Dark Anarchy

A Fanfiction by: Sniper Artist

Summary: Itachi's final battle didn't go as he planned and being the jerk he is, Madara had to get rid of Itachi himself. Too bad that didn't go as planned either.

Disclaimer: Copyrights of One Piece and Naruto goes to Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto respectively.

A/N: Welcome to my third and final story. This is an answer to Thanathos's "New World" challenge, so I would like to grace him with the proper credit. The plot he provided interested me since I was not allowed to use Naruto. I liked the idea, hence why I took it up. I am still unsure of the pairings I will use (for the first time) so don't expect too much. If you guys wanna suggest a pair to use then go right on ahead.

The only person I'm sure that I won't use as a pairing is Boa Hancock. Why? Because an Empress is only fit to be with the King.

"People don't fear God, Fear itself is God."~ Enel. (One Piece)

The Abandoned Uchiha Stronghold

There was a man that was once described to be a "once in a century" genius. A being of such inhumane natural abilities that even the prodigies of all prodigies would bow down before his might. A man with such talent that it was said that he was blessed personally by the Gods themselves. Why?

Because in a mere four years into his life, he had already acquired the ability to in a sense, "Kill his own heart". He was able to do tasks that many people five times his age and experience feared to do. And that was to throw away their hearts and fight for the greater good. To forget his own ambitions and happiness to bless the world with another day of peace.

The despair of a tragic hero. The despair of one, Uchiha Itachi.

Nonetheless, he planned his own life to the teeth. After massacring most of his brethren, he planned and performed his schemes with amazing accuracy. Allowing his little brother to grow up with a hatred unknown to man and allowed him to grow so strong that even he would have trouble.

Sadly, that was not the case.

"T-this was not how it was meant to be..." There he stood, gazing at the fallen form of his little, teenage brother. There were many things going through his head at the moment but there was a few things that stood out the most.

Why in the world was his brother so weak? Did he have so little amount of hatred? Did he even train his body to match his eyes? Did he even bother learning new techniques to defeat him? What the hell was Orochimaru doing with him for the last three years? Where in the hell did my cloak go? Ignoring the last thought, he began to review the fight from the beginning.

The fight started out as a showdown of the "eyes" as the Uchiha brothers would like to call it. Whom ever had the better wit with their Sharingan would come out on top and of course being the veteran master for about twenty plus years, the older brother had won without breaking a sweat at all.

Then the match escalated into a close combat styled fight where his younger brother had a definite advantage due to his superior eyesight and younger, fresher form. Itachi held out by mere experience alone during this phase, using what he's learned throughout the years to counter attack his opponent. After growing seemingly impatient, Sasuke started his ninjutsu phase and called out his many different fire and lightning techniques in an attempt to defeat him.

And from then on, Itachi began to notice the pathetic movements from his brother. A clear sign of fatigue due to over use of energy and inefficient chakra usage. Itachi wasn't surprised since he did notice the sheer amount of chakra his little brother used to just keep up his speed.

Anyways, as the fight was continuing, Sasuke had decided to unveil his great trump card "Kirin', which was revealed to be a lightning type attack that struck it's opponents at speeds unimaginable. Of course, like Sasuke, Itachi also had his own contingency technique and what a doozy of a move it was.

Susano'o, the third and his most powerful technique of the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Shocked that his best technique failed him, Sasuke began to grow desperate. Drawing the power of the Cursed Seal to escalate the fight further, Itachi could only watch as his little brother's plan failed him. The tattoos began to convulse dangerously, releasing what seemed to a be a eight branched snake attack with one Orochimaru at it's center. Itachi sighed and shook his head at the man's persistence, like a king cobra.

Revealing his sword, the Totsuka no Tsurugi, Orochimaru began to sweat in fear at the sight of it. And with just a few swings, the giant snake had been eliminated along with Orochimaru.

This was when everything was accomplished. Itachi smiled inwardly to himself at his brilliant performance, now looking to Sasuke so he could do his finale. As he approached, he began to contemplate his final words. The words that would set his little brother straight and send him back to Konoha to fulfill his final wishes.

But it was all for naught.

As Itachi approached with his fingers seemingly ready to accomplish his false goal, Sasuke fainted from shock. Itachi widened his eyes and ended his own fall by grabbing on the the wall.

And that was how it all came here.

"Dammit! I was supposed to die in front of him! And he faints from shock? Pathetic, Sasuke! Pathetic!"

Itachi was at a loss of what to do. Should he wake up his brother, only for him to faint again from shock at the fact of his loss. The situation was almost as frustrating as following Naruto on one of his prank calls, being that the boy's pranks were as repetitive as Sasuke's techniques.

"My, my... What do we have here?" Itachi widened his eyes and turned his head to see one Uchiha Madara. In a panic, he managed to activate his Amaterasu just in time for him to burn Madara's left arm completely. The masked man shrieked in pain, angry to have been caught off guard so easily.

"Tch! I don't have a need for you anymore Itachi... So you can go ahead and take your leave." Itachi was too tired to move properly, but decided to defend the attack. Activating Susano'o, he was left confused as Madara spoke a word that he had not expected at all.


The last thing Itachi saw was the sight of Susano'o slashing his sword at the dimensional rift. And any thing after that was left in darkness.

And that was how Itachi left the world of shinobi. To where?

No one knew.

Once upon a stormy night, two dragons descended upon this land. One of Night and the other of Day. They came to inspect the progression of humanity. That was when they saw it. The tower that the humans have built to reach and raid the heavens. Angered by their insolence and foolishness, the Dragons struck the castle with their most powerful attacks! Sending the tower back to the bottom of the chain, along with human progression.

As long as the Dragons stood, the tower would never reach the heaven. For once it reaches the clouds, they are to be brought down by heavenly fire.

Only to be reborn anew.


Darkness was what welcomed Itachi as he opened his eyes. And for the first time in a long time, the man was confused to the point of wondering if he had gone insane. He saw it! His death at the hands of Uchiha Madara.

"I should be dead...Maybe this is hell?" The raven haired man looked at his surroundings and noticed that he was inside of a solitary room with bars. The room had no sign of services at all and it came with nothing but a small bench.

"I guess...I will never be allowed peace huh?" His eyes looked to the corner and saw that his hands were handcuffed to the wall. His clothing consisted of a typical black and white striped prisoner uniform. The former ANBU nearly chuckled at the thought of hell having a dress code for mere convicts. It was clear to Itachi that this was hell.

But that was before he saw one of the strangest people before him. And not to mention this person had quite an outfit.

"Oooh ~ Hello...I see you have awaken." A woman said as she stood in front of his cage. Now Itachi had expected many things in this place that he dubbed as hell but she was definitely not one of them. The woman in front of him looked like she enjoyed cosplaying as a sort of dominatrix. She wore a skimpy red top that only manages to cover the top part of her body and pants to match. She also has sleeves that slope into a stylish rips that gives a certain resemblance to fire. Her neck was covered by a white scarf and in her left hand was a pitchfork that fit the outfit more then he could have wished.

"Who are you...?" Itachi answered in a weak voice, only to get whipped by the woman in front of him. He didn't react at all to the pain much to the surprise of his current visitor.

"Oooh ~ I love tough ones like you! My name's is Sadi-chan and I know that we'll get along well. You're gonna be my new boy-toy." And with that, she began to leave. But before getting out of earshot, he managed to hear a few words that left her mouth.

"Welcome to Impel Down."

End. Prologue.

This is my third and most likely final story. It's a challenge from an author named Thanathos called the "New World".

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