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Chapter 1 – Out of the Sky

"Hey, Sei-chan! Wanna help me face a couple of these aisles before you go?" asked a short man, roughly four foot-six. He had no hair, dark skin, and black eyes. He was wearing tan khaki shorts and a black shirt with a white headband.

"Yeah, sure, why not? Don't really have anything else to do tonight, Ikai," replied the one addressed as "Sei-chan." He was taller, about five foot-ten. Had long, dark hair, red eyes, and tanned skin. He was wearing black jeans, a blue T-shirt, and a blue bandanna.

The pair were working in a store called Tsubura Market, a moderate sized grocery store located near a highway, providing for most of its business. It was a little after midnight. The pair worked on store's overnight shift, so they had the store to themselves. They were busy getting the store ready for the next day. They didn't have a freight truck to worry about that night, hence why there was only two of them. They only needed to straighten up the shelves from the shopping of that day.

"Man, I seriously have to stop coming in on my off nights. Sure, it helps me out to order my freight tonight as opposed to ordering last night, but still," spoke Sei.

"Seigai, as many times as you've said that, you continue to show up every week," replied Ikai.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm such a nice guy and all that good stuff," replied Seigai.

"What were you going to do, anyway? Just hit up your computer like you do every night, right?" asked Ikai.

"Yeah, pretty much, since everyone I know is asleep at this hour," replied Seigai, as he started facing the items in front of him.

"Who do you know again?" asked Ikai, while chuckling as he faced the items in front of him.

"I can't help it that everyone I know ended up moving after I got out of university," spoke Seigai.

"Why didn't you go with them? It's not that exciting around here," spoke Ikai.

"I know, but I wasn't able to find a good job anywhere, at least nothing guaranteed. Most of them didn't, either, they just went back home. Can't help it that they aren't really hiring architects right now. Why else would I be working here still?" asked Seigai.

"True enough. A shame that you can't put that degree of yours to good use," replied Ikai.

"At least I'm not like a doctor who's stuck as a janitor. That would be worse," spoke Seigai, while chuckling a little at the thought.

The job market had been rough for the past couple of years. Many of the people Seigai graduated with were also left without jobs in their fields. Some took other jobs, just like Seigai. Others went back to live with their families. The few who had jobs had connections that allowed them to get their foot in the door.

Seigai and Ikai continued to work and talk for another hour. At that point, they had a good portion of the store taken care of.

"Well, I should be able to take care of the rest now, Sei-chan," spoke Ikai.

"Ah, good. I'd like to just go home and rest now. It's been a long week, and it's only Wednesday," replied Seigai, "I'm not surprised Tsuyoshi called out. It's been rough for him, too, with everyone buying freezer meals from his aisle instead of cooking."

"Yeah, it has been a hot summer. Well, come on, might as well get you going. I'll lock you out," replied Ikai.

"Alright," replied Seigai.

Seigai made his way for the exit. He waved to Ikai before making his way out. He smiled as he walked along the streets leading to his house.

"Well, things aren't so bad, really. This life isn't as bad as that last one. I don't think I have to worry about getting blown up this time," thought Seigai.

Seigai had a secret that he made sure to keep from everyone else. His secret being that he was a wandering spirit of sorts. His original body was that of a wolf youkai. His body at the time was similar to his current body, except his hair was silver and went all the way down his back instead of ending at his shoulder blades, his ears were those of a wolf, and he had a tail. After his original body perished, by became a detached spirit, seeking other bodies he could use as a vessel. He had been living like this since for what he believed to be several hundreds of years. His ongoing joke with himself being he lost count after the first few hundred. He remembers his first life vividly, as opposed to the subsequent "lives" he's lived. He knows it was sometime before the year one thousand when he originally lived. As their was a profound lack of technology at that point of time, it wasn't as easy to keep track of the exact date. He had lived in a forest in the northern part of Hokkaido at that point in time. As his kind were often feared by the humans of the time, he made sure to keep away from human settlements. He made it a policy to never eat a human, though he had been forced to kill a few who threatened him on occasion. At various times in his first life, he became romantically involved with some human women, though, he would end up separated due to either their death or their families coming after him, which only prompted him to further keep out of human societies way. He had managed to live for close to five hundred years before he was ambushed by a group of humans while out hunting for food. The group was under the impression all youkai were evil and attacked Seigai for that reason. While Seigai was able to fight off and kill a few of them, he knew full well it would be next to impossible for him to take out twenty humans on his own. After he was killed, the humans burned his body, ensuring there would be no way for him to revive. From that point onward, Seigai sought out vessels in the form of unborn children. After inhabiting the bodies, he would live out their lives as best as he could. Sometimes he was born as another youkai, though as youkai began to disappear, he was born into human more often children. Since he was a youkai spirit, he was able to change the human bodies he inhabited over time to attain his original form, though he was careful to hide this from those around him in most of his lives. In the lives he was found out, he was killed, even if it was a family member of his current vessel. He continued this pattern to this day, watching as the world advanced around him. He could remember some random things from his lives. He remembers the first railroads in Japan, various wars, even when he was a kamikaze pilot during the second world war. Though he retained most of the knowledge he acquired in his previous lives, he continued to school himself, hoping to further what he knew of the world, and had been doing well to live a normal life up to this point.

"You know, I miss the old days. Yeah, I didn't have the convenience of the Internet and all that other good stuff, but still, there was something romantic around seeing the sky at night while sitting in a clearing. No skyscrapers blocking the view or lights outshining the stars. Oh well, if everything is a cycle, then maybe those times will come again," thought Seigai, as he was walking. There wasn't a soul around at this time of night, which he found comforting in it's own way.

He made his way into the small wooded area between Tsubura and his home, enjoying the calm of the trees. He paused to look up into the sky.

"Sure is nice out here tonight. Perhaps I'll take my time," spoke Seigai.

He slowed his pace, but stopped when he felt something out of place.

"What an odd feeling..." muttered Seigai, as he noticed something in the sky above. It appeared as though the sky was rippling, like the surface of a lake after one casts a stone. Seigai continued to stare until there was a bright flash, causing him to shield his eyes momentarily. When he looked up, he saw what appeared to be a person falling from the sky. He moved to catch the person, and ended up being knocked onto the ground, though he did keep the individual from harm. He looked down to see the person appeared to be a young girl. From what he could tell in the low light, she had pale skin and shoulder length blond hair with a ponytail on her left. She wore a red dress that went down to her mid thigh along with a red vest over a pink shirt. She had a yellow bow on the collar of her shirt. She was also wearing a pink mop hat with a red ribbon attached to it.

As Seigai tried to set her up, he noticed something strange about her. When her back came into view, he saw them. They appeared to be a pair of wings of some kind, made of wrought iron and prism shards. Seigai looked at his hands and noticed he had a cut on his left hand from one of the shards. Seigai then noted she appeared to have fangs.

"You've got to be kidding me... is this... it can't be..." thought Seigai, as he looked at the girl in front of him.

"Flandre... Scarlet?" spoke Seigai, looking in awe at the person who shouldn't exist in front of him. Seigai slapped himself a couple of times and pinched his cheek until he felt the pain from his actions, informing him that he was awake.

