Title: Even an Ant

Series: Ouran High School Host Club

Pairing: Slight Pre-TamakixKyouya

Warnings: Ruthless ant slaughter

Summary: He wondered for a long moment if this what was his father saw in him. A rutheless, sadistic dog. Or perhaps he saw an ant.

"Have you brought the item I requested, Tachibana-san?"

"Yes, Kyouya-sama."

The third son and recent heir of the Ootori group inspected the item with a bored expression.

"We made sure the purchase the kind with the highest safety rating for pets."

"I'm sure Tamaki will be glad to hear that."

Picking up the large canister of insecticide, Kyouya moved toward the master bathroom of the Ootori Estate, ignoring Tachibana's surprised offer of assitance.

They'd had an infestation of ants and Kyouya had a distaste for things being out of his control. They crawled about the walls and floors with oblivious chaos. Kyouya almost chuckled at the swift karma that he could subject, a fate the tiny pests couldn't possibly anticipate.

Carefully, he sat on the rim of the the luxurious bathtub and prepared the canister to be used. With eerie satisfaction he shot the poisonous liquid around the base boards, working his way through the vast swarm of ants. Within 5 minutes, they were all dead.

It was curious, he thought, the sight of hundreds of dead caracasses sprawled out before him. Hundreds of tiny lives snuffed on the whim of a giant and uncaring god. From his height, they looked like no more than dots, mere specs of dirt. More ants poured out of the floor boards, coming to investigate. One by one he shot each of them, watched them flail helplessly to their deaths.

He wondered for a long moment if this what was his father saw in him. A rutheless, sadistic dog willing to commit greivous sins with a slight, hard smile. Or perhaps he saw an ant. A worthless pest that he would cruely extinguish once the sadistic joy of torturing him wore off.

The smile that had crept up on Kyouya's face fell into a dark, tight scowl.

"What a scary face you've got on today, Kyouya-kun.", Tamaki's voice said in practiced innocence.

All expression and feeling left Kyouya's body. He turned to find his best friend's intense purple eyes inspecting him. Despite himself, Kyouya felt a distinct discomfort settle in between his brows. Had he been any less in control of his emotions, Kyouya suspected he would have felt guilty. But for what? He'd done nothing wrong, he'd done what anyone would have done, hadn't he? Tamaki had a way of stirring an unfamiliar side of Kyouya. A side that was remarkably less callous.

An excited air filled Tamaki's countanance and he began quickly speaking in a manic tone,"It's like you're some kind of dark sorcerer! Or a cunning, monsterous temptress! Or a...or a Shadow King!"

Returning to his usual mild smirk, Kyouya stood, pushing the pesticide to the corner.

"Or a cut-throat businessman.", he added casually.

Tamaki's face fell, looking back at Kyouya.

"If that's what you want, mon ami.", Tamaki said with quiet significance.

His face brightening once more and he continued, after a meaningful pause,"But I think a Shadow King is much cooler! And you are the "Cool Type" after all!"

"Oh, Kyou-kun, that reminds me! I was thinking that when we start the Host Club..."

Kyouya sat down at the kotatsu, not really listening to Tamaki's noise. And yet hearing his excitement at the prospect of dreams not yet fulfilled, he didn't fight the contented smile that wormed its way onto his face. And he provided no protest as Tamaki's mind swept him away to a fanciful world where love was real and parental expectations held no importance. A world where even an ant had the right to a long, prosperous life.