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Chapter 15 – The Last Word

Roku was stocking shelves during a normal shift at Tsubura Markets. While he was working, he suddenly stopped, an ominous feeling washing over him.

"Hey, Roku-chan, you slacking already?" Ikai said, noting Roku's sudden pause.

"I just got a bad feeling about Seigai."

"Again? Look, it's been a few weeks since he disappeared. Worrying about him isn't going to make him come back."

"I know that, but this one is different... it's like something really bad happened to him... like... like he died, or something."

"Sei-chan dieing? I doubt it. That fool is too stubborn for his own good. He probably finally took my advice, and went somewhere to get some butt. You told me he was with all these girls the last time you saw him, right?"

"Yeah, but half of them looked like little girls, and one of them, that crazy maid chick, look liked their mom, or something."

"Well, if that's what he likes, that's what he likes."

"Even if he did go off with them there was that explosion at the lake, too. You remember, right? It happened the night he disappeared."

"Yeah, yeah, I remember. You were scared to death he was there. They said there was nothing there, you know. They didn't find a single thing over there when they went to investigate."

"That's what the government said. You know we can't believe everything they say. Remember that thing I found when I was over there?"

"Yeah, I remember that toy you brought us, thinking it was some strange kind of gun, or something that looked like it was ripped off of something else. Just because it had metal in it doesn't mean it was real. Back when I was a kid, they made stuff to last, none of this plastic break-away crap you all have now."

"I heard of others finding strange things, too. One guy said he found what looked like an arm in some kind of strange armor, and then he suddenly said he never found a thing, like it was some kind of coverup, or something."

"Or he was just pulling your leg after you showed him that gun. Now drop it. Seigai wasn't at that lake, and he's not dead, just out having a good time somewhere," Ikai stated, before going back to work. As he continued, Oki walked over to him after hearing the conversation.

"You don't believe that, do you, that Seigai is just out for a party. It's not at all like him," Oki said.

"I know that, but we can't tell Roku that. He's had it rough enough as it is. Even the devil himself would miss his own brother. As bad as he treated Seigai, even he misses him now that he's gone. Shoot, even I miss him. He was a great worker, and a good friend," Ikai replied.

"Yeah, I do miss him and his crazy stories about the past. Like all the crazy stuff about being a youkai. I couldn't stand that crap, but I miss it. It got too quiet in here after he left."

Ikai silently nods. Everyone missed Seigai since his departure. None of them knew his "crazy youkai stories" were actually based off of his past lives. Of course, they were close-minded humans. The idea of youkai and magic existing to them was nonsense; nothing more than a child's delusion to them. Roku also didn't buy into it for the most part, though there were times when he could have sworn he saw a demonic light in his brother's eyes. He continued to work through the night, not realizing that what he felt was the after effect of powerful magic.

"Gen-kun!" Flandre shouted at the top of her lungs. Everyone was still trying to figure out what was going on. Seeing Sakuya cry had already told them something was very wrong. Flandre's outburst only confirmed it, and yet they still had no real idea what it was that was taking place.

"What is it, Sakuya! What's going on!" Remilia shouted.

Sakuya took the card from Flandre, then passed it on to Remilia, who looked it over and read it in shock.

"And this is one of Genichiro's?" Remilia asked.

"It is... I saw him drop it once and read it a little. It's the same one..." Flandre muttered, her emotions running wild.

Remilia stood shocked, her mouth agape in realization. Reimu and Marisa were next to look over the card. Both went silent before passing it along to the rest of the group. Most reacted with silent shock. Tiara herself was moved to tears. Mokou let a tear drop down before punching the cliff face in frustration.

"Mokou?" Reisen asked.

"It's my fault! He used this because that cursed Kario drank the elixir, the elixir he made from studying my body. If I wasn't so foolish! I would have never been caught, and then Genichiro would still be here!" Mokou shouted.

"He can come back, right? He just died, so he has to reincarnate himself again, right?" Flandre asked, believing Genichiro would just come back.

"Flandre..." Sakuya said.

"He won't come back; he extinguished his very soul to defeat this Kario. He overturned the most powerful spell of eternity by sacrificing the one thing he had that was eternal; his very soul," Kaguya explained.

Flandre started wailing, her momentary calm from thinking Genichiro would return taken by Kaguya's statement. Remilia was looking at her sister with feelings of both sympathy and fear. Sympathy for her loss, and fear for the potential of Flandre losing control of her powers and going on a rampage. After a few minutes of wailing, Flandre let out a shout of rage before heading off in the direction of the base, destroying anything that belonged to the armored men in her path. Remilia made to take off after her before Sakuya stopped her.