"If she really is Flandre, then was that wave thing some kind of portal?" thought Seigai.

Flandre started to move, leaving Seigai pondering what do to. Sure, if she killed him, he would just find another vessel, but knowing what he did of her, he knew he couldn't just let her roam free, as the results could be catastrophic.

"Just my luck. Even though I can use some of my youkai powers with this body, remarkable seeing as most of my human vessels don't gain any until they're about thirty, and I'm only twenty-three in this life, I'm hardly a match for someone like her!" thought Seigai.

Seigai's thoughts were interrupted when he felt the same strange feeling as before. He looked up to see the same pattern followed by another flash of light. The time, a human shaped object floated down. Upon studying it, he realized it was a human in some kind of body armor. The armor appeared to be bulky and fully enclosed. The armor appeared to be a dark gray, with a black square around the mouth and black screen across the eyes.

"Hand the girl over," came a male voice.

"Who are you?" asked Seigai.

"Hand the girl over, now!" shouted the man.

"I don't like the vibes I'm getting from this guy. Whether I can handle Flandre or not, something tells me giving her to this guy is a bad idea," thought Seigai.

"Why should I? Who are you? Are you her guardian?" asked Seigai, though he was already sure of the answer to his last question.

"This is the last time I will ask, hand her over, or you'll be killed," spoke the man.

"You plan to kill me regardless, don't you? I refuse," spoke Seigai.

"You're smart enough to realize that much. You stand no chance, prepare to meet your fate," spoke the man. As he said this, a pair of devices swung up from the back of the armor to over the shoulders. They began to glow before firing out a series of energy bullets in expanding spheres. Seigai leapt back, dodging through the pattern of bullets, knowing he would be trouble if he were to be hit. He looked for a place to set Flandre down, and thought of some way to attack back. The man only turned in Seigai's direction, not trying to pursue him right away. Seigai ducked behind a group of trees, hoping they would hold for a few moments.

"Well, I have enough strength in this body to augment my punches with an energy aura. I'll have to get close, but that's my best shot. I don't want to try something else and end up damaging my body in some way. Well, time to go for broke!" thought Seigai, as he ran out from behind the tree, and charged into the array. Seigai could hear the man laughing as he didn't even try to get out of the way, assuming Seigai had no way in injure him through his armor. Seigai charged some of his youkai energy into his fists, and slammed his his fist into the device on the man's right shoulder. It exploded into a small fireball, sending both Seigai and the man back.

"What!" shouted the man as he fell to the ground. The man looked at Seigai again. He tapped his helmet with his left hand, his right arm having been crippled from the explosion. The screen covering his eyes appeared to light up. Though Seigai couldn't see it, the man was clearly surprised at what he saw.

"Impossible! You're from there, aren't you? From that place we found her! But there shouldn't be anyone else from that world here!" shouted the man.

"Sorry, I'm from here, this world, this area. Always been here. Didn't you ever listen to your parents when they told stories of the youkai of old?" asked Seigai.

The man got back on his feet, and pointed his remaining device at Seigai.

"Screw you!" shouted the man, as he fired out a more concentrated burst from his remaining device. Though the bullets were more dense than before, since they were coming from only one point, it was easy enough for Seigai to charge through and hit the other device, blowing it away in the same manner as the first. As the man stood up again, Seigai delivered more hits to the man's armor, causing some of the devices within to spark as they were damaged. The man suddenly appeared alarmed as sparks started shooting out the back of his armor rapidly.

"No! You damaged the power core! Curse you!" shouted the man.

Seigai didn't like the implication. He ran to get Flandre, and got her and himself as far from the man as possible. A large explosion confirmed what Seigai believed was going to happen.

"That takes care of that," spoke Seigai.

Flandre stirred and opened her red eyes, staring at Seigai.

"Um... hi?" asked Seigai.

Flandre tried fighting to get out of Seigai's grasp, but couldn't get free, surprising Seigai from what he knew of her strength. He dropped the thought of her power and tried to calm her down.

"Easy, I'm not going to hurt you. I just saved you from that armor guy... whatever he was. You're safe now," spoke Seigai.

Flandre stopped struggling, appearing to be too tired to maintain her fight.

"W-where am I?" asked Flandre.

"Um, near Sarufutsu Village, on the island of Hokkaido in Japan," replied Seigai.

"Huh? The Human Village?" asked Flandre.

"Oh dear... well, there's no easy way to say it, so I just will; you're not in Gensokyo anymore; Gensokyo doesn't exist in this world," replied Seigai.

"What... what? No Remi-onee-chan? No Sakuya? None of the little fairy maids?" asked Flandre.

"I'm sure your sister will find a way here, or I'll find a way to get you to her. Either way, I'll make sure you see them again," replied Seigai, being cautious of how he phrased things, knowing full well what Flandre could do if she were to get mad at him.

"Not even red-white nee-san and black-white nee-san?" asked Flandre.

"I don't think they're here. They might be, they could be looking for you," replied Seigai.

Seigai was hoping he was right, though he had a feeling he wasn't. The only person who had any answers for him just exploded into a ball of fire behind him.

"I'm tired," spoke Flandre.

She appeared to be relatively calm after hearing everything, surprising Seigai. He figured it was best not to look a gift horse in the mouth and continued on his way to his house, knowing it would be best to keep her there.

"Hopefully Roku is already asleep, I doubt that brother of mine would get all that's going on. Even if I wanted to say I was having a girl over, and she just looked young, I can't just explain the wings away... unless I can convince him she's cosplaying, or something," thought Seigai as he continued on his way.

Seigai looked up to the sky occasionally as he was walking, checking to see if there would be anyone else "dropping in." To his relief, he arrived at his house without problem. He lived in a small house he shared with three other people. One person, Kaiji Saka, lived in the basement. Another, Sowa Kaki, took one of the small upstairs bedrooms, though he was rarely at the house. Seigai's brother, Roku, lived in another small bedroom. Seigai had the master bedroom.

Seigai opened the door to see his brother sitting on the couch in the living area. He was about to panic until he noticed his brother had merely passed out there rather than in his bedroom. Seigai said nothing as he took Flandre to his room.

Seigai set Flandre on one of his chairs, being mindful of her wings, which could tear the padded chair apart if he wasn't careful of how he placed her. He made sure she would be comfortable.

"Are you still awake?" asked Seigai, as he looked at Flandre. She had been awake the whole time, though she seemed out of it, like something was draining her of her strength.

"Who are you?" asked Flandre.

"Me? I'm Seigai Urufu. Your name wouldn't happen to be Flandre Scarlet, would it?" asked Seigai.

"You're good," replied Flandre.

"Oh boy, I really was right," thought Seigai.

"I'm hungry," spoke Flandre.

"Huh? Oh, uh... uh oh," spoke Seigai.

Seigai did have a few snacks he could get for Flandre, but he knew what she really needed. As a vampire, Flandre needed blood to survive. He could go look for some nearby animal, but he knew Flandre probably wouldn't wait. As rough as she was, she had likely been deprived of food for sometime.

