A few weeks passed since her run in with Daredevil. Ever since he'd saved her from that bunch of hell spawn she'd felt... safer. Not just because they were gone and her neighbor hadn't looked her in the eye since but because it felt like someone was watching over her. Cassalie knew it was probably wishful thinking to believe that Daredevil had nothing better to do then hang around outside her apartment, making sure no harm came to her, but it was a comforting thought none the less.

Along with this knew ease came a whole know confidence she'd gotten her own place. Now that she was sleeping regularly again the caffeine withdrawal had passed everything was going smoothly for her. She'd stopped falling asleep at work and didn't mouth of the clients as much. Needless to say Foggy and Matt were grateful for her good mood. Although despite her good mood she was no more willing to go to lunch with them or reveal all the troubles her then she was before, much to the dashed hopes of one Matt Murdock. He and Foggy had even invited her to the little Thanksgiving thing they were having, more on Matts insistence that Foggy's she was sure, but as Foggy had predicted she declined and went home for the day. The next day she found a reheated plate of turkey and potatoes waiting on her desk, so that was nice

Although as the weeks wore on so did the fall and winter encroached. At first it was looking like it would be a warm winter, though it was too early to tell. Though warm or not, nothing could spoil Cassalie's mood faster then ice falling from the sky. How she hated winter. All and all she hated the cold, but fall she could handle. A cold breeze here and there, the death of flora, even the nights spent outside weren't that bad with a blanket handy. Then winter comes around bringing it's shortened days and falling ice and air that could freeze your eyes shut.

Matt and Foggy noticed her abrupt change in disposition. Foggy thought perhaps she fallen into that cycle of sleeplessness. His worry was only solidified when she started coming to work late, claiming to have slept in. Even when she hadn't been getting enough sleep, or any at all, she'd never come to work late but when Matt tried to figure out the cause of this new behavioral problem he was met with the usual resistance. "I said I slept in." She'd mutter irritably, working on the task of the our. "That's all there is. That's all there will be."

"Have you heard from her yet today?" Foggy asked. It was well into the after noon and Cassalie had yet to show up for work. Her sleeping in hadn't gotten progressively worse over the past few days and now it looked like she wasn't coming in at all.

"No." Matt sighed. "Not a sound." He'd been listening for her all day, trying to hone in on her voice, a familiar heart beat, anything, but he hadn't heard so much as a peep.

The first snow storm of the season had hit last night and it had knocked out the power in some parts of time but Cassalie's area still had power so she had no reason not to at least give them a call.

"You think she's okay?" Foggy asked. Cassalie made him uncomfortable on the best of days but that didn't mean he didn't care. Though most of his concern was for Matt's apparent need to help her. He could never just leave anything alone even before he became Daredevil he had always been determined to help those no one else would.

"I don't know. She left late last night. She may have been caught in the blizzard."

Foggy looked down at his hands thinking maybe Matt was the reason he always went to the worst case scenario first. His friend wasn't always the most optimistic at times.

Suddenly Matt perked up, pausing in his dutiful attention to his current case file to listen intently to something Foggy couldn't hear. A small commotion several blocks away, a familiar heartbeat in the mix. Matt was quickly disappointed when the thumping was accompanied by quick quips spoken in a higher male voice. Peter.

"What?" Foggy asked, seeing his partners shoulders sag as he went back to the papers. "Not her?" Matt shook his head and Foggy sighed. "Well... I'm sure she's fine." He said hurriedly, trying to lighten the mood. "It's almost lunch. Why don't we try out the new sandwich place?"

Matt agreed with a small smile. Bless Foggy. He knew they would have to pass Cassalie's apartment on they way if he was right in his assumptions as to the place Foggy was talking about. If they went down that way he could give the area of good sweep.

Right he had been. They had been cruising along comfortably talking, and laughing, until they began to near Cassalies part of town. That's when Foggy fell eerily silent while Matt listened for any sign of they're AWOL secretary. For a while it seemed like he wasn't going to pick up anything. Where ever Cassalie was she wasn't near home. That is until Matt suddenly shifted. Cocking his head ever so slightly. Foggy checked behind behind him a pressed the brakes, slowing their pace, giving Matt more time to hone in on whatever he was trying to pick up.

Matt moved again, it was slow. So slow he'd nearly missed it. A heartbeat thumping not to far away. Not labored or fading as it's speed would suggest it should be, just slow but other wise a strong healthy beat. "Foggy, stop." Matt said suddenly. The urgency in his friends voice almost made him hit the brakes in the middles of the street but common sense quickly kicked it.

"Jesus, Matt! I can't just-"

"Park, Foggy." Matt insisted. "There."

Surprised, Foggy jerked the wheel and, through some miracle of fate, managed not to hit anything as he fit his car into the space. "Did you find her?" He asked, but Matt had already climbed out of the car and was several feet away shooing a member of the Hells Kitchen homeless away from a mound of snow.