"Sakuya, let me go! We have to stop her before she starts destroying everything!" Remilia shouted.

"No, mistress. Your sister needs a chance to vent her frustrations. And I know where she is going; if she causes a problem, I can go after her," Sakuya replied.

"You know where she is going?" Reimu asked.

"She's going to the base. She wants to see for herself. I could see it in her eyes. She just wants to know, and to see the final resting place of one of her closest friends," Remilia remarked.

In another place, there was nothing but white light. There was no ground, no sky, nothing but white, in all directions, spread out through all of infinity. Within this realm lay not a body, or anything with mass, but a consciousness. A being defined only by its existence and nothing else.

"Where am I?" came the voice of the being, "Is this it? Is this death? Did I really become nothing? But if I am nothing, then why am I here? Should I not be at all?"

The consciousness pondered the meaning of it's current state, struggling to grasp how it came to be in it's current state.

"I cast that spell... that spell I designed to defeat immortality, and yet I still am. I don't have a body, or any kind of form, and yet I can see... I can see this world full of nothing. Is this it? Is this some kind of eternal punishment for my actions?" the consciousness asked.

"G... n... ro..." came a faint second voice from the void.

"Hm? Is that another person? Someone to taunt me in this place? If that's so, then maybe this is Hell, and this really is a punishment," the consciousness said.

"Genichiro..." the voice came again, still very faint, but able to be made out. The voice had a feminine tone to it.

"That voice... I know it from somewhere, don't I? But who... who's voice is it?" Genichiro asked himself.

"Genichiro, come to me," the voice came again.

"That voice... that voice... no, it couldn't be, could it?" Genichiro asked, as he tried to will himself to seek out the source of the voice.

Flandre continued on her path to the ruins of the base. Behind her lay the debris of all that remained of the armored men's presence in Gensokyo. All the gun turrets and shield bunkers, even the ruins of the tanks and jets that were thrown from the explosion of the base lay in flames. Flandre made her way into the flaming ruins, looking around for any sign of Genichiro.

"Gen-kun! Gen-kun! Answer me! I know you're here! You're just trapped somewhere, right? Don't worry, I'll save you!" Flandre shouted, with tears streaming down her eyes. Flandre continued down through the base, running into the sphere shaped void where Sakuya found Genichiro's spell card. Flandre made her way to the bottom, looking around for any sign of her friend.

"Gen-kun! Answer me! Gen-kun!" Flandre shouted again.

"Who are you?" came a faint voice from the ruins.

"Gen-kun! Gen-kun, is that you!" Flandre shouted.

"Who are you?" came the voice again. Flandre could make out the voice as being feminine, clearly not Genichiro's. This drove Flandre into a rage, leading to her destroying the place she heard the voice coming from.

"Who are you! Is Gen-kun with you! Give him back, give him back!" Flandre shouted.

"Who are you?" came the voice again. This time, it is followed by a bright light forming in front of Flandre. Flandre closed her eyes, the light being brighter than that of the flames around her. After a few moments, the light disappeared, and Flandre opened her eyes again. This time, she found herself looking at some kind of spirit. This spirit had long, bright red hair, and black eyes. Her skin was pale to match her ethereal form. She was wearing a long, black dress with long sleeves, tied with red ribbons at the shoulders, and had a large red bow on the chest and rear.

"Who are you?" Flandre asked, while looking ready to destroy the being in front of her.

"Who am I? I am Kuroiso Akano. And you are Flandre Scarlet, correct?" the spirit asked.

"Kuroiso Akano... that name... Gen-kun told me about you. Are you that person? The one he loved?"

"I am," the spirit of Akano replied.

In the void, Genichiro shouted the name of his lost lover, the one he believed to be the owner of the voice he was hearing.

"Akano! Akano, is that you?" Genichiro shouted.

Genichiro's being continued to move about the white space to the voice. He finally found something in the white light, the very person he sought.

"Akano... is that really you?" Genichiro asked.

"Yes, Genichiro, it is me," Akano replied.

"Akano... Akano!" Genichiro shouted, wanting to hug the person before him, but finding he could not.

"Be careful, Genichiro. Your form is very delicate right now. You have no body, not even a soul. Your just a consciousness, a thought process. If you do something too drastic, your form will disappear for all of eternity."

"So... I'm... I still exist?"

"Yes, you still exist, but barely. The rest of your being was destroyed when you used the spell. The only thing sustaining you right now is your will to continue, that last thought you had when the spell activated."

"When the spell activated... that's right. I was thinking about Flandre when that happened. I wished to be able to see her again... but to see you again in her stead."

"Genichiro, is this Flandre important to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you... do you love her?"