"Uh... well... here," spoke Seigai, as he held his arm out to Flandre, believing himself to have no other choice. Flandre stared at him for a moment, wondering what he was doing.

"What are you doing?" asked Flandre.

"Eh? I'm offering you my blood. I know you need it to survive. I don't think I could really find something for you that quick, so... just don't take too much," spoke Seigai.

"Blood? I know it looks like the red sauce on some of my meals," replied Flandre.

"That's right, she doesn't know, does she? Well, I suppose she was going to have to learn eventually," thought Seigai.

"That red sauce is blood. You've never taken blood from a human before, have you?" asked Seigai.

"That's right. Onee-chan told me about it. I just forgot," replied Flandre, as she sank her teeth into Seigai's arm. Seigai winced at the pain, but let it go, knowing he had no choice, seeing as he couldn't let her loose upon the area.

"Easy, I need that," spoke Seigai. He pulled his arm away once he began to feel dizzy. He noticed the two holes with blood still coming out of them as he pulled his arm away. Seigai walked to his private bathroom to wash off his arm and bandage it.

"Is that better?" asked Seigai from the bathroom.

"A little," replied Flandre.

"I can get you something else, too, just hold on for a moment," replied Seigai, as he finished with his arm. He headed into the kitchen and looked into his cabinet, He had half a bag of potato chips and a couple of packs of crackers. That's all he had that was quick, and he was tired from fighting the armored man and having his blood drained by Flandre. He gathered them up and took them up the stairs.

"Sorry I don't have anything more elegant. I know you're probably used to eating food a little more high class, but this is all I have," replied Seigai.

Flandre didn't seem to care as she took the bag of chips out of Seigai's hand and began eating them like a wild animal.

"And I thought I was bad when I was hungry. This girl takes the top prize," thought Seigai as he watched her devour the entire bag within a few minutes. The crackers didn't last too much longer.

"Well, at least I got one cracker before you finished," spoke Seigai, half laughing.

"I was hungry," replied Flandre.

"Fair enough. I don't suppose you know how you got here?' asked Seigai.

"Hmm... well, these strange people in armor wanted to play. They tried to break me. I think they did, because I ended up falling asleep. Then I woke up with that one guy in front of me. It looked like I was in some kind of prison. I broke free and tried to break that guy, but something weird happened after I hit him a couple of times, then I ended up here," replied Flandre.

"So, basically, a group of those guys tried to capture you, succeeded, somehow, then one tried to approach you, you woke up and attacked the guy, and activated whatever device he used to get here in the process?" asked Seigai.

"Sounds right," replied Flandre.

"There must have been a lot of them. From what I know of you, you're pretty strong," replied Seigai.

"Yeah, that's what Onee-chan tells me. That's why I have to stay in the basement a lot. She started letting me out a lot more after I met red-white nee-san and black-white nee-san," replied Flandre.

"I see, so, Reimu and Marisa, right?" asked Seigai.

"Yeah. You sure do know a lot about me," spoke Flandre.

"Yes, well, in this world, yours exists as a series of computer games," replied Seigai.

"Games?" asked Flandre.

"I guess I should just show you," spoke Seigai, as he pulled up his chair to his computer and pulled up a game titled "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil."

"Watch," spoke Seigai, as he played through it, making sure Flandre saw.

"Hey, that looks like black-white nee-san," spoke Flandre, as she was pointing at the player-character.

"It is," replied Seigai as he continued. He played through the extra stage, getting through the fight with Flandre.

"That's not what really happened. It was both of them, and we played for a lot longer than that, and a lot of things broke and stuff," spoke Flandre.

"Well, these are just games. I imagine that your world is a lot more complex. They make for a good summary, I suppose," spoke Seigai.

"You know, you don't seem like a human, at least, not from what I've heard about them," spoke Flandre, "I know they can't use magic to make their punches stronger."

"So you did see parts of that fight? You're right, I'm not quite human. This body is, more or less, but I was originally a wolf youkai. Every time one of my bodies passes on, I find another to live in. I lost track of how long I've been doing it, though, if I had to guess, I'd say close to fifteen hundred years, give or take," explained Seigai.

"I'm only four-hundred ninety-five," replied Flandre.

"I'm surprised you can pull that from the top of your head. I lost count after the first few hundred. Then again, I've always lived the humble life. Nothing too big or fancy. At least I don't remember being rich in one of my previous lives. I only remember my first one really well. Most of my past is a blur, even to me," spoke Seigai.

"So you can't die?" asked Flandre.

"My body does, but I continue on. I'm kind of stubborn like that. I end up changing my human bodies into youkai bodies, though, it usually takes about fifty years to complete the process. This one might only take forty, maybe thirty-seven, thirty-eight if I'm lucky. This one seems to like my youkai powers a lot more than some of my other bodies did," explained Seigai.

"I get it. What's it like to die?" asked Flandre.

"What's it like to die... hmm... well, that depends on how. Sometimes, it's like falling asleep, and when you wake up, you still feel like you're dreaming. Other times, if feels like being pulled out of a room really quickly. Other times still you feel a lot of pain all at once, and then all of a sudden, nothing. I don't think words really do the process justice, but I can say that it's something best avoided. I don't particularly enjoy it," replied Seigai.

"I don't want to die, either," replied Flandre.

"Well, I'll do my best to keep you safe from those strange guys in armor. I'll try to get you home, too," spoke Seigai.

"I would like that," spoke Flandre.

"Well, since you're here, and we have a little time to kill, want to try this game out? It might feel a little odd, but it is a fun way to pass the time," replied Seigai.

"Okay," spoke Flandre.

It was only four in the morning. Seigai worked overnight, and usually didn't go to sleep until sometime around eight. He knew Flandre was a vampire, and likely followed a similar sleeping pattern as a result, so figured she wouldn't get too tired until later. Seigai explained how to play the game to Flandre, then let her try. At first, Flandre did horribly, but once she figured out the controls, she started to get a little better at it. In the end, though, she ended up being defeated when she got to the stage where she faced her sister.

"Stupid Onee-chan!" shouted Flandre, as she stood up, and glared at the computer. Seigai was puzzled for a moment, until he saw her moving her palm between her face and the computer.

"Ah! Wait! Don't do that!" shouted Seigai. Seigai was too late to stop her as she closed her palm. Seigai expected to see his computer explode, but nothing happened.

"Huh?" asked Seigai.

"What? I went 'kyuu' and nothing happened?" spoke Flandre, puzzled at what took place. She saw her chair, and thought to try it next, but once again, nothing happened.

"Uh, maybe you're not doing it right?" asked Seigai.

"I'm doing it right!" shouted Flandre, as she tried it on his door next, ending with the same result.

"Maybe it's because you're worn out from everything that happened," spoke Seigai.

Flandre sat down and started to cry. Seigai figured it was only a matter of time before the reality of her being trapped in another world caught up to her. Seigai wasn't sure of the best way to approach the situation. He knew one wrong move could result in his death, seeing as his body still held its human limitations. He figured all he could do was try to comfort her, and ended up letting her cry into his chest while holding her in a small embrace.

