Author's Note: Yes, I am aware that I already have like, three huge stories going! Hopefully this one won't be that long. It isn't planned to be more than five or so chapters at the longest.

Done as a request for Nanya. Hi, Nanya!

Chapter One:

Per the order of the Mid-Childan Central Penetentiary System Parole Board, this unit (Scaglietti Model Cyborg, Numbers Class, Designate Sette) was released from incarceration on the date of Friday, February 13, Mid Calendar Year 083, at 1500 hours. Terms of Sentence reduced for model prisoner behavior.

I viewed this as an acceptable judgment; I had taken care to stringently follow all prison guidelines to the letter, including informing the warden of a structural flaw in another inmate's cell that might have allowed her to open her containment, leading to a breach in facility security. Several inmates attempted to assault me in the shower afterward as retribution; after confiscating their various makeshift weapons (forbidden under penal code 557-D), I delivered them to the infirmary to have their injuries treated (as specified in the stipulations regarding treatment of wounded inmates discussed in penal code 147-F).

However, as logical as this ruling was, I found that it left me with an uncertain future. Requesting permission to make a communication before leaving, I chose to consult the Doctor regarding future objectives.

"Ah, Sette," he said, his familiar visage filling the screen before me as he spoke from his own, significantly more isolated prison, "And how can I help you this fine… it is day, where you are? I find that having not seen the sun in so long, it's rather difficult to keep track."

"Doctor. This unit has achieved a reduced sentence, and will shortly be released into the public. Please define my current mission objectives."

"My dear… there are none. You are now free, to join your sisters on the outside, or to make your own way if you should choose to do so. I think that following my whims has taken enough of your life from you already, don't you? So go, Sette, and discover who you wish to be."

I considered this. "I wish to be Sette. All objectives cleared, mission complete. Please provide my next assignment."

The Doctor chuckled slightly, shaking his head in a gesture I believed to represent amusement. "Ah, you always were one of the more interesting ones, weren't you? Very well… if it helps you come to terms with your situation, then the only order I have for you is to consider yourself free from any obligation you feel you have to me, and to go into the world and pursue the life you want to pursue." And with that, the Doctor turned to leave the small comm. hub, turning off his end of the link as he did so.


Taking these orders into consideration, I took thirty-seven seconds to determine what sort of life I wanted to pursue.

Having determined that the life I wanted to pursue was one in which I was given less nebulous mission objectives, I proceeded with my visitation rights to see my incarcerated sisters. All three of them were command units, and had authority to provide me with a clear goal in the Doctor's place. Due to extenuating factors in my case, their sentences had always been longer than my own. I had offered them copies of the Prison Handbook, attempting to aid them in shortening their sentences by pointing out several areas in which they could improve their overall imprisonment efficiency. Quattro responded with several statements which I believe to have been insulting.

"Oh, Sette." Tre said, her tone indicating surprise. "Why are you back here? I thought you had been paroled early."

"Yes, that is true. However, I felt the need to first receive updated mission objectives from a command unit." I informed her.

Uno smiled softly. "Sette… I'm sure you already spoke to Doctor Scaglietti. He must have told you that he had no objectives for you."

"Yes, that is true. I believe imprisonment has adversely affected his mental state. After he failed to provide a properly structured assignment, I elected to consult the other command units to determine if any had an objective to assign me." I informed her.

Tre sighed, for unknown reasons. "Honestly. Obedience is all well and good, but this gets a little old… Sette. We have no objectives, and we have no missions for you. Nobody in these cells has any need or any right to order you to do anything. You are free."


I considered this.

"As a free being, I therefore have the right to request that I be given orders." I said, satisfied with this logical conclusion.

Tre narrowed her eyes. "This is all your fault, you know." She said, the statement directed at the third occupied cell in the block.

"I just wanted to make her more efficient." Quattro said, her tone indicating annoyance or possibly indigestion. "It's not my fault the puppet can't think for herself."

"No, actually, it is." Tre said bluntly.