"Well... I... I... she is a close friend, and I like her a lot... and I think about her a lot... and talk to her a lot... and have fun with her... and can't stop thinking about her, even in death... I..."

"You do love her, then? Do not be afraid, Gen, I won't be upset."

"I do love her."

"I knew as much. I just wanted you to admit it for yourself."

"But Akano, I love you, too. I wanted to be with you so much. I couldn't stop thinking of you, even after I was killed by those people."

"I know. I heard it all."


"Genichiro, you know how much I love you. Even after you died, I continued to love you. I remembered what you told me of your existence before. How you could continue to come back over and over. I knew I could meet you again, and you could meet me again, but,"

"But, by then, our age would be too different. It would cause unnecessary complications, and you couldn't simply wait for me to become an adult again."

"It's not that I couldn't wait, Genichiro. I was forced, forced by society to marry. I lied to that man. I told him I couldn't have children, that he was wasting his time on me. He kept me around to take care of him. I'm sure you saw that."

"I did. But why did you make such a lie?"

"I refused to give my body to him. I love you, and only you. I wouldn't allow another to defile me. He only kept me to do his housework for him. I'm sure you saw his mistress on more than one occasion."

"I see... then you really did... Akano, I'm sorry. To have put you through all of that. I should have tried to start a relationship with you, in spite of that age gap. I should have tried..."

"No, Genichiro. You did the right thing. If you had tried, it would have ended the same as it did before. The age gap would have made you suspicious from the start. Why would a twenty-year old of the time marry a fifty-year old? It was unheard of. They would have caught on to you and killed you again."

"I... I still..."

"Genichiro, you remember that night? That night in the forest?"

"I wish I could forget that horrible night."

"Before my father and those men showed up, there was something I wanted to tell you."

"What was it?"

"I was not a human, but a youkai like you, one who had also been reborn into a human."

"A youkai? But... but how?"

"I was a youkai magician. I studied the magical arts for many years, starting out as a human, and finally learning enough to become a full youkai. At first, this went unnoticed, but over the years, the villagers noticed I wasn't aging like I was supposed to be."

"So they went after you?"

"One of them was my 'father.' He was the one that dealt the killing blow. Rather than allow myself to die, I executed a spell that attached my consciousness to his being. I lay dormant there until the day he conceived a child."

"So that's how you were reborn?"

"That's right. Kario was right, I was a youkai. I was able to hide it, though. I never used my powers to regain my youkai body. I decided I wanted to live a normal life, then die at the end of it. That changed when I met you, though. When you told me of your story, I yearned for the chance to become a youkai again. So I made a decision; I was going to work to become a youkai magician once again. I was going to tell you that night, along with this, but before I could, my father and Kario's hunters showed up."

"I don't believe it... then... then... if that never happened..."

"Genichiro, that's a poor line of reasoning. It'll disrupt your form if you keep thinking about it. What took place happened the way it should have, as there was no other way it could have played out."

"Then... so you decided to live that life as you were going to before, right?"

"Correct. I lived that life out, as I planned. Genichiro, your stealth skills could have used some work. I could tell you were there, every time."

"I was hoping you might have seen me, just so we could at least talk again."

"I couldn't because of that man. I refuse to call him my husband. He was just a person I was stuck with. I was actually happy when he finally died and left me in peace."

"I see."

"That peace wouldn't last for long, though. I was old, too. I didn't have too many years left as a human, so I decided to become a youkai once again."

"But you died. I remember. I attended your funeral. You died the night after one of my visits. You looked so healthy, I was surprised when it happened."

"I didn't die after your visit, I 'died' during your visit."

"What do you mean?"

"I used the same spell as before, and attached myself to your consciousness."

"You mean... you've been with me this whole time?"

"In a sense. I couldn't interact with you, but I could still sense what you were doing. It was as though I was a part of you, like another organ. You can't talk to your liver any more than you could have tried to talk to me."

"Then when I launched that spell, it must have set you free from yours."

"Exactly. Genichiro, you did what you had to do to get rid of Kario. That man had done so much to us. So much to so many others. He had to be stopped, no matter what the cost, and the cost was your very being."

"But I'm still here... how can this be?"

"At the last second, I sacrificed part of my being in place of yours, enough to allow you the form you have now."

"Then... what'll happen to you? What'll happen to us? Will we remain like this for all eternity?"

"We could. That is very likely, but it doesn't have to happen that way."

"What do you mean?"

"Flandre. The one you love. She will seek you out, for she returns those feelings as well."

"Flandre... loves me? But how... I mean, even I doubted my feelings. We haven't really known each other for that long, and yet..."

"Genichiro, you of all people should know that time doesn't matter. What matters is that the feelings are genuine."

"I... you're right, of course. You always are."

