Title: Meeting in Paradise (11/11)

Author: iheartcallietorres (laurenxx3 on LJ)

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: NC-17/M

Summary: AU - Callie and Arizona meet for the first time in Fiji. Sparks fly.

Disclaimer: You know the drill. All characters belong to Shonda Rhimes/ABC. I don't own anything. Any similarities to real life situations/persons are purely coincidental. Not for profit; for entertainment purposes only.

A/N: I have absolutely NO medical knowledge beyond what I see/hear on Grey's Anatomy, so forgive me of any medical-related errors. Also, this is un-beta'd, so all mistakes are mine. Please let me know if you come across any, but I'm pretty OCD about grammar and spelling, so there shouldn't be too many mistakes. As always, comments are much appreciated (and will encourage me to write more fics in the future - *hint, hint*).

[Arizona's POV]

Early the next morning, I told Calliope that I was going to run out a few errands and that I'd be back in about an hour. The look on her face said she didn't believe me, especially when she offered to accompany me and I adamantly refused. She knew what I was up to, but neither one of us wanted to vocalize it until it was final.

I knocked on the solid oak door and waited. A gruff but not at all unpleasant "Come in!" came from behind the door and I opened it slowly.

"Dr. Robbins," Chief Webber greeted me, standing from behind his desk to shake my hand. He indicated the chair in front of his desk and I sat.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with me," I said, nervous but not allowing it to show.

"It was rather sudden, but I'm hoping it's for a good reason," he said. "Like that I won't have to give up one of the most promising young orthopedic surgeons this side of the Mississippi and that I'll be gaining an extremely talented Pediatric surgeon as well?"

I had to chuckle at that. "Let's talk business, Chief Webber."

Half an hour later, I walked out of Seattle Grace-Mercy West hospital feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Chief Webber had immediately offered me the Head of Peds position and, much to my surprise, offered me a rather generous salary that beat Mass Gen's offer by nearly twenty percent.

But it wasn't the money that had won me over. It had been Seattle. The people. The hospital. The look on Calliope's face as she'd shown me around and introduced me to her colleagues and friends.

I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face as I thought about starting my new job in two weeks. I had two weeks to move across the country and, while the thought itself was daunting, I new that I'd be coming home to Calliope.

Home. It felt so right. Yep. This was my home.

[Callie's POV]

I'd decided to go back to bed when Arizona had left this morning to run her "errands." She'd kept me up late into the night and I was still exhausted.

Now I woke up to something tickling the back of my neck. I groaned slightly, willing sleep to return, but I felt it slipping away with each passing second.

I opened one lazy eye and was met with the crystal clear blue gaze of the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. I grinned when I saw her broad, dimpled smile.

"Morning, gorgeous," she whispered into my ear.

"Hmm, mornin'" I said sleepily. I yawned and rolled over onto my back, bringing her down on top of me. "Got your errands all done?"

She nodded, her smile broadening if possible. "Uh huh and we both know where I was, so let's not beat around the bush, okay?"

I couldn't stop the smile from forming on my own lips, but still felt a nagging doubt in the back of my head. I was pretty sure where she'd been, but there was always a chance that I was wrong. I needed to hear her say it first. "So don't," I said, looping my arms around her neck. "Just tell me."

She leaned down and kissed me gently, barely brushing her lips across mine. "How do you feel about taking another two week off from work?"

I raised an eyebrow. "Another two weeks? I mean, I guess I could, but why?"

"I may need some help packing and moving across the country."

I blinked several times, allowing her words to fully sink in. "You… really?"

She nodded. "I've never really liked it in Boston. I mean, I love my parents and I'm going to miss them like crazy, but there was nothing else really keeping me there. And you love this city. You have so much keeping you here, yet you were willing to give it up for me. Chief Webber offered me the Head of Peds position and I took it. Actually, I'll be making more here than in Boston, anyway. But, that's beside the point. Calliope, I love you and I'll do anything to make you happy. You moving to Boston wouldn't make you happy. It would make you miserable. But I'll be happy here in Seattle. Happier than I'd ever be in Boston. Because you're here and anything I could have done at Mass Gen, I can do here."

Tears sprang to my eyes during her speech and spilled over onto my cheeks. I was speechless and so incredibly happy. I couldn't think of anything to say to express my happiness, so I kissed her instead. Long, hard and full of passion. I held her tightly to me, scared to let her go.

We finally had to part to breath and I buried my face in her neck, unable to stop the sobs that wracked my body. Arizona must have been confused because she pulled back and looked into my eyes questioningly.

I smiled though my tears. "Happy tears," I said. "I promise." I kissed her again, her hands coming up to wipe my tears away.

"I love you," she said with so much sincerity it gave me chills.

"I love you, too," I responded, my voice heavy and thick with emotion. I pulled her in for another kiss, suddenly needing to feel her naked skin against mine in order to convince myself that I wasn't dreaming.

I kicked at the covers until they gathered at the foot of the bed, then pulled her more fully on top of me. Her groan of pleasure at feeling our fronts pressed so intimately together only intensified my arousal.

