One – The Unknown

You might say my perspective on brothers is…unique.

I grew up an only child, a loner at school, a boy who preferred to be on his own. Maybe it was due in part to having a single parent. I had more responsibility than most kids my age, and less time alone with my father. I had a few friends at school but wasn't really close to any of them.

And then my dad remarried.

She was young and friendly, a pretty woman who did all she could to make my life comfortable. She stayed out of my way when I was in a bad mood, made my favorite foods when I had a bad day, even bought me a new guitar for my birthday one year.

I suppose it could have been worse.

But Dad insisted I call her "Mom," even though he knew that I still ached for the birth mother I'd never known. He truly loved his new wife, I think, and really wanted her to be a part of the family.

My single greatest fear in those days was that I would soon have a new brother.

I was so used to being an only child, to not having to put up with a whiny little brother or a bossy older one, that I wouldn't have wanted a brother even if my real mom had somehow walked back into my life. I certainly didn't want a half brother to take over the house and get me shoved to the edges of the family.

…It's strange to remember the way I used to dread having a brother – now that I have one and all.

We met three years after my dad remarried, when I was called into the Digital World and began my quest for answers. He stepped into my life at the worst possible time; I was already frustrated with Takuya's imbecilic plans and didn't need a new enemy to worry about. But there he was: darkness. My antithesis. I hated and feared him from the moment we met.

And then he came to me in Sakkakumon, shoved my family problems in my face, forced me to deal with them.

I don't think he expected me to forgive them. He was already scared to face me, hurt by our father's betrayal, angry at the lies our lives were built upon. I think a part of him wanted to make me hate my own parents so that there would be room for him in my life.

Instead, I accepted the family I had, and in so doing I shut him out completely.

My tenuous new contentment was shattered when he told me who he was. I had accepted a new mother, but I still wasn't ready for a brother.

In the years since then, I've sometimes wondered if my own fears contributed to Duskmon's creation. I was afraid of my brother – of the change and uncertainty he brought, as well as of his current form – and when I found myself battling him, I realized that for the first time I had no clue what I should do, or even what I wanted to do.

It's a feeling I never forgot, a feeling that resurfaced from time to time after we went home. I don't handle uncertainty well – not when it's in me. Oh, sure, I can walk into the unknown without batting an eyelash, but I don't like being indecisive. Every time I face that kind of uncertainty, I freeze. I froze in the battle with Duskmon. I froze when Kouichi sacrificed himself during our battle with Lucemon.

I froze when my birth mother walked into the hospital Kouichi had been taken to. That was the first time I can remember being so terrified that I ran away from anything. How was I supposed to face her? How was I supposed to face my father?

I almost didn't go home that night, and when I did I froze at the sight of my father and step-mother. I'd forgotten it was their anniversary.

Finding a brother brought an abundance of uncertainty where I had once been in control. It scared me at first, scared me so much that I didn't meet my birth mother for three weeks, didn't tell my father about Kouichi for over a month.

But the more I came to know my brother, the more I found myself enjoying the surprises. Having a brother was an adventure – not quite as life-threatening as our adventure in the Digital World, but exciting nonetheless.

I used to be scared at the thought of having a brother, but now I realize it was what I needed all along.

Kouji Minamoto, 36 years old

And there you have it. The last of the Warriors. The first chapter of "And Then There Were Ten: Redux" (the next-gen fic featuring Taura, Jomei, Kado, and Naoko) will be up tomorrow!

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