Mantineus-Why am I adding onto a completed story? What sort of madness is this? This…Is…Writer's Convenience! Basically meaning that at some point after posting the first chapter(story), I had bouts of inspiration. So…Here you go. Sadly, this is sorta out of order...I wrote this before the other one.


Gold lounged on his bed, hands under his head as he stared at the ceiling, his mind wondering, never finding a thought worth staying on. He remembered events of his journey, which ultimately led him to thoughts of Joey.

After his triumphant return, and their secret first kiss, the youngster completely quit training, but found that upon that revelation that he would need to return home. Which, luckily for the both of them, was in Cherrygrove City(1), which was close to New Bark Town. The only thing separating them now was Route 29.

And through the two months since their kiss, they met each other in secret, little dates. Neither telling anyone that they were together out of fear for one another and Gold's new title. It would usually start by walking or being summoned by either a loud caw or roar of their mythical birds. And they would fly together on one or the other. Enjoying the sights, company, and their conversations.

It was kind of funny, the first time they made out. On the back of Lugia; Joey in front-for Joey picked him up-and he in back, holding onto the boy. they were high in the sky when he brought it up.

"Gold," Joey said, his uncertainty shining through.

"Yeah, Joey?" Gold asked, allowing some worry to seep into his words. He knew his boyfriend was still low in the self-esteem department.

A blush crept up the boy's cheeks. "Well, my mom was watching this movie on TV…"

Gold blushed, he had learned about the birds and the bees from his mom, though not as in-depth as he was told through one of his other friends; Beverly, The PokéFan with an obsession for cute looking Pokémon(2). He was not sure if he should tell him about porn, nor was he sure if he was to be the one to tell him about the bees and the bees, something she threw in via a slip of the tongue…Or, so she said.

"The guy told his girlfriend that teens made out all the time and asked why they weren't doing it." Joey seemed to tense up a little more. "Which leads me to ask; why don't we?"

"Uh," Gold stammered, his face turning tomato red. "It's just…"

"What?" Joey asked, turning his head back, thus tilting it, showing his doe-like eyes.

"I don't know if we're ready to move on to that, yet."

"But, I'm ready."

"But the guy said teens, not twelve year olds." He wanted to slap himself silly for letting that slip.

Joey's expression darkened into stubbornness, his face the tell-tale-sign of an argument brewing.

"So!" Shouted Joey. "I'm old enough!"

"Are you sure?"

Joey nodded once, confirming his tantrum. Gold sighed and slid back towards the middle of Lugia's back, right between the great bird's wings. Joey was uncertain as to what was expected of him, but a quick motion of his hand gave him the silent command of 'come hither'.

Slowly, Joey pushed himself back until a pair of strong arms wrapped around his stomach and pulled him closer to his boyfriend(right between his legs), whose head was laying gently on his right shoulder, his face so close to his ear as evidence from the warm breath the youngster felt upon it.

"I'm sorry about what I said, Joey." Gold whispered. "I didn't mean it like that. It's just…I don't want to rush you into anything you don't wanna do."

Joey blushed from the sensation of warm breath on his ear, but he made an attempt to nod his head. Gold then turned the boy around, his legs splayed apart, their feet over lapping at the ankles. Gold looked at the boy in his signature, slightly too long shirt and short shorts. He gulped.

With maneuvering, Joey sat on his groin, his feet wrapping around his waist. They stared into each other's eyes as the older leaned in towards the younger(by one year), mouths opened slightly, invitingly. Their lips touched and tongues wrestled, neither sure what to do. It was sloppy and imperfect, yet sweet. Everything a first kiss-well, one of this nature, should be.

"Gold," His mother shouts broke him from the thought. Though the image of the younger laying on top of him(so that he wouldn't get squished) as they made out, gentle touches exploring clothed flesh, neither venturing under the material that kept their bodies apart stayed on his mind. "Someone's here to see you!"

He sat up, hoping to calm down and let the blush he knew was on his face disappear. Once that was done, he quickly ran down to see who would visit him.


When Gold reached the ground level of his house, he was greeted to long, flowing locks of crimson. That smug smirk he wore when they first met was still rooted onto his face, despite the fact that he had changed. He was no longer the smug bastard that had stolen his starting Pokémon and belittled everyone and everything around him.

He gave a small smile.

"And to what do I owe this visit?" Asked Gold.

"I just wanted to talk," Silver said. "Privately."

Gold motioned for him to follow and he went back up the stairs and into his room. Gold sat upon his bed and offered the Snorlax doll as a chair since he had none in his room. Both trainers sat in silence. Though he did not look it, Gold clearly saw his rival's eyes dart around the room, taking in the sights the sparse space had to offer.


