Meeting Death

I could see 4 trucks in their driveway, the new family, they were moving in. I watched the teenaged girl lift boxes and help carry tables. Who I presumed was her brother, picked up a couple of small boxes and set them down just outside the front door. Their parents were talking to the drivers of the trucks, thanking and saying their farewells.

I was sitting in the window, my back on the wall and my feet pressed up against the wooden frame of the window. I was reading, well, scanning, the page of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, until now I couldn't put it down. I rested the book on the floor, its spine wide open and bending the pages.

I watched the girl, her short brown hair tucked into a neat ponytail, she was wearing what you would expect a girl that was moving to be wearing. Jeans, white t-shirt and a checkered, long sleeved t-shirt, that looked like it belonged to her father, hanging loosely around her waist and shoulders. I couldn't tell what color her eyes were, or what her face looked like from this distance, but I could tell she was very beautiful.

Her brother was quite different, his hair was long but not past his shoulders, it was a dirty blonde that he had gelled up to look like he had been dragged out of a hedge… but it suited him. He wore a hoodie with Takes no Prisoners written in bold text, baggy jeans, the type you can see his whole ass hanging out of and huge trainers.

Before I could inspect their parents, my door came swinging open and my older sister walked in holding her latest buys at New Look. She smiled at me, and I knew she had bought me something.

"Sweet, what you get me?" I tried to sound enthusiastic, but I could tell she wasn't convinced.
"Come see." I walked over to her and she pulled a black piece of cloth out of one of her New Look bags. "Do you love it?"

I held it up to me, it was a t-shirt, black with seven rips down the back. I was impressed. I would actually wear this one.

"Oh my god. I love it. It would look so awesome with red t-shirt underneath it, a bit of white paint spilt in the corner," I threw it to my pillow, "Its perfect Stacey, thank you"
She wrapped her arms around me and I helped her take all of her bags back to her room.

I sat back in the window, but all the trucks had gone and the family had gone back inside. I was slightly disappointed, they looked a pretty respectful family and spying on them was oddly enjoyable.

I was shouted to go down to have dinner. It was lasagna and chips, our family ate nothing but pasta. We were disgussing out village and how little people lived init.

"If you think about it, only about 150 people live in our village, and not many more have heard about it." Stacey was an expert in geography… and it drove me crazy.
"I think it would be more than 150, I mean we have quite a lot of shops and that draws people here and so on so forth…" I stuffed a chip in my mouth.

My mother put some more lasagna on my plate, been as I ate the most in my family, but I was still the smallest. She joined our conversation.
"I'd say it was about 300 that lived here."
"Mum, your wrong. Its about 150 to 160, no more than that."

I let the subject slip until everyone was sitting at the table, we had quite a large family. My mothers parents lived with us.

"So, did you see the new people next door?" I asked, while picking at the rest of my dinner.
"Oh, that reminds me, Stacey will you take this gift over to them. Just something to say welcome." My mother smiled.
"I'll do it." Stacey glared at me as I grabbed the gift and ran into the rain.

Their door was huge. Twice the size of ours and oak with a huge door knocker in the middle. I struggled picking the heavy piece of metal up with one hand, but with one knock, a man had opened the door.
"Hello." It was the father.
"Um, hi, can I come in? Its sorta raining." He opened the door slightly wider and I stepped inside.

"Please, can I take your jacket?" This got me caught off guard… nobody had ever asked me in such a strong English accent.
"Um, yeah, sure." I toke my raincoat off, and passed it to the remarkably good looking man.

"Woah, nice house. So much nicer than ours… guessing it cost more." I put my index finger on the stair rail that looked solid wood with a tinted varnish.
"It is quite nice, as you say." He smiled at me… his teeth were amazing. Dentist was written all over his forehead. I smiled back sheepishly.
"What is your name?" He put is hand on the back of shoulder as he guided me to what I guessed would be the lounge.
"Rachel, how about you?"
"William, but you may call me whatever you wish." He raised an eyebrow.
"Williams cool." I smiled, again, full of awkwardness.

William opened a door and I saw the other three people that were unloading the trucks, Williams wife and children.
"Rachel, I'd like you to meet my family. This is my wife, Alexandra." She stood to shake my hand.

She was stunning. Black hair hanging on her shoulders, shocking blue eyes, dimples and a figure Stacey would kill for.

"And this is Hayden and Michael." He toke his hand off my shoulder and sat in the chair by the fire.
Hayden stood and gave me a rib-breaking hug yet Michael just nodded. "Don't mind him, he's very unsociable" Hayden said in a whisper.

"Don't worry, its fine. Um, I brought this over," I passed Hayden the gift, "It's a welcome gift."
"That's such a nice gesture." William smiled at me, and I couldn't help but smile back,

"Oh, we're having a housewarming party tomorrow, can your family come?"
"I will certainly ask, as far as I remember we're not doing anything."
"Great." Hayden hugged me again, but not as hard this time around.

"I better be going, I've got to get back. I'll let myself out." I smiled and turned for the door.

It's a shame I didn't hear what they had to say about me, otherwise my future would have turned out a little different...

"Oh my gosh, she smelt amazing.. I dont knoe how I'm going to live next to something that good." Hayden said, slipping back into the couch.

"Wouldnt mind feasting on her.." Michael said, finally able to talk. "Her stench was overpowering."

"William, we moved because of what we were to innocent people.. if it happens again, what are we going to do?" Alexandra asked her husband.

"Easy, stop living like humans, and live like vampires"