Hi. This is just an idea for a story I'm toying with, and I wanted to know what people thought of it, any advice or suggestions. You know the kind of thing. My other story is still my main focus though, like I said, this is just an idea. Thanks for reading and I'd love any feedback :)

The Almighty

Chapter 1

It's funny. After something is gone, you look at it in a different light. As I walked down the rubble-strewn street I gazed up at the ruins of the place I had grown up in. Back then it wasn't much cleaner, litter still blotted the streets, bad smells hung in the air. But the houses were still standing back then.

Looking back, I know my parents did what they could for me. But I didn't care, they should have tried harder. It was their fault they ended up where they were-stuck in dead end jobs-barely able to support themselves, let alone a child. I never cared for them. I just wanted to get away, get more powerful. Power is everything. It is the way forward. If you force yourself to the limit, become the most powerful you can be, who can stand in your way? That was always my dream. To become almighty. Who cares who tries to stand in your way when you can just flick them aside like an annoying fly?

I guess it's my attitude that got me where I am today. Some people called me careless, selfish. I see it as determination. I wouldn't be where I am today if I wasn't that way. Then again, I can think of better situations I could be in. But I better start from the beginning.

For me, it started in my 15th birthday. I woke up with that expected anticipation, but it was marred by anger, disappointment. I knew there was no possible way my parents would have gotten me the pokemon I wanted. They probably couldn't afford more than a mere Caterpie. They should have tried harder in life.

Taking the stairs slowly, I thought about what I might get. Much to my frustration, my mind kept straying to a vision of me commanding a mighty dragon, which I knew to be wishful thinking. Dragons were extremely expensive.

"Hi honey! Are you excited?" my mam asked enthusiastically. Her tone disgusted me. I didn't humour her by saying yes. Why lie? I merely shrugged.

"Oh I bet you are," she smiled. I was going to ignore her, when I thought of one reason why I was excited.

"Yeah, your right. I'm pretty excited to be leaving this dump," I said simply. As I watched her face fall I felt a small sense of satisfaction, it was her fault she lived here after all.
"Well, your pokemon is in the kitchen. She's a bit... Well it's all we could manage," she made a feeble attempt at a smile.

"Thanks," I said bluntly. Without another glance at her I walked into the kitchen and stared at my new pokemon. My first pokemon. The small furry thing stared right back at me, challenging me. It's tail was bristled and it had a serious underbite, with two pointed fangs protruding from it's jaw. No rush of emotion swept over me; no overwhelming urge to run over and hug her possessed me; but I felt something. Something small stirring inside me, like a small phoenix trying to push through the ash.


The name stuck in my head. But no. It would be absolute madness to name a Poochyena Phoenix. I shook the thought out of my head and refocused on the small pokemon. She had a skinny, wasted look about her, but a defiant glint gleamed in her eye. She looked like a stray picked up off the street.

"Phoenix," I whispered, toying with the name on my tongue. The Poochyena perked up at the sound of my voice.

"You like that name?" I asked. I don't know what I expected, a nod or a tail wag? Instead she just stared at me with an inquisitive look.

"Nah, there's no way I can call you Phoenix," I said, more to myself than the Poochyena. But she's my pokemon, so I could call her what I wanted couldn't I?

Sinking to the floor, a silent battle raged in my head-over my pokemon's name. How would I become the almighty person I wanted if I couldn't even achieve this one simple task? As I sat there, my pokemon sidled cautiously over to me, her nose twitching as she sniffed me. Not wanting to scare her, I stayed still until she got used to my scent. Her tail relaxed and she edged even closer before resting her head on my lap. A smile crept over my face, suprising even myself. Sure, this little guy looked scrawny and weak, but she had guts. I could tell. It was at that moment when the full extent of what had to happen if I was to become more powerful hit me. It meant work. Hard work. Unlike the lazy, good for nothing bums that lived around here, I would rise to the challenge and make something of my life. I would break free of the hovel I called home and never look back. But I wouldn't get there without determination, hard work and the scrawny little Poochyena sitting at my side.

"Like a phoenix rising from the ashes," I whispered, absent mindedly twisting her fur around my fingers.

"You're my phoenix,"

After I said that, the name cemented itself in my head.

She was my Phoenix from that day on.