"Of course I am. Someone has to point you in the right direction, just as I am about to now."

"What do you mean?"

"I will give you your life and being back, in exchange for mine."

"You... you what! Akano, you can't! I can't let you do that! This was my sacrifice to make! I can't just let you do that!"

"Genichiro, stop, that kind of thinking will erode your form."


"No 'buts,' Gen. My life has been over for several centuries. I have no loved ones left behind to look after. No one there to miss me. It was accepted that I was dead. But you, you continued to exist. You had a rough life for a while, staying away from others, refusing to get close to anyone. And then it all changed that one night you met Flandre. Gen, you have someone precious to you. Someone out there waiting for you. Someone who will miss you."

"Akano... I can't... I can't just let you do this."

"Gen, stop that line of thinking."

"I... I..."

"Genichiro, I will always exist if you keep me in your heart. That's all that matters to me. Even if I stop being as me, I will continue being with you. So remember me, Genichiro. Remember me, now and always."

"Akano, I love you."

"I love you, Genichiro. Take care, my love," Akano said, before her form became a bright, flashing light.

"Wait! Akano!" Genichiro shouted.

In the ruins of the base, Flandre stood down, knowing that Akano was a precious person to Genichiro. She couldn't harm someone her Gen-kun loved.

"So, you're the one he loved, the one he lost, because of those humans," Flandre said.

"That's right, I am," Akano's spirit replied.

"How are you here? And where's Gen-kun?"

"Gen-kun is right here, with me," Akano replied, while pointing to herself.

"Then, then he's still alive?"

"Not quite. He's but a consciousness right now. His form is very fragile in it's current state. From the look on your face, I can assume you found out what spell he used?"

"Sakuya found the card... but Gen-kun can come back, right?"

"He can, but I'll need your help to do it. But first, I need to know. What do you think of him?"

"What do you mean?"

"How do you feel about him?"

"Well... well... he's really nice, and fun. And he isn't scared of me at all. He even saved me once from these armored people. And... and... I like him... a lot."

"Do you... love him?"

"Do I love him? Well... I.. I don't know. I think about him a lot, all the time, even when I'm not with him. And I feel warm when I'm around him, and think about what it would be like to live with him forever, holding him tight to me whenever I get the chance. Is that what love is?"

"I would say it is, but would you say it?"

"Say what?"

"Say your feelings with that word?"

"I... I... I love him, I love Gen-kun."

"I knew you did. I wanted you to admit it to yourself. It's very important that you do. Love is a very powerful magic. It's why I'm here now, and it's that magic which is the key to bringing Genichiro back."

"So I can see him again?"

"You can. I can bring his spirit back, but only you can bring his form back together again."

"How can I do that?"

"With your ability."

"My ability? To make things go 'kyuu?' How will that help?"

"Flandre, when you destroy something, you're just ripping it apart, right?"

"Well... yeah, ripping it apart with a big explosion by crushing it's eye."

"So, why couldn't you do the opposite, then?"

"The opposite?"

"The opposite of destruction, pulling things apart, is pulling things together, creation. You can bring back his form with your power. His form is all over the place here. Only his eternity was destroyed in the spell; his body remains. I can bring back his spirit, but you will have to bring back his body."

"But... I don't know how to do it! What if I make a mistake! I don't want to kill Gen-kun again!"

"That's where love comes in. Your love for him, the magic of that love. Use that magic, and you will be able to do it."

"But... but I..."

"Flandre, I will leave you with a gift that will help remove all doubt. I will use the last of my power to give you my strength. Together, our love for him will bring him back. Take the strength of my love, and add it to your own."

"Are you sure about this?"

"I'm sure. Flandre, thank you."

"What are you thanking me for?"

"For giving Genichiro someone to love again. His heart, which was closed for so long, was finally opened by you. His happiness is my happiness, and for the happiness you've given us, I am grateful."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Maybe. I can't say for sure. Please, look after Genichiro for me in my place, okay?"

"I will, Miss Akano."

"Then I leave the rest to you, Flandre," Akano said, before approaching Flandre. Akano touched Flandre's head, before glowing brightly. Flandre had to close her eyes again at how bright the light was. While her eyes were closed, she could feel Akano's magic flowing through her, along with her feelings for Genichiro. Flandre could feel the magic changing her, strengthening the love that gave her her resolve. Flandre's body began to glow with a bright light, becoming brighter as the light around Akano faded. After Akano's light faded, Flandre could feel Genichiro's spirit, the familiar warmth his presence gave her guiding him. Flandre used her ability, seeing the pieces of the eye of Genichiro's body, and bringing them back together. Flandre's ability brought forth another bright light, filling the ruins of the base with a powerful white light. Then, as quickly as the light came about, it faded, leaving two forms behind. One form being Genichiro, another looking like Flandre, but different. This Flandre was now the size of an adult. Her features changed along with her size, Flandre now sporting a full figure, and a pair of small breasts. Genichiro and Flandre both opened their eyes, looking deeply into each other's eyes.

