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Meeting Death – Chapter 12

Hayden's :

I ran home, the girl screaming with joy every step I took. I smiled as she threw her arms up in the air like I've seen people so on roller coasters.

I opened the door to the house, hearing the creak of the heavy piece of wood echo through the house. Nobody was home; they were all out helping with Rachel's situation. William was at the police station watching CCTV to make sure the cameras hadn't caught anything. It was crucial that not one camera had even a slight shot of Rachel, because, although what people have spread about vampires, cameras pick up vampires better than the eye can… No vampire I have ever asked can explain why.

I set the girl down on the sofa, and went to light the fire. I hadn't turned any of the lights in the house on; a fire was much more calming. After lighting it, I put the fire guard around the flames so that the girl wouldn't accidently fall in and kill herself.

I slumped onto the sofa, by the girl, and smiled at her. She was very pretty for a little girl, short blonde hair with a small pink bow bunching hair into a ponytail, her eyes were electric blue with just a tinge of grey around the pupils. She smiled back at me, and I felt a warmth to this child.

"So," I mumbled, "What's your name?" She mumbled something that I couldn't comprehend. Baby talk. "Awesome name" I giggled. I put my finger through her blonde hair. It was soft, unlike my rather brittle hair. "You're going to be staying with us for a while, until we can figure out what to do with you." The child looked up at me, like she understood every word I was saying.

"Mummy?" I smiled, she had no clue.

"You're not going to see her for a while. You'll be staying with me and I won't let that foul girl touch you." I was thinking of Rachel. Who reacts like that on their first hunting experience?

My phone started ringing in my pocket, it was William.

"Hey, William. Find anything?" My hand was still running through the girls hair.
"No, there is no film at all of her, but there's film of her victims… and you running after her."
"What? You're saying it caught me, the victims, but not her?" I felt confusion blinding me, "What about when she was actually feeding on the man and woman, did they catch that?"
"Again, they caught the victims but not Rachel."

"I'm going to ring Alexandra. I'll be home soon." He hung up, leaving me with thousands of questions running around my head.

I had literally put my phone back into my pocket, when it started ringing again.

"What?" I said, not even bothering to read the name of the person who was ringing.
"Hey, calm down, Hayden. It's Michael." I rolled my eyes.
"What do you want?"
"Look, Rachel's not normal," I laughed, "She's not bleeding, she owns no blood and she's healing like there is no tomorrow."
"No blood?" I had given her blood, where had that gone?
"No. Not one drop. Her body has been completely drained in a way of blood, even the blood you gave her to become a vampire is gone."

"Oh my god." I pulled my hand away from the girls hair, and ran to my room to look at the painting I knew only too well.
"Figured it out yet?" I heard Michael whisper.
"Just a little," I said, touching the painting of Abrianna.

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