"It'll be alright, okay. I'll find a way for you to get home. There has to be some way. If you can get here, you can get back," spoke Seigai.

Seigai said this knowing it was a crap shoot. As long-lived as he was, his mind was more open to the existence of other worlds than others may be. He was also more excepting of vampires, seeing as he himself was a youkai. Still, he knew it was one thing to know of these worlds, but quite another to try and touch one. He would much rather be in a place where youkai were more accepted, as opposed to living constantly while hiding his true identity from everyone he came into contact with.

Flandre started to calm down a little. She stopped crying and ended up falling asleep on Seigai.

"Well, I guess she has had it a little rough. She was at that game for a few hours, I can see the sunlight starting to show. I guess I better close the blinds; I wouldn't want the sunlight to touch her," thought Seigai, as he gently lay her against the chair and closed off the light from entering the room.

"That should take care of it," thought Seigai, as he let out a yawn, "Uh, I feel more tired than usual. Probably from letting her have my blood earlier. I think now would be a good time to sleep."

Seigai went into his closet, and pulled out a pair of pillows and his sleeping bag. He didn't have a bed, as he thought it would end up taking up too much space in his room he could use for something else. He laid it out away from the window and gently lay Flandre on one side while supporting her head with one of his pillows.

"Maybe I'll wake up and find out this whole thing is just some dream. Maybe. As fun as this has been, it's just a bit weird for me," spoke Seigai to himself. Part of him wished this were a dream, and that his normal life awaited him. Another part of him wanted things to continue as they were, giving him some excitement for a change. He pulled off his shirt, though he opted to keep his jeans on, since he was in the presence of a young lady, laid himself on the other half of his sleeping bag, and drifted off to sleep.

Seigai awoke to the sound of his alarm sometime in the late afternoon. The sun was still up, though it was getting close to setting. Seigai always had trouble getting himself up.

"Uh... I don't feel like getting up today... I'll just wait for the next alarm," thought Seigai. He had yet to open his eyes. He felt his pillow laying on top of him. He figured it ended up there sometime during the day. It felt like the pillow case was falling off, so he went to correct it.

"My pillow feels odd... what are these two things sticking out of hit? And what is this bump here?" thought Seigai, as he was reaching in to adjust his pillow, "This doesn't feel like my pillow... wait, my pillow ends here, and this feels like... wait a minute."

Seigai's eyes snapped open. He looked up to see Flandre had rolled on top of him in his sleep. He noticed he had accidentally trailed his hands up her skirt, thinking she was a pillow. Seigai blushed before pulling out his hand.

"Okay, so I just violated her. Yeah, sure, nothing bad could come of that, yeah," thought Seigai.

"Uh... that felt nice," muttered Flandre.

"Eh?" asked Seigai, as he turned to see if Flandre was still asleep. Her eyes were closed, so he counted his blessings and let it be.

"Well, I'll wait to see how long it takes for her to wake up. I don't know how tired she is, but she's bound to wake up eventually," thought Seigai.

His alarm went off a couple more times before Flandre finally woke up.

"That's loud," muttered Flandre.

"I'd turn it off, but I'm kind of trapped," replied Seigai.

Flandre opened her eyes and saw where she was. She seemed to blush a little before moving over. Seigai rose and turned off the alarm.

"So, ready for some breakfast?" asked Seigai.

"Sure," replied Flandre.

Seigai slowly opened his bedroom door, and took a look around. He didn't see anyone, so he slowly led Flandre down the stairs. His luck ran out when he saw his brother on the couch again, this time, he was wide awake.

"Oh, Sei, finally awake, huh? Wait, who's that?" asked Roku.

"Oh, her?" asked Seigai.

"I'm Flandre!" shouted Flandre.

"Not quite subtle at all," thought Seigai.

"Okay... what's with those... uh... wings?" asked Roku.

"These? Well..."

"They're part of a costume. We were working on them last night, and she wanted to try them out," spoke Seigai, cutting off Flandre.

"Oh, whatever," spoke Roku, muttering something about obsessive anime fans under his back.

"Good, he bought it. Kaiji shouldn't be back from his job for a while, so I should be alright for the time being," though Seigai.

"Well, I got some cereal and bagels. Not much but it's food," spoke Seigai. He poured two bowls of a cereal that consisted of flakes and dried out strawberries. And took them to the dining table which lay between the kitchen and the living area.

"Feel free to dig in while I get the bagels ready. Do you like cream cheese?' asked Seigai.

"What's cream cheese?" asked Flandre.

"I'll make one with and without, in case you don't like it," spoke Seigai, and he brought in the pair of bagels he prepared.

Flandre found she liked bagels with cream cheese, prompting Seigai to spread some on the other bagel. The two ate their meal quickly; Seigai cleaned up after they were finished. Seigai led Flandre back to his room, trying to think of something the pair of them could do to pass the time.

"Can you go outside during the day?" asked Seigai.

"Huh? Yeah, sure. The sun makes me a little weak, but it won't really hurt me," replied Flandre.

"I figured as much. I wanted to see something," spoke Seigai.

"What did you want to see?" asked Flandre.

"How much of your power you can use in this world. It seems like you are limited in some way for some reason. Seeing as we'll likely be attacked by more of those armor guys, it would probably be a good idea to see if you can fight them," answered Seigai.

"Why do we have to go outside?" asked Flandre.

"This house here isn't really build for firing off bullets and what not. I know of a place we can go. It's well shaded, so you won't have to worry about the sun, and there are rarely other people there, so it should be a perfect place to do this," explained Seigai.

"Okay!" shouted Flandre.

Seigai locked up his room and took Flandre down the stairs, preparing to depart.

"Where are you two going?" asked Roku.

"Out," replied Seigai.

"Where to? You don't have a car or anything, you know. Does she drive?" asked Roku.

"Drive?" asked Flandre.

"Uh, no, she doesn't drive; she doesn't have a car either. We both walk wherever we want to go," replied Seigai.

"Whatever. So, I have to ask, is she a screamer?" asked Roku.

"A screamer? I can scream, really loud!" shouted Flandre.

Seigai was thankful for Flandre's innocence, knowing full well what Roku was implying through his question.

"I thought I told you before I don't just go and do that kind of thing with every girl I meet!" shouted Seigai.

"What kind of thing?" asked Flandre.

"Um... uh... maybe you should ask your sister about that the next time you see her," replied Seigai, trying to think of an answer quickly.

"What kind of girl is she? Does she really not know what sex is?" asked Roku.

"Huh? That? Why would we be doing that?" asked Flandre.

Seigai was flustered at this point, not wanting to get into this kind of conversation with his younger sibling.

"It's times like these I miss the lives I lived where I was an only child," thought Seigai.

"What we do or don't do behind closed doors is none of your concern, okay? Stop asking bothersome questions," spoke Seigai in a stern tone.

"What? Whatever, just go," spoke Roku, turning his attention back to the television.

"I think we should get going," spoke Seigai, as he led Flandre out the door.

Seigai led Flandre into the woods near his home. The place he had in mind was a small clearing in the middle of the woods.

