I Thought You Were Weird

Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride.

Author's Note: This is sort-of a prequel to Fax Machine, a twoshot of mine. Some people were kind of wondering how Fang and Max first "met", and I was debating doing a flashback in the second chapter, or doing this oneshot. This flowed easier, so, ta-da! It starts on the day before Fax Machine does. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

-oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo-

Hey, Fang faxed me Thursday afternoon, do you remember how we first "met"?

Yeah, I wrote back. I thought you were weird.

What? Why?

Well, I had just started working here and I get this fax to bring to Mr. Rennings. At the bottom, you had signed "Fang". So, I faxed back "Fang?" and brought the paper to Mr. Rennings. I sent my message over to Fang, wanting to see if he remembered the rest.

Oh, yeah, he faxed back a few minutes later, I thought you were Nattie at first. I remembered that. Apparently, Nattie had been the secretary before me.

And I said, "no, I'm Max. New secretary in Lake Eerie". And you said, "Oh, I see. I'm Nick Castello from New York by the way".

And, that's why you thought I was weird? Because I went by a nickname?

Fang, I faxed back, you have to admit. It's a pretty unusual nickname. Now that you know why I thought you were weird does the universe make more sense now?

You betcha, Fang replied sarcastically, maybe I'll finally prove to everyone that two plus two does equal five.

Right. You let me know how that works out.

You'll be the first, he promised, then asked, do you still think I'm weird?

-oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo- -oOo-

Author's Note: And there's that. How Fang and Max first "met". Any constructive criticism? Please?