Honestly Matt had no idea if what he had found was Cassalie but as dug through the snow his blind mans intuition proved to be right again as a pulled a body from the drift. "Oh geez." He heard Foggy mutter. "Is she okay?"

Matt didn't answer immediately, taking a moment to give her a quick once over. Nothing was broken, no blood, the smell of sickness wasn't lingering in the air, but it may still be too early to tell. No. She seemed to be alright except for her heart rate and breathing, both of which were slower then he would have liked. "I... I think so. Her heart beats slow but..."

"We should get her to the hospital." Foggy said.

"No." Matt shifted to heft her weight. "Just get her in the car." He knew she wouldn't appreciate waking up in a hospital and he also seemed to recall that she passed easily as mutant. Since that terrorist Magneto decided to make his great come back fear of mutants had returned full force, finding her proper care would be easier said then done.

Cassalie woke slowly and waited a minute for the room the come into focus before trying to move. Carefully she tried to sit up but when the cold air hit her body she immediately crawled back under the sheets where it was warm. Very warm. After a moment she risked coming out again but this time she kept herself wrapped up. She took a moment to figure out how she ended up here... Leaving late, she remembered that. She'd stayed to finish organizing the paperwork that Matt and Foggy didn't have time for. As she left Foggy warned her about the storm coming. Told her to be careful. At first the flurry didn't bother her, not to badly anyway. Suddenly she couldn't see anything bu swirling white infront of her but resolved to press on. Nothing was open anymore anyway, it's not like she had anywhere to stay and wait it out. Her mistake in doing so became obvious when she felt the cold setting into her bones. She knew she wasn't going to make it. Apparently she didn't or she'd be in her own apartment right now.

"You're up." Her attention snapped over to the door. Matt stood there, leaning on his cane as he seemed to watch her. "We were starting to worry."

"Did you change me?" She asked, slowly realizing that she was sitting on her bosses bed, wrapped in his sheets, in nothing but her underwear.

"I had to. Foggy wouldn't and your clothes were soaked through." He said casually, as if it was no big deal at all that he had undressed her while she was unconscious. Although she supposed she should be grateful of the two men who could have done at least it was the blind one. Preserved some of her dignity at least. She pulled the sheets tighter around her and looked down at her lap, if he wasn't going to bring up what she knew he knew then she certainly wasn't going to.

"What ha-"

"Matt? Is she up?" Only after he asked, did Foggy bother to look at the bed. "Oh, hey. How do you feel?"

"I'm fine." Cassalie muttered. It's not like this wasn't something she hadn't done before, although she didn't make it a habit to fall asleep in the middle of the sidewalk.

"So what happened?" Foggy asked.

"I passed out." She said. "That's all."

"Passed out? You just... Cassalie, are you sick? If somethings wrong-"

"Nothings wrong." She cut in moodily.

"So..." Matt cut in before Foggy dug himself any deeper. "You pass out on the streets all the time." Gently he placed his fingers under her jaw, making her look at his face.

She grimaced up at him. Good to know he felt comfortable touching now that he'd undressed her once.

He'd spent a lot of time around her but until today he'd never really touched her, not direct contact. She didn't feel at all like he had expected her to, that is to say what he found under his hands wasn't skin but many small over lapping scales. He wondered if Foggy could see them, or if they were so small that to the human eye they simply seemed to blend together.

"No... I-" She tried to tear her gaze away. There was no way she could hold it together when he kept looking at her like that. Matt was having none of it, his fingers kept her trapped.

"You didn't pass out did you?" He asked gently.

"Wha- I-"

"You fell asleep."

Cassalie looked up at him, slack jawed. He'd figured it out. How in the world could have have figured it out?

"Matt, what...?" Foggy started, completely lost in the conversation. Clearly something had just passed between the two that he didn't understand.

He felt her expression change from one of shock to anger. "Yes! Fine! You're right!" She snapped. "I'm cold blooded! Happy now? It was too cold, my body shut down before I got home. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Cassalie..." He started again, in that same damn soothing voice that was starting to tick her off. His hand left her face and his sat down on the bed, facing her. "You should have told us. You could have stayed here, or Foggy could have driven you." Again her eyes fell to her lap. Why was he doing this? Did he want to make her feel bad? His hand found it's way back, lifting her chin. "Cassalie?"

She gave a weak nod. This seemed to satisfy Matt for now, he stood up and took his cane in hand. "Matt..." She didn't look at him, but she knew that she had his attention. "I'm hungry..."

The blind man smiled and nodded. "I'll make you something warm."

So, after thoughts.

So I've actually been wanting to right some batman Villain themed stories for some time now. I have a Iddy Diddums (AKA the Riddler/Edward Nygma.) Story along with a Scarecrow story in the idea development stages. Since the OC's I want to use have very intertwined stories I'm still not sure if I want to make the story following both escapades with Scarecrow and Riddler or make them two separate stories that occasionally intersect. So maybe some feedback on what you guys think would be nice. Also if you would like to see a Two Face stories from me if you could throw some suggestions my way that would be much obliged./p