Summary: Ukitake Rukia loves bunnies but she also loves her cat. Her mother gave it to her when she's twelve years old. When she loses her cat, a mysterious white-haired stranger suddenly enters her life.

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Chapter 1: A start of a new friendship

Kuchiki Household

In a sunny afternoon under a cherry blossom tree, a twelve year old raven haired girl with purple eyes is running towards her mother who is also like her twin because they have the similar physical features but the difference is that the little girl is much livelier than her mother.

"Okaa-san." the little girl called out running towards her mother.

"Rukia" her mother called out spreading her arms to hug her child named 'Rukia'.

Rukia hugged her mother tightly, feeling the motherly embrace and the feeling of security. While hugging her mother, Rukia noticed that her mother is holding a medium sized box with a blue ribbon attached to it.

"Okaa-san, what's inside the box?" Rukia asked while peeking inside the box.

"Ohhh it's my gift to you." Her mother, Hisana, replied while giving it to her adorable daughter. Once the box is given to Rukia, she immediately opened the box and she saw a white cat with green eyes. The eyes of the cat seem to widen when she saw Rukia. When Rukia saw this, she embraced the cat and in response the cat licked the girl's cheeks.

"Are you happy Rukia?" her mom asked while Rukia carried the cat like a baby then smiled widely at her mother.

"Yes Okaa-san, I'm very happy that I have a new friend." Rukia said while patting the cat's head and in return the cat purred against Rukia's hand.

"Okay I'm happy that you like it just take care of him okay?" Hisana smiled at her cute little daughter.

"Him?" Rukia asked looking at the cat in her hands which just stared at her curiously.

"Yes, him the cat is a boy so now we should name him."

"Ohhh okay I want to call him Shiro!" Rukia announced while bringing Shiro up and smiling.

"Yeah from now on your name will be Shiro, Are you okay with it?" Rukia asked her 'new friend'.

The cat just responded a 'meow' then Rukia took it as a yes.

"Shiro, that's a cute name." Her mother said while patting the head of the cat.

"Yeah it's a cute name for a cute friend" Rukia said while hugging her friend.

Rukia always plays with her friend and she loves to spend her time with him. Every time Rukia will leave for school she will place a kiss in her cat's forehead then her cat will purr to her. When the classes were done she will go home immediately to do her assignments then play with her friend.

These actions became a routine to her so Shiro will always go to her bedroom to sleep there while waiting for Rukia. Every time Rukia will be back from school, Shiro will wait first to finish her assignments then once Rukia is finished they will start to play. These routines took for about three years. But one day Rukia got home from school and she didn't saw Shiro on her bedroom so she became anxious and worried.

"Shiro! Shiro! Shiro!" Rukia called out frantically while searching every corner of their house.

"Rukia what's wrong." Her mom asked worriedly as she comes out from the kitchen.

"Shiro is lost and I don't know where he is." Rukia said while trying her best not to cry.

"Ohhhh no! Maybe he got away because after you left I opened your windows so that he can have a fresh air…" Hisana panicked as she realized the mistake she had done.

"Wah! We need to find him maybe some…some…" Rukia can't finish her sentence because she is really worried and she doesn't want to think that something wrong will happen to her friend.

"Okay we will search for him… Sorry Rukia." Hisana said as she hugged her worried daughter.

"It's okay Okaa-san." Rukia responded as her thoughts linger to the possible whereabouts of her white cat.

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