"Flandre?" Genichiro asked.

"Gen-kun!" Flandre shouted, before embracing Genichiro.

"Flandre, Flandre I..."

"Genichiro, I..."

"I love you!" the pair said to each other. The pair looked at each other, a blush crossing their faces, before they brought their lips together in a tender kiss. The pair remained locked together for a few moments, but it felt much longer to the pair of lovers. When they finally broke their kiss, the pair had to catch their breath for a moment.

"Gen-kun?" Flandre asked.

"Yes, Flan-chan?" Genichiro asked.

"Let's go home."

Genichiro nodded. He tried to fly, but found he was much too weak to do so. Flandre smiled and carried Genichiro, leaving the ruins of the base behind.

In the valley leading up to the Northern Hakurei Shrine, the others waited, Sakuya and Remilia both pondering how much longer they should wait before going after Flandre.

"How much longer do you think she'll need, ze?" Marisa asked.

"I don't know. I've never lost someone like that before," Remilia said, "Just give her a little more time."

"Yes, just a little more... mistress, look!" Sakuya shouted, pointing out a pair of beings flying towards them.

"Is that Flandre?" Remilia asked.

"Who's that with her?" Reimu asked.

"No way... is that... Genichiro?" Marisa asked.

As the pair of lovers approached, everyone shared surprised expressions at both Genichiro's return and Flandre's changed appearance.

"Flandre, is that you?" Remilia asked, looking up to her sister for the first time in her five hundred years of existence.

"It's me, Remi-nee. I brought Gen-kun back," Flandre replied.

"I always manage to keep my promises in the end," Genichiro remarked, a grin forming on his face.

Everyone bombarded the pair with questions about what had happened. The pair explained everything in detail, leaving everyone with a range of expressions from understanding to complete surprise and confusion. Everyone also shared what took place before, telling Genichiro of how Tiara was with the group.

"Sounds like you guys had a rough time," Genichiro said.

"At least you managed to get rid of that Kario guy," Remilia replied.

"Genichiro, you've done a great service for Gensokyo. I thank you for what you've done," Yukari said.

"I did what I had to," Genichiro replied.

"And you did a great job, Gen-kun," Flandre said, before giving a small kiss on Genichiro's cheek.

"Flandre... did you just!" Remilia shouted in surprise.

"I love him, Remi-nee. He can live with us, right? I'll make sure to take care of him, okay?" Flandre replied.

"I... I... ur... well, if he can help stand guard, I guess I can let you keep him," Remilia said.

"Thank you, Remi-nee!" Flandre shouted, before locking Remilia into a hug, picking her off the ground. Remilia was surprised to find Remilia's strength increased from her changed body, finding herself starved for air until her younger sister let her go.

"Let's head home," Genichiro said.

"Wait, there's one thing, first," Reisen said.

Reisen led the group back to where the battle with the black armored men had taken place. She walked up to her clone's body, a gentle smile on her face, even though her body was torn and bloodied. Reisen quietly closed her clone's eyes.

"Lady Yukari?" Reisen asked.

"I'm sorry, dear, but even I can't revive the dead. I cannot interfere in the realm of the Yama," Yukari replied.

"I understand."

"I can do this, though," Yukari said, before casting her magic upon the body of Reisen's clone. Yukari repaired the damage done to the body with her magic, making it look as though she was merely in a deep sleep, and could wake at any time. Reisen knew that was not the case, though.

"Thank you, Lady Yukari," Reisen said.

Yukari nodded. Reisen picked up her clone's body, and everyone, except Letty, returned south. Everyone went their separate ways, each going to the place they called home, resting up from the events of the day. The next day, everyone was invited to Eientei for the funeral of Reisen's clone.

"She was a good rabbit," Tewi said.

Everyone was gathered in their best clothes, Remilia having Sakuya fashion a suit for Genichiro.

"She was a good friend, in the short time we knew her. She tried so hard that time to save me, even though she knew she was outmatched. I'm sure she showed that same resolve when you came to save me," Mokou said.

"She did, Mokou, she did. She protected me, and the master, and the princess. She did the best she could, and it gave us just enough time for your arrival," Reisen replied.

Normally, Mokou would huff at the comment of hearing Kaguya being protected, but let it be, as a showing of respect for the one who helped her out before.

"I wish we could have gotten to know her more," Kaguya said.