"I saw you," Silver said, his voice masking what he was feeling. Something he gained when he had a change of heart. "I doubt anyone else did. Too wrapped up in the buzzard's display to look beyond the wing."

Gold averted his gaze, a blush coating his cheeks, hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"Why'd you do it?"

"Uh…" Gold had no idea where to start. He basically longed for that for the longest time, mix that with the nagging fear that Red mentioned about such things, why wouldn't he want to show his friend how he felt; especially before things get harry with publicity and fame.

"He's beneath you." The old smug attitude came back in that instant.

That snapped Gold out of his reverie. His blush gone, he narrowed his eyes, his body tensing up defensively. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Silver continued.

"Think of it, you're the Pokémon Master now! What reason is there for you to be playing with a mere child?"


"You have been to both regions, Gold. You've heard the gym leaders, we're basically the first to do so!"

He stood up now, looking directly at the one trainer who could ever beat him. No one else could. No one else deserved his praise. So why?

"Why him?" He asked again.

Gold let out a sigh, taking his apparent aggravation with it. He stood up and stared directly at his rival.

"First off, When you say he's 'beneath me', due to my status as Master, then basically everyone is except Red, and he already has someone."

"Oh," Silver said, tilting his head to the side. He never heard anything like that before. "Who?"

"Blue," Gold muttered. "And secondly, to answer your question, I happen to like him. You should know better than anyone that I'm not like you, I don't go by status or strength. I go by something different."

A pregnant silence enveloped them for a few minutes, but to Silver, it felt like hours.

"Now I wanna know; why do you care? I mean, I would expect you to be disgusted, not act like…"

And like a ton of bricks, the answer came crashing down on him in one single, chaste kiss. Gold's eyes widened in surprise. He never would have expected this, though he should have seen it coming.

Silver's eyes were closed, his lips laid on his own. After a while of not responding, Silver stepped away with a sigh, his confidence gone, making his head too heavy to hold high.

"Was I that bad?" He asked.

Gold found his voice. "No, you were pretty good. You were just lacking something."


Gold thought about it for a second. "A spark."

Silver tilted his head in confusion.

Gold let out a nervous chuckle, his right hand finding his neck again. "You see, I haven't kissed anyone besides Joey. So I had nothing to compare it to. But our kiss was missing a spark, Silver."

Silver growled, never one to lose gracefully. "Then maybe you should kiss back next time!"

Gold was about to interject, but found that their lips were connected again. And, to experiment, he kissed back. It felt good once the shock wore off. It felt good being on the receiving end of such a desperate kiss overflowing with longing, hope, and fear. It reminded him of Joey.(3)

"Well?" Came the husky sounding question.

"It was good, but my heart belongs to Joey."

Silver looked heartbroken. He had lost, but this time to someone two years younger than him.

"I'm sorry, Silver." Gold said.

"It's okay," Silver said. "I guess you can say that I'm happy for you, my friend."


After supper, a shrill roar rang through New Bark Town. Gold instantly grabbed a Pokéball and darted out of the house, making sure to say goodbye to his mom. Once outside of his house he smiled when he saw the pair.

The sun was going down, reflecting Lugia's sleek feathers, making them appear golden, the light radiating around his boyfriend in the process, making them glow radiantly.

"Hi Gold!" Joey greeted.

"Hey, Joey," He flashed his Pokéball at the youngster. "Wanna race?"

Joey switched to his competitive face and shouted "You're on!" happily.

Gold released Ho-oh, the crazy looking bird cawed out, wings spread; showing off again before letting his trainer hop on. Gold took off, laughing, before anything could be arranged.

"Hey!" Came the indignant call from the youngster as he and Lugia took off after the two.

Both Pokémon sped through the sky rapidly, both bird and trainer taking it as competitively yet friendly as possible-as heard by the trainers' bouts of laughter. After a while of fast paced flying in which both kept neck-and-neck, their pace had slowed and they were flying at a leisurely pace. The birds flying as if in a vertical orbit around an unseen object, Ho-oh's rainbow constantly trailing behind.


Mantineus-I think I like this ending. It's Calvin and Hobbes-ish. A clear, expansive canvass where possibilities are endless(a reference to the final panel as well as almost quoting exactly what Watterson had said in a note about it).

1)Cherrygrove City is right before Route 30 where you meet Joey and is his stationary place for all eternity, thus, a perfect way to explain the phenomenon and because I'm lazy.

2) Yeah, I added her to my phone book and she'd mostly only call for a rematch with her Snubble that I believe evolved at a later time. But she struck me as the type since she has a DEEP affiliation with cute things…And a bit of a blabbermouth.

3) Man am I an ass to Silver! I don't even know why! XD