Taking Flight

"Hummingbirds? What do hummingbirds have to do with sex?" The question seemed more to the point than she would have liked, but it begged an answer nonetheless. It was another bull session among the secretaries; the bull in question this time was the Russian, Kuryakin.

"Well, the Hopi Indians in their kachina for Hummingbird depicts him with green moccasins and a green mask. He has an aqua body, and he is yellow on top of the head. Who does that sound like?

"Hmmm…well, it seems that to the Aztecs, the hummingbird was symbolic of several admired traits. Their beak represented weaponry, even intimacy; and of course their ability to move swiftly and also to hover in flight. They are small, but have incredible strength and endurance…" All of the ladies smiled at that, some in wishful thinking and one or two actually in possession of first hand experience. They each silently acknowledged that there might be some similarities between the swift and sometimes elusive little bird and the blond agent. She continued…"In another Aztec legend it says the god of music and poetry took the form of a hummingbird and descended into the underworld to make love with a goddess, who then gave birth to the first flower". That was so incredibly romantic they took a pause and sighed in unison, trying to visualize the aqua bird with the golden head and…well…they all saw it.

"The hummingbird was also represented in talismans that were purported to increase sexual prowess'…more sighs, considerable blushing.

"And then, of course, we know how good a hummingbird is at gathering nectar…" The smiles threatened to split their faces as the sentence drifted, unfinished. The other people in the UNCLE canteen looked over to the table filled with nearly hysterical women, then resumed their lunches without questioning.

The remainder of the day would yield little sighs and occasional giggles among those ladies who had been gathered around that table, discussing hummingbirds and iridescent aqua feathers. More than once it followed the man in question, causing him to wonder and then hover, momentarily, before taking flight into the safety of his office.