All day, every day, all she could think about was him.

Roy Miller.

The FBI spy.

Roy Miller, who tried to save her from death (and mainly succeeded) on an airplane, when everybody on it had tried to kill him. He'd then crashed the plane and drugged her.

She was still slightly angry about that. He kept doing it as well.

Although, he had cooked her an amazing omelette.

He was her first thought in the morning when she woke up, the first thing she thought about when she was thinking about cooking something, and her last thought before going to bed.

He'd saved her from a boring life, she knew what excitement in life was all about now, thanks to him.

Now he was dead.

Because of her.

Because she was too scared of his exciting life, of being in it too long.

She'd betrayed him to go home to her old, boring, unsatisfying life.

She hated herself for it.

On her sister's wedding night, she went back to the garage she owned, and started working when that song came on the radio.

It was the same song he used for his phone!

And that reminded her. Amopola Road. The house he had put a movement alert on. Maybe it was his safe house or something.

She sat in the car she had always dreamed of driving, and followed her dream.


She sat outside of Roy's parents house.

She grabbed a box of spare car parts that sat on the back seat and dragged them onto the front seat, and opened the box. She looked for something small, which could easily pass as the Zepher.

She flipped her phone open and dialled her home number.

'I'm leaving this message on my home phone for whoever is listening. I have the Zepher.' She stopped talking for a moment, seeing headlights in the background, before stating her whereabouts and hanging up.

She drove out into the road and stepped out of the car. Men from various cars around her surrounded her.

She held out the fake Zepher, and tried to bluff her way through it. She failed spectacularly.

The last thought that she had was 'I wonder if Roy would be there?' before she blacked out.