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Chapter 25: Separate, But Never Separated (Alternate Ending)

Cody and Zack entered their suite, laughing away. Zane was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels on the TV before he saw them walk in.

"I see you two were able to work things out! Aren't you glad you talked it out?" Zane said, standing up and walking into an embrace from them both.

"Quite glad…Though things are gonna be slightly different, I'm glad we were able to come to terms."

"Well good. It'd be a crime to see such an awesome relationship go down the drain." Zane smiled. The twin brothers smiled back at Zane.

"Listen Zack…I'm gonna go see Nick…I'll be back later, okay?" Cody said.

"Sure…and, uh….thanks." Zack said with a half smile.

"For what?"

"For, y'know…being the best brother anyone could ever ask for." Zack replied. Cody smiled wide before walking out the door. Zack plopped on the couch next to Zane and sighed.

"So…Didn't work out between you two, huh?" Zane asked.

"Nope…But its okay. So maybe Cody and I weren't destined to be together in that sense. At least we were able to figure that out before something catastrophic happened that could have really torn things apart."

"Are you…upset? Sad?" Zane asked.

"Well…I won't deny it. It sucks royally. But I know it's for the best. He'll find someone special to him and I'll find someone special to me. This way we ALL could have our graces. Me and whoever, Cody and whomever, and you and John." Zack said.

"Uhh…Yeahh….Take that last part out…Me and John kinda…split up." Zane admitted. Zack turned to him, surprised.

"What? Since when?"

"Since like…twenty minutes ago. He stopped over and we were talking…me, him…and his new boyfriend…" Zane said pitifully.

"Are you SERIOUS? WHAT A SLEEZEBAG! I'm gonna go find that snot nosed fucker and teach him a lesson…" Zack got up, Zane pulling him back down and laughing.

"No, really…It's okay. Honestly, it was just a spur of the moment thing for me and him. On the ship we were smitten…but once we got back to Boston, it's was bye, bye Johnny. Besides, I'm over it." Zane said, turning the television off.

"Well you're a stronger man than I am, Zane…" Zack said. The two sat in silence to themselves, their thoughts roaming free, until Zane broke the silence.

"Y'know…I gotta be honest…I'm, uh…kinda glad you and Cody aren't together anymore…No offense by that at ALL." Zane said. Zack turned to him quickly.

"What? Why?" Zack asked, slightly offended anyway.

"I honestly didn't mean it that way! I agree, it royally SUCKS that you and him broke up…But I mean…Well…Jeez, I don't even know how to say this…but…I kinda…sorta…may not have been quite as much over you as I originally thought…" Zane admitted. Zack's eyes bulged out of his head after hearing the words come from his mouth.

"So…You still like me, Zane?"

"Eh…Try…love…haha…" Zane said, nervously. "And since we're admitting shit…I might as well tell you I kinda went into the whole…John thing to…make you jealous…"


"Sur…prise? Heh…" Zane said, turning away. Zack sat there, unknowing of how to react to Zane.

"Zane, I…don't know what to say." Zack said, noticeably confused. Zane turned back to Zack, looking him in the eyes.

"Then…don't say a word." Zane whispered, grabbing Zack's face and pulling him into a passionate kiss. It lasted for a few seconds, Zane cutting it short. "Oh…uh…I'm sorry, Zack. I don't know what I was thinking…You just broke up with Cody…I'm such a shithead…" Zane cursed himself, once again turning away. Zack turned Zane back toward him by pulling his shoulder, gazing at him.

"No, Zane…You're not a shithead." Zack said, pulling him back into his own lips. Sparks flew between the two as they kissed, sending them into a euphoric bliss. Although Zack had just ended things with Cody, he immediately felt better. The feeling of reconnection with his old flame made him quiver with joy. The kiss soon led to more serious actions, both of their outfits eventually finding the floor.

"You bounce back…quick." Zane said, looking up at Zack. He just rolled his eyes as his hands found Zane's chest, slowly caressing the contours of his body. The gentle touch of Zack's fingertips sent Zane into bliss, his hips rolling beneath him. Zack's hand finally found Zane's hardened, twitching member, the pads of his fingers slowly caressing the length of it. The gentle touch made Zane gasp involuntarily, a jolt of electricity coursing through his nerves. Zack propped himself over Zane as he lied on the couch, both of their hardened lengths now making contact. Zack began to roll his hips, the friction between their members sending shivers down their spines. "Do you have any idea how much I've missed you, Zack?" Zane breathlessly blurted. Zack replied by crashing his lips against Zane's, passionately making out with him. Zane's fingers ran through Zack's hair wildly, tugging on it some as both of their bodies moved in unison with each other.

"Oh…Zane…" Zack moaned with pleasure, his voice cracking. One of his hands grasped both of their cocks and quickly began stroking them, the friction between them growing more intense. Zane's hands flew over Zack's shoulders and his nails dug into Zack's back, hard enough to draw a tiny amount of blood. The pain made Zack flinch, but the voracity of the moment pushed him to go faster, the rush of the pain driving his soul.

"Zack…yes…Zack…Keep going…don't stop…" Zane moaned. Zack's voice grew an octave higher, his moans growing louder and more sporadic with the next. His hips were now bucking involuntarily with his strokes, his body warm and tingling from the beautiful ecstasy the coursed through his veins. Zane's eyesight grew fuzzy, the only thing he could see is Zack's face, contorted with looks of pleasure and fulfillment.