"Why did he... uh... what's his name?" asked Flandre.

"Roku. He's my brother, well, sort of. The brother of this vessel, anyway," replied Seigai.

"So you don't really have a brother that's like you?" asked Flandre.

"No; I was an only child in my first life. It's kind of odd having a new family in my new lives. After having a family before, it doesn't feel the same with a new family. I never even tell anyone who I really am," replied Seigai.

"Why did you tell me?" asked Flandre.

"You? Well, I figured since you were a vampire, you would be a little more accepting. Humans seem to have a problem with those different from them. Doesn't help out much that some youkai eat humans. You drink their blood. Humans don't particularly like the idea of being food, not that I can blame them. Seriously, though, it would be nice if they didn't assume that all of us are out to get them," replied Seigai.

"Yeah, we've had that problem from time to time. We would get these people that would try to come to our mansion and try to kill us. That's why we have Meiling-san and Sakuya-san," replied Flandre.

"Makes sense. There's no point in having guards if no one ever bothers to come to do something," spoke Seigai.

"We don't have too many people coming to the mansion to do that now, though. Remilia onee-chan's reputation has helped out a lot," replied Flandre.

"I wouldn't go and pick a fight with your sister, either. Not either of you, really. Even if I could beat the two of you, I wouldn't go out of my way to do it. It would be a tough fight either way. Truthfully, I hate fighting, anyway. That's why I always tried to stay away from humans when I was a youkai in my first life," spoke Seigai.

"Must have been lonely," spoke Flandre.

"It was, but I didn't have much of a choice. The humans living here at that time were terrified of us youkai. They would often hunt us down on purpose, thinking of us as some kind of terror brought down upon them from the heavens. While there were those of us who would attack humans, most of us left them alone. It was those few who made problems for the rest of us," replied Seigai.

"Did you ever meet anyone?" asked Flandre.

"Well, not too many people in my first life. I would run into people when I entered a village to shop for something I couldn't obtain on my own, such as clothing. I was terrible at making my own clothes. I would get some stares and a few death threats, but you could walk into a human village without much problem if you were careful about where you tread. The humans at least knew that they couldn't deal with us one on one. It took twenty of them to finally take me down," explained Seigai.

"Take you down? Why?" asked Flandre.

"Prejudice, poor assumptions, hate. Pick your motive. I never had a chance to ask them why, I just knew I had to try my best to get out of the situation I landed in. Ended up being beaten badly. They even cut off my left arm and right foot at one point. They nearly severed my head, but fell short of removing it," replied Seigai.

"You could have recovered from that, right? I know I could. Remilia onee-chan, too. Meiling get's knives thrown at her head all the time when she falls asleep at the gate," spoke Flandre.

"I could have. The problem was that they knew that, too, so they burned my body until there was nothing left. Even I can't return from nothing. There needs to be at least one part of me still left alive. Fire has a way of taking care of that problem. They must have been quite diligent to make sure even my bones were reduced to ash," explained Seigai.

"It must have been painful," spoke Flandre.

"Not at all. I was unconscious from my injuries. I didn't know what happened until my spirit was forced out of my body from it's destruction. I was able to piece together what happened from there. I'm glad I couldn't feel it; it's not pleasant. I've died by being burned up a couple of times. It's by far the most unpleasant way to die," replied Seigai.

Seigai continued leading Flandre to his special place in the woods. Upon arriving, Seigai took note of there being no one there. The clearing it self was fairly large. There were a few trees in some places, ensuring there would be enough cover to keep the sunlight from breaking through. There was a small river that ran through it, with a small beach on the side they were on. There was a small rock face about three stories high at the far end of their side of the river. The other side was covered in brush and foliage, making it difficult for someone to walk through.

"This place should do just fine," spoke Seigai.

"Wow, I haven't been to a place like this in a long time, not since before I had to stay in the basement," spoke Flandre.

"Hopefully you'll get to see many places like this once you get back to your world," replied Seigai, "Now, let's see what you can do. I don't suppose you have any weapons?"

"I have my spell cards with me. The armor people didn't get a chance to take them," spoke Flandre.

"Ah, okay. Well, let's see if you can use any of them," spoke Seigai.

"Okay! Taboo! Four of a Kind!" shouted Flandre, as she pulled out one of her spell cards. Seigai watched, waiting to see if anything would happen. Flandre ended up dropping to her knees.

"Flandre! Are you okay?" asked Seigai.

"I felt really tired all of a sudden, like... like... hitting a wall," spoke Flandre.

"Maybe try a weaker spell card?" asked Seigai.

Flandre nodded, and exchanged her card for another.

"Taboo! Cranberry Trap!" shouted Flandre.

Seigai watched again. This time, the space around them distorted. A series of magic circles appeared around Flandre, firing out a barrage of bullets. Seigai stared for a moment, until he realized he was being targeted. Seigai quickly began ducking and weaving between the bullets fired at him.

"Ah! Make it stop!" shouted Seigai. Flandre could only laugh as she saw Seigai bending himself in all kinds of directions in order to avoid being struck. Flandre's laughter sudden stopped as she fell again, putting an end to the barrage, and returning the space around them to normal.

"Ah, thanks," spoke Seigai.

"I... didn't..." spoke Flandre. She appeared to be out of breath. Seigai walked over to her to see if she was okay. He could see that she appeared to be exhausted, as though she had been doing manual labor for several hours.

"I see. I think I see where this is going," spoke Seigai.

"What do you mean?" asked Flandre, as she finally caught her breath.

"You intended to use that for as long as you could, right?" asked Seigai.

"Yeah. It was funny watching you try to dodge all those bullets!" shouted Flandre.

"Not quite as funny on my end, but you found you had to stop suddenly, right?" asked Seigai.

"Yeah, like I hit that wall again," replied Flandre.

"So it seems you can still use your powers, but they're severely limited. Any of your spell cards that take a lot of energy to use, you can't, and even the others still drain you more than normal. Must be something about this world that's different from yours, though I can't really think of anything of nature that would cause you a problem. I know I had full access to all of my abilities as a youkai. When I alter my vessel enough, I can use my youkai powers without restraint, too. Hmm..." spoke Seigai.

"What kind of powers do you have?" asked Flandre.

"Oh, not all that different from yours, really. I can enhance parts of my body by focusing my energy onto a point. I can fire off energy in the form of bullets, too. I always lose the spell cards I make from life to life, so I have to make new ones. I always remember the good ones, though, so I can always recreate them," replied Seigai.

"Like what?" asked Flandre.

"Hmm... like what indeed. Let's see, well, there is Taboo: "Shadow Army." It's a lot like your four of a kind, except more than four. I usually make about twenty. Each one isn't particularly powerful. The more there are, the weaker each one gets. It's more about numbers than anything, mainly to scare weak opponents or surround a small group with a bullet barrage. Too bad I didn't get the chance to use it that first time I was killed. Then there's Inner Spirit: "Wolf's Rage." That one is hard to control. Great for several targets. I focus myself on the spirits of those around me and target them with my own in a quick barrage," spoke Seigai.

