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I was looking forward to see Jacob. I was a little scared, of course, after what happened last time, but he was my best friend and friends should forgive each other.

I think, that Charlie probably called Billy, that I was going to come, because when I drove down the road to their house, Jacob was already waiting for with guilty expression on his face. I rolled up my eyes. I knew, that I should expect huge stream of excuses and apologies.

"Look, Jacob looks really sad." Charlie said. I gave him quizzing look. Maybe I was just imagining it, but he did he really just try to make me feel bad, because Jacob is sad? It seemed to me, that Charlie thinks I come to the reservation to tell Jacob that our friendship is over. And I somehow still think that Charlie believes I am going to marry Jacob in the end or something like that. Which is absolutely ridiculous and never going to happen.

"Dad. Stop with this oh-look-at-poor-Jacob thing, OK? I can see his face." I said with a smirk and I got out of the car.

"Bells…I thought you will be mad at me for the rest of my life…I am so much sorry!" he hugged me quickly, squeezing me in his huge arms, taking me up from the ground. I didn't really like the feeling that I am in face hanging in the air. Besides that, he was squeezing all the air out my lungs and I was sure, that if he's not going to stop, I will never breathe again.

"Jake…I-can't-breathe…" I said hardly. He smiled and he put me down on the ground.

"Bella, I am really sorry…I didn't wanted that to happen." he said, looking at his toes. Yeah, exactly what I was just talking about.

"It's alright, OK? It was my fault, too. I shouldn't told you…what I told you." I said, sighing. He looked up at me quickly, hope in his eyes.

"So you are not mad at me anymore?" he asked, assuring himself. I smiled, because you simply can not be mad at Jacob. It's not possible.

"Of course not. Why else would I come here?" I asked. He hugged me again.


"I know, I know. You can't breathe." he laughed, putting me down again.

"What happened to your ankle?" he asked when we were going (well, he went, I hopped like an idiot) to their house.

"It is sprained." I explained.

"Oh…how did it happen?" he asked more, his face curious.

"Well…I walked." I said. He crack in a huge laugh. I glared at him, "Jake, it is not THAT funny!" I said, trying to sound cold, but I heard smile in my voice. Like I said before, with Jacob you can not be sad or unfriendly. He's just like your own personal sun.

"It damn is, Bella. Oh, when are we talking about funny thing…" he said while we sat down on his bed, " I heard that Edward is back." he said, smirking and giving me quizzing look.

"I know he is back." I just said, shrugging. He raised his eyebrows.

"Wow…you really seem to be over him. Last time I talked about him you seemed that you are going to break down in every minute. Oh and besides that, let's go back to the theme we didn't end the last time because of my…well…absolutely no self-control. I also heard that there is only one other vampire than Edward in this town." Jacob said. I bit my lip. Shit, he figured it out. He watched me for a while.

"Jake…" I started but I didn't know what to say. His face became clearer as he realized, that he was right.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he asked sharply. I knew that this couldn't be good. I was furiously thought what should I do. Maybe try to calm him down?

"Jacob…I…I mean…" I was speechless. His face was red and he seemed angry. And then something absolutely unexpected happened. He cracked in a laugh. I stared at him in disbelief. I expected everything…except this. Seriously, there must be something wrong with him.

"Does…does Edward know?" he asked between the laugh.

"No, he doesn't." I just replied.

"Really?" Jacob's laugh was even more hysteric. It started to be a bit annoying. Not that I wanted him to turn into huge angry wolf, but was it really that funny?

"Yeah, really! What do you think we should told him? You know, Edward, since you were gone, I somehow started to date Carlisle. You know him, don't you? It is the man who were acting like your father for at least one hundred years! What do you think he would say, Jake?" I asked sarcastically. He chuckled.

"Do you plan telling him?"

"I don't know. I just…I don't think he would take it very well, if you know, what I mean." I grimaced at him.

"Well and how about me telling it to him?" he asked.

