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Cassillie stared hard at the bright red letters of the "Help Wanted" Sign in the window of the new lawyers office they had just finished construction on a few weeks ago. She'd lost her last job a week ago due to… discrimination. She sighed, staring at the door. Was is really worth going inside? Especially when she knew she would end up getting fired in a month or two? Then again did she really have a choice when rent is 550 bucks a month? Heaving another sigh she pulled a bottle of pain killers out of her purse and popped on into her mouth, she could feel her eye and cheek start throbbing again.

"Might as well…" She muttered pushing the door open and grabbing the help wanted sign from the window before walking through the door that would lead her to the office of Nelson and Murdock. "Fuck my life…"

"Where are we going today, Matt?" Foggy asked. "I'm thinking ch-" He stopped when he noticed his partner become suddenly alert.

Matt heard her heart beat outside the building before she walked through the door, beating hard, she's frustrated. She said something, too low to make out discernable words. It wasn't until she started up the stairs that the smell of spices drifted to him. The harsh smell of cinnamon and peppers mellowed by the sweet smell of sugar.

"Where? Is she coming in?"

"She's already in." Matt reported. "On her way in."

Seconds later there he heard a hard knock on the door like thunder in his head. Without waiting for anyone to answer she slowly nudged the door and peaked into the room.

"Oh man…" Foggy muttered as she stepped fully into the room


But Matt didn't get a answer. By the time he finished speaking his partners name the other man was already across the room.

"Are you alright, miss?"

"I'm fine." Matt would hear the roll of her eyes in the tone of her voice.

"Who did this to you?" When he heard this he grew concerned, from what he could tell without sight she didn't seem injured. She wasn't limping nor was there a smell of blood around her. "We'll str-"

She sighed irritably. "I'm not here for a case." The sound of something, seemingly plastic, hitting the wooden desk. "I'm here for the job."


"You guys need an assistant or secretary or whatever. So I'm here."

Matt had been growing slightly more irritated through there conversation, for Foggy still hadn't told him what was wrong with the girl. With a sigh he figured it was about time to find out for himself if no one was going to tell him what was happening.

"Foggy, you can't just leave me in the dark like this." He said hoping to lighten the mood and maybe ease her irritation. Matt stood from his chair and made his way over to them.

"Oh!" Foggy seemed surprised, as if he's just noticed Matt there. "She.. Uh…" He glanced over at the woman who rolled her eyes again and blew a strand of hair out of her face. She'd heard of Mr Murdok, the blind layer, apparently one of the best in the game. She figured he was wondering about his partners initial reaction to her.

"It's a bruise." She announced. "I have a bruise. Happy now? Can we get on with this?"

Her heart sped up for just a moment before settling again. Matt raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. "It's more then just a bruise, isn't it?"

He heard her shift her weight and release another irritated sigh, making it perfectly clear that she wasn't giving away anymore. Matt turned to face Foggy, hoping to get more information from him.

Foggy shifted uncomfortably as he looked back and forth between the woman and his partner, not sure whether or not to speak. "She's got a black eye…" He paused, gauging the woman's reaction. She merely tapped her foot and huffed, waiting for him to finish his report. "A large bruise on her cheek, I think there was a cut below her scalp, and another bruise on her arm. I'm certain there are more bruises we-I can't see."

"And now that's been cleared up, can we get this over with? Is there a date for interview or should I just leave and not bother?"

"Well," Foggy started, moving to take the seat behind his desk. "We have time. We can do an interview right now if you'd like."

"Oh." A brief change in her heart beat, and the pitch of her voice alerted him to her surprise. "Really? I don't have anything. I didn't expect-"

"It's alright." He said, motioning to the chair next to her. "You don't need anything for this."

"It's just, everyone else…"

Matt smiled. The surprise seems to have broken through her annoyance, allowing a softer side to show through. "We're not exactly everyone else."

With a sigh, lacking the pure irritation the others held, she sat down in the indicated chair. She'd been asked these questions a hundred times. Why did you want the job? What makes you qualified? Past experience and other such questions. As the interview wore on her earlier discarded annoyance began to return. She knew it would more then likely cost her the job but she had been turned down and fired so many times she just didn't care anymore. No matter how 'fair' her employer or potential employer claimed to be their own prejudice always get the better of them.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you some more personal questions." Matt chimed, Foggy had asked most of the questions and Cassillie figured he was usually in charge of most of hiring assistants. Here we go. She thought, rolling her eyes. "But first, I'm curious." He smiled hoping to lower her guard again. It had been nice talking to her when she didn't have the bite in her voice. "Where are you from? I here an accent."

"Really? You hear that?" She asked, incredulously, then muttered "I don't even hear it anymore." The chair groaned as she leaned back. "I lived in Jamaica until I was 18." When Matt didn't say anything, but continued to 'look' at her she sighed and continued. "My dad's from there. My mom moved there from Puerto Rico."

"Hmm." After that thoughtful hum, his smile dropped and he was all business again. "Now about those bruises. Can I ask whe-"

"Does It really matter?" She snapped, all the bite had returned to her voice and then some.

