"Okay. Saturday. 8:00 am, at the park." Toushiro said while walking away from Rukia. Rukia just stood there dumbfounded.

"What was that?" Rukia asked herself looking at the retreating form of Toushiro. She still stood there until the bell rang indicating that the lunch break is over.

"Wah! I have to go now to my class!" Rukia said running quickly towards her classroom.

"Wait! I forgot to tour Hitsugaya-kun!" She stopped for a moment to think that she didn't have the time to tour Hitsugaya but when she saw her wristwatch she immediately ran again towards her classroom.

On with the story!

Chapter 4: Clue


'Maybe Ichigo was right? I've been looking for Shiro these past few weeks with no such luck and lead about his whereabouts. Maybe it's time…' Rukia pondered as she stares aimlessly to the blackboard while rotating her chappy-themed pen on her fingers. It is the last subject for the day and the previous scene on the cafeteria keeps on replaying on her mind. Rukia has been friends with Mr. I-am-badass-so-don't-mess-with-me AKA Ichigo Kurosaki since they were six years old. When the Kurosakis moved to Karakura town, Hisana was one of the first people who greeted them and Rukia was the first friend of Ichigo in town. The Kurosakis loves the presence of Hisana and Rukia to the point that Isshin Kurosaki, the father of Ichigo Kurosaki, loves to call Rukia as his 'third daughter'. Every time he was asked by the other neighbors why he considers Rukia as his 'third daughter', he would simply laugh and tell them that he always wanted a beautiful daughter like Rukia. That's the reason before they had the twins named Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki. Now, he tells the neighbors that Rukia is like a family to them. At first, Ichigo would argue to his father that he doesn't want to be associated with the 'brat' little girl across neighborhood because according to him, that 'brat' little girl is annoying and too friendly for his liking.

As time goes by, Ichigo became curious and he was able to tolerate the 'brat' which at some point they became friends. During middle school, they became inseparable due to some odd reasons that in every school year they are classmates. They've became close to the point that they got each other backs.

"Miss Ukitake! Ukitake Rukia!"

"Huh?" Rukia blinked twice to make sure that she was being called by the teacher.

"Care to share to the class what have you been daydreaming about?" The teacher said as she stepped in front of Rukia.

"Ano…" Rukia's cheeks turned to light shade of pink which resulted snickers from the students inside the class. She soon realized that the teacher is in front of her and all the students present in the room are staring at her. With this realizations and reactions from the people around her, she felt embarrassed and she wished that she have the power of invincibility like the ones in the movies that she saw in the theatre with her friends.

"Explain to…"

Ring. Ring.

'Yes saved by the bell!' she thought as she gathered her things as fast as a lightning bolt leaving her teacher stunned. After she recovered and sees the fleeting back of her student, she sighed and let the other students rush to get outside the classroom.

"Ugh! That was one of the rudest thing I've ever done!" Rukia muttered to herself as she walked briskly along the hallway. She realized too late that she just ignored her teacher and just left the classroom without saying a word.

'I should go back and apologize.' She thought as she stopped in her tracks. Of course, she felt guilty and besides she should come back for her friends which she also left inside the classroom.




Her friends including Hitsugaya Toushiro called out for her as she was about to turn back and start going back. She saw that the three of them is running towards her. When they finally reached her she saw that Orihime looks worried, Ichigo looks pissed for some odd reason and Hitsugaya Toushiro seems to be worried of something too.

"Hi guys!" She greeted as she smiled weakly at them. She saw that they all seem to plan on catching up on her. Of course she understands why Orihime and Ichigo want to caught up on her but she doesn't know why Hitsugaya Toushiro also seems to look for her.

"Are you alright, Rukia?" Orihime asked as she catches her breath. Orihime has always been the sweetest person that Rukia have known. She seems to worry about the people around her regardless of the severity of the situation. That adds up to her popularity status.

"Yeah" Rukia assured as she smiled weakly to Orihime. "I just panicked that's all." She explains as she looks the two males standing beside each of Orihime's side. She noticed that Ichigo is now glaring Hitsugaya and he seems to be tensed. On the other hand, Hitsugaya seems to only focus his attention to Rukia and seems oblivious of the glare of the other teen.

"Ukitake-san, could I talk to you for a minute?" Toushiro asked which earned him the attention of Orihime and Rukia. Also, this made the other male glare harder at him.

"Sure." Rukia replied as she looks both of her close friends. Orihime nodded, understanding the need for privacy of her friend but Ichigo seems to hesitate for a second but realized that he's been on the bad side of Rukia just this afternoon so he doesn't want another trouble with her.

"We'll just get our things Rukia then we'll see you outside the campus" Orihime said as she smiled to Rukia. "Right, Kurosaki-kun?" She turned her attention to the orange haired teen which he just responded with a nod. Rukia nodded to her two friends and she watched as they walk back to the classroom. When she saw that they are out of sight, she turned to Toushiro.

"What is it that you liked to discuss with me, Hitsugaya-kun?" Rukia asked curiously as she looked at the other teen.

"I heard that you are looking for a white cat." Toushiro answered which Rukia nodded indicating that what he heard was right. "I saw a white cat." He continued which Rukia brightened for a bit.

"Where? When?" Rukia asked frantically as she gave her full attention to Toushiro. Even though it can be any white cat, she can't let this information pass for it may be her white cat. She's beginning to hope that Hitsugaya would lead her to her missing white cat.

"I found him two weeks ago at the park." Toushiro smirked as he saw that Rukia's attention is solely at him. "I brought him at my house." He continued as he stared at the hopeful Rukia in front of him.

"Can I see him?" Rukia asked as she began to look into Hitsugaya's eyes pleadingly.

"No." Toushiro simply answered as she begins to frown. Toushiro seems to enjoy where this conversation is leading.

"What? Why?" Rukia frowned as she looked at the smirking Hitsugaya. She doesn't understand why Hitsugaya doesn't want to let her see the white cat. It can really be her cat! The time where he found the white cat matches the time her cat got lost and the park is just near to their house. She really needs to see this cat in person because the clues seem to be pointing on the cat found by Hitsugaya. Also, this the first time she had a clue about her cat's whereabouts.

"I'll show you the cat, in one condition." Toushiro said as his smirk widen which Rukia finally realized how handsome he is. 'Focus Rukia! He seems to be an enemy!' Rukia scolded herself for thinking that Hitsugaya is handsome.

"What is it?" Rukia asked as she hoped that it is just a simple condition. 'I hope it's not something like kill someone or anything that can harm other people. I hope it's just like do his homework for a month which I can do or something like buy his lunch for an entire month.' She's afraid that she can't afford to do the condition he asked.

"Be my girlfriend." Toushiro stated plainly as Rukia gaped at him and stared with wide eyes.

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