Arizona pulled away and ran wet, sloppy kisses over my jaw and down my neck. Her fingers gripped the bottom of my tank top and pulled it upwards. I sat up slightly in order to allow her to pull it off completely and toss it aside. Before she could move her mouth any further down, I gripped her own shirt and pulled it up and off, pouting when I realized that she was wearing a bra as well. I quickly remedied that, though, with a quick flick of my wrist and tossed it to the floor.

Arizona grinned from above me and moved back up so that our bare breasts pressed against each other as she returned her lips to mine in a fierce kiss. I groaned out when I felt her rock hard nipples brush my own just as she thrust her tongue possessively into my waiting mouth.

I couldn't take it any more and I quickly undid the fastening of her slacks and pushed them along with her lacy panties down her trim thighs. As she kicked them off, I slid my own shorts and panties down and off, anxious to feel her against me.

"Fuck," I groaned out as she pressed her muscled thigh between mine and pressed roughly against my drenched center. I arched my hip upwards, allowing my own thigh to press against her. We rocked back and forth frantically, matching one another's quick pace. We were both anxious to come.

I reached down and slid my finger over her slick clit, coaxing her orgasm. She gasped loudly, throwing her head back and hissing. She followed my lead, however, and found my swollen clit with her fingertip, mimicking my caresses.

"So close, baby," she panted. "I'm so close."

"Me, too," I cried out, my hips arching again as complete oblivion overcame me and I literally saw stars explode behind my tightly closed eyes. I felt Arizona tense, then call out my name on a strangled growl as orgasm overcame both of us, leaving us breathless and incapable of coherent thought.

[Arizona's POV]

I lay on top of Calliope, my head pillowed on her ample chest. I could hear her steady heartbeat in my ear and the fingers of my right hand traced delicate, random pattern on the smooth skin of her arm.

"Tell me something you've never told me before," I said, lifting my head to meet her eyes. "About yourself."

"Like what?" she asked, tucking a stray strand of my blonde hair behind my ear.

I thought for a moment. "A secret. Any secret you've kept from me."

A thoughtful expression crossed her face as she thought. Her eyes met mine and a flush spread across her face. "Have I ever told you that I was married?" she asked.

My eyebrows shot up. "Married? Really?"

She nodded. "A few years ago, before I realized that I liked women. It was a stupid thing to do, but I thought I loved him."

"You didn't?" I asked.

She sighed. "I did, but I realize now that it wasn't the right kind of love. It wasn't the love that should come with marriage and forever, you know?"

I nodded. "What happened?"

A sad look crossed her face. "He cheated on me. With a fellow resident. We divorced and eventually I was able to forgive him, but I wasn't ever able to forget."

"He's works at the hospital, then?" I questioned and tears immediately sprang to her eyes.

"George," she said. "His name was George. George O'Malley. H-he got hit by a bus as he pulled a woman to safety. A stranger. He didn't make it."

"Oh, Calliope," I said, my voice full of concern.

She gave a small, sad smile. "He was a good guy," she said. "Even though he cheated on me. We should have never gotten married in the first place. He was kind and a little bit of a dork, but everyone loved him, you know?"

I didn't really know what to say, so I opted for gathering her to me and holding her. "It sounds like you miss him," I said.

"I do," she replied. "Not as a husband, of course, but as a friend." She pulled back and looked up at me. "It doesn't bother you, does it? That I've been with men in the past?"

I shook my head. "Of course not," I said. "You were still 'finding yourself,' so to speak. It's not you hadn't been with women before me."

She chuckled. "Well, woman. Erica was the first woman I was with and when she left, I was celibate for a long time. Until I met you, that is."

Whoa, what? I raised my eyebrows in question. "Erica was your first? You've only been with one other woman?"

Calliope nodded. "Why? Is that an issue?"

I shook my head, but rolled onto my back, a million thoughts crossing my mind. Past relationships began to infiltrate my mind and my doubts grew. I was moving across the country for a newborn?

[Callie's POV]

My heart clenched as soon as Arizona moved herself off me and refused to look me in the eye. Had I said something wrong?

"Arizona?" I questioned. "Um, what's wrong?"

She finally looked at me, biting her lower lip. At any other time, I would have been enthralled by the sexiness of that motion, but I was too worried about her sudden coldness.

"I just… You've only been with one woman and I don't want to turn out to be an… experiment," she said so softly I wasn't sure I'd heard her correctly.

My eyebrows shot up in disbelief. "Experiment?" I felt my cheeks start to flush with anger. "Is that really what you think of me? That I'm some whore just out to get her jollies?"

"Calliope," Arizona interrupted, sitting up, holding the sheet to her chest to hide her naked torso. "I didn't mean it like that. I wasn't implying that you were just using me."

I sat up as well. "That's what it sounded like," I said, my voice heavy with emotion. I was still on the brink of tears from discussing George and felt the tears welling in my eyes.

"I've been hurt in the past," Arizona said. "By newborn lesbians that decided they didn't want to be gay after all and dumped me for men. I'm just… cautious when it comes to who I date because I don't want to be hurt like that again."

