Because I've just been an extremely stupid person! Only just realised that Jonathon Young was in Stargate Atlantis, and he's like my favourite actor in Sanctuary! Teslen forever.

Thanks for reading =D.


John lay on his bed, David Parrish behind him.

David was currently running his hands through his hair, and exclaiming about how soft it was.

'Still don't know how you manage to get it so gravity defying and soft.' He heard David say.

He sighed and turned over. 'Would you still be with me if I'd killed someone?'

The botanist blinked at him in shock. 'Why are you asking? Did you kill someone on the mission you got back from? Because you've been acting differently since then.'

'No, I haven't killed anybody.' John said. 'But what if I had?'

David ruffled his hair, smirk on his face. 'Of course. You won't be a different person.'

'What if I was paralysed?' John asked.

'I'd stay with you.' David murmured.

'What if the military found out about us?' John asked.

It took longer for him to respond and when he did, it was slow, deliberate. 'I will never leave you. Not if you're paralysed, or you've killed somebody, or because of DADT .'

John nodded unsure.

'John!' David grabbed his chin. 'I will never want to leave you! Believe me.'

'I do David.' John murmured.

'Then why are you asking all of these questions?' he asked.

'It was just, on the mission today, something hit me and I was worried about it.' John blushed.

'Don't be worried about us John.' David said quietly. 'Our friends are ok with it.'

'I love you David.' John said quieter than before.

'I know, and I love you too.' David smiled.