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Chapter 1: Ahoy, Sailor!

"Remember! Eat 3 times a day!" A nervous Carey said on the boardwalk as the boys prepared to board the S.S Tipton.

"Yes, mom." Zack replied.

"And brush your teeth after EVERY meal!"

"Yes, mom!" Cody replied.

"And call me every day!" Carey continued.

"YES MOM!" Both twins said simultaneously.

"My boys. Going out to sea. I'm gonna miss you guys SO MUCH!" She took them each in one arm and squeezed. Zack and Cody grunted as they left her arms. They each gave her a hug.

"Love you, mom." They both walked up the ramp onto the ship. Mosby passed by, Carey quickly snatching him aside.

"Make sure they're okay. If anything happens to them…"

"No need to worry, Mrs. Martin. They're in good hands." Mosby flashed a smile and hugged Carey before boarding. The ship eventually left the dock, Carey grasping a tissue in one hand, waving to her boys with the other.


"Zack. The room rosters were made up before we even boarded the ship. If I had known you two would be split up beforehand, I would've changed it. We're already on board, so make the best of it. You're only across the hall from him." Mosby handed him his room key and Cody his. "Your roommates are waiting for you in your cabins." Zack flashed an evil look before grabbing his suitcases and walking toward the cabins.

"This is gonna suck, man. I mean, where are we gonna get our privacy?" Zack complained.

"Hey, this could be good. We get to meet new people. See new faces." Cody replied fiddling with his key. "Here we are."

"Well…We'll just have to talk to our roommates and work something out with them. So we can get our 'privacy'. I'm sure they'll understand." Zack said suggestively. Cody greeted him with an uncertain look. "What?"

"Yea…I was thinking. Maybe it's not a good idea we tell people JUST yet about…y'know..us." Cody pretentiously suggested.

"What? We can't hide the fact that we're gay. It'll never work."

"No. Not that. The fact that we're together…We aren't exactly sure how 'accepting' people will be when it comes to that. I know Mosby knows, but he's got our best interests at heart. And London thinks a relationship is when families get together on a boat. So we're in the clear with them." Cody said, holding his love's hands.

"True…but…." Zack started kissing Cody's neck. "What about this? I don't think I can go another second without you…" Cody almost slipped into his brothers enticing moves, but quickly pushed him aside.

"Don't worry, Zack…It's a big boat. We'll find a place." He winked at his brother and quickly pecked him on the lips. "Go meet your new roomie." Zack nodded and opened his cabin door with his key. He walked in to the cabin, met with the scent of cologne and soap. The bathroom door was wide open, and it seemed someone was taking a shower.

"At least he keeps clean…" Zack said, scoping the room. There were 2 beds with blue bedspreads on each. One looked untouched while the other showed signs of inhabitance. He set his suitcase on the seemingly vacant bed and picked up an envelope. In it was a note and a card.

Zachary Martin:

The card enclosed in this envelope is your Meal card. This is your funding for on deck meals as well as any other food outside the ship during your session here at Seven Seas High. You are entitled to at least 4 meals a day, snack foods not included.

Keep this card with you at all times, as it also serves as your identification as a student at Seven Seas High. Should you lose or misplace your card, contact Mr. Marian Mosby at the ships front desk, Ext. 25. Your first replacement is free of charge, a $10 replacement fee following any other lost card. Any stolen cards should also be reported to the main desk.


Marian Mosby

Seven Seas High Headmaster

Zack quickly placed the card in his wallet and began settling in.

"Oh…Hey. I'm Zane." Zack took his attention from his suitcase to see a boy with black hair about his height standing in nothing but towels at the bathroom door. "Zane Mitchell." The boy extended his hand, which Zack graciously shook.

"Zack. Zack Martin. Any hot water left?" Zack said, grabbing his toiletries from his suitcase. The boy just nodded and walked over to his bed. "Dude's got a really hot build…Maybe this whole 'meeting new people' thing Cody was talking about will work after all…" Zack entered the bathroom, stripping himself down and entering the shower, letting the hot water sting his back. "New beginnings…Cody, you better be right…"

"UGH! What is that SMELL?" Cody pinched his nose as he entered the cabin he was destined to live in for the next year, and possibly longer.

"Oh. Sorry…I had tacos before we docked here. I'm Woody." He extended his hand from his bed.

"It's a pleasure…" He said, disdain evident on his face. "My name is Cody." He shook the boy's hand. The boy looked about his age, was very heavy set and had brown hair that resembled a pom-pom. "'A chance to meet new, interesting people!' Yea, right. Called that one down the middle, didn't ya, Cody?" He placed his suitcase on the vacant bed which, amazingly, was untouched and untarnished. He picked up the envelope on his pillow with a note and a card. He placed it on his end table and began unpacking.

"So. Where ya from?" The boy asked.

"Boston. You?"

"Cleveland. My parents wanted me to get an education at sea." Cody just looked back and nodded at the boy. He took out a can of air freshener and sprayed it everywhere he could, not concerned with how the other boy would react to his seemingly rude gesture.

"I have to live here. If anything, it's rude of him to be so…messy. Especially since he knew he'd be sharing rooms with someone…" Cody thought to himself. He pulled out a picture of him, Zack, and his mom and placed it on the end table, only for Woody to snatch it.

"You have a twin?" Woody said curiously.

"Yea. He's right across the hall." Cody replied. "Try being nice. He's messy, something that can be fixed." Woody put the picture back down. "So…You have any siblings?"

"Yea. 8 brothers and sisters. I'm the second youngest, though you wouldn't think so. My little sister is bigger than ME." Woody said with a chuckle.

"Awesome. Nice to meet you Woody." Cody plopped himself on his bed and let himself relax, ignoring the lingering scent of tacos and dandelion air freshener in the air. "It'll take some getting used to, but I can deal… Hopefully." Cody drifted off in to a deep slumber, the sound of the ocean outside the port hole calming him.

The sun was setting over the ocean, the large ship, now fully boarded, was out at sea, no land in sight. Zack held Cody in his arms as they gazed off into the sunset over the blue sea.

"Looks like you got your cruise, Zacky." Cody looked up at him and smiled.

"Guess I did. And the best part is that we still have another two weeks before classes begin. Mosby said we should take advantage of all the ship has to offer. He said that, as soon as classes begin, we're students and not vacationers." Zack fiddles with Cody's black highlights, which were faintly fading away, his roots a fresh blonde.

"I'm just glad I get to spend it with you. Especially with these romantic sights." Cody kissed his love passionately. "Let's make this a tradition of sorts. No matter what, we HAVE to see the sun set every night. Just us two." Zack replied with another kiss.

"I agree. That and let's make the most of this experience." Zack continued leering into the distance.

"Seven Seas High…Here come Cody and Zack. Ready or not." Cody said, taking his attention back to the sunset.

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