"Could you show me?" asked Flandre.

"Not in my current state. I can only use the most basic of my youkai powers as I am. If I get the chance, though, I'll be more than happy to show you a trick or two from my book," replied Seigai.

"Okay!" shouted Flandre, sounding excited.

"Now then, if you can do all of those, I guess it wouldn't be too much for you to fire off bullets in a regular pattern, right?" asked Seigai.

"I wonder," spoke Flandre, as she started to float up to about the height of the cliff. She began firing out bullets in a spherical burst. Seigai found himself dodging again, though, without much difficulty.

"Yeah, you can still do that much," spoke Seigai.

Flandre smiled as she floated back down.

"Well, at least we know you can defend yourself. Still, it must have taken quite a lot of those guys to have gotten to you when you were at full power," spoke Seigai.

"A bunch. I couldn't break all of them," spoke Flandre.

"Well, hopefully they won't send too many after you," spoke Seigai.

The pair passed the rest of the day on top of the cliff face. Flandre could easily fly to the top, while Seigai made his way up via a steep path that came up one side. The pair spent their time looking at all the animals that were making their way through the forest.

"I'm hungry," spoke Flandre.

"Well, there's plenty of blood in them," spoke Seigai.

Flandre wasted no time in knocking out a deer that had gotten too close. She was quick to drain it of all it's blood.

"Ouch," spoke Seigai, "Try not to make a mess, I doubt you'd be able to wear most of my clothes!"

Seigai's words fell on death ears as Flandre moved onto her next target. After Flandre was satisfied, the pair made their way home.

"You know, you'll get fat if you keep eating that much all at once," spoke Seigai.

"I know, I know. Remilia onee-chan tells that to me all the time. I just didn't get much blood from you yesterday, since you asked me to hold back, and I really needed some," replied Flandre.

"Oh, well, fair enough. At least you didn't get any blood all over your clothes. I don't trust the washing machine we have with your clothes; they look like they wouldn't survive," spoke Seigai.

"Washing machine?" asked Flandre.

"Oh, that's right. I suppose all your clothes are hand cleaned. We have a machine that does that for us, though, it would tear up something delicate, even on the gentle setting," explained Seigai.

"That must be nice. Sakuya-san and the fairies clean our clothes for us," spoke Flandre.

"I'm sure they wouldn't mind having a machine do the work for them," spoke Seigai.

"Maybe. Sakuya-san really takes pride in her work. I don't think she would want a machine that would do the work for her," replied Flandre.

"If my co-workers had that kind of dedication, I would never have to worry about something not getting done," spoke Seigai.

"What kind of job do you have?" asked Flandre.

"I stock shelves at a grocery store. I take care of the pet products and pasta products. You wouldn't think there would be so many varieties of pasta sauce, but there are," spoke Seigai, "I wonder what kind of 'fun' awaits me tonight?"

"You work at night?" asked Flandre.

"Yeah, overnight. I like it that way. There are no people there, except those I work with, so I don't have to worry about anyone getting in the way. It makes it a lot easier for me to get my work done that way," replied Seigai.

"Is that why you sleep during the day?" asked Flandre.

"Yep. That's why. I don't mind, really, though, I don't get to interact with people too often, since I'm usually awake when everyone else is asleep. It was like that when I was a youkai, too. I would often have my waking hours be at night, when humans were sleeping. Made it a lot easier to avoid them," replied Seigai.

"Do you have a lot of friends?" asked Flandre.

"Not really. I can't. Every time I get too close to someone, and they find out what I really am, bad things happen," spoke Seigai.

"What kinds of things?" asked Flandre.

"There was this one life of mine where I met this girl. Her name was Akano, Akano Kuroiso. She was a few inches shorter than me, had long, bright red hair and black eyes. She would often wear this black dress, tied with red ribbons. She often wore it when she was with me. She was the first person I ever opened my heart to. Even when I told her who I really was, she didn't mind. She was such a kind person, so gentle. So accepting of everyone," spoke Seigai, his voice starting to waver.

"Then something bad happened?" asked Flandre.

"Yeah. I proposed to her one night. She happily accepted. Things were going well for me. I have a great job, brought in more than enough to support us. I was accepted by everyone in the community. Even her parents liked me. That all changed quickly though, when I revealed my identity to her parents. I had figured they would be as accepting as she was. They didn't believe me at first, thought I was just joking with them until I revealed my youkai form to them. I had altered that vessel quite a bit by that point in time, so I could do that. They were speechless, of course. Youkai weren't common in the society of that time. They didn't know what to do at first. Then her father realized that a 'thing' was going to marry his daughter. Everything else about me didn't matter at that point. He pretended to accept me, of course. I didn't suspect a thing. Even Akano was surprised her stubborn father appeared to accept me. I was wrong, of course. Dead wrong. He went and told everyone about me. He managed to get enough people to believe him to cause problems for me. That's when it happened," spoke Seigai, holding back a tear.

"You don't have to finish," spoke Flandre.

"No, I should. If nothing else, it'll at least make you think about trusting people aimlessly. Anyway, I was with her one night. I had taken her to a place much like this one, except there was an opening to the sky, so we could see the stars. I thought it would have been a nice way to end the evening. As we were laying back, a group of people from the village I lived in appeared. I was in my youkai form at the time. I liked to take that form around Akano when we were alone, as a sign of how much trust I had in her. The villagers had no doubt about what I was when they saw me, and moved to attack me. Akano tried to stop them, tried to tell them I wasn't the monster they made me out to be. Of course, they didn't listen. They never did when it got to that point. Her father was the first to strike me. He had a metal bar with him. I could take a lot of punishment in that form, so the hit didn't injure me too badly. The problem was that I couldn't fight him back. If I did, I would have had no chance of living a happy life with Akano, not that there was much of a chance of that at that point. I tried to reason with him, tell him that I wasn't a monster, that I would never hurt Akano or anyone else. That the legends of old involving youkai eating humans didn't apply to me. Every time I tried to speak, though, I was hit with that metal bar. He hit me enough times to knock me onto the ground. At that point, the rest of the villagers joined in, hitting me with various weapons and tools they had gathered. I continued to avoid fighting back, hoping to show I truly meant no harm. Perhaps that was my mistake right there. It was only about ten people. I could have taken them, if I went about it the right way, but I couldn't do that in front of Akano. I couldn't bring myself to harm humans in front of her. They continued to beat and batter me. I tried to block their strikes, but they ended up breaking my arm. The continued until they broke both of my legs. They kept striking even as I was trying to crawl away. By that point, my jaw had already been broken, making speaking too painful. They continued until I could no longer move, all amidst screams from Akano telling them to stop. When they had believed me to be dead, they left me. I suppose I was knocked out from a hit the caved in my skull. I remember there being a lot of blood around my head when I came to. I was out for a few days while my body recovered. I took my human form, and made my way back to my house, only to find it had been burnt to the ground. From there, I tried to find Akano. Before I could make it to her house, I was found out by one of the villagers, and was attacked again. I continued to resist the urge to fight back, for the sake of hoping to convince someone I was harmless to them. It failed then as it did before. This group was probably the worst I could have encountered. They bound me up while I recovered this time. I awoke to find myself tied to a stake in an open square. I heard shouts once someone realized I was awake. Akano's father came to me shortly after, gathering a crowd of the villagers. Akano was crying for me at this point, begging for my life. At this point, I realized they were going to execute me. Someone poured some oil on my body while Akano's father held a lit torch to me, watching as I burst into flames. I'm not sure what was more painful, the flames, or Akano's screams. I could make them out clearly from the crowd; she was the only one not cheering. Once my body was fully destroyed, I became a spirit once more. I tried to find a vessel the same age as the one I was in before, but I can't merge with a vessel that has an established consciousness. I had to settle for being born into the world and living life all over again. I spent the much of my next life keeping an eye on Akano, making sure she was safe. I could never reveal myself to her, though. Even if I could, she was thirty years older than my vessel. Even if I could resume a relationship with her, the age gap would have made things difficult," explained Seigai.