I studied her and noticed how heartfelt her confession was and how scared she was of being hurt. "Just because I've only been with one other woman doesn't mean that I don't have experience," I said. "I know what love is and I know that I love you. I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt you, let alone cheat on you with anyone, male or female. I was willing to give up my job and friends to move clear across the country for you for God sake!" I noticed her wince at that and softened my voice. "What's it going to take for you to trust me?"

I watched her lick her lips and take a deep breath. Then she reached out and grasped my hand, bringing it up to her lips and kissing my palm. She sighed. "I'm sorry," she said. "You're right. You were going to give all this up for me and I forgot all about it because I was scared. I do trust you and deep down, I know you'd never hurt me." Her eyes finally met mine. "And I love you, too. I may have my moments of insecurity and jealousy, but I trust you." She gave me an innocent look. "Forgive me?"

I sighed, but nodded. "I guess," I said, then gave her a small grin. "But you'll have to make it up to me somehow."

She grinned back, her dimples making an appearance as she allowed the sheet to drop to her waist. "I'll think of something," she said slyly and moved closer.

[Arizona's POV]

I have to admit that my freak out had been silly, but I think I was looking for an excuse to freak out and try and drive a wedge between us, as I have a tendency to do when I start committing to someone. I'm glad Calliope called me out on it and put a stop to my pettiness.

We spent the rest of the day lazing in bed, getting up only to shower and eat, but then we'd end up right back in bed. I have to admit, for someone who's only been with one other woman, Calliope is quite adept at pleasing another woman. She never failed to bring me to thunderous orgasm, whether it be after a fast, hot and heavy session of raw, ravenous sex, or slow, almost torturous love making.

Right now, Calliope opted for the latter, working me up slowly, taking time to memorize every part of my body, every dip and rounded curve. Her lips grazed the side of my over-sensitized breast, across my stomach to my belly button. Slow. Deliberate. Torturous.

When she finally reached the apex of my thighs with her lips, I thought the torture would be over, but she kissed down my leg instead, licking a sinuous path down my inner thigh, over my knee towards my toes. I've never particularly been a foot person, but I nearly came when as she nibbled my ankles and pressed her thumbs into the sensitive undersides of my foot, finding an erogenous zone I'd never before been aware of.

Her strong surgeon hands moved up the outsides of my thighs, over my hips and waist to encase my ribs. I marveled at the strength of those hands. The broke bone for a living, yet caressed me with the softest, most delicate of touches. They brought me to ultimate pleasure. The things she could do with those hands…

"Calliope," I gasped as those very hands moved to cup my breasts, my nipples pressing into her palms. My back arched slightly at the grin playing across her lips. I wanted those lips on mine. I tangled a hand in her raven hair and pulled her to me, our mouths meeting in a perfect dance of lips, teeth and tongue, as if choreographed to a sensual beat.

She pulled back, earning a groan of protest from me that quickly transformed into a moan of pleasure as her talented lips encircled the nipple of my left breast, her tongue teasing the tip gently, driving me slowly insane.

"More," I gasped.

Calliope kissed a wet path down my torso, over my stomach and abdomen to my hips. Her perfect teeth nibbled gently at the delicate skin of my inner thighs, her tongue swiping a hot path towards my aching center.

"Please," I groaned out, my hand still clutching her scalp in attempt to bring her to where I wanted her most.

Calliope finally moved fully between my legs, pressing them open wide with her hands. I spread them as wide as possible to give her plenty of room. She felt her inhale deeply, then she blew cool air across my super heated flesh, causing me to shudder with pleasure. Her lips ghosted over my lower lips, teasing me.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of torture but what in reality was probably only seconds, her lips captured my super sensitive clit. I cried out as I was pushed ever closer to the edge of oblivion, but not quite there.

"Calliope!" I gasped as she sank one long, dexterous finger inside me, pressing as high as possible. She began a slow, steady rhythm, adding a second finger after a few strokes. I arched my hips forward, gasping with each thrust of her fingers and brush of her talented tongue over my swollen and aching clit. My free hand, the one not anchored in her glorious hair, captured my right breast. I pinched my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, delighting in the slight pain I felt.

"Oh, God," I groaned out, closing my eyes tightly and throwing my head back as I lost all control of my body and my muscles clenched tightly from the ultimate feeling of pleasure. I spiraled into oblivion, completely unaware of anything but intense, deep, toe-curing pleasure and the beautiful, selfless, amazing woman giving me that pleasure. I could think of nothing but how lucky I am to have found her, the love of my life. My soul mate.


Author's Note: It's been a long, amazing journey, ladies (and dudes)! I've really enjoyed writing this story and hope you've enjoyed reading it. I have to be honest, though, I'm so glad it's finished. I just haven't had the time to write as much as I'd like to lately. I may eventually write an epilogue to this. Perhaps over my fall break. But I make no promises. Also, I think I'll be taking a break from fan fiction writing for a while. Or, if I do write, it will most likely only be one-shots. I just can't keep up with chaptered updates for now. And probably won't until this semester is over and I'm on winter break. We'll see. Anyway, thank you all so much for all the lovely comments you've made on this story! They always make me smile and I love reading each and every single one of them, even if I don't get a chance to reply to them all. I love you all. 3