"I'm sure she would have become her own person in time, a person with Udonge's kindness and heart, but her own spirit and will. I will miss her," Eirin stated.

"I wish I could have gotten a chance to know her a little better. I didn't get to really talk to her at all," Reimu said.

"Neither did I. I would have liked to get to know her better, see if she was better at danmaku than the original, ze," Marisa remarked.

"I really wanted to pull some pranks with her, but, I guess I won't get the chance now," Tewi said.

"It's okay. I'm sure that, wherever she is now, she'll be watching over all of you," Sakuya said.

"You really think so?" Tewi asked.

"Yes, I think so," Sakuya replied.

"Everyone who has left us has never truly left, as long as we continue to think about them. She's not gone, as long as we keep her in our hearts," Genichiro said.

"I hope she's happy where she is," Flandre said.

"She is, I'm sure," Sakuya replied.

Tewi, Reisen, and the other rabbits silently buried their friend, waiting for the day when they could all meet again. There was a small ceremony held. In the middle of the ceremony, Flandre and Genichiro decided to leave. They had their own ceremony to attend. The pair made their way to the Forest of Magic, and found a small cliff side, with a view to look up to the sky.

"I think this is as good a place as any," Genichiro said.

"I think so, too, Gen-kun," Flandre replied.

Genichiro held up a spell card, and activated it, the spell bringing forth not danmaku, but a small grave stone, decorated with flowers they had Kanna make for them. The grave stone had Akano's name on it.

"She would have loved it here," Genichiro said.

"I can see why. It's a really nice place," Flandre replied.

The pair set the stone at the base of the small cliff, and had a moment of silence for the one who helped to bring them together in the end.

"Thank you, Miss Akano, for giving me Gen-kun back," Flandre thought to herself.

"Thank you, Akano, for giving me my life back," Genichiro thought.

"I'll always remember you," the pair thought together.

After the pair offered more thoughts to the one they knew, they set off to return to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. When they arrived, they were surprised to find Nitori and Yukari waiting for them.

"Lady Yukari, and Miss Nitori? What are you doing here?" Flandre asked.

"We have something for you," Yukari said.

"It's this. It'll create a portal back to your world, Genichiro. You could go back and forth anytime you wish," Nitori explained.

"It's okay, I don't really need it. I have a home here," Genichiro replied.

"Oh, don't go on with that one. Everyone gets homesick. I've seen it happen with everyone I bring into this world. I'm giving you a chance to avoid that. Besides, I've been to your world, and it's quite interesting seeing how different things are in a place without Gensokyo," Yukari stated.

"What do you mean you've been there before?" Genichiro asked.

"Oh, I used this device to go there and back. Once I figured out how to get to your world, I can get myself there anytime I like with my ability. I did it mainly out of curiosity, of course. I have no use for this now, so take it, dear. Go surprise those you left behind, and have fun with it," Yukari replied.

"Come on, Gen-kun. It'll be fun! You could show me some more fun places over there," Flandre said.

"Alright, I guess I can. I haven't seen that Roku since I got here. He is my brother in a sense. Might as well go see if he misses me," Genichiro remarked, before taking the device.

"Don't abuse it, now. And don't worry. Even if it breaks somehow, I can always bring you back, so don't worry about it," Yukari said.

"Thank you, Lady Yukari," Genichiro said.

Yukari smiled before gapping herself and Nitori elsewhere. Flandre and Genichiro spent the rest of the day in the garden, waiting for Remilia, Sakuya, Patchouli, Meiling, and En to return. After they returned, Sakuya prepared one of her famous dinners and everyone went off to their nightly business. Flandre and Genichiro decided they would have their own fun that night.

"Let's see if this thing works," Genichiro said.

"Let's go!" Flandre shouted, her adult body doing nothing to change her childish enthusiasm. Genichiro activated the device. The air around the pair started to distort, looking like the air itself was waving before Genichiro's room in the mansion disappeared to reveal the wooded area near Genichiro's old house.

"Huh, this is where I first met you, isn't it?" Genichiro asked.

"I remember, Gen-kun. I fell right about here, and you beat that guy right over there," Flandre replied.

"Well, let's go surprise everyone... wait, I should take my human form, first," Genichiro stated. Genichiro pulled out a spell card, and activated it. His body glowed in response, his tail and ears disappearing, and his hair turning black, with human ears appearing. He still had his Tengu clothes on. Genichiro stumbled a bit, disoriented from the changes to his body.

"Are you okay, Gen-kun?" Flandre asked.

"Yep, I'm okay. Just forgot what this body felt like. My sense of balance was thrown off by my ears changing position. Well, let's go surprise everyone. They should be at work right about now, taking a nice little break.