"No, Jake, you can not be serious! You wouldn't do that to me, would you?" I said quickly, staring at his face in shock. I hoped, that he was just kidding me. He had to be.

"Oh, Bells, you're ruining all my fun! Why not? What does he think now? That you are going to come back into his arms like nothing happened?" he asked, giving me quizzing glance.

"No…he, you know, somehow thinks that I am dating you." I said, blushing hardly. Jacob was staring at me and it was obvious that he was holding a laugh.

"Me? Well, now I am seriously feeling sorry for him. Poor Eddie." Jacob mimicked. I laughed.

"Don't be mean, Jake…" I said.

"Whoa! YOU are calling ME mean? I didn't told my ex-girlfriend that I am dating you instead of saying that I am dating her mother." Jacob said. I glared at him and then I rolled up my eyes.

"Thank you, Jake, now you made it sound very gross. Besides that, I didn't told him, that I date you!" I was trying to protect the last pieces of pride that I had left.

"You didn't? Then why the hell does he think you are dating me?"

"Well, I very obviously showed him, that I am over him and then I told him that he can not come today, because I am coming down to the reservation to see you. You should see his face, I almost could read on it, that he figured out, that I am dating you. And I just…didn't told him the truth. It's not like I told him I am dating you" I said. Jacob chuckled, shaking his head.

"You know, if he is going to look for a job, I've got a good tip for him. He should go to play in Gossip girl…" he said. I raised my eyebrows with a laugh.

"Are you going to take me home?" I asked after an hour, seeing that our conversation wasn't getting any better.

"Of course, of course. Finally I am going to give you a ride in my new Volkswagen Rabbit." he winked at me, smiling proudly. I opened my mouth in surprise.

"Wow, you completed it already?" I asked with a huge smile on my neck. I knew, that he was good in working with cars, but I didn't know, that he was so good to actually complete a car.

"Are you doubting my skills, Bells?" he asked. I shook my head, trying to hop out of the room. He just rolled up his eyes, taking me into his strong arms.

"You girl are so clumsy that it's going to be the death of you one day, of that I am sure..." he said and I glared at him, punching his shoulder lightly. He just laughed as it didn't hurt him at all…

I opened the door, trying to get out of the car. It seemed to be mission impossible.

"There is a vampire." Jacob whispered quickly right into my ear. My heart skipped a beat. Carlisle? Or maybe Edward?

"It's ok, it's just me." Edward came out of the trees, raising his hands up in the air. Yeah, you're absolutely right. It's just you. Jake, who was just taking me out of the car into his arms chuckled hardly. I rolled up my eyes, fighting the urge to punch him again.

"Oh, shut up, Jake." I poked Jake into the arm. He just laughed.

"Hi, Edward, how are you? Is everything alright?" he asked then, trying so hard to keep serious face, but Jacob Black wasn't one of those people who could hold their smile away.

"Yeah, I guess that everything is quite alright." Edward replied darkly, shooting glances into my direction. I fought urge to chuckle as well - what the hell was wrong with me? Damn that, I was becoming Jacob! Well, now I chuckled at my own thoughts.

"Just take me home, you big tanned child." I commanded Jacob. He smiled widely in my favourite Jacob's smile.

"So you admit that my tanned skin is hot, huh?" he winked at me. I raised my eyebrows.

"Definitely…not…" I said and when his mouth opened in disbelief, I just stuck my tongue out at him.

"What did you just say, Isabella Swan?" he asked loudly, throwing me over his shoulder, so I was hanging over it, .

"Don't you ever dare to call me Isabella again and put me down now!" I yelled in cracks of laugh. Poor Edward was just standing there, watching as Jacob took me home. I didn't expect him to come after that. And I was right, he didn't.


"Are you alright, Dr. Cullen?" Lola, the nurse that was on the shift with me, asked, because every time the door opened, I quickly looked up, shocked that I will see Bella covered in blood. I was psychic.

I felt huge wave of relief filling my body, when my shift ended and she wasn't there. I hoped, that she was already home and safe. When I came to my office, my phone started to ring. I quickly hung on.

