrant to arrest a suspect sir. It is the law."

"B-but Im the minister for magic! You have to do as I say!"

"We must enforce the law sir, and that means that we need a warrant sir."

Fudge glared at her, Amelia thought herself into a stone wall and a few moments later the minister nodded curtly to her, turned and stalked out.

The hit squad were watching her with half wary expressions. Snape and his daughter wore identical expressions of surprised consideration. Susan looked at her with pride.

"Madame Pomfrey, are the Death Eaters stable enough to be moved to the holding cells."

Why did it seem like Dumbledore was glaring at the back of her head?


Bellatrix stood very still and gazed into the sun shadows. Her brother in law swayed at her side and her thoughts danced along the spider webs in her mind.

Dementors and fire and a red spell as the world lit up in lightning blue. She had been barren before Azkaban, she would never bare a child. Why was that of importance?

The Rockwoods stumbled into the clearing. He looked exhausted, she was thoughtful.

"Trelor was captured." stated Josephine briskly. "What happened to Carrow?"

"He goes in chains with our Norseman." cooed Bellatrix to the sky. "They have him now.!

Josephine swore violently into her husbands shoulder.

"Tell me something was gained from this fiasco. Tell me we gained something from this stupid, stupid attack."

For a moment Bellatrix watched blankly as the duo sought comfort in each other's arms. Then she smiled.

"Dementors burn and our lord lives still." Bellatrix turned back to the sunlight. "We should find him, yes?"

"How do you know this Bellatrix?"

"The mirror knows it is so."

They kept talking at her for a while, but Bellatrix ignored them and enjoyed the heat on her skin. It was so long since she had last been sunbathing, would she still tan properly?

She was barren, what curse had made her so?


The year ended in a flurry of gossip and castle wide confusion. Amelia had questioned and re-questioned until she was satisfied and then left, Fudge proceeded to tie himself in political knots and Dumbledore had remained silent in a way that could not have been more alarming if it had been designed to be so.

Harry gazed pensively out at the scenery as it flowed past the compartment window, and then turned his attention to the one sitting opposite him.

Slightly paler than he used to be, hair slightly better kept, a reduced tendency towards random bouts of swearing and a book on enchantments that Harry strongly suspected had been stolen from the restricted section. It might have been the effect of the dementors or the failure to deal with the Lestranges, but Indigo had been withdrawn since the attack.

The blond had a tendency to obsess over things. It was a useful trait in a ward crafter, but Harry had always hated when it was applied to fights.

Harry gave his friend a light kick on the ankle, met his eyes, glanced at the book and then raised an eyebrow.

Indigos mouth formed a croaked line, flicked to a certain page and handed him the book.

Offensive enchantments for use upon… Harry frowned at the fluffy language for a moment, and then returned the book on enchanted weaponry.

"I would like a chain saw."

"Tracy gets a chainsaw, if anyone does."

Harry considered this and smiled slightly.

"Not a hammer."


Yes, that image was just a bit to perfect to disturb. Hermione needed a giant hammer. It had to be.

"A scythe then?"

A raised eyebrow was met with a sweet smile, and Indigo laughed before turning back to his book.

Harry smiled and glanced around, only to find that their compartment mates were glaring at them with various degrees of alarm and amusement.

"Is something the matter?"

"Did anyone else find that exchange disturbing?" asked Susan plaintively. "Anyone?"

"We were simply discussing weaponry Susan."

"There were not enough words spoken for that to be a discussion." stated Flare, ignoring Yuki's snickering. "Your mind twin act is seriously disturbing, please, for the sake of our minds, stop."

"At least until you're married." added Hannah brightly.

Indigo looked up and stared at her for a few minutes before turning to Harry for an explanation.

"The Hit squad is voting for us to be married before we are twenty."

Indigo blinked a couple of times before glaring at their companions. "This is not a democracy, and even if it was marriage is not decided by majority rulings. Any attempts to force the issue will meet with violence. Clear?"

They exchanged some unnerving little smiles and made absolutely no attempt to argue what so ever.

Indigo rubbed his forehead. Harry patted his hand.

"Ignore them. There is nothing else to be done."

"Don't pat me."

Harry hit his smile behind a potions book, and they both pretended that Indigo wasn't completely aware of how much he wanted to laugh.

The End. At long, long last.