"What happened to her?" asked Flandre.

"She moved on. She left the village after a few years. She never did forgive the villagers or her father for what they did to me. She ended up marrying someone else. By that point, she was too old to have any children. She lived the rest of her life in peace, but I could tell that she never forgot about me. I knew, when she was looking up at the stars that it was me she was thinking about. She had the same look she did when she was with me. Maybe it's just me being vain, but I'd like to think of it that way. I'll never know for sure. After that, I made it a policy to avoid telling anyone of my true identity. I haven't told a soul since, and kept in isolation for the most part. I'm planning to do the same in this life, once I have the resources to do so," spoke Seigai.

"Everyone knows about us where we come from. There are those who don't like us, but we've never had to worry about something like that. Are the humans of this place really that way?" asked Flandre.

"They are. You must not tell anyone who you really are; it would have similar consequences, I'm sure. Not to mention those armored people would know where to find you," spoke Seigai.

Flandre nodded in understanding as the pair made their way for Seigai's house. Seigai prepared a dinner consisting of pasta and sauce. He had thought about gathering some of the blood left in one of the animals Flandre had gotten a hold of, but opted not to, since he knew nothing of how to put blood in food that would make it appealing.

"Um, what kind of sauce it is?" asked Flandre.

"Hm?" asked Seigai. He then remembered that there are certain things in pasta sauces that a vampire would not be able to eat. He was glad he had plain sauce this week. Flandre interrupted him before he was about to add some seasonings to it.

"That's right; well, I can just do it plain tonight. I can live without adding in all those seasonings for once," spoke Seigai, as he put his spices back into his cabinet. Seigai set down the small meal on the table, along with a pair of napkins and silverware.

"Itadakimasu!" shouted Seigai.

"Itadakimasu!" shouted Flandre.

The pair enjoyed their meal quietly. No one else was around at the time. Seigai figured Kaiji was in the basement and Roku was off with one of his many girlfriends. After the two finished their meal, Seigai cleaned up and the pair returned to his room.

"Flandre, would you like to take a shower? I can wait for you if you would like; I don't have to be at work for a little while yet, and I'm sure it would help you to feel better," spoke Seigai.

"I would like that," replied Flandre.

"Okay, it's all yours," spoke Seigai, while pointing to his bathroom.

"It's a private bath, so you don't have to worry about anyone sneaking in there," spoke Seigai.

Flandre nodded as she entered the room and closed the door. Seigai sat by his computer and looked up something to pass the time when he heard shouting coming from the bathroom.

"You have to wait a few seconds for the water to warm up!" shouted Seigai, hoping the young girl wouldn't blow up his bathroom out of frustration. He listened to hear if there were any explosions, then went back to what he was doing. Seigai took his turn after Flandre and prepared himself to leave for work.

"Well, I don't have too much here for entertainment. I have a few movies here. You could always look up something on here," spoke Seigai.

"Maybe," spoke Flandre, though she didn't know too much about how to use a computer.

"Wait, that's right, there aren't any computers in your world, are there?" asked Seigai.

"There are some strange things in this one shop. I've never been there before, but I've heard they get in strange things that run on electricity. There's only one person living in Gensokyo that seems to know how to use these things," explained Flandre.

"Well, I guess you can watch some movies. I can show you how to do that," spoke Seigai. He showed Flandre how to put a video disc into his computer and how to work the video player. Flandre figured it out easily enough.

"Okay, I'll be back soon. I get off at five. If you get tired, the sleeping bag and pillows are in the closet," spoke Seigai.

"Alright, I promise to behave," replied Flandre.

Seigai nodded.

"Bye," spoke Seigai, before leaving.

Seigai made his way to Tsubura Market, keeping an eye open for anything out of the ordinary in the sky. Nothing appeared to him on his walk and he arrived at his destination. His other co-workers, including his brother, were already there.

"So, spending a little extra time with your new girlfriend, huh?" asked Ikai.

"About time Sei-chan got a girl," spoke a larger dark-skinned man. He was bald with a beard, and rather rotund. He was wearing blue genes and a gray T-shirt, covered in paint spatter.

"Yeah, she's been there since last night," spoke Roku.

"So that's why it seemed like you were in a hurry to leave last night, eh?" asked Ikai, while chuckling at the thought.

"It's not like that; she's just a friend, that's all," spoke Seigai.

"Don't tell me you're still going on with that nice-guy stuff?" asked the big man.

"Yes, Oki. I'm not the type to get in a girl's pants on the first date," spoke Seigai.

"Though my hands ended up there by accident," thought Seigai.

"At least Seigai can be a gentleman," spoke an older, pale skinned woman with shoulder length gray hair. She was wearing blue pants and a yellow shirt with a red apron on top.

"Yes, Inishi, Seigai is the perfect gentleman we should all strive to be," spoke Ikai in a sarcastic tone of voice.

The group was of an odd composition, but they did manage to get along. They would often trade jabs with one another over the course of the night while they were working. Seigai enjoyed it. He could talk and carry on while working, and he always managed to get done with everything he needed to do. It was fun job. It may not have been the best paying, but that's not what mattered to him. As many times as he could recall having a high paying job in one of his past lives, he could never remember one where he had as much fun as he did with his current job. At the end of the night, most of the group was ready to go.

"Let me guess, Roku still has work left?" asked Seigai.

"You know him. He gets too carried away and ends up needing to stay longer to get all of his work done," replied Ikai.

"How bothersome. Well, looks like I'm walking home tonight," spoke Seigai.

"Hey, who's that girl?" asked Oki, while pointing at the window. Flandre was out there waiting.

"Eh? What's she doing here?" asked Seigai.

"Is that the girl?" asked Ikai.

"How nice of her to come out here to wait for you," spoke Inishi.

"Uh, yeah. How nice of her," muttered Seigai.

"She's tempting fate by coming out here by herself. Who knows if one of those guys could be out here waiting for her. Not to mention the trouble we could get in if someone manages to see her wings. Good thing it's still too dark outside for everyone to see them clearly," thought Seigai.

"Well, I guess I better get going. Who knows how long she's been out there waiting. Let's see. Well, I'll you tomorrow night, Inishi. I'll see the rest of you on Sunday," spoke Seigai.