"You don't have to answer but during a case, especially a high profile case, the media could spin wild stories a make some nasty accusations out of a few bruises."

"And," Foggy chimed in for the first time in a while. "Maybe we could so something to help if you tell us. If your husb-"

"Don't have one of those." She cut in, already knowing where this was going, it happened every time. She knew they were just doing what any caring person would and she couldn't be mad at them for it.


"Don't got one of those either." She sighed and shifted position, laying and elbow on the armrest and resting her chin in the palm of her hand. Sure it would be easier to just refuse to answer, but she was never one to ignore a question asked of her.

"Then who did this?"

"Neighbors." She paused. "Well, neighbor. It's really only the one." The rustle of clothes as she shifts. "Don't get me wrong, they all hate me."

"They must have a reason?" This question was Murdoks.

"Does it matter?"

"I just want to be positive you're not taking part in any… immoral activity before we decide.

"It's because I'm black." Murdok sighed and shook his head when her heart beats faltered. "What?" Se snapped, leaning forward. "It's a reason."

"But it's not The reason, is it?"

"I'm a mutant."

A sound of irritation rumbled deep in the lawyers throat and he brought his cane down hard on the ground by his chair.

"What!" Suddenly a realization hit her and she leaned back in her chair. "You can tell, can't you?"

"I'm going to give you one more chance." He said quietly. "If your planning to lie to us again you can leave now."

She sighed heavily. "They think I'm a mutant."

"But you're not?"

"No." She scoffed. "Look. Let me just save you the time and leave." Abruptly, she stood from her chair.

Matt cringed at the screech as the chair was forced back across the wood floor. "Wait. Don't leave just yet."

"Look, I know how this play ends. You either deny me the job or fire me in the next month or two. After that the curtain closes and I start all over again from act one."

"Foggy here has gone through 36 interviews in the past month "

"And you are the most qualified person I've talked to." Foggy chimed, although Casillie got the feeling he wasn't to happy about it.

Casillie stared at him for a moment. "You say that now. But in two months from now I'll be right back to perusing the streets and want ads for a new job." Sighing, her shoulders fell and she seemed to wilt as her hand fell from the door frame. "But at least I'll be have money for two months." She leaned away from the door and faced them with arms crossed. "When do I start?"

Matt smiled at her. "Be here at 8 tomorrow morning."

"Whatever you say boss." She said before leaving.

"Was that a good idea?" Foggy asked, one the door closed behind her.

"You said your self she's the most qualified people who's asked for the job."

"Yeah… but her attitude… She's a bit harsh. Might not be good for business."

"We'll see what tomorrow brings."

Casillie tried the knob of her apartment and growled when the door didn't give. She tried to knob again, this time leaning heavily on the door forcing her shoulder into the wood until the door flew open and she stumbled in, nearly falling on her face.

"I hate this place." She growled throwing her purse onto the couch on the opposite side of the room.

Casillie's apartment was nice for the most part white carpet, beige walls. A cheap but nice pale blue couch across from the beat up but still good enough to pass TV that sit's a few feet to the right of the door with a scratched up glass coffee table between them. The kitchen nook was situated at the far left apartment with an only slightly out of date refrigerator, but that stove was new so it wasn't all bad. Across from the kitchen was the door with the chipped paint that lead to her room with the twin sized mattress that lay on the half painted bed stand, she really would have to get around to finishing that one day. Next to the bed stand sit's a small black night stand with a lamp and a book she started reading months ago and never picked it up again, she keeps telling herself she will but she knows she won't. Against the right wall, a black dresser and against the left a matching vanity. In the front wall, across from the bed was the door to the bathroom, which is in slightly better shape than the door to her room. The bathroom had white tiles and white walls with a black and white marble sink she had installed a month ago, the old sink that came with the place had cracks in the bowl she had gone over with duck tape to stop the water leaking out, and a shower stall with a smoked glass door. It wasn't the fanciest place she'd ever lived in but it wasn't one of the rat holes she'd tried to live in during the past few years.

She'd tried living in cheaper places, they were more run down but it would have saved her money in the lone run. Paying only $550 for rent to live what might as well have been a supped out outhouse would have been worth it for the extra dollars at the end of the day. Sadly she only managed to live there for a few months before a freak accident would occur or rumors would spread and she would be out on her ass again. Some land owners would rent out to the back alley scum of the streets, but let them get the slightest inkling that they might be harboring a mutant… Casillie sighed and sat down heavily on her couch. This place may not be the cheapest place around but it's the cheapest she can afford without being kicked out for what they think she is. Sure, her neighbors hate her and one had taken to assaulting her when he's drunk, sometimes when he sober, and the land lord won't do anything about it because, despite his general acceptance of mutants and costumed heroes, he's a shameless racist, but on the bright side, her landlord's love for money outweighs his hate for minorities. So, as long as she pays rent, she gets to stay.

She leaned back into the couch cushions and rubbed her face, at least she has a job for a while. A loud banging at the door startled her and she groaned, knowing instantly who it is.

"Hey freak!" He slurred. She could just imagine him leaning against her door because he's too drunk to stand without support. "Why don' you come out and play." She waited until she heard his laughter fade down the hall.

"I hate this place."

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