Shanes POV of Glass House...There will be added bits of my own imagination!

Life in Morganville was the same as ever; people going missing, drunks wandering around, and vampires coming out after dark. Yep everything was normal in Morganville.

There was at least one thing I could look forward to; it was Michael's birthday. I got him some R rated magazine and a twelve pack of beer. Very manly, he should like that.

Eve found some Goth cake; it was black, and purple, with a vampire couple on the top. To be honest I think it was a vampire wedding cake, though how they could get married it was beyond me, they were evil things the whole lot of them.

"Yo, Shane you want a beer?" Michael called from the kitchen.


"I seriously don't know how you drink that stuff; I think I'll stick with my coffee, thanks." Eve said from the chair.

I was sitting on the couch, looking at the paused game in front of me. I randomly let my focus drift... I wondered about how we would pay off this rent...What? Was I seriously thinking about serious things? Get a grip Shane! Right now! Urgh, seriously. Then again, it would be nice for someone new to be around.

Michael came back in, two beers in hand.

"Hey, guys?" I said.

They both looked at me.

"Wussup?" Michael slurred a little incoherently. Hmm, maybe he had a little too much beer.

"I was know to help with all this rent, maybe we could advertise for that spare bedroom. What'd ya say?"

Eve looked at me for a moment. "Has the world flipped, or did Shane just say something clever?"

I threw a sofa pillow at her.

Michael on the other hand was deep in thought. "That may not be a bad idea," then he turned clever on me. "Who are you and what have you done with Shane Collins?"

"Shut up you Dick," I retorted, and pressed play and the game. Conversation was immediately postponed as we concentrated on the game.

"Boys," Eve sighed. I had no idea what she was going on about, but, oh well, none of my business. I wouldn't understand girl language anyway, I'm a guy I lived the simple life.

Well, I wouldn't for much longer anyway.

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