"Enjoy your night off," spoke Ikai, with a light chuckle.

"Yeah, have fun," spoke Oki.

Seigai avoided blushing at the thought and made his way out the door.

"I got tired of waiting," spoke Flandre.

"Fair enough, but it's dangerous for you to come out here like this. If those armored men appeared, you could have ended up in trouble," spoke Seigai.

"I know. That's why I kept hiding myself as I was walking. I'd hide behind a few trees to see if there was anyone else around," spoke Flandre.

"I'm not sure if that would work with these guys. Just try to stay at my house next time. You'll be safer there," replied Seigai.

"Okay, okay," spoke Flandre.

Seigai and Flandre made their way for Seigai's house. Seigai got nervous as they made their way into the woods. He got the same feeling as he did when he first met Flandre.

"Do you feel that?" asked Seigai.

"I'm scared," spoke Flandre.

The feeling was a lot stronger than it was the last time. Seigai looked up to see the ripple effect on the sky. It was much more widespread than it was the last time. As the flash appeared, twenty-five armored men descended from the sky. One of them turned to speak to Seigai.

"Hand the girl over," spoke the man.

Seigai hesitated. He knew there was no way the pair of them could take on that many of them at once. They had all already armed themselves, with their cannons up on their shoulders.

"Well, giving up isn't an option. Might as well at least put up as much of a fight as we can. Maybe we can take down a few of them," spoke Seigai.

Flandre nodded, knowing they had to at least try to do something. Seigai had already charged his energy into his fists.

"It seems you would rather act foolishly. Very well then, open fire!" shouted the man.

As the group was about to start their attack, another ripple pattern appeared in the sky, followed by another flash. Then it felt as though time itself stood still. Seigai braced himself for what was about to come. Flandre, however, appeared to smile.

Time moved again for Seigai. He saw several small explosions coming from about half of the armored men in front of him. Near them stood a silver haired maid.

"Sakuya-san!" shouted Flandre.

"Spell card, Divine Spear: Spear the Gungnir!" came a shout from near the maid. A spear of red magic made it's way through five of the armored men, causing their armored suits to explode, erupting in a small chain of fire balls.

"Remilia onee-chan!" shouted Flandre.

"Spell card, Love Sign: Master Spark!" came another shout from the same area. A wave of energy took out another five of the armored men.

"Black-white nee-san!" shouted Flandre.

After the trio of Remilia, Sakuya, and Marisa struck, ten armored men were left fully able, while five were injured from Sakuya's initial strike.

"What!" shouted the leader of the group.

"Well, I'm not about to let them have all the fun," spoke Seigai, as he ran forward. The leader was his first target. He destroyed his cannons with his first pair of strikes, then hit the armored man's midsection, damaging the suit to the point of exploding.

Flandre smiled as she let loose a barrage of bullets onto those in front of her. The stunned men took several hits, two took too many and exploded, leaving twelve left. At that point, the group finally opened fire on everyone. Seigai weaved through the stream of bullets in front of him to take out another man. Flandre ran into the crowd and took down one herself with a quick barrage of bullets.

Sakuya charged into the crowd. A group of three tried to take her, but as they fired a few spherical bursts in her direction, they saw her vanish. The men were confused until the one in the rear of the group screamed out as several knives made their way into his back.

"You should be more alert," spoke Sakuya, as she threw two pairs of knives at the other two, taking out their cannons. Sakuya finished the group off with a quick barrage of bullets.

Marisa found another group of three to take on, using her magic to create a quick stream of bullets. The group of three thought they could overwhelm Marisa with rapid bursts from their cannons, but failed. Their attempt was enough to make Marisa laugh.

"If that's the best you can do, then you don't stand a chance," spoke Marisa, and she took out one of the armored men with a quick barrage. The other pair split up, trying to flank Marisa. Marisa opted to go after the man on her left, knocking him back with a quick burst. Marisa saw a stream of bullets heading her way from the other man, and was quick to evade, allowing the bullets to strike the other man, resulting in his end. Marisa went straight after the next man and let out a pair of lasers. The man was stunned from hitting his partner, and didn't think to avoid Marisa's attack until it was too late, resulting in his demise.

Remilia found herself with another trio. The three recognized the vampire as the sibling of the vampire they were charged with recovering. They knew that even though she wasn't as strong as her sister, she was still a fearsome opponent to deal with, and wasted no time in trying to blanket her with a massive barrage of bullets.

"My my, is this all you can do?" asked Remilia, as she took to the skies. She weaved through the bullets shot in her direction, heading down towards the group at full speed. The three panicked and opted to run out of the way. Remilia charged straight for one of the man, impaling him with a single, quickly thrown bullet. Remilia watched as the other pair continued to run. She studied the path of her targets and let loose a quick barrage of large bullets heading in their direction. Each bullet was as big as the men they targeted. They exploded as soon as they were hit.

The final man knew he was severely outnumbered. He watched as his comrades fell in a fight that should have been easy for them.

"All we had to do was kill off one youkai and take back that weakened vampire girl. This was supposed to be an easy mission! Where did it go wrong!" thought the man as he activated the jets hidden in his boots. He took off to the sky, and punched on the keys on the armor's right arm. In response, the sky before him started to ripple.

"Home free!" thought the man, as Flandre appeared in front of him.

"And then there were none!" shouted Flandre, as she fired off a quick burst at point-blank range. The man's armor quickly exploded, resulting in the portal he tried to open closing. Flandre suddenly felt weak and fell to the ground, prompting Seigai to catch her once again.

"You seem to do that a lot," spoke Seigai.

Flandre nodded as Seigai stood her back up.

"Flandre!" shouted Remilia, as she ran forward and embraced her sister.

"I was so worried about you!" shouted Remilia.

"I missed you, Onee-chan!" shouted Flandre, as she hugged Remilia back.

"Thank goodness the young mistress is okay," spoke Sakuya.

"More like thank goodness she didn't wipe out everyone in this place... wherever we are," spoke Marisa.

Sakuya approached Seigai, and offered her hand.

"Thank you for looking after the young mistress," spoke Sakuya.

"No problem, Miss Sakuya," replied Seigai.

"So what's your name?" asked Marisa.

"Yes, I would like to know the name of the one who helped my sister," spoke Remilia.

"Seigai, Seigai Urufu, formerly known as Gen'ichiro Ookami," replied Seigai.

"Formerly known?" asked Sakuya.

"Was that your original name?" asked Flandre.

"Yep, it was," replied Seigai.

"You look like a human, but you aren't, are you?" asked Marisa.

"Correct. I am a youkai inhabiting a human body. My body is slowly becoming that of a full-blooded youkai, though," explained Seigai.

"Seems you have quite the history," spoke Sakuya.

"Are you a native of this place?" asked Remilia.

"Yes, I am. I don't suppose you know what this place is?" asked Seigai.

"All we know is that the young mistress was here and we had to come save her," replied Sakuya.

"I see, well, seems I have a lot to tell you, then, but to sum it up, you're not in Gensokyo anymore," spoke Seigai.