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Kaylek had to admit, that things were going pretty well so far. His forces had attacked Doro two fronts: One was the gate, at which the Wraith Shock Troopers would constantly ram the door, hoping to smash it open. The other part was a part of the wall that seemed vulnerable and less guarded. Minions charged the wall, Reds providing cover with fireballs and Blues picking up the dead so they could revive them. Browns and Green lifted the ladders and began to climb the wall, engaging the enemy forces.

From his position, the Overlord could see that his Minions were slowly pushing the enemy back. Men in red armor were shouting as they swung their weapons at creatures shorter than them. Three Browns manages to grab one man and toss him over the wall straight into the mob of Minions down below. Archers continued to fire down at the Minions killing many of them, but the Blues would do quick dashes towards the bodies, carry them out of the firing range and revive the Minions, then send them back into battle. And from what he heard from his scouts, the Mountain men were doing a fine job of keeping an army of Halflings away from the town.

He turned to Sug who was standing next to him. Behind the two were barrels with labels that read explosives. Behind them was a giant hole in the ground, dirt flying out of it now and then. Sug walked over to the hole, poking his head through it. "How digging going?"

A Brown Minion popped out from the ground, looking at the Minion Champion. "Digging almost done, nearly reached gate, soon can do boom boom." The Minion said with delight.

Sug walked back towards the Overlord giving a salute and relayed the news. Kaylek nodded as he returned his attention back to the battle. "Sug, have the Minions move their main attack to the right more, away from the Wraiths and the designated location. Keep the cavalry in reserve until orders are given." Sug nodded and headed out to give out the orders, while he was doing that Kaylek contacted Gnarl through his helm. "Gnarl how much longer until I get reinforcements and a Yeti here?"

"I've gathered a total of 5,000 more Minions to assist you. Just give the word and they'll come." The Minion Master said. "Unfortunately getting a Yeti is difficult. Apparently their all snoozing and you know what happens when they are interrupted from their nap. But we may be able to secure at least one of them."

Kaylek growled in annoyance at the news but nevertheless continued watching the battle.

The city captain didn't know what would be worse, being killed by those goblins if they got through, or by Marguel if he failed. Currently on the 2nd wall of the city, he watched as archers fired arrows at the demons that climbed onto the first wall, fighting against his troops. So far they were holding out, the archers picking the enemy off due to the lack of cover the minions had.

"Sir!" A soldier said. "Those things at the front gate are at it again."

The Captain growled. "Send some archers there to push them back, kill as many as you can. Also what's the status of our reinforcements?"

"Still no word from them." The soldier replied.

Cursing under his breath, the Captain turned back to the battle. He was about to say something when a section of the outer wall exploded. Soldiers were sent flying, and as the smoke cleared Minions poured on through, killing the survivors. Mounts could be seen coming out of the woods and surrounding the town, from the front gate to the hole in the wall.

The Captain did the best he could to round up the men, "Get back to your positions! Archers fire at them while they are out in the open."

A loud roar caught him off and then a giant Yeti appeared, roaring and waving its arms like crazy. The Minions made room as it went through the whole and with all its strength, smashed through the second wall, sending the Captain and several soldiers flying.

Kaylek saw the whole thing a smile appeared on his face. Raising his gauntlet into the air, he signaled the recently arrive forces to charge in behind him. With their war cries the minions followed their master towards the entrance as the Wraiths finished smashing through the gate. "Forward! Wipe out all soldiers inside the town. Show no mercy!" Kaylek shouted as he swung his sword down on top of a soldier.

The Brown Minions collided with the defense force, their bodies clashing into each other as they shouted out random words and death cries. These voices began to terrify the soldiers, who started to give ground quickly. Green Minions used their claws to climb on top of houses and leapt at the soldiers from above, stabbing them with their poison claws.

Archers tried to give their comrades covering fire but Red on Salamanders rolled up to them fired fireballs, causing the archers to flail in panic as they were caught on fire. Blues stayed at the back of the line; grabbing any dead minion they could find and revived them to join the fray. The Yeti picked up a shed and through it towards the back of the town, killing one or more of the fleeing townsfolk. Wraiths were knocking down anyone in their paths, slaughtering the soldiers. Musket Wraiths opened fire on the Archers, their bullets killing them instantly. Kaylek laughed; the town was there's.

"Lady Felicia, the Dark Elves from Dark Mountain tribe have arrived." Quaver said. Felicia, who was playing with Zeck, looked up from her son towards the Minion. "Thank you Quaver, you may lead them to the guest room. I shall be there shortly."

A few minutes later Felicia, followed by Zeck and a dozen of Minion Guards entered the guest room, where several pale skin elves were waiting for them along with more Minion Guards. One of the elves was a male and seemed slightly older, a fact shown by the wrinkles on his face. He wore a pitched black robe with a sword tied to the waist. His hair was long and tied into a ponytail. Another was a woman, younger looking, almost the same age as Felicia. She wore a light black armor over a dark dress. Her lip was covered with purple lipstick and her silver hair fell down her back. She also had two dual swords strapped to her waist.

Felicia walked up to the older elf and held out her right hand. "Druid Maevin Bloodrose, a pleasure to see you again." The Mistress said.

Maevin took her hand and kissed it. "My lady, being here is an honor."

"Felicia!" The elf woman squealed as she ran to embrace her, the two laughing a little as Felicia said. "Srintella, its good to see you again. How are you?"

Srintella chuckled. "I am fine. And you're as beautiful as ever, wouldn't you agree father?"

Maevin nodded as he focused his attention on Zeck, who had been staring at the scene the whole time. "Ah and this must be the next heir to darkness?" He said as he kneeled towards Zeck's level. Zeck just stared at the elf, his eyes wide with awe. "It's an honor to meet you young prince."

Felicia looked at Zeck. "What do you say sweetie?"

Zeck smiled, showing his baby teeth. "Thank you" He said before turning to look at Srintella. Then he pointed and said. "You're pretty!"

The elf lady chuckled before patting Zeck's head. "Thank you young Prince. I can sense much potential from you."

Felicia turned towards Maevin. "Now if you mind having your men remain here, I shall guide you towards the area and tell you of what my husband needs of you."

Taking Zeck's hand, Felicia and her minion guards led the way as Maevin and Srintella followed her. As they walked pass towards the throne room, giving quick greetings to Gnarl, Felicia explained their purpose of being here. "From what my husband told me, during his ancestor's, the Fourth Overlord, rule and his battle against the Empire, he came here to the Wasteland when it was still foul with wild magic. Here he discovered blue ooze that seemed to affect minions if they ever drowned in it."

"In what way my lady?" Maevin asked.

Felicia sighed. "They became giant purple minions, uncontrollable. Not even the Overlord could control them." She paused as she opened the door to the Great Library, revealing all the books that it contained. As the Elves looked in awe Felicia continued. "But with the war happening, my husband wishes to create these minions to use in his army, wish is why you are here Maevin."

The said elf looked at her. "Because of my specialty."

The mistress nodded. "Yes your knowledge of growing living beings out of raw materials would be beneficial for this project, since Kaylek's hands are tied with the war against the Red Claw and the Imperium. We'll also provide you with spare lifeforce to use in the experiment. So what do you say?"

Maevin bowed his head, followed by Srintella. "It would be an honor my lady."

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