Genichiro and Flandre made their way to Tsubura Markets, the group of Roku, Ikai, Oki, Tsuyoshi, and Inishi outside, telling late comers the store was closed. The group spotted Genichiro and Flandre, not recognizing the pair from the distance.

"Hey, we're closed!" Roku shouted.

"Well, this place is always open for me!" Genichiro shouted.

"What!" Roku shouted, ready to pull a knife, assuming Genichiro was a drunk or otherwise up to no good.

"Hey wait, that voice... didn't that sound like your brother?" Ikai asked.

"Eh? Seigai!" Roku shouted.

"Yo!" Genichiro shouted.

"Hey, everyone!" Flandre shouted.

"No way, Seigai! That you! What on earth are you wearing! And where have you been for the past month and a half!" Roku shouted.

"Well, funny story," Genichiro replied.

"Hey, wait, is that the girl from before? She looks a bit different though. And why is she still wearing those wings? Don't tell me you were at an anime convention this whole time," Roku said.

"Huh? Anime convention? What's that?" Flandre asked.

"It's a place where people gather to celebrate and talk about animation. People dress up like the characters sometimes," Genichiro explained.

"Oh, I see, Gen-kun," Flandre replied.

"Gen-kun? You change your name, or something?" Roku asked.

"Actually... well... remember all that stuff I told you before about being a youkai and stuff, and I said it was all made up?" Genichiro asked.

"Uh, yeah," Roku replied.

"And you're now dressed up like that? Have you lost it?" Ikai asked.

"You're crazy," Oki said.

"I think you need some help, buddy," Tsuyoshi said.

"You really have lost it," Inishi said.

"He's not crazy!" Flandre shouted.

"Relax, it's better if I just show them," Genichiro stated, before pulling out a spell card.

"You collecting cards now, too?" Roku asked.

Genichiro rolled his eyes before he activated the card, changing his form back to his youkai state. Everyone took a step back in shock.

"Yeah, all that stuff was true. Ookami Genichiro is my real name, nice to meet you," Genichiro said, a smile on his face.

"Ah!" shouted Roku, before pulling out his knife and pointing it straight at Genichiro.

"You call that a knife?" Genichiro asked, before summoning his sword, "Now this, this is a knife."

Roku dropped his little knife, before stepping back and shaking.

"What's that smell?" Flandre asked.

"Uh... he peed himself," Genichiro remarked, while moving to hold his nose.

Ikai and Oki started laughing. They were still surprised at Genichiro's form, but the pair would never miss a chance to laugh at Roku.

"Good to see some things never change," Genichiro replied.

"So, Sei-chan, er, Gen-chan, where were you the whole time. I see you have a lady with you. You go to some wild party with a bunch of girls and decide to bring one home?" Ikai asked.

"Uh, sort of," Genichiro replied.

"Get out of here, seriously?" Oki said.

"A party is a fun way of looking at it," Flandre said.

"Um, miss, I don't think I caught your name," Oki said, while looking Flandre up and down.

"Flandre Scarlet, of the Scarlet Devil Mansion," Flandre replied.

"Wait, wait! Hold up, you mean the same one from those games Seigai, er, Genichiro, eh, whatever play!" Roku shouted.

"I told you about multiverse theory, didn't I? It's true, you know," Genichiro said.

"Ha ha... ha ha... ha ha ha! I get it, it's all some kind of dream, right? Okay, okay, I get it! Someone wake me up!" Roku shouted.

Roku suddenly found himself darting straight up in his bed, a massive headache plaguing him.

"Uh... that was a crazy dream..." Roku muttered to himself. Roku shook himself a little, then made his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. After getting dressed, he made his way down the stairs.

"Oh... hey, Genichiro, what day is it?" Roku asked of the man sitting on his couch.

"It's Friday," Genichiro replied.

"Okay... wait... ah! Y-you... you're real!"

"Uh, yeah. Should I not be?"

"Where's that Flandre girl?"

"In the shower."

"Alright, alright! What happened last night?"

"You passed out and hit your head on the sidewalk. We took you home and put you in your bed. Your dirty pants are in your laundry bin. Thank goodness I had my magic to get you undressed; I did not want to touch you."

"Gah! Alright, at least I know where the headache came from..." Roku muttered to himself.

A few moments later, Flandre made her way down the stairs, wearing one of Genichiro's old outfits.

"It fits a little better this time. Sorry about tearing the back for my wings," Flandre said.

"It's okay, I could always get some more," Genichiro replied.

"Alright, I get that your a White Wolf Tengu, part Were-Hakutaku thing. I gathered that much from those stories you always told. What about her?"

"I'm a vampire," Flandre replied.