"Isabella, did anything happen?" I quickly yelled into the phone, scared to death.

"It is amazing how quickly can she make you feel protective around her, isn't it? And she doesn't even know it." Edward's voice replied calmly. Shit. The only good thing was, that he couldn't read my thoughts through the phone.

"Yeah, that's truth. Um…hi, Edward. What's the matter?" I asked quickly.

"It's just…you know me, I don't like to give up quickly, so I decided to go to her, just to see if she's safe and if she's happy and if he is giving her everything that she needs, you know." that wasn't good. His voice seemed to be quite upset. I felt so damn guilty.

"And? What happened?" I asked again.

"They seemed to be so…playful, happy and in love. I've never seen her laugh like that when she was with me. Never. I've never made her as happy as she was today with Jacob. I should be he happy for her, but somehow I am not." he explained. I could hear and feel that he was terribly heartbroken. And even though I wouldn't admit it loud, image of Jacob and Bella laughing and in love cut me deeper than I thought it should. I knew, that Edward probably just saw, what he wanted to see, but still… was I able to make Bella happy? Was she going to laugh with me?

"You should expect that she'll move on, Edward. She was in love with you, she loved you, but you were the one who choose this. You should never forget it." I said and I knew, that I was just trying to make myself feel a little bit less guilty with throwing the guilt on his shoulders. Jesus, I am such a coward.

"I was an idiot. I wish I could take it all back." he said. I was sure, that it won't be easy for him to move on. Were we supposed to wait until he'll be over Bella? Was he ever going to be over her?

"Yeah, people make mistakes." was all I was able to say.

"I know. Thank you for listening to me, Carlisle." he said silently. Bitter taste of the guilt filled my mouth. Who the hell was I playing at? I should just tell him, that it was me, who stole Bella from him. That I am the one who loves her and who she loves. But like I said earlier, I am a coward. Too scared to admit anything.

"It's Ok. I'll always be here, if you'll need to tell me something, OK?" I promised to him, even though I wasn't sure, if that's true.

"Yeah. I won't be at home tonight. I have to clear up my head." he said.

"OK…I understand." I just said and then I hung up. I knew that we should tell him the truth. Soon. But I let the thoughts leave my head as I was quickly getting into my car and driving to Bella's house. I knew that Jacob was going to be there, but I was sure Bella told him everything. Besides that, I somehow wanted to make sure about them. It might could seem stupid, but I was dying to know, if there could be any possibility that Jacob is better for her than I am. Chief Swan wasn't at home yet, so I knocked on the door. She opened me in a minute, hugging me as tight as she possibly could with using all of her power and that erased all of my doubts.

"I missed you, I missed you, I missed you…." she whispered quickly into my shoulder. I threw my arms around her, gently pushing her into the house and closing the door behind us.

"Missed you too, darling. But it wasn't that long." I tried to calm her with a smile on my lips.

"Seemed like an eternity." she replied looking up at me, smiling, too.

"Is Jacob still here?" I asked. She nodded, letting go of me, catching my hand instead, going upstairs. I watched her trying to get upstairs.

"Bells, you can't just ask me to help you, can you?" I asked her.

"I don't need help." she snapped sharply. I smiled wider, shaking my head. Her with her damn pride. After a while I just rolled up my eyes and I quickly took her into my arms. She didn't even try to protest…not that she had any time to do it, because we were in her room before she was able to say anything.

Jacob was sitting on her bed and he just looked up.

"Um…hi, Jacob." I said with a nod.

"Hi, Dr. Cullen…or…Carlisle…?" he asked nervously.

"Just call me Carlisle." I laughed while I was putting Bella down. She just smiled, hopping to the bed, sitting down next to him.

"Move yourself, Jacob!" she commanded him and he poked her, making her chuckle. I was standing there, watching them and even though I was smiling, I somehow understood, what was Edward talking about…

I KNOW...it sucks...