"I am able to think for myself." I said, because it was true. "I think for myself often. Recently, thought for myself that I should request I be given orders."

"Ugh, I forgot how annoying you can be." Quattro said in disgust, or possibly heartburn. I was quickly beginning to deduce that she was either unhappy for some reason, or had eaten something unpalatable. This would not be a problem if she ate a properly nutritious diet choosing a variety of foods from all food groups, readily available in the prison cafeteria (A full menu detailed in Penal Code 459-R). "Why don't you just get lost? Nobody here is interested in coddling you anymore."

"Quattro!" Uno said sharply. "Show a little courtesy to your younger sister, please."

"Why bother? She's leaving and we all know I never am. Why should I care what she thinks of me? She gets to go off live a happy life in the sun with the traitors while I rot in here; I think that cancels out the sting of any insult I can think of." Quattro said.

"I see." I said. "I should not have underestimated your keen tactical mind, Quattro."

"… wait, what?"

"I shall go to consult our sisters who chose outside rehabilitation. Cinque also has command authority over me, and as she has been dwelling in the outside world, it is possible that she has acquired tasks at hand that need to be cleared. Yes, this is an acceptable solution." I said, satisfied with my new course of action. "Thank you, Quattro. I owe you much for this suggestion. You are a good sister."

All three of my older sisters blinked several times without saying anything. Perhaps the dry air in the cells was irritating their eyes; I would consult the warden before I left the complex to see if they could be provided with some sort of moisturizing solution.

"Er… whatever makes you happy, I guess. Good… good job, Quattro?" Tre said.

"Yeah," Quattro said in shock… or possibly nausea. "Whatever you say."

After leaving my sisters, I began acting on my new mission to acquire a new mission. I collected my few belongings from the prison storehouse (Penal Code 901-L), boarded the former prisoner's pro bono public transit to Cranagan on Midchilda (TSAB Transport Regulation 00918), and located the Nakajima Household where I had been informed Cinque and several of my other sisters were currently living (Cranagan Central Residence and Communication Directory, 'N' section).

It was roughly 0100 hours when I arrived at the address listed for Genya Nakajima, the man I understood to be responsible for the housing of my sisters. As I entered the property, I immediately began to take note of environmental factors, noticing several which I deemed possibly relevant to my new living situation. There was no visible flight combat simulator, which would hamper my training efforts. There appeared to be some sort of small humanoid creature in the garden, which I initially took for a new model of unison device, but which further study revealed to be some sort of wooden idol of an elderly gentleman. Still, it would have been an excellent site for a hidden surveillance device, and so I elected to check the inside for any sort of hidden equipment. I found none. I was not able to restore the statue to intact condition with the limited tools on hand.

Satisfied with this contribution to the security of the premises, I proceeded to the main door. I had, in the past, been told by my sisters that my manner was blunt and occasionally inconsiderate. Given that some of those living in this home would have little reason to welcome me warmly, I elected to begin my new residence in a considerate manner. Ringing the doorbell at this late hour would wake the entire household, and would be considered rude. I instead elected to be considerate and enter the building quietly and without disturbing anyone, as a show of good faith. I was able to accomplish this relatively easily by picking the lock on the front door and severing the power source for the on-site alarm system.

Yes, I thought in satisfaction. This will clearly show all involved that I mean no harm.

Once inside, I began studying the layout of the house. I restricted myself to the first floor, so as not to wake anyone sleeping upstairs, but was still able to determine several convenient escape routes in the event of common household dangers, such as fire, gas leak, or berserk robots. I also noted a structure in the trees in the backyard, possibly intended as some sort of child's plaything. It appeared dilapidated from disuse, but with mild repair could potentially serve as an excellent sniper post. I elected to mention this to Dieci at the first opportunity.

I then found a comfortable chair, sat down, and waited.

Six hours later, I nodded in satisfaction. Yes, clandestine entry had been the correct choice. I had definitely been considerate, and would be praised upon detailing the successful infiltration to the inhabitants of this home. Initial objective complete.