"A vampire, okay, sure, why not? A vampire, with crazy wings. Well, is there anything else I should know before having myself committed?"

"I'm thirsty, and you look like you'll fit the bill nicely," Flandre said, while walking up to Roku, her fangs exposed.

"Ah! Stay back! Stay back!" Roku shouted.

"Relax, all I want is your blood!" Flandre shouted.

"Get away, get away!" Roku shouted, as he threw a knife at Flandre. Flandre caught the kitchen knife, looking it over.

"It's not even sharp, not at all like Sakuya's," Flandre remarked.

Roku paled, reaching for another knife.

"Well, it's getting late now. I'm sure your sister is wondering where we went off to. We should head back now and get some sleep," Genichiro said.

"Yeah, I suppose. I am feeling a little tired," Flandre replied.

"You're tired now? You were up all night?" Roku asked.

"Uh, yeah," Genichiro replied.

"Vampires do that," Flandre said.

"Anyway, be back again, see ya!" shouted Genichiro, before activating the portal generator and distorting the air around the pair, before they disappeared.

"Okay, that's it. That whole thing was just a dream, yep," Roku said.

"Yeah, I hear that a lot," came a feminine voice from beside Roku. Roku turned around to see Yukari hanging out of one of her gaps.

"W-wha... what..." Roku stuttered.

"Oh, just seeing what those two were up to, dear. Good day," Yukari said, before disappearing in her gap.

"Okay, okay, that didn't just happen, yep. There was no strange lady hanging out of... whatever that was. Yep, didn't happen at all," Roku remarked, before going up the stairs to see Genichiro's old room open.

"Just close this, and it never happened," Roku muttered, before quickly noting what was on the floor: Flandre's dress. She had left it behind with a note on it, saying to wash it delicately. A cute vampire face with little wings was drawn in the lower right corner.

"Gah, forget it. It happened, I get it!" Roku shouted, before slamming the door shut in frustration.

Back at the Scarlet Devil Mansion in Gensokyo, Genichiro and Flandre made their return, Flandre drawing stares with her Outside World clothes.

"Went there?" Remilia asked.

"Yep! It was fun messing with his old brother!" Flandre shouted.

Genichiro formed a smile in response. Remilia stared at Genichiro.

"Um, yes, Mistress Remilia?" Genichiro asked.

"Next time, you tell me or bring me along, got it?" Remilia asked.

"Yes, mam!" Genichiro shouted, making sure Sakuya stopped reaching for her knives.

"Good, good. Now then, you begin your duty as gate guard when you wake up, so I suggest you get some sleep. And separate rooms! I don't want any impure acts taking place in my household. That goes double for you, Flandre," Remilia said.

"Yes, Remi-nee," Flandre replied in a low monotone.

"Good," Remilia said before leaving.

The day was fairly uneventful with everyone sleeping. That night, after dinner, Genichiro took his place as the night guard, while Meiling took a chance to get some rest. Flandre decided to join Genichiro for a little while.

"Well, I guess this is going to be my life in this world for a while," Genichiro said.

"Yep!" Flandre replied.

"I could get used to this. I'm sure there's lot of fun adventures to be had in this land."

"And we can have them all together!"

"We sure can!"

"We might have to bring Remi-nee sometimes, but we'll get to have plenty of time to ourselves. There's always things taking place here. I always wanted to be a part of everything. Now that I'm with you, I don't want to miss out on anything ever again!"

"And we won't! Tell you what, the first chance I get away from guard duty, let's just go somewhere, somewhere random."

"Alright, we will!"

"Let's make sure to have lots of fun together!" Genichiro shouted.

The pair smiled and shared a small kiss under the moonlit night.

"Alright, let's see if I can get into Patchy's library tonight. I bet that guard is already dozing off. Just have to make sure I don't get caught by Remi, since she's probably awake right now," Marisa said, while approaching the mansion. She was prepared to sneak in, as she did at night from time to time, knowing Meiling tended to sleep a lot more at night than she did during the day. She was surprised to see Genichiro standing there, sword in hand and a big grin plastered on his face. Flandre was standing there beside him.

"Alright, I get some excitement on my first night!" Genichiro shouted.

"I wanna play, too. Don't keep all the fun to yourself, Gen-kun!" Flandre pouted.

"Of course, I wouldn't dream of denying you a chance at some fun," Genichiro said. Both formed an evil grin while looking at the black-white witch.

"Heh heh, I think I should go, ze," Marisa said.

"Let's play, Black-white-nee!" Flandre shouted, both her and Genichiro with spell cards in their hands.

"Ze!" Marisa shouted as the match began, the first of many Flandre and Genichiro would have together in the magical world of Gensokyo.

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