"Zack! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna…I'M GONNA…ZAAAAAACK!" Zane screamed. His arms pulled Zack down, their bodies crashing into each other. Seconds later, pools of Zane's seed poured out all over his and Zack's chest, Zane nearly passing out from the intensity of his climax. Zack's hand left their crotches and he positioned himself on top of Zane, grabbing his own member and stroking it vigorously. His head flew back and his jaw remained open as he jerked off over Zane. His length began throbbing intensely as he stroked, his hips now bucking and rolling involuntarily on top of Zane's legs.

"Yes…Yes…I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" Zack held his breath tight as his hips finally threw themselves forward into the air, long, thick streams of his seed shooting all over Zane's chest and face as he rode out an intense orgasm. He finally rested on Zane's legs, glancing over at him and smiling. Zane just pulled him down on top of him and kissed him.

"I forgot how awesome you were in bed, Zacky…" Zane said.

"You're forgetting…this is a couch…and I forgot how awesome you were on couch, too." Zack smiled at him. Zane chuckled at Zack's terrible joke as Zane reached for the remote and flicked the TV on. He pulled out a cigarette from his pack, handing Zack one, as well. Zack knew smoking wasn't allowed in the rooms, but at this point, he didn't have a care in the world. The two lied next to each other, enjoying their smokes and watching TV. Although it wasn't in Cody's arms, Zack couldn't deny the fact that it felt good to have someone to hold him this way and take care of him in the way that Cody couldn't anymore.

"So…Does this mean we're back together?" Zane asked curiously.

"No. I just totally had sex with you because we're enemies." Zack said sarcastically.

"Oooh. Mr. Smart Alec. I'm taking that as a yes."

"You can take that as whatever you want, baby…" Zack playfully said, kissing Zane once more.

"Well…what a summer THAT was, huh?" Cody said, taking their bags out of his trunk.

"Tell me about it. I'm kind of looking forward to going back on the ship." Zack replied.

"Uhh…Yeah…I think you better rethink that last statement…looks who's walking up to us…" Zane said, pointing at the last person they thought they'd ever see.

"Oh no…" Zack and Cody both said simultaneously.

"Hey guys…I'm back…Heh…" Bailey said, shyly standing across from them. Zack gave her the evil eye as she stood there. He wondered how she could have the nerve to come and speak to them, even after all that happened.

"Hi…I see you had the baby…How is he?" Cody asked. Bailey just looked down, saddened by his words.

"Well…After I left the ship and got to Kettlecorn…I went into labor…But…the baby was a still-born. He didn't survive…The doctors say it was because of my small body structure…" Bailey informed them. Cody, although still sort of bitter from their past, felt bad for her. Even if she was kind of evil, he felt no one deserves to have that happen to them.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Bailey. My deepest condolences to you…So…What brings you back to the ship?" Cody asked. Zack and Zane remained silent.

"Well since I spent the whole summer depressed and recovering, my parents decided it might be better if I came back to the school. They talked it over with Mosby and he agreed to let me back on the ship…as long as I behaved." Bailey said.

"Awesome…" Zack blurted. Zane lightly hit him on the shoulder, looking at him seriously.

"So…the first thing I wanna do is…apologize. I know what I put you all through was terrible and totally out of my character…and I was hoping that maybe you would give me a second chance at being your friend."

"Why should we give you another chance? You hurt me, you angered Zack. I'm pretty sure Zane was a little sore with you. What makes you think you deserve another chance?" Cody immediately replied.

"I guess you're right…I probably shouldn't have bothered…But my apology stands. I'm really sorry. I guess I'll see you guys around the ship…" Bailey turned and slowly begun walking away.

"Wait…" Zack said all of a sudden. Bailey turned back around to face Zack. "Even thought what you did was conniving and wrong…if you MEAN that apology and promise never to do wrong to Cody or any of us again…then I guess we could set aside all that's happened and start anew." Zack held his hand out to Bailey, who eagerly shook it with a smile. She ran back to the ship, giddy and all.

"That was sweet, Zack. I'm proud of you." Cody commended him.

"Yeah, well…Karma got her back hard enough already…The least we could do is start over." They all agreed and walked on the ship, to begin another semester at Seven Seas High.

Cody sat on the sky deck, sipping on a mango smoothie and gazing around the deck. It was a beautiful first day back on the boat and he wanted to take in as much as possible. Zane and Zack were out enjoying the ships many different activities, leaving him with nothing to do.

"Hey there. This seat taken?" A boy asked.

"Oh. No. Go right ahead!" Cody said with a smile. The boy took a seat at the table. He had black, shoulder length hair and perfectly tanned skin. He was about Cody's height, but slightly more built than him. He wore black canvas sneakers, black, skin tight jeans, a green v-neck t-shirt showing a little chest, and a colorful cardigan. "Umm…I'm Cody. From Boston." The boy reached out and took Cody's hand, shaking it gently.

"Pleasure to meet you, Cody. I'm Joey. I come from New York." The boy said with a smile. Cody relayed the warm smile back. "I'm sorry if this sounds weird or anything…But had anyone ever told you